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Chapter 112 – Sealed Ancient Artifact

Divine radiance lingered on the golden halberd, it was emitting a pressure as heavy as a mountain. At the same time, it was brimming with the vicissitudes of time, it possessed an incomparable ancient aura and heavy pressure. And the sharp edge of the huge halberd was flickering with chilly radiance like that of the ice.

This was definitely a divine weapon; an ancient artifact that couldn’t be completely sealed! Even the dragon island’s power couldn’t seal its divine power completely. It was enough to show how outstanding was this weapon.

Xiao Chen suddenly recalled, on that day when the ghost town appeared in the sea of bones, the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel, Ancestral Dragon’s Horn, jet-black Metal Engraving, Brass Trigrams, and other ancient artifacts were bombarding the divine monolith. And this golden halberd was one of the artifacts among them! This was a divine artifact that was on par with Buddha’s Eternal Wheel and Ancestral Dragon’s Horn, it dared to bombard the divine monolith that sealed the dragon island.

Such a coincidence, he actually found this divine golden halberd! Xiao Chen felt very excited, if he could control this divine halberd, he might be able to borrow its power to completely suppress the demon. However, Xiao Chen quickly calmed down after a short period of excitement. Few older generation experts lost their life at this place, and yet they were unable to obtain the divine weapon, would a younger generation expert like him be able to do it?

“I advise you to keep away from here one last time.” The voice of the demon transmitted from not far away, and continued, “Don’t even think about it, it was buried under the mountain before, if you accidentally stirred up its murderous aura, you will only be courting death. It reappeared in this generation after the ghost town’s calamity, if you guys take another ten steps forward, you will be considered lucky if you can escape narrowly. The few corpses from before are the best example, the golden murderous aura will follow you as closely as the shadow follows the body. It will keep following you until you are dead.”

Xiao Chen had a sliver of fear, he didn’t doubt the demon’s words. If it was really that easy to get the divine artifact, perhaps the demon would already take it for himself. Just when he wanted to call Keke to fall back, that little critter was already completely infatuated. When it looked at the golden halberd with glorious divine radiance, its glittering big eyes were already filled with stars. It was even dancing and gesticulating for joy.

Goodness gracious!

This little critter was actually that fond of this huge killing tool.

“Keke, come back here.” Xiao Chen called out a little too late, Keke already made its move. It actually transformed into a streak of white light and dashed forward, it wanted to carry the divine halberd away.

A cloudy fog rushed forth for an instant and the demon disappeared along with the black fog, because he knew what was about to happen. Xiao Chen and the three skeletons were getting anxious, but there was nothing they could do.

The glaring golden light soared into the sky, then it swept over to Keke and Xiao Chen’s direction. The approaching murderous aura made people’s soul tremble. The little critter seemed to come to itself at this time, it knew it caused a huge disaster. Using its most powerful confinement technique, it rushed back at lightning speed. Xiao Chen and the three skeletons were wrapped up in the light screen.

At the same time, that unstoppable golden light blade slashed down from the heaven like a huge lightning. Xiao Chen turned completely pale and shut his eyes. And Keke seemed to know that it had caused a life threatening disaster, it growled a few times in distress. At the same time, it spared no effort to strengthen its confinement technique until the strongest state.

The golden divine halberd was an ancient artifact, so much so that it was on equal terms with Buddha’s Eternal Wheel. One could imagine just how incredible was the power released by this kind of weapon. Although the dragon’s divine ability controlled by the snow-white little critter was second to none, it was still a cub in the end, it was unable to resist.

The glaring golden light destroyed that layer of light screen in an instant, then it swoop towards the little critter and Xiao Chen. At this final moment, the little critter innocently blinked its big eyes, it was a little dejected as it looked at Xiao Chen. It seemed to be saying this had nothing to do with it.

Xiao Chen was speechless, he absolutely never thought it would end up like this.

At the most critical moment, the approaching golden light blade did not hit them, the little critter’s treasured tree hat blossomed with multicolored light. All the golden light blade transformed into ripple-like energy flow and gathered at the tiny sacred tree like rivers meet the sea.

