Chapter 104 – Demon

Since the dragon island had been sealed, no Ancestral Dragon and Dragon King had ever appeared. The legend finally began once more after countless years. The people who came to the dragon island this time was not to explore the island, their goal was the Ancestral Dragon and Dragon King.

“Granny, we don’t need to fear him anymore, at least we have the ability to defend ourselves this time, I will go find Blackie.” The little fatty said without thinking, then he rushed into the village as quick as lightning.

A dragon roar transmitted from the jungle behind the village, not long later the little fatty led a one meter long young black dragon over. The scales all over the little dragon’s body were flickering with black radiance. Its entire body was shiny black, its head looked like the Ancestral Dragon, yet its body looked like a leopard or a tiger. Of course, it was impossible for it to possess any fur, it was completely covered in dragon scales. ⌈1

It was a Dragon King without a doubt, it was pointless to guess what kind of dragon it was, because there was a huge difference between the Dragon King and the previous generation.

The people in this village had actually found a Dragon King already, one could tell they were preparing for this a long time ago. The black Dragon King was only a little smaller than the Amethyst Dragon King. It was very possible this might be the second Dragon King that was born on the dragon island. It possessed a clear advantage to compete for the position of the Dragon Emperor.

When the Amethyst Dragon King and Black Dragon King met each other in the eyes, they immediately let out a growl. The enmity between them was very deep. This was something unavoidable, the battle between the kings of dragons was the cruelest, the Syndicate Dragon King will inevitably fight to the death upon reaching a certain stage in growth.

The woman shrouded in colorful mist and little fatty hastily appeased the young Dragon Kings, preventing them from breaking out into a fight. And just at this time, Keke’s glittering big eyes suddenly widened, the two Dragon Kings also seemed to be on guard as they looked towards the same direction as Keke; The jungle outside of the village.

Keke scuttled onto the Amethyst Dragon King’s back with a “swish”. It used its two paws to rub the wound to smear its paws with a bit of the Dragon King’s blood. Then it transformed into a streak of white light and dashed towards the jungle outside of the village while the Amethyst Dragon King let out a roar in frustration.

The black fog fluctuated in the jungle violently, many forest trees were destroyed in but a moment. Keke transformed into a streak of white light and ran back to the village. And then a youth with pale complexion appeared from the jungle, his chest had a few bloody hole, that was caused by the Amethyst Dragon King’s blood. And his left arm had a tiny paw print, that was clearly Keke’s masterpiece. His pair of eyes emitted two soul wrenching rays of light. He gazed at Keke and the two Syndicate Dragon King, then he faded away in his original position without making any sound.

“It is him!” Xiao Chen and the woman shrouded in colorful mist opened their mouth simultaneously.

“It’s him, it’s that evil spirit……” The old woman was emotional as she said, “I saw the written records regarding the evil spirit left by our ancestors, it included a simple drawing about him. It is precisely because of him that many of our ancestors were dead!”

The constant arrival and retreat of the evil spirit made everyone felt very uneasy. Although it had backed off for now, it was hard to say whether it will show up again or not.

The potency of the Dragon King’s blood made Xiao Chen and the others utterly astonished. It was really capable of restraining this kind of terrifying demon. One could imagine just how powerful the Dragon Kings would become once they reached maturity. And Keke’s performance made everyone flabbergasted, it was actually able to discover the evil spirit before everyone and the Dragon King.

Keke was currently rubbing its little paws desperately, trying to rid the bloodstain from its snow-white fur. After that, it beautifully ignored the Amethyst Dragon King’s growl, and mischievously jumped onto the Black Dragon King’s back, then it waved its little paw at the Amethyst Dragon King. Before the two Dragon Kings got furious, Xiao Chen hastily grabbed it. This little guy was seriously too unruly.

The few of them returned to the village, they went to a different courtyard this time. There was a field of grapevines in the courtyard, the leaves were emerald-green, and many crystal clear purple grapes were hanging on the vines. They were as shiny as the agate crystals.

The few of them sat around a stone table below the grapevines. They began to go over the plan in details, they must eliminate the demon, or else everyone will be in danger.

