Chapter 191 – Six Saint

The Golden Lion King’s performance made every spectator endlessly shocked. When the bloody light swept past, even the Black Tortoise — who was reputed to have the best defense among the beast — was penetrated. This was simply inconceivable.

Unparalleled Lion King!

A lot of people started to shout. It could stand toe to toe with the Dragon Kings, perhaps it might even be stronger than the Dragon Kings. This was the evaluation of the majority.

The Golden Lion could really be rated as the king of the sacred beasts. There was no need to doubt its power. What’s more terrifying was that, it had three heads, and two more of its vertical eyes had not opened yet. Who knew what kind of terrifying ability was it still hiding.

The Golden Lion King with unlimited potential!

Many people wanted to find out who was its owner, but regretfully, they were unable to discover any information.

The Golden Lion King was as calm as a lofty mountain. Its entire body was flickering with dazzling gold radiance. It walked towards the Black Tortoise, one step at a time. It ripped the corpse apart with its powerful claws. A yellowish radiance rushed out and was swallowed by the Golden Lion. This was its spoil of war, the essence of the Black Tortoise was devoured by the Lion King.

Naturally, it was impossible for the Golden Lion to learn the Black Tortoise’s divine ability because of this. However, it would inevitably be very beneficial for its future prospect.

Only after going through hundreds of life and death battles would a beast king be able to become more powerful. Only by experiencing life and death battles unceasingly would they be able to arouse their hidden potential. Only a grand battle like this could help them develop their talent at high speed.

Of course, the essence of the defeated sacred beasts would inevitably become the victor’s driving force. Their power wouldn’t increase immediately, but their life energy would become more vigorous. This was equivalent to increasing their own potential.

The main reason for these young sacred beasts to participate in the warbeast tournament was the Dragon King. If they could devour the dragon-qi, that would be very beneficial for them!

Xiao Chen returned to his residence. He knew that the Golden Lion King would become one of Tenax’s most powerful opponent. It was extremely possible that it would be mortally wounded. That Golden Lion’s strength was really too powerful.

Tenax had already fully recovered. Not only because it had received the insurance of the dragon-qi, it was also nursed by the rainbow-colored sacred tree. Tenax’s body had already grown a little, it was about 1.5 meter long now. It seemed more robust than ever.

Moreover, its silver brilliance gradually changed into the milky white radiance of the jade. Its draconic body seemed to be carved out of suet white jade. The dragon scales were glorious and a powerful energy was circulating on the scales. Without a doubt, Tenax had become stronger after going through that life and death battle.


A loud laughter transmitted from the doorway. Zhuge fatty carried a greasy paper bag in between his arms and arrived at Xiao Chen’s residence with a beaming smile.

“I will treat you all to a banquet tonight!”

“Is there anything distinguishing? We have tasted almost all the delicacy in the Celestial City.” Xiao Chen asked with interest.

“Although it’s not as rare as dragon liver or phoenix essence, it is still a rare delicacy in this world. Generally, even a sovereign wouldn’t be able to eat it even if they want to.” The fatty squinted his eyes. He was so happy that his fats were trembling.

“******* fatty, don’t even think about eating it by yourself.” From the outside came the voice of a young lady. The Mander family’s baby girl, Katalina, pushed the door open and entered. Her aquamarine dress made her seem very smart.

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Behind her was Lazio, who had been given the title of a freak. This handsome man was usually gentle and cultivated. It was practically impossible to find any traces of a practitioner on him.

Katalina snuggled up to him at his side. Her whole face was filled with excitement. At the same time, she didn’t forget to glare at Xiao Chen ferociously.

“Hey, this brat from the Mander family, how come your nose is so sharp? Where did you get the news?” The fatty looked at her suspiciously.

“I originally wanted to make my move earlier, but I didn’t expect you were so crafty and was one step ahead of me.”

“Haha… I am here.” Fairsky also rushed over. ⌈1

These three were the scions from three big warbeast castles. Xiao Chen could vaguely guess what was it.

Sure enough, the following words confirmed his speculation.

“All of your noses are even sharper than the divine hound’s! I’ll say it first, it is possible to enjoy the delicacy together, but if anyone dare to leak the news, I will never forgive them!”

“Hurry up, I am getting impatient. That is but the legendary Black Tortoise!” Katalina’s beautiful eyes were pacing back and forth between the fatty and the greasy paper bag. ⌈2

It must be mentioned that Zhuge fatty possessed remarkable abilities. He actually plundered some of the Black Tortoise’s ruptured body. They set up a big iron pot at Xiao Chen’s courtyard and began to stew the Black Tortoise!

If people were to know of this, they would definitely be driven mad. Stewing Black Tortoise? That’s too crazy!

The aroma of the meat drifted in the air. In addition to the exotic delicacies delivered from the restaurant, everyone was very pleased with this meal.

Naturally, it was impossible for Keke and Tenax to be left out.

