Chapter 195 – One vs Four!

Keke’s sudden appearance caused many people in front of the crystal screens to drop their jaws. The little critter had made everyone stupefied.

That puerile voice was so very clear, and reminded everyone that it was not an illusion.

“Oh my god, that is not an illusion.”

“What’s going on? Where did the seventh little beast come from? Could it be Goldie’s monkey brother?”

“According to the grapevine, Goldie is the descendant of the deity. Could this even smaller golden monkey also be the descendant of the deity?”


No matter if it was the people in the VIP lounges or the people in the general rooms, everyone directly facing the big crystal screen was getting excited. The seventh little beast had intervened in the match and made everyone feel inconceivable.


In the battlefield, after the Golden Lion King was tossed upside down, it flipped over in midair and abruptly landed on the ground. Then it faced upwards and let out a thunderous roar that caused people’s eardrums to buzz. This was a disgrace as far as it was concerned. It was actually flung by a one foot long little monkey. Its dignity had taken a huge blow.


The Golden Lion King opened its vertical eye at the center-head. The bloody light was launched straight at Keke as the color of the sky turned bloody red. All the colors at the direction the light of destruction was launched at, had turned dull. In front of this destructive power, nothing could stop it!


However, out of everyone’s expectation, Keke actually faded away in thin air and reappeared in another location. It dodged the light of destruction as if it was no big deal.

Everyone couldn’t help but gasp in surprise. The Peacock King barely resisted the Lion King’s Eye of Destruction with the five-colored divine radiance, and yet, the little critter actually relied on speed to dodge it.

Within the VIP lounge, Xiao Chen was astonished. When Keke left earlier, he had found that the little thing’s speed was exaggeratedly fast. But now, he was sure that the little thing had grasped a new divine ability. Maybe it was because it could feel Tenax’s improvement, so it finally had a sense of urgency.

The Lion King’s eyes were incomparably cold. In regards to it, the little thing in front of it was too hateful. So be it if the little critter just dodged its attack, but it was actually waving its little paw in a provocative manner.


The Eye of Destruction opened and closed repeatedly as the bloody-qi flooded this entire space. Keke’s whereabouts was completely dyed in red. The Golden Lion was calm to the point that it was scary as it continuously launched the bloody light. It attacked with nothing held back.

The snow-white little critter got furious. Although it was dressing up like a little monkey, it didn’t really want to jump about like a real golden monkey. It was no longer dodging. With a light wave of its little beast paw, a golden barrier appeared in front of it. After that, it actually forged ahead at high speed among the bloody light and charged towards the Golden Lion King.

Every spectator made a huge ruckus, what was that gold light? It actually resisted the light of destruction! The layer upon layer of bloody screen fell apart in the face of the gold barrier, the light of destruction was unable to harm the little critter.

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Keke rushed right in front of the Golden Lion and quickly waved its little paw. The dazzling golden light enveloped the Lion King in a flash. Along with the rise of the dazzling rays of light, the Golden Lion was confined by the gold radiance in midair.

Keke waved its little paw with sudden force and directly tossed the Golden Lion King away.


The dust flew upwards as the gold radiance dissipated. The Golden Lion was smashed on the ground. The surface sunk and many cracks appeared around the big hole.

In front of every big water screen, it quickly turned chaotic. Almost everyone cried out in surprise.

If they say the little critter tossed the Lion King by a fluke, then this was absolutely not by a fluke. The gold radiance had resisted the light of destruction head-on and directly thrown the Lion King to the ground. This was definitely true strength.

Everyone in the Amber Warbeast Castle had flared up!

Everyone couldn’t help but be shocked, they had no choice but to rise in commotion. The Golden Lion King’s strength was obvious to all! The Peacock King was proficient in the legendary forbidden divine ability, and it was also in control of a Primal Divine Feather. Only with that was it able to barely resist the Lion King. And yet, Keke tossed it around like it was nothing, everyone couldn’t help but be appalled.

Keke was panting with rage and mumbled to itself by squeaking twice.

Every spectator really didn’t know how to express their mood anymore. They were totally speechless. It was you who fell the Golden Lion King all right? And you are actually still panting with rage… then that Lion King can just go and cry.

