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Chapter 99 – Breakthrough to Seventh Celestial Layer

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Keke’s status increased greatly. Everyone looked at it more passionate than ever. How they wished they could just embrace the little critter in their bosom and take it away. Unfortunately, the little critter didn’t understand their ways of thinking at all. It blinked its glittering big eyes and looked at everyone innocently. It seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied being stared by everyone like that. It waved its little paws at everyone while “squeaking” resentfully to protest.

Everyone had different thoughts, and began to push their way forward again. However, they were getting closer to those densely packed castle halls below.


Light and shadow flickered. Xiao Chen disappeared, but he was pulled back by Keke in the nick of time. However, it seemed to be struggling a little. Only after the mysterious woman, Lawrence, and Buddhist Yizhen hastily offered their support did they manage to drag Xiao Chen back in the end.

“Not good, we can’t go on like this. Otherwise none of us would be able to get to the mountain foot alive.” Xiao Chen halted his footstep. He didn’t want to die, it was only because Keke was capable of saving him did he dare to take the lead. But now, it was getting more strenuous for Keke, it will eventually slip up if they keep up like this.

“Then what do we do? Don’t tell me we’re just going to wait for our impending death here?”

Everyone was feeling anxious, they didn’t have any ways out.

“Guys, look over there…… it seems like a sacrifice altar!” The extraordinarily beautiful Rowena suddenly cried out in shock.

The huge sacred mountain region was very vast, behind a pile of rubble at a distant place, it seemed like there really was a sacrifice altar. It was made by piling up dark brown rocks.

Everyone walked over there cautiously. In the end, they looked at each other in dismay, that place…… seriously had a sacrifice altar that was about ten meter tall. It was emitting unbounded ancient aura.

Xiao Chen said, “Rather than waiting for our impending death here, we might as well make a bet!”

“Heh. Let’s take our chance then!” The Solitary Sword Demon agreed. Even if he was conceited and arrogant, he also had no other way to get out of this alive.

Everyone walked on top of the ancient sacrifice altar together, a gloomy baleful aura was transmitted from above. It seemed like it had once been stained by blood. Even though countless years had passed, they were still able to see the dried up bloodstain.

But when dozen of people got to the top of the altar, the ancient sacrifice altar didn’t have any response. It seemed like nothing more than an ordinary altar.

“Blood sacrifice! It seemed like this altar requires blood to activate.” Someone proposed this kind of idea because they saw the dried up bloodstain on the sacrifice altar.

“Very well, then each of us will spill some blood on the altar.”

Everyone pierced their finger tip, and let the blood drop spill on the altar. Although the blood was limited, they could clearly feel the changes of the sacrifice altar. Its entire body actually turned red and burst forth with bloody light.

At the same time, the stars in the sky actually shot down one after another light beams. All the light beams gathered on the ancient sacrifice altar. The bloody light then soared into the sky, glaring bloody radiance emerged from this area. Meanwhile, a bizarre image came into their view, everyone actually saw the ghost town. All of their faces turned pale at the thought that they will be sent back to the ghost town. This made them feel very discouraged.

Fortunately, that was just an image, it was not their destination.

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The intense battle in the ghost town was still ongoing. The Buddha’s Eternal Wheel, the Ancestral Dragon’s Horn, and the Brass Trigrams were still bombarding the divine monolith. The dragons were also making their moves. An endless swarm of evil spirits who carried sky-rending baleful aura were approaching the divine monolith.

What made everyone even more terrified was that; There was actually a sea of blood hovering on top of the ghost town. It the center of the sea of blood, there was a mountain of bones. And on the mountain of bones, there was an ancient castle emitting dense negative aura.

This…… made everyone stupefied. Wasn’t this the diagram carved on the divine monolith? The real thing actually appeared!

They clearly saw the picture carved on the surface of the divine monolith while they were in the ghost town. Therefore, they were able to recall those images in their mind.

What was carved at the uppermost of the divine monolith was an ocean of blood as far as the eyes could see, there were hundreds and thousand layers of raging waves. A mountain of bones stood at the center of the bloody ocean. And in the center, the dragons were galloping in the skies. It seemed like they were wailing. Many people and deities were also struggling. Below the dragons and those deities was a ghost town. The demonic aura was dense, the pitch-black gate to hell was half-opened. It was completely lifeless beyond the gate, it was a world of complete darkness. And below the ghost town, there was an auspicious land. The castle was idle, the resplendent divine trees and jade-like grasses were all over the place. However, not much was outlined. It was already at the bottom-most of the divine monolith, it was hard to observe more of the vast land.

