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Chapter 242 – Mayhem

The virtuous assassin Chrysus stuttered as he called out Yan-yan and Frost-frost in front of the Spellbind Castle… so much so that he even called out grandpa. The courtesan and eight young ladies suppressed their laughter to the point of tearing up. And the people who happened to pass by on the street even went as far as holding their belly with both hands as they laughed out loud.

This made Yan Qingcheng, Frosty, the third princess, and the palace maids to feel extremely angry. Their faces turned beet red, but they couldn’t do anything to that guy. After all, how could they just rush into that kind of place?

The vulgar guy didn’t feel a tid bit ashamed. He lightly kicked Oxman who was laughing while slamming the ground. Then he said, “Ox-ox… Ox-ox…”

“@#¥#@%, wretched guy, thirteen seconds! You stand right there.” Oxman immediately jumped up. It was too embarrassing to be called this way by that guy.

“I am… s-s-s… speaking to you, Ox-ox… Ox-ox… Ox-ox…” Who knows if Chrysus was really stuck here or he did this on purpose, but it made everyone on the street to once again burst out laughing. In the end, they were all scared away by Oxman when he swayed his huge ox-horn to and fro.

“Are you calling little girl, or are you calling Ox-ox?” The courtesan teased as she walked over with swaying waist.

“Same, same!” Chrysus smiled vulgarly.

Oxman rocked his horns, he was itching to ram Chrysus once or twice.

“Shall we enter?” The courtesan and the eight ladies led the way into the castle. They couldn’t stay in the front door anymore, otherwise they would lose their professionalism.

“Yan-yan… Yan-yan, Frost-frost… Frost-frost, Grandpa… P-princess, see you later.” Chrysus waved his hand at the street while walking into the castle. However, just when he was about to get out of sight, he spoke without misgiving, “H… How about… y-y… you girls also… come!”

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

A few icy lights were launched into the Spellbind Castle. Chrysus pulled back his neck and slipped away. A jade hairpin, beads, and other such items were embedded on the wall of the Spellbind Castle.

“That ******* stuttering, repulsive vulgar man. How shameless can he be!” Yan Qingcheng was extremely angry.

“That’s right. I am itching to beat him up.” Even the normally good-tempered Frosty was clenching her fists in anger.

The third princess of Shang Dynasty was also somewhat angry. With her identity, did people ever dared to make kind of joke in front of her? However, she knew that it was useless to bicker.

Just at this time, a tall figure with a ******* sword on his back walked over from the distance. It was precisely the cold-blooded Dugu Jianmo.

“That guy… couldn’t be heading to the Spellbind Castle right?” Frosty voiced her doubt.

“I am already quite shocked to see Xiao Shishui to enter this kind of place. I didn’t expect the cold-blooded Dugu Jianmo was also this kind of man. Sheesh… men are all the same.” Yan Qingcheng curled her lip in disdain.

They saw Dugu Jianmo going in from the distance. The third princess smiled and asked, “Do you girls want to go in and take a look?”


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“No way!”

Dugu Jianmo walked into the castle with large steps. The courtesan and seven young ladies immediately surrounded him.

However, the one to face them was an ice-cold ******* sword. It was instantly placed on top of the courtesan’s snow-white neck. The cold air emitted by the iron sword caused goosebumps to appear on her tender skin.

“Mister, this is…” The courtesans at Spellbind Castle were all experienced person. She didn’t have a change in her expression as she looked at Dugu Jianmo with a smile pasted on her face.

“Don’t approach me.” Dugu Jianmo sheathed his sword and said very coldly, “I am here to look for Xiao Shishui.”

“Alright, I understand.” The courtesan waved her hand to hint the girls to withdraw. She personally guided Dugu Jianmo into the castle.

A few people just happened to come in as they discussed:

“This dude is really so temperament. He actually dared to draw his sword in the Spellbind Castle and is not interested in the girls…”

“Why don’t you give it a try? Who knows, maybe you’d get noticed by the Flower Overqueen.”

“I still want to live, I don’t want to cause trouble here.”

When the cold-blooded Dugu Jianmo arrived at the colorful hall, it felt as if the temperature in this room had fallen by ten degrees. The chilling cold sword-qi instantly flooded the hall with glorious golden walls.

Oxman laughed at first sight and said, “I knew this would happen. I reckon this cold-blooded man would look at the beautiful girls the same way as he looked at the guys.”

The hall was filled with party mood. A few pretty girls were standing beside the desk as they poured wine and served food for Xiao Chen, Chrysus, and Oxman.

Dugu Jianmo pointed at Oxman with his sword. His expression was cold and ruthless.

“Why don’t you put down your sword, Dugu Tiegeda?” Xiao Chen waved his hand and said, “Today, we drunk and engage in small talks. For what reason are you holding a sharp weapon in your hands?”