“Squeak……!” The snow-white little critter wiped that dejected look from its face and embraced the treasured tree excitedly. It was shouting and jumping like a naughty child. All the approaching golden light blade were absorbed by the sacred tree. ⌈1

Xiao Chen and the three skeletons were startled for a moment.

At a distant mountain peak, the demon was at a loss for words. He looked at this direction while feeling bewildered.

“Keke, what are you doing? Stop it now!” Xiao Chen who just calmed down became nervous again. The snow-white little critter was really too unrestrained, it actually wanted to approach the golden divine halberd again after putting on the treasured tree hat. This made the three quiet skeletons jumped up, oh how they wished they could stop the little critter.

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“Squeak! Squeak……!” The little critter mumbled to itself uncaringly. It walked over there unsteadily.

Xiao Chen felt like his heart would jump out from his throat, would the sacred tree be able to stop the golden divine halberd’s attack this time? After all, the distance was much closer compared to last time.

However, it was unexpectedly smooth, the ancient golden halberd actually emitted a gentle divine radiance, there was no hint of murderous aura. It allowed the little critter to approach slowly. Keke happily turned its head around and waved its little paw at Xiao Chen a few times, this made Xiao Chen and the three skeletons a little speechless.

In the vicinity of the golden divine halberd, the golden light wave was as thick as the liquid. The little critter felt like it was caught up in a swamp, it was difficult to walk and the little critter had to exert its strength to move forward.

Seven steps, six steps, five steps…… up till the last steps, the snow-white little critter finally got in front of the divine halberd. It happily grabbed the golden divine halberd, who knows just why was the little critter so fond of this huge killing tool.

When Keke grabbed the divine halberd that was much bigger than itself, a violent trembling noise resounded. The entire collapsed mountain range shook violently, it felt like a huge earthquake had broken out.

Since it had came to this, Xiao Chen also tried to press his luck, he brought the three skeletons and dashed forward at high-speed. Since it was impossible to run away anymore, they might as well rush forward. They quickly joined up with Keke. Within the glaring radiance, the sky of this rocky mountain range was reeling and the earth was quaking. The dazzling rays of light soared into the heavens, there were even more huge rocks flying into the sky.

Even the practitioners very far away from this region had noticed this kind of bizarre event, they looked at the glaring golden radiance in the sky of this region. The demon who was at a distant place heaved a sigh and said to himself, “If only the sacred tree remains in good condition.”

“Keke, look at what you caused this time, we might really not make it this time.” Looking at Keke’s innocent look, Xiao Chen felt very helpless.

Among the rumbling sound, they felt as if they were walking on clouds, it seemed like they were lifted up from the ground. However, Keke’s confinement technique was still very effective, it wrapped them within, and the sacred tree on Keke’s head was flourishing with multi-colored radiance. It seemed to be gobbling up the fierce energy flow.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Keke looked at Xiao Chen innocently, it seemed to be saying we are very safe. The golden divine halberd was actually in its embrace, the snow-white little critter excitedly waved the halberd with all its strength, the blazing divine radiance swept across the entire rocky mountain, rumbling sound transmitted from the earth unceasingly. Xiao Chen found the right opportunity to hit the little critter’s head with all his might to make it well-behaved.

In the end, with an ear-splitting explosive sound, the light screen that was enveloping Xiao Chen’s party was sent flying far away from this region. Keke firmly held onto the golden divine halberd, it didn’t want to let go no matter what.

With a “bang”, the group fell in between the rubble a few hundred meter away. With the light screen protecting them, none of them were hurt, but Keke called out anxiously, because the golden divine halberd in its embrace actually turned dimmer over time. After that, it actually disappeared in thin air.

The demon at a distant mountain peak opened his mouth widely in shock, he didn’t dare to believe his own eyes. Those few extremely daring guys were actually safe and sound, they didn’t die.

After the blazing golden divine radiance in this region completely dissipated, the demon rushed over as fast as lightning. He looked at Xiao Chen’s party dumbfoundedly. This was really too shocking for him, all of them were actually still alive. Xiao Chen and the three skeletons already calmed down, only Keke was calling out anxiously. It was especially dejected, the golden divine halberd actually disappeared. ⌈2

The demon was not able to utter a single word for a while, only until a long time of silence later did he doubtfully say, “You guys…… actually pulled that ancient artifact out……”

Keke fiercely revolved around the demon, the snow-white little critter suspected it was the demon who stole the divine halberd.