Right now, the sea of blood and mountain of bones had made an appearance. The ghost town also appeared. Could it be that there was really a pure land underneath the ghost town? Everyone was full of doubts.

All of these indicated the picture recorded on the divine monolith was real!

Glaring bloody light flashed. The light beams shot down by the stars in the sky were absorbed by the ancient sacrifice altar. After that, it emitted blazing rays of light, everyone was unable to open their eyes anymore. But they knew that they will be sent to an unknown area.

Certainly, they were putting their lives on the line. After all, the sacrifice altar was not supposed to be used to travel back and forth. It seemed to be used for sending offerings. If their deduction was correct, their situation was extremely dangerous, because it was very possible that they will be delivered to the door of the Saint Demon as an offering. However, they didn’t have any other choice, they could only take the bet!

They were crossing the empty space once more, and it was pretty much the same as the last time. The light beams flew past in the endless void sky like shooting stars. It seemed like countless stars were flickering as they forged ahead, it felt as if they were pushing their way through under the resplendent starry sky.

The time was already twisted. It made people unable to understand whether the time was passing by quickly, or if the time was flowing slowly. It lasted until a glaring radiance burst out. After they came out from this bizarre space, all of these finally came to an end.

The cold air whizzed past. The snowflake danced in the breeze. A vast expanse of whiteness was now present before everyone’s eyes. They actually found themselves at the great snow mountain.

This is…… the great snow mountain at the West side of the sea of bones!

The Sacred Mountain at the East, the sea of bones in the center, and the Great Snow Mountain at the West, these three formed a straight line. These were extremely unusual locations on the dragon island, Xiao Chen never thought these three actually had a great connection.

Everyone was anxious and frightened. They didn’t know if they had really came out alive this time around. It was currently at the crack of dawn, the East already exposed marble white color of the dawn sky. The cold wind roared furiously on the snow mountain, the snowflakes danced wildly. This snowy world was particularly cold.

“Will there be any terrifying existence here? Will we be…… eaten up as offerings?” One practitioner’s voice was somewhat shaky. They faced death again and again in such a short period of time, it already made him lose heart. He was unable to endure anymore psychological damage than this.

After the series of dangers, only sixteen people were able to get this far. And this included Qinguang Wang, Lunhui Wang, and the other skeleton. If they only count those who were completely “human”, then there were only thirteen of them.

When everyone was feeling somewhat nervous, Keke let out a cheer. It stepped on the Amethyst Dragon King’s head and jumped onto the snowy ground. It happily rolled on the ground, it was like a happy little snowman. The young Amethyst Dragon King was very unhappy. It let out a growl towards Keke who was much smaller than it, but it didn’t launch an attack.

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The time passed by peacefully. The blizzard already came to a stop. The morning sun rose from the East and gave off a golden radiance. It was a morning filled with hope.

Everyone cautiously trod on the snowy ground, they climbed on top of a snowy peak to survey the green hills at the distant place. They didn’t encounter any danger here.

“There’s no restriction here, we are saved.” One practitioner shouted happily.

Illusion Master Carlos was the first to soar into the sky. He quickly flew towards a distant location. After he was convinced that they were no longer in any immediate danger, he couldn’t help but run away as soon as possible. Otherwise he and Xiao Chen will definitely engage in a life and death battle, since they already don’t have any common interest.

“Haha……” The Solitary Sword Demon laughed heartily, his sonorous voice was like trembling metal. He looked at Buddhist Yizhen, Xiao Chen, and the rest before he lifted his metal sword and left at lightning speed. The woman shrouded in colorful mist also left swiftly with the Amethyst Dragon King. Soon after, the survivors left one after another.

Rowena didn’t leave, she revealed a heartfelt smile. She used her lily-white hand to tightly secure Yan Qing Cheng’s hands, preventing her from running away. This made Yan Qing Cheng hate her to the point that the root of her teeth was itching.

“We finally escaped!” As soon as Lawrence finished these words, he fell onto the snowy ground. His wound was not light. At the same time, because he was exhausted, and that he was physically weak to begin with, he fell asleep the moment he relaxed.

“One new life, one transformation.” It seemed like Buddhist Yizhen gained an insight, he welcomed the morning sun and sat on the snowy ground.

As a Martial Artist, Xiao Chen had a physique far more powerful than ordinary people. Even though he felt a bit exhausted, he didn’t have the desire to take a rest. The God Slayer, Chaotic Patterns, Demon Suppression, and Death Blow; These four killing techniques were enticing him like an ancient spell. He rushed in between the snowy mountain to smooth out his body, then he began to practice these four killing techniques on the heavenly diagram of the divine monolith.