If the rich kids from Yindu were to hear how Xiao Chen referred Dugu Jianmo, they would surely be very surprised. They knew that Dugu Jianmo was icily arrogant and without mercy.

When he heard this, Dugu Jianmo immediately raised his brows. He tightened his grasp on the sword as he stared at Xiao Chen, but he soon loosened up and walked over.

“That’s right, don’t always tie yourself to the iron sword all day.” Little fatty Oxman chuckled. He poured a cup of wine for Dugu Jianmo and placed it on the desk.

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The wretched Chrysus lied on one side and said, “Dugu… Jian… Jian… Jian… Mo… mo-mo.” ⌈1

No matter who heard it, they would have thought that the stuttering guy was swearing at people. Who knows if he was really saying “demon” or “groping”. Because of that, he was really “groped” by Dugu Jianmo who was about to sit down, or more precisely, he was pulled by Dugu Jianmo.

When the indifferent Dugu Jianmo heard him, his eyes immediately became sharp. He drew his sword with a “chink” and pointed it across Chrysus’ neck.

Xiao Chen hastily raised his finger to block the iron sword. After that, with a wave of his other hand, the drumstick on the desk flew into Chrysus’ mouth, stopping him from speaking.

“That’s enough. Stop causing trouble, you stuttering guy. And Dugu Jianmo, don’t be so cold.”

“It’s a misunderstanding. It’s an honor to meet you, Dugu Jianmo.” Chrysus hastily took out his plate and carved semi-cursive words on it.

And so, the four of them finally took their seats together.

Without a doubt, the four of them gathering here was not really to engage in sexual activities. It was for the purpose of scheming to kill the tiger.

After requesting the two “fairies” to lead the pretty girls away, they finally began to formally discuss the plan in detail.

Little fatty Oxman knew what everyone was thinking, so he rocked his ox-horns excitedly and said, “Hehe… It’s a demigod yo. I never thought I’d have a chance to kill a demigod. My blood is beginning to boil.”

Chrysus had a rare serious look on his face. He grabbed the slate and started writing to convey his own opinion. Of course, he didn’t look nervous at all. On the contrary, he looked rather relaxed. “The four of us should be enough. If it is only the three of us, we might need to plan this carefully. However, with four of us working together, who cares if he is a demigod or a half demon. We are more than enough to kill that sick cat.”

After their discussion, according to Chrysus’ plan, speed was crucial. They were to set out tonight and cut down the old tiger’s head. As for the old tiger’s residence, Chrysus had already located it at an earlier time.

When their serious discussion ended, other than Dugu Jianmo, the other three started to loosen up. The vulgar man lightly clapped his hands to invite the two fairies and beautiful ladies waiting outside to enter the room.

It must be mentioned that, the Spellbind Castle was too large scale. The two fairies were actually practitioners, and they were actually Spiritual Masters with decent power. They could fly in the sky and their movements were very charming.

The moonlight was bright, they could see the scenery outside through the crystal clear mirror.

The colorful garden under the moonlit night was filled with numerous flowers. There was nothing more beautiful one could’ve imagined. The refreshing fragrance of flowers filled the entire garden. The two fairies leisurely walked out of the hall and started to dance in the sky. Their light clothing fluttered in the breeze. Under the moonlit night, they really looked like fairies visiting the earth. No words could do their beauty justice.

And the other girls were singing and dancing on the ground. They danced as though they were butterflies fluttering about among the cluster of flowers.

However, even while facing all these, Dugu Jianmo was still cold and detached. The little fatty Oxman on the other hand, was chuckling and clapped his plump hands unceasingly. As for Chrysus, his eyes were really like a hook as he swept it past the girls. He kept glancing here and there. His slitted eyes were rolling all over the place.

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Xiao Chen couldn’t help but sigh. Although some people were born handsome, but… he was just too vulgar. He patted Chrysus’ shoulder and said, “Bro, can’t you restrain yourself a little?”

“D-d… d-d… dude, t-this… y-you are wrong about something. This is c… c-c… called showing interest. T-t… This is c-c… called true confidence.” Speaking until here, this guy made everyone speechless by wiping his saliva and continued to look at the girls.

Oxman filled his cup and raised his head to drink. Then he muttered, “Why isn’t Rowena here yet, didn’t the courtesan go to invite her for us? Don’t tell me she forgot about us after a few years.”

“Who is bad mouthing me?” A bewitching voice transmitted over.

The Spellbind Castle’s layout really made them exclaim in admiration. They didn’t know how they did it, but they could actually block the practitioner’s sharp senses. When Rowena entered from the other door, they actually sense her approaching.