Out of everyone’s expectation, the Golden Lion King was calm to the point of scary. It didn’t let out a furious roar and only crouched in midair as it looked down at Keke coldly. It was no longer launching an attack nor was it making any more particular movements.

After the little critter mumbled to itself resentfully, it actually ignored the Lion King as it walked towards Goldie and the White Tiger.

As if the White Tiger was facing a great enemy, it jumped back and separated from Goldie as it watched the little critter attentively.

And Goldie already burst into rage. The violent Goldie divided into nine and surrounded Keke from nine directions. Goldie let out a burst of roar to express its greatest dissatisfaction towards Keke’s disguise. Especially when the little critter deliberately hid six out of the seven-colored radiance just now. It was obviously pretending to use the same divine ability as itself by revealing only the gold radiance. This made Goldie extremely furious.

When everyone saw the two golden monkey facing each other, they were exceptionally shocked. That’s right, they were sure that Keke was related to Goldie. They didn’t expect the two of them would actually fight.

The one meter tall Goldie, and the one foot tall Keke, they were both flickering with gold radiance and appeared very magical.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

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Nine streaks of gold light moved simultaneously and all of Goldie’s shadow partners pounced toward Keke from nine different directions. They were as swift as nine lightnings.


Keke was even faster as it disappeared in thin air.

After that, it instantly appeared behind one of the gold light and firmly grabbed the tail of Goldie’s real body.


Keke grabbed the tail of Goldie’s real body and flung it away. Goldie was smashed on the ground at a distant place.

It was driven mad!

Goldie was very violent. Ninie of its bodies moved simultaneously and swept towards Keke at the same time.

Even if you have nine shadow partners, there’s only one true body. Keke was not afraid. With a wave of its beast paw, a resplendent ray of light appeared and cut off the nine light beams.

Goldie was so angry to the point it couldn’t get any more angier. It had once seen the little critter’s trick. That was obviously the rainbow-colored radiance, and yet, it insisted on hiding the other six colors to mimic its gold radiance. Naturally, the power did not become weaker in the slightest. Although the color had lessened, the power became more concentrated. All of them were concentrated on the gold radiance.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Goldie fought as if its life depended on it. One gold radiance fell after another. At the same time, the nine shadow partners even attacked at random. Keke was chased and appeared to be in a somewhat difficult situation for a moment. However, its speed was still way faster in the end as it dodged all the nine bodies.

Those with good eyes saw rainbow-colored light flickering among the brilliant rays. However, it quickly transformed into gold radiance and was launched towards Goldie from all directions. This was not merely a single light screen. Just like when it was dealing with the Lion King, Keke secretly waved its little beast paw to create three layers of gold radiance from the united power of the seven colors.


The divine ability that made even the Golden Lion King powerless appeared again. Nine Goldie were completely trapped in midair. The snow-white little critter smashed all nine of them on the ground, then it ran in front of one of the gold lights and ferociously stamped on the other party’s tail.

This sneaky action made every spectator stunned and puzzled. Why did it suddenly stamp on the other party’s tail? Could it be that the little thing had poured some spiritual power into Goldie’s body to seal its power?

Goldie jumped up and let out a bellow due to the pain. Only Goldie knew this hateful snow-white little critter did it out of spite.

Goldie did not admit defeat, it transformed into nine bodies again and rushed over. At the same time, the Peacock King in the sky saw that its partner was no match for the opponent so it also made a move as the five-colored divine radiance fell.

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Keke had an eye out for the five-colored divine radiance, after dodging all of Goldie’s attack, it waved its little beast paw in earnest and faced the Peacock King that was in the sky.

All the spectators cried out in surprise as the five-colored divine radiance flickered. Keke actually launched a five-colored divine radiance completely similar to that of the light beam in the sky.

“Where did this little critter come from?”

“Don’t tell me it is also the descendant of the deity, but is proficient in Goldie and the Peacock King’s divine abilities at the same time?”


This made everyone cried out in surprise.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

The five-colored divine radiance rumbled repeatedly as the light beams clashed in the sky. In the end, Keke actually pushed back the Peacock King’s five-colored divine radiance.