“Where is the golden divine halberd, how come I cannot feel its aura anymore?” The demon asked with bewildered look. Xiao Chen also couldn’t feel the slightest hint of the divine halberd’s aura. That divine artifact seemed like it just disappeared in thin air.

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“How is this possible, it seemed to have completely disappeared from the dragon island.” The demon was about to be driven mad, just what did the few guys in front of him did, a legendary ancient artifact actually went missing just like this. Even with his unfathomable ability, he was unable to feel the golden divine halberd’s whereabouts anymore. It was enough to explain that the divine artifact had really disappeared.

In the end, Keke almost flipped, it pointed at the demon fiercely, asking him to return the divine halberd. The demon was completely speechless, it had no other choice but to get away without making any sound.

They searched in this rocky mountain for more than half of the day, only then did the snow-white little critter left with Xiao Chen while feeling vexed. However, Xiao Chen felt that the golden halberd did not really disappear, he could vaguely feel the aura of the divine halberd, but he was unable to pinpoint the location. ⌈3

Even after they were ten miles away from that place, Xiao Chen still had that feeling. It indicated that the divine halberd was with them all along! When he told the little critter about this to appease it, Keke’s big eyes immediately lit up. It looked up and down, left and right, but it was unable to find anything.

In the end, this matter was left unsettled.

Only one day was left of the seven days limit, and just at this day, Xiao Chen received news that the Winged Dragon King had been subdued. That also signified that they had already gathered nine Dragon Kings; if they could get in touch with the older generations.

This was undoubtedly a shocking news to Xiao Chen. Although the majority of the people did not know they had already subdued nine Dragon Kings, the truth was unable to be covered up for long.

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but start to come up with some countermeasures. Maybe his only choice was to give the treasured tree to the demon. Otherwise, he could only helplessly see other people leave and stay on the dragon island all by his lonesome self.

He saw Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen again, Xiao Chen discussed with them for a really long time. That was because he will need to go make a deal with the demon not long later.

“How did the Winged Dragon King get subdued?”

“You might find it hard to believe even if I tell you.” After roasting the tasty deer breast, Lawrence passed it to Xiao Chen and said, “It was a huge Sacred Dragon that gave the little Dragon King as present to a practitioner called Lanyu.”

“What? The Sacred Dragon gave its own child as a present to Lanyu?!” Xiao Chen thought of many possibility, but he never thought it would be like this.

It seemed like the Winged Dragon that fell on the dragon island was able to maintain a trace of divinity. It didn’t get completely sealed by the power of the dragon island. It was making plans for its child’s future, it seemed to know that human’s wisdom couldn’t be underestimated. In the end, Lanyu’s potential seemed to have caught its attention.

Actually, in regards to that female practitioner called Lanyu, Xiao Chen had a pretty deep impression of her. She also tried to pull Xiao Chen into the Blue Rain Alliance before, she had a sweet-tempered nature which left an extremely good impression in Xiao Chen.

In reality, Lanyu was a true expert.

According to what Buddhist Yizhen said, most of those who had enmity with the Solitary Sword Demon on this dragon island had been killed by him. Especially after the ghost town’s calamity, a few practitioners who were almost on his level perished in the ghost town. Among the youth generation, there were only a few people left on this island that could contend against the Solitary Sword Demon. And the founder of the Radiance Alliance, Schroder, as well as the founder of Blue Rain Alliance, Lanyu, were among the few that could withstand nine slash from the Solitary Sword Demon. Of course, Yizhen and Xiao Chen were among the few.

However, withstanding nine slash and defeating him was two different things. According to Buddhist Yizhen’s speculation, the Solitary Sword Demon was at least Eight Celestial Layer. Except for that woman who controlled the law of time, no one else could really be his opponent.

Xiao Chen said, “Nine dragons had already been gathered, we should promptly get in touch with those older generations. Perhaps, the little fatty Oxman and the villagers had already got in touch with those older generation people. It is about time to leave this desolate island.”

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“But you……”

“I will go and completely settle this with the demon.”


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  2. Silva: I am also dejected… where did the halberd go? :( 
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