It’s been several years, but the beautiful Rowena had become prettier compared to the past. Perhaps she might not be the most beautiful girl, but she was indeed the most charming ones. Her devilish body exuded a mature charm. Her exquisite breasts were almost visible under the cover of the black long dress. Her body curves and bare skin flickered with a bewitching gloss. It provoked one’s fanciful thoughts.

“Little fatty, so you still remember big sis. I thought you’ve already forgotten about me. You didn’t come visit me after so many years.” Rowena’s rosy lips were sexy. As she smiled, her pearly white teeth were revealed. The enchanting eyes under her long eyelashes had an irresistible charm.

“Of course I still remember, I miss big sis so much.” Oxman let out a silly smile. He actually appeared somewhat bashful on a rare occasion.

“I remember, I remember.” For god knows why, Chrysus actually stopped stuttering at this moment. His slittered eyes lit up as he fixed it on the extraordinarily beautiful girl in front of him. Then he said, “I remember it perfectly. I will never forget it for a lifetime.”

Even Xiao Chen and Dugu Jianmo felt it was strange. This wretched guy…

Rowena smiled lightly at that. Her lovable face was like a mixture of beautiful and charming. It was charmingly beautiful to the extreme.

When she took a good look at Dugu Jianmo’s face, Rowena’s expression immediately stiffened. Dugu Jianmo’s massacre on the dragon island left a really deep impression in her. Even if they were already back to the mainland, she still felt somewhat uneasy whenever she recalled those days.

Rowena quickly adjusted her attitude and said with a charming smile, “Hi brother Dugu.”

Dugu Jianmo silently nodded his head.

When Rowena looked at Xiao Chen, she had a puzzled expression, but she recovered soon after.

“When I look at this brother, I thought of someone. You guys resemble each other when you remain silent.”

Hearing Rowena said as such, Xiao Chen shivered inwardly. There were some details that couldn’t be changed. That was the habit of each respective person. He smiled lightly and said, “Oh, in that case, Miss Rowena and I could be considered half an acquaintance. Nice to meet you.”

The other half of Rowena’s arms that were not covered by the sleeves were exceptionally tender. They were exuding a bewitching gloss. Her snow-white neck was smooth and delicate. Her lovable face was flowery. She revolved around Xiao Chen once and said with a smile, “That scoundrel is my benefactor. He saved my life once. But what a pity.” In the end of her sentence, she heaved a sigh.

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“You mean Xiao Chen?”

“How did you know?” Rowena was a little shocked.

“I am Xiao Shishui. I’ve met him before, and Oxman had also mentioned about him.”

“Oh, so it’s you.” Rowena’s eyes lit up as she said, “I heard you little two young tiger a few days ago, it was such a satisfactory news. However, you should be careful. Don’t let the tragedy that befell Xiao Chen to reoccur again. Sigh, it really is such a pity…”

“J… J… Just relax. I… I am here. I… I will guarantee his safety.” Chrysus pounded his chest as he scanned Rowena’s sexy body with his slitted eyes.

“This is…”

“This is a stranger. A vulgar man. Don’t mind about him.” Oxman didn’t give Chrysus any face.

“Ox-ox… Ox-ox… Ox-ox… Ox-ox…”

“Just shut up!” Oxman grabbed a drumstick and stuffed it into his mouth.

Rowena and little fatty Oxman recounted the events on dragon island. Only until half an hour later did it finally come to an end.

The singing and dancing on the other side of the mirror had already ended. The two fairies brought the young ladies into the room and they immediately surrounded the guys.

“B-b… bro, I… I’ll go ahead first.” Chrysus smiled indecently as he left with two pretty girls in his embrace.

As for the two fairies, they were like Lyria and Carmina of Celestial City. They normally didn’t accompany the guests. However, it was different today. One of them walked over to Dugu Jianmo, and the other towards Xiao Chen.

“I’ll go get some fresh air.” Dugu Jianmo was not at all grateful. He carried his ******* sword and left the hall by himself.

“Hehe… how about you two accompany Ox-ox.” Rowena smiled charmingly.

“Mr. Ox, this way please.” The two fairies smiled as they invited Oxman.

The little fatty felt very “bitter” as he looked at Rowena and Xiao Chen before he left.

The hall soon became quiet, leaving behind only Xiao Chen and Rowena.

“Brother Shishui, your hand is very peculiar…” Rowena’s smile was as gentle as the ripple of the spring water. Her charming eyes were flirtatious. She was a very alluring woman. As she spoke, she pulled Xiao Chen’s left palm towards herself as she observed it attentively.

Xiao Chen didn’t move. He just downed the wine by himself.

All of a sudden, as if Rowena had been struck by thunder, her body shuddered and she cried out involuntarily, “It’s really you!”

“What are you saying?” Xiao Chen looked at her calmly.