Subsequently, the Peacock King was sent flying by Keke’s five-colored divine rays of light. It was being thrown towards the high altitude. Only after flying out for more than ten meters did it finally stabilize its figure.

Everyone rose in commotion, this was too crazy!

Only the Lion King remained exceptionally calm in the battlefield. Its eyes were brimming with cold glints as it firmly grasped Keke’s every movement.

Keke waved its little beast paw without the least bit of concern, as if it was saying this was nothing. Such an attitude was really testing everyone’s nerve. It made every spectator feel like they were going to blow up.

Just at this time, the snow-white little critter had repelled Goldie and walked towards the White Tiger without a care in the world.

Everyone immediately flared up. Could this little thing that popped up from who knows where really intended to sweep the floor with the six saint?

Just when everyone was getting excited, six human figures appeared in front of the big crystal screen. Six elders appeared on the battlefield like a wisp of smoke and surrounded Keke from all directions.

In the VIP lounge, Xiao Chen immediately jumped up, he knew something was about to happen!

However, without waiting for him to decide on which course of action to take, a world-shaking clamor had already transmitted outwards from the Amber Warbeast Castle. Almost every spectator in the warbeast castle was shouting.

“Go away! Don’t bother the little beast.”

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“Let the competition continue.”

“Don’t make things difficult for the seventh young sacred beast.”


Nearly half of the fifty thousand spectators shouted in harmony. They didn’t care whether or not it was against the rule, it was rare for such a magical sacred beast to appear, everyone urgently wanted to watch the little monkey reveal its might and sweep the floor with the six saint.

The more unpredictable, the better. They didn’t care about who would ultimately be the champion, it was fine as long as the match was interesting.

Very soon, thousands of people rushed out of the room and headed for the warbeast stage. They quickly encircled the stage, and even more people were making their way over. In a short moment, over ten thousand people had assembled.

Other than the two Dragon Kings that were fighting in the sky. Goldie, the White Tiger, the Peacock King, and the Golden Lion King were watching all of these calmly, no longer making their moves.

Being surrounded by the six elders on the spot, Keke looked at them in a daze. It was standing upright with both arms spread out and wore a puzzled expression. So much so that it was even tilting its head. It blinked its glittering big eyes and looked at the divine sword on the back of one of the elders curiously.

Such a lovable and naive appearance immediately made the female spectators around the stage to sympathize with it.

“Kya~! Looking at close distant, it is actually so naive and young.”

“Such a quick-witted big eyes, too cute.”

“Hey, old man, you guys leave! Let this cute little beast continue the match.”

“Are you guys trying to manipulate the result under the table? You want to drive out such a powerful sacred beast? If it did not participate, then the warbeast tournament this year does not live up to the name anymore!”


They had been labelled with a bad name. Despite how the six elders were powerful experts invited by the warbeast castle, they still felt a little powerless in the face of the public anger.

Just at this time, the persons in charge of the three major warbeast castles quickly reached an unanimous decision and allowed the match to continue! At the same time, they dispatched people at top speed to persuade the crowd and made them break up. It must be mentioned that they were very decisive and made the best judgment in the shortest possible time. If they didn’t let the little critter participate in the match, then the countless spectators would certainly rise to a rebellion.

However, just when the six experts retreated and when the spectators were about to move back, something happened at Keke’s side again. It actually nodded in a friendly manner to everyone and then walked away from the stage while feeling wronged.

“Kya~ The little critter is unhappy.”

“This thing has such a rich expression, it is actually as sentimental as a human, too cute.”

“The little thing feels wronged, it don’t want to join the competition anymore.”

“How can this be? I still want to see it sweep the floor with the six saint!”

The persons in charge of the three major warbeast castles quickly appeared in front of Keke.

“We have already given you permission to participate in the match.”

The little critter did not say anything and only shook its head in grievance.

“Why are you not participating? Who is your master?”

Keke still had a grievance expression as it shook its head strongly.

The persons in charge were already perspiring, one of them was wiping the sweat and whispered, “Curse it! Where did this little thing come from? How can we convince it to get back to the warbeast stage? Otherwise the crowd will be furious.”