Under the morning sun. At the snowy field. Xiao Chen’s body seemed like a mosquito. ⌈1⌋ He jumped to the summit of a snowy mountain, and left one after another afterimages. He pushed his way through like a streak of divine radiance. With a rumbling sound, the summit of the snowy mountain was actually destroyed. His momentum was extremely great!

At a distant place, Rowena and Yan Qing Cheng’s face already discolored. Buddhist Yizhen who was currently sitting in meditation also felt emotionally moved.

Xiao Chen stood on top of the snowy mountain, his tall and lofty figure was covered by the golden radiance of the morning sun. It looked like he was adorned with a layer of divine armor. Just now, he clearly felt the power of the four killing moves. He merely used the first “God Slayer” only, and it already drained all of his strength. However, it was extremely powerful. He actually destroyed the mountain peak!

If he could use these four killing moves without a limit, then he would be peerless among those of the same generation.

After resting for sufficient time, Xiao Chen proceeded to practice the second killing move, “Chaotic Patterns”. But it was the same as before, his innate power was unable to keep up. Only a fraction of power was displayed before the power in his body ran dry. Due to this, he was really looking forward to the day he could fully control these four killing moves; God Slayer, Chaotic Patterns, Demon Suppression, and Death Blow. He was unable to exhibit their full power right now, and yet they were already so terrifying. If he was really able to fully control them, then just how powerful would they become?

After practicing two of the killing moves, the God Slayer and Chaotic Patterns, even after Xiao Chen had sufficient rest, he felt his qi and blood was having adverse reaction. His body seemed somewhat unstable. He naturally knew what was going on. He had this kind of feeling a really long time ago. Whenever he practiced a powerful technique, he would feel like this. And precisely because of this, he deduced it was because of the technique he practiced in; It seemed to be imperfect, there ought to have a follow-up.

To be able to come out alive after charging into the ghost town this time. It truly turned into a great opportunity for Xiao Chen. He was actually able to find the continuation of the qi-training diagram bestowed by heaven.

Xiao Chen calmly stood on the snowy peak. The qi-training method bestowed by heaven was very special, it didn’t require one to sit in meditation to practice. That heavenly diagram embedded into the depths of his mind reappeared at this moment. He began to operate the secret technique in accordance to the diagram.

It was truly like water and milk blended together. It was really the continuation of the qi-training diagram he found previously. It was completely compatible with the former qi-training method. Xiao Chen felt his entire body was extremely relaxed, the adverse reaction between his qi and blood from earlier completely calmed down.

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He stood like that for half a day, his surroundings was flickering with multi-colored radiance. It made the snowy ground brightly lit in contrast to the surroundings. All the spiritual energy was forcefully gathered together and rushed into his body. In the end, Xiao Chen’s two legs actually parted three-inch from the ground, and floated in the sky. A faint luster was circulating around his body, every inch of his skin was like divine jade.

In the afternoon, Xiao Chen finally woke up from that mysterious martial domain. A layer of crystal clear radiance circulated around his entire body. He actually broke through to the Seventh Celestial Layer very naturally. All because his secret technique improved one step further, he breakthrough to a new level very naturally.

Lawrence also woke up a long time ago. He kept drawing one after another diagrams on the snowy ground as if he had been possessed by the devil. It was a very mysterious space magic that was recorded on the stone fence. It could be considered a priceless treasure for him, Xiao Chen and Yizhen didn’t disturb him. They let him remain submerged in that selfless domain.

Two days had passed without any water and rice, Buddhist Yizhen hunted a few Snow Rabbit, he and Xiao Chen used their pure energy to melt the snow and washed the rabbit meat. After that, they operated the secret technique and used the blazing divine radiance to roast the rabbit meat. This could also be considered some kind of unconventional practices.

The aroma of the meat finally woken Lawrence from that “selfless” domain. His stomach betrayed his wisdom and called out with a “grumbling” sound. The remarkably beautiful captive, Yan Qing Cheng, didn’t get mistreated at all, and she also didn’t regard anyone as outsider. She sat along with everyone and enjoyed the meal.

Only Keke was looking at everyone miserably, it painfully stroked its round and bulging little belly. After that, it used its pair of little paws to cover its eyes. ⌈2

To live on after a calamity, everyone felt deeply moved. They finally escaped from the ghost town. Even if they were at this ice and snow world, they still felt the life was so vivid. A genuine world with vitality and energy was just too great.


  1. Silva: It originally says mosquito dragon, but dragon feels redundant and meaningless. It probably mean Xiao Chen’s figure was so small that it looked like a mosquito. 
  2. Silva: There it is!!! Keke’s signature move! It’s super effective! 
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