The fatty still felt a little empty. He only drank a mouthful of the Black Tortoise soup and he already got a nosebleed. He let out a heavy sigh.

The essence of the Black Tortoise had already been swallowed up by the Golden Lion King. Its body had already turned into a pure tortoise extract. Fairsky and the others didn’t need to worry about external source hindering their own advancement.

“That little White Tiger will make an appearance tomorrow. I really hope it will be defeated. At that time, not only will we have tiger meat and tiger bone wine, the most important part is the tiger’s wiener. The White Tiger’s one… is a genuine treasure!” After the fatty got drunk, he started to babble nonsense. It caused Katalina to kick him twice. After that, she packed some tortoise soup for take-away and left at high speed.

On the sixth day, the little White Tiger made an appearance again.

Its opponent was a beast with lion head, bear-like body, horse-like limbs, and a tiger-like tail. It was a legendary mutated sacred beast, the Tetramutant. It was roughly 1.5 meter long. Its entire body was flickering with four colors, namely; yellow, white, brown, and black. It looked very excellent.

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There was no need to doubt its strength. When four of its limbs stepped on the ground, raging flames were produced and it was standing in the sea of flames. The warbeast stage shook as the worldly essence was gathered at high speed.

The White Tiger was very calm. This time, its originally mediocre outward appearance had an astonishing transformation. It seemed to have felt the formidability of its opponent and finally revealed its true strength. The monochrome stripes emitted glorious radiance. The flickering light was very glaring and carried an intangible pressure. The contrasting white and black light reflected upon one another and enveloped the White Tiger completely.

“Divine marks?!”

“It is the White Tiger’s divine marks!”

Someone among the audience cried out in surprise.

The White Tiger’s divine marks was a “sacred writings” bestowed by heaven. It possessed an unfathomable power. Legend says it was some kind of ancient characters, which contained the ultimate truth. Of course, since ancient times, only a very few could manifest the divine marks. This White Tiger was clearly different from its peers.

“Alas, seems like there’s no hope for tiger wiener wine!” In the VIP lounge Xiao Chen was located at, Zhuge fatty shook his head and heaved a sigh.

The snow-white little critter was holding a ginseng king skewer in its little paws. That skewer was made by completely basing it on the candied fruits. Its two eyes widened as it curiously sized up the White Tiger through the crystal screen.

“How about it? Do you have confidence that you can defeat it? If you can really make it lie down on the floor, let’s not mention the ginseng king skewers, even if you want to eat the heavenly fruits, I can buy some for you.” ⌈3

Looking at the how the cunning fatty was inciting it like this, Xiao Chen hastily pushed him out of the VIP lounge. Then he turned his head and warned Keke, “Don’t listen to his nonsense. Just behave yourself and stay here. Otherwise I will confiscate all your ginseng king skewers and reishi mushroom cake.”

“Squeak…” Keke nodded its head obediently. However, it was casting a sidelong glance at the fatty’s rear figure with its glittering big eyes.

On the warbeast stage, the fierce battle had begun. The Tetramutant soared into the sky and floated in midair. Divine radiance of four colors lingered on its surrounding. One terrifying light blade after another were launched down unceasingly and attacked the White Tiger like a storm.

This was an exotic beast capable of manipulating the worldly power. It was much stronger compared to the common Spell Masters and Psychics.


The yellowish divine radiance sent the White Tiger flying. It fell from the sky like the divine flames and engulfed the entire surface area of the stage.


White divine radiance flickered and confined the White Tiger on the ground. The rays of light had submerged the White Tiger.

“Rips! Rips!”

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The brown divine radiance and black radiance were launched simultaneously, targeting the White Tiger’s neck. Four-colored divine radiance flickered on the warbeast stage as the energy fluctuation rumbled violently.

When everyone saw the White Tiger rolling in the four-colored divine radiance, everyone felt that it was impossible for the White Tiger to turn the situation around anymore. It seemed like this battle had already been decided.

However, with the elapse of time, everyone found to their surprise; although the White Tiger seemed very pitiful as it was getting tossed left and right by the four-colored divine radiance, it didn’t sustain any injury due to this.

This could even be said to be a miracle. Under the situation where the densely covered divine radiances were sweeping left and right, it was impossible for the White Tiger to dodge them completely. So how was it possible for the White Tiger to remain unharmed?

Eventually, everyone finally discovered wherein the secret lies. The White Tiger’s divine marks actually dissolved all the attacks! The Tetramutant’s wild attacks were all melted by the divine marks.

Carrying on, along with the earsplitting roar, the White Tiger stood up on its hindlimb. Its entire body was flickering with brilliant rays as it was about to execute a killing move! The White Tiger didn’t want to struggle meaninglessly anymore. Therefore, it unwillingly revealed its powerful divine ability.

The monochrome divine marks actually separated from its body and materialized as a spiritual tiger in the sky. The thunderous roar shook the very space itself! The spiritual tiger completely made out of the concentration of divine radiance soared into the sky and pounced towards the Tetramutant that was floating in midair.