Hearing these, the snow-white little critter had a crafty glint in its glittering big eyes. It quickly used its paw to carve on the ground.

The persons in charge immediately had black lines over their foreheads. Mother f—! Was this really a little critter or a child prodigy? It sure knew how to act, what feeling wronged? It was clearly desirous of the beast king’s relics!

The picture Keke carved on the ground was precisely the relics of the sacred beast that once accompanied the Buddha.

“You little thing, you sure are crafty. The reason you took part in the competition was for the relics right? Why didn’t you join at an earlier time?”

At present, not only the persons in charge of the three major warbeast castles, even the other spectators had become clear of the little critter’s objective.

Keke proudly puffed out its chest. It didn’t say anything, it just stood there steadily and calmly as it looked at the few people like this.

“So troublesome!”

The few people cast a glance at each other and finally said, “You go and continue the match first.”

Keke didn’t say anything, it just turned around and walked out of the stage.

The faces of the persons in charge immediately turned pale. This little thing really knew how to make things difficult for them!

“Fine! Please go on with the match, if you can defeat the six saint, the relics of the beast king belongs to you!” Then he whispered, “I think everyone should be fine with that… right?”


Keke was very straightforward. The moment it heard these words, it transformed into a streak of gold light and rushed into the battlefield.

Xiao Chen witnessed all of these from beyond the crowd as he wiped the sweat on his forehead. Seriously, this little thing… it remembered his advice, remain calm and collected — you must consider the circumstances.

Fifteen minutes later, the warbeast stage finally calmed down. Everyone had finally retreated, the match will continue. Untold numbers of people were cheering, and on the other hand, the staffs of the three major warbeast castles took actions in a hurry to try and convince the owners of the six saints. After all, the addition of one more sacred beast was a little unfair for them.

In the battlefield, other than the two Dragon Kings, the other four sacred beasts actually had the intention to team up as they coldly fixed their eyes on Keke.

And Keke’s behavior was even more shocking, the little critter that seldomly put away its carefree expression walked to the center of the stage solemnly and kept pointing at four sides. It actually hinted the four sacred beasts to come at it simultaneously!

It could even be said to be incomparably arrogant!

It was no longer the humorous little critter. Keke had a rarely seen serious expression that made even Xiao Chen feel a little inconceivable.


The four sacred beasts let out a cry and rushed toward Keke simultaneously.

The Lion King opened its vertical eye. The bloody light burst forth, the light of destruction was launched towards the little critter.

The White Tiger pounced over as the divine marks appeared. The characters filled the entire sky and fell towards Keke.

Goldie flickered with brilliant rays as nine streaks of light tangled up with nine lightnings that were launched toward Keke.

The Peacock King let out a long cry. The five-colored divine radiance that was reputed to be unstoppable was shot at Keke.

The little critter had a dignified expression. Its pair of big eyes that were brimming with cleverness emitted two rainbow-colored radiance. This time, it was no longer hiding its power.


The rainbow-colored radiance flashed and at the same time, it was launched towards the terrifying light beams that were coming from all directions. The little critter waved its paws repeatedly and the dazzling rainbow-colored radiance became the only color in this world. It made all the other light beams to lose their coloring. One destroys a hundred, the powerful attacks from all around were completely dispelled.


The snow-white little critter had moved. It actually confined the White Tiger and jumped high into the air after stepping on its head.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

It faded away in thin air consecutively and abruptly scuttled to the top of the Golden Lion King’s body. During this process, it routed five light of destruction and even forced the power of the Genesis to fall back twice.

Such a performance really made everyone so shocked that they forgot to cry out. Even until a long time later, everyone in front of the crystal screen was still in a petrified state. This was really too shocking.

“Oh my god!”

“This is inconceivable!”


Only until the little critter had smoothly landed on the Lion King’s back did everyone began to shout.

Keke was absolutely not trying to show off or to insult the Lion King. That was because it could feel the third vertical eye of the Lion King that had never been opened until now was throbbing. It wanted to open its third eye! Keke felt threatened by death, and the reason it scuttled up was precisely to target that third vertical eye!


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