“You are Xiao Chen!” Rowena looked into Xiao Chen’s eyes and said, “I know I am right. No matter how your appearance may have changed, your palm life line will not change. I still remember it very clearly!”

This unique method of identification, even Xiao Chen had never heard of it before. However, he knew that Rowena had really recognized him.

“Hehe…” Rowena smiled sweetly and said, “You little scoundrel, you sure are as resilient as a cockroach. Not only did you not die, you even improved by leaps and bounds. And now you’ve killed two more young tigers…”

“I didn’t expect you would recognize me.”

“What, is there really a need to hide the truth from me?” Rowena was very bold. She sat so close to Xiao Chen to the point that he could even feel her body temperature.

“I am afraid that I may cause trouble for you.”

“Hehe…” With a bell-like giggle, Rowena wantonly pinched Xiao Chen’s cheeks and said, “You are a troublemaker. If I didn’t guess wrong, the four of you are definitely up to something.”

“That’s right. To tell you the truth, we are going to kill the strong tiger tonight.”

“What?” Rowena was startled, then she warned, “You have to know that the strong tiger is the youngest brother of the Tiger clan’s current chief. It is said that he… he had entered the realm of demigods at the age of twenty six. He is incredibly powerful! If it is not because he was inflicted by a serious illness that stalled his improvement for nearly ten years, he might’ve already made a huge accomplishment. I heard that if the old ancestor of the Tiger clan return from isolated training, he will definitely baptise him and focus on nurturing him. If you guys really killed this person, it means that you’ll have stabbed the Tiger clan’s dearest disciple. You guys will definitely end up in an irreconcilable relationship. Even if you guys erase all your traces, everyone will definitely know you are the murderer under this kind of circumstances.”

“We are already in an irreconcilable relationship.” Xiao Chen filled his cup by himself and said, “Let’s drink. We’ll just kill and make a run for it, that’s all.”

Rowena thought for a while, then she smiled and nodded, “Alright, I wish you all god luck.”

“It’s about time we leave.”

“Why not give the stuttering guy more time?” Rowena smiled lightly, but it was enough to charm a man. Her flirtatious complexion exuded a peculiar charm. Even if Xiao Chen had a heart of steel, even he was moved slightly by her charm.

“He’s called thirteen second, this much time should be enough.”

“You are so mean, how can you curse others like this.”

“Oxman said it.”

When Dugu Jianmo entered the room with indifferent expression and forced Chrysus to come out with his ******* sword, the vulgar guy was so mad that he kept stomping the ground and rain curses on him. However, he had no other choice.

“Thirteen second is so fast!” Oxman laughed mischievously.

“You *******!” For some reason, he actually didn’t stutter sometimes. “You guys are too cruel. If I get hit by some weird ailment because of this, I… I will not… f-f-forgive you!”

Rowena left with flirtatious expressions. Her graceful steps, her slender legs, her perfectly round buttocks, her delicate waist, and her curved body line left behind a very bewitching rear view for Xiao Chen’s party.

Under the bright moonlight, the four of them flitted across the street of Yindu. Their speed were so fast that no ordinary person could catch their presence.

“What course to follow after the event tonight?”

“To the other end of the world with swords in hand!”

“To find a way to dispose of my ox-horn.”

“D-d-don’t… I’ll introduce you guys to a g-g… good place. H-h… have you guys ever heard of a mysterious village? T… they say that, it is in the s-s… sky… hundred miles from here. Not only did the immortals g-g-go… there to enjoy, e-e-even the… many… a-a-ancient figures of legend go… g-g-go there to r-r-relax!”

“It’s suffocating to hear you speak!” Oxman really wished he could kick him twice.

“The strong tiger we’re going to kill is very extraordinary. It is actually a real White Tiger that took the shape of human. It’s skin has a Divine Mark bestowed by heaven. It could be counted as a semi-epic item. If we take the leather to sell it at that village, the selling price will go beyond our imagination!”

Being intimidated by the little fatty, Chrysus spoke very smoothly, and very fast at that. He finished his sentences in one breath.

“A mysterious village, how come I’ve never heard of it before?” Oxman was a little dubious.

“T-there are many more places you’ve never heard of! The Mystic Village… i-is… is a good place. I… I’ve also… just… just heard about it.”


Chrysus suddenly turned serious.

All of them knew, they’re nearing their target. Their tiger killing operation was about to start. The real mayhem was about to begin!


  1.  Another attempt by the author to make a stupid pun… man, after the appearance of Chrysus, the author has been trying to come up with stupid puns every now and then, I hate these chapters. Anyways, the first Jian refers to Sword, which is Dugu Jianmo’s original name, the following Jian refers to inexpensive/lowly. As for the first Mo, it has the meaning of Demon, and the following mo has the meaning of touch/grope
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