Xiao Chen said, “The demon suffered a heavy damage from the Dragon King’s blood, this is our chance, we must gather everyone on the dragon island to deal with him.”

After the calamity in the ghost town, there were still hundred plus practitioners on the dragon island. That was because they didn’t get close to the sea of bones. If all of them unite as one, that will definitely be a powerful force.

It was rare for the Solitary Sword Demon to lay down his pride. He also felt the threat of death, he completely agreed with Xiao Chen’s proposal.

The mysterious woman whose entire body was shrouded by the colorful mist nodded and said, “We can also form a truce with another group of experts.”

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Xiao Chen and the Solitary Sword Demon did not understand, they looked at her doubtfully. The old woman at the side smiled and said, “The young lady is a true expert, but your ability seemed to fluctuate sharply, it made people unable to ascertain your true power.” ⌈2⌋ She squinted her eyes and said, “Other than the group of young experts that entered the dragon island, there are still thirty plus Zephyrus level old masters here.”

The Solitary Sword Demon nodded, he understood in a flash. According to the agreement between all parties, the old masters cannot get involved in anything that happened on the island. Only the youth generation will fight over the Dragon Kings, the older generation could only provide support at the boundless ocean. These people clearly infiltrated the island secretly and didn’t follow the rules.

“I will get in touch with them, I know those people’s movement.” The old man at the side started to talk.

The old woman said, “Our most important goal now is to search for nine Dragon Kings, with nine kings together, we will be able to summon the legendary divine ship and leave this mysterious yet terrifying island for good.”

According to legend, the divine ship made from the Ancestral Dragon’s bones and Heavenly Tree had been drifting in the Taboo Ocean all along. It had withstood the vicissitudes of time, only this kind of boat could bring everyone on the island away from the Taboo Ocean. This was what the old woman’s ancestors found in the written records of a ruined ancient village.

The Ancestral Dragon’s bone was without a doubt, the dragon’s sacred bone. As for the Heavenly Tree, it was as Xiao Chen had thought, it was indeed referring to that divine tree at Keke’s old home; That tree trunk that was as wide as a lofty mountain.

The few of them discussed for a long time, but the most pressing matter was that; Would they be able to leave this village safely? The evil ghost might be lingering in the vicinity of the village.

“Don’t tell me we have to bring the Dragon Kings along to go and gather everyone?” The Solitary Sword Demon exerted his strength to grab his metal sword, his fingers got a little pale.

Everyone turned silent, as a matter of fact, they were already facing a death threat. The evil spirit will definitely not let them off, he suffered a heavy injury because of them. It was a great shame and humiliation for a demon who had survived for countless years.

Just at this time, Keke widened its glittering big eyes again. At the same time, the Amethyst Dragon King and Black Dragon King also let out a growl. A burst of chilly wind blew into the courtyard, the negative aura pervaded in the vicinity of the grapevines.

The Amethyst Dragon King was ready to go this time, it didn’t wait for Keke to scuttle across its body, it was the first to dash out. The Black Dragon King let out a growl and followed closely behind. Keke did not feel pressing at all, it jumped onto the grapevine and looked at the two Dragon Kings yelling on the street.

The negative aura already scattered away, the evil spirit retreated again. However, the few people in the courtyard still felt a nip in the air, they felt the entire village was already filled with the breath of death.

“This will not work, we will eventually make a careless mistake if this keeps up. Without the two Dragon Kings with us, we won’t be able to deal with that demon.” The silly little fatty expressed his opinion, he was clearly not as foolish as his outer appearance dictated.

“Not good, this is really bad!” The old man furrowed his brows and said, “Our clansmen outside will be returning soon, if they encountered the evil spirit, they will certainly not be able to escape its evil clutches.”

Soon after, they got up and rushed towards the village entrance. They prepared to provide support to the people returning to the village. The chicken cries and dog barks already couldn’t be heard in spacious and empty village, it was deathly silent. It was just like an abandoned land left to return to unchecked growth.

“He’s coming!” Xiao Chen shouted. It was because Keke jumped onto his shoulder and used its little paw to pull his long hair. Its glittering big eyes were gazing at the street ahead.

