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Chapter 15 – Man and Beast Combine Forces

Although the light in their mouths was faint, it was still possible to see with naked eyes. The dozens of gigantic apes seemed to know some simple training exercise. Xiao Chen was honestly a little astonished, he couldn’t help but recall the legends of the monsters from the human world. Did the Elite Monsters not train by inhaling and exhaling the essence of the sun and moon?

Among the dozen of gigantic apes, the crimson four-armed ape was the most breathtaking. The moonlight it swallowed and spewed condensed into a ball of intermittent light. Moreover, all of its crimson-colored furs were glittering with a dim light. Clearly, it possessed intelligence and seemed very threatening!

The following days, the dozens of gigantic apes came over to cadge a meal every evening. Naturally, they weren’t able to eat their fill due to their large appetite, they could only savour the taste.

“Roar……” The roar of a tiger was transmitted from a distant mountain forest. However, it followed with a grunting sound before it stopped. Not long later, dozens of powerful beasts leaped towards Xiao Chen. The crimson four-armed ape was carrying a three or so meters long Saber-Toothed Tiger on its hand as it hopped in front of Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen trembled in fear, this peculiar ape’s fighting strength was really as formidable as expected. Saber-Toothed Tiger was downed in a single hit, it had its entire head pulverized. One could imagine just how formidable was the four-armed gigantic ape.

After the gigantic apes finally left, Xiao Chen began to operate the Secret Qi-Training Method again to treat his wounded body. Time represents life, he had no other choice but seize every moment to recover his strength.

Strangely, as if the young Unicorn had disappeared, there was no traces of it these past two days. Xiao Chen was somewhat concerned, he was afraid that something might have happened. After all, this island was too mysterious and dangerous.

He felt relieved when the young Unicorn make an appearance again one day later. The young Unicorn was still as timid and curious as before, it would flee when something unusual happened. Other than consuming the worldly power gathered by Xiao Chen, the young Unicorn was like a curious child that likes to observe Xiao Chen in secret.

Three days had passed and the recovery went smoothly. However, Xiao Chen ran into a dangerous situation that night, Zhao Lin Er finally made her appearance again! The Imperial Angel broke through the ancient Tyrannical Dragon’s territory and finally tracked down Xiao Chen’s trails. She was determined to not let him slip away again and eliminate him this time.

She arrived elegantly with steps as gentle as lotus. In this primitive ancient forest, her figure was indeed very spectacular under the bright moonlight! The entire mountain forest seemed as if it had become brighter. The terrifying howl of the beasts from the surrounding make her seems especially outstanding and noble. It was as if the fairy from the Ninth Heaven had descended upon the uncivilized island.

Even with beauty exceeding that of the natural world and put the flowers to shame, Xiao Chen was not in the mood to appreciate it. She was equivalent to a female Death God to him!

Xiao Chen did not escape immediately, but rather retreated to the gigantic ape’s habitat unhurriedly.

Dozens of gigantic apes were inhaling and exhaling the moonlight. They did not make any dangerous action when they saw Xiao Chen entered their territory. They had been asking for food from him the past few days, and had already acknowledged Xiao Chen as their neighbour.

Zhao Lin Er was carrying a divine sword on her hand, she chased after Xiao Chen slowly and steadily. However, she was dumbfounded after she entered the chaotic Stone Forest. Dozens of gigantic apes were standing on top of stones. They looked like huge stone monoliths, leaving behind dozens of huge shadows under the moonlight.

Dozens of lights were entering and exiting their mouths simultaneously, the gigantic apes were paying their respects to the moon and absorbed the essence of the moon. One could tell that they were intelligent creatures in a single glance.

Zhao Lin Er hesitated, even though she knew these peculiar beasts were terrifying, she just found Xiao Chen and was reluctant to let this chance slip. It was because she knew it would be disadvantageous for her as more time passed, she couldn’t let him continue to recuperate.

She executed the Transient Light: Heavenly Steps and rushed toward the Stone Forest while she performed the Rainbow Sword Secret Arts. Rainbow-colored light lit up the night sky immediately.


The crimson-colored gigantic ape in the center let out a sharp roar, its entire body was covered by a faint moonlight, making it seem extremely mystical and scary! Its tall silhouette disappeared in the blink of an eye. “Clink! Clank!” With its nearly two meter long arm, it struck the rainbow-colored light, sparks burst forth from the longsword.

The Imperial Angel was greatly alarmed, this peculiar four-armed ape possessed extraordinary strength and even its defense was remarkable!

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Zhao Lin Er could tell how terrifying the gigantic ape was with a single strike. She turned around without any hesitation and wanted to escape. However, dozens of huge shadows in the surrounding swayed and blocked her path with speed as fast as lightning.

“Roar……” The gigantic apes kept roaring, their shadows were wide under the moonlit night.

Xiao Chen was watching calmly from the distant, he didn’t make any sound. The gigantic ape’s intelligence came as no surprise. However, he never thought they were so loyal to their friend. They actually went as far as subjugating Zhao Lin Er in such a way.

The Imperial Angel’s complexion already changed colors, she wanted to promptly break out of this enclosure. She raised the power of her technique to the limit, her body seemed to transform into rainbow. The rainbow-colored brilliance was circling around in the Stone Forest.


Bright red blood gushed out as a thin and gorgeous seven-colored rainbow aura pierced through the chest of a single gigantic ape. Zhao Lin Er practiced in one of the famous Secret Technique, that was the Rainbow Sword Secret Arts. The power of this technique was formidable, the rainbow aura ripped apart the body of the gigantic ape in a flash and killed it on the spot.

Zhao Lin Er regained some of her confidence, except for the peculiar four-armed ape, the rest only had claws as hard as iron. Their body had yet to reach that stage.


The four-armed crimson ape roared in sorrow, it dashed to the foremost position and charged at Zhao Lin Er wildly. One after another light beams hit the ape’s body, but it was unable to injure him at all. It only produced “Clink! Clank!” sound as the light beams hit the ape. The crimson colored fur was extremely magnificent under the brilliance of the moon. The leader of the gigantic apes was clearly very furious. Its eyes were emitting a chilling cold radiance, they were filled with inexhaustible hatred. It wanted to tear Zhao Lin Er to shreds.

With Zhao Lin Er’s talent, she might be able to fight with this intelligent beast into a standstill. However, there were still dozens of gigantic apes around her, she was surrounded by perils. Around this time, Xiao Chen also dashed forward. He didn’t waste any time on superfluous words anymore, he only answered with his fist!


The long sleeve of Zhao Lin Er’s shirt was torn apart by a gigantic ape, exposing her elegant arm that was as beautiful as a fine jade. At the same time, the raging crimson ape grabbed Zhao Lin Er’s longsword with a single hand. It snapped the longsword in half with its gigantic claws!

At this time, Xiao Chen was ready to attack. He always believed the strongest weapon was one’s own body, it doesn’t matter if he had to give up the sword. He gathered mysterious lights around both of his hands and formed a splendid light screen before he delivered the attack to Zhao Lin Er.

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