Too fast! That was practically lightning incarnate!


The blood splashed everywhere. The spiritual tiger had tore the Tetramutant to shreds. The rain of blood sprinkled down from the sky. The scene was somewhat disturbing. That was too cruel. The mutated sacred beast, Tetramutant, died with its body completely blown into smithereens.


Along with a world-shaking roar, the spiritual tiger turned back into the divine marks and returned to the White Tiger’s body.

Specks of light floated up, that was the Tetramutant’s essence. It was swallowed up by the White Tiger. This beast king battle had concluded at this point.

The audience was in absolute silence. The power of the White Tiger was beyond everyone’s expectation!

“Was that External Incarnation?” At last, someone raised the doubt in their heart with cracked voice.

“That is a divine ability more formidable than the External Incarnation!”

All the audience suddenly flared up.

The following beast king battles were just as marvelous.

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Dugu Jianmo’s Crimson Dragon King was raised in the depths of the south all along. It was very wild and brutal. It spent the entire day fighting at close quarters with the primal beasts in the mountains. The murderous aura on its body was even heavier than that of the murderer. It killed its opponent with absolute dominance and advanced to the next round smoothly.

Although the Solitary clan seemed to be in a decline, and there was hardly a single shadow to be seen in the ancient castle all year long, nobody dared to make their move against the Crimson Dragon King. People would never forget that spectacular scene from ten years ago; when a group of practitioners carrying broadswords on their back returned while flying in the sky…

In the south, nobody dared to provoke this low-profile family.

Goldie, the descendant of the deity, also defeated its opponent with absolute superiority and advanced to the next round smoothly. This result was not unexpected for Xiao Chen. One must know that this golden ape could resist Keke’s rainbow-colored divine radiance. If it couldn’t rise above the others, then that sacred beast could be rated as S-rank.

They only arranged one or two battles per day for the second round of the grand battle. It drew a lot of attention, especially the last two battles. That was because the leading roles from these two battles had an extremely big background!

The first battle was between the Winged Dragon King and Peacock King. The other battle was between Tenax and Tyrant Dragon King.

When he saw that silver-colored Winged Dragon King, Xiao Chen immediately recalled that beautiful female Psychic, Lanyu. At that time, on the dragon island, the Winged Dragon King had followed her. Could it be that she had arrived at the Celestial City?

Xiao Chen wanted to go and pay a visit to the Winged Dragon King’s owner, but when he asked which VIP lounge was the owner located at, he found that the Winged Dragon King had forfeited the match and had already left the Celestial City with its mysterious owner.

This news made a lot of people disappointed. After all, the appearance of the Dragon Kings was this competition biggest highlight.

According to the grapevines, the Winged Dragon King’s owner had come across some trouble, that’s why they left in a hurry. There’s another news saying that, the Peacock King was the descendant of the deity, and that Winged Dragon King’s owner didn’t want their baby to take a risk, that’s why they forfeited.

Only the Peacock King was left on the warbeast stage. It was as beautiful as a multicolored divine flower in full bloom. Its garish divine feathers were glittering with dream-like radiance. With its opponent forfeiting the match, it moved on to the next round smoothly.

Xiao Chen received the news from Fairsky. The elder in their family had once went to the historical remains and personally saw the descendants of the deities. One of them was indeed a multicolored Peacock King.

The rumor was true, the Peacock King on the stage was really the descendant of the deity.

Without a doubt, the gorgeous Peacock King possessed unimaginable strength. At the very least, it shouldn’t be weaker than Goldie. Perhaps, it might even be capable of shaking off Keke.

The last battle of the second round was between Tenax and the Tyrant Dragon King.

Xiao Chen was definitely not unfamiliar with this Tyrant Dragon King. That was the offspring of the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, and he had once refined one of the Tyrant Dragon egg. This could be some kind of karma.

A disappointing event happened again. The Tyrant Dragon King had withdraw from the battle. It was taken by its owner away from the warbeast castle. Tenax advanced to the next round without a battle. ⌈4

Xiao Chen felt extremely baffled, why did two Dragon Kings forfeit the match? Was it because they were really worried that the opponent was stronger? He was in doubt, could it be that something was about to happen and caused the owner of the Dragon Kings to retreat?

And everyone finally exploded at this time, two Dragon Kings forfeited without cause or reason, this was really too disappointing. Everyone very much wanted to see the battle of the Dragon Kings.

Golden Lion King, Crimson Dragon King, White Tiger, Goldie, Peacock King, and Tenax. These six young sacred beasts moved on to the next round that was about to begin in the next few days. This was the final match to decide for the beast king once and for all.

Finally, the warbeast tournament was entering its final stage. The decisive battle was quickly approaching. The next battle was a chaotic warfare between six sacred beasts. The last one standing would be the king. They would become the supreme king of the warbeast tournament this year, the true king among the kings.


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