The evil spirit stopped hiding after it has been found, the black fog rolled over and over, waves of bone-chilling negative aura surged up violently. Everyone could feel the nip in the air, the two Dragon Kings let out a roar constantly, they were not afraid of the fiendish aura. If nobody stopped them, they would have dashed over there a long time ago.

The evil spirit was already within hundred meter range. Although the underworld fog was raging and blocked the scorching sunlight from spilling down, Xiao Chen could still “see” him clearly. That was due of his spiritual sense that didn’t require sight and sound.

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The one in the cloudy fog was indeed that youth he saw at the sea of bones. His left wrist had an eye-catching birthmark. His pair of eyes were somewhat empty. He seemed to have experienced the changes of time, without examining carefully, it was hard to imagine he was a demon that had lived for countless years. The more one looked at him, the more frightening they felt.

“Give him to me…… And I’ll let everyone off.” A faint ghost whistle transmitted from the black fog. Although it was the voice of a young man, it was lacking of vitality. It sounded like the echo of the chilly wind that blew into the ancient residence from a broken window. As the words reached everyone, it was as if a cold air had entered their body, it made them felt a chill down their spine.

The chilly wind bubbled up, the black fog in front of the demon dispersed a little, they could clearly see the arms he stretched out; It was pointing at Xiao Chen. ⌈3

“You mean me?” Xiao Chen felt something was not good, for what reason did the evil spirit want him for.

The chilly wind swept past again, the pale face within the underworld fog revealed itself before everyone’s eyes. He slowly shook his head, his right arm moved slightly. Keke jumped down from Xiao Chen’s shoulder while panting with rage. It actually dashed forward without any hint of fear, it was squeaking non-stop, as if asking the evil spirit something. At the same time, it waved its little paw and a dazzling radiance enveloped the evil spirit. ⌈4

The fog rolled over and over, the evil spirit faded away without making any sound. The strength displayed by a combat ready evil spirit was unfathomably deep. Keke waved its little paw on the street fiercely, it was very angry, and yet it seemed somewhat adorable. Xiao Chen hastily carried Keke back in his arms. The mysteries surrounding Keke were continuously increasing, he didn’t want anything to happen to this little critter.

The few people beside Xiao Chen were endlessly shocked, the demon seemed to be a little afraid of Keke. But Keke was not a Dragon King, could it be that its blood or body could restrain the demonic fiend?

“I cannot comply to your request, nobody shall harm Keke.” Xiao Chen faced the spacious and empty street ahead as he shouted. It was not only for the evil spirit, it was also to make himself clear to the few people around him.

A conspicuous figure of the evil spirit appeared at the street far away. The ghost whistles transmitted from the cloudy fog, “I want that sacred tree on top of its head, give that sproutling to me, and I promise not to harm a single soul hereafter.”

Everyone’s gaze focused on Keke, the treasured tree on its head did not emit any radiance at the moment, it was just like an ordinary plant, It was nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone originally thought it was because this naughty little critter was running everywhere and the sproutling was stuck on its head by accident. Only now did they knew there was much more to it, even the demon was tempted by it.

At the same time Xiao Chen was feeling surprised, his heart was brimming with doubts, but he didn’t even think twice about it. It was impossible for him to comply. He asked, “Why should we give it to you? How are we supposed to believe anything you said?!”

“I pledge I will not harm anyone on the dragon island after I get the sacred tree, otherwise my body and soul will extinguish.” The evil spirit’s voice transmitted from the black fog.

The old man said in a low voice, “According to the written records, the evil spirit cannot break their oath, he made a pledge before and never go back on his words.” It was very obvious that the old man was afraid of the evil spirit, he wanted to reach a compromise.

“Can you even believe in a demon’s pledge?” Xiao Chen turned his head around and asked coldly.

This made the old man and old woman’s aged face turn as red as apple. They were indeed very scared of the evil spirit, whether the evil spirit would violate his pledge or not was not something they could be really certain of. However, their clansmen shall come back any time soon, and the evil spirit is in the vicinity, this is definitely a life threatening danger for those people.

The underworld fog dispersed, the demon turned his head around to look at the direction of the divine monolith that was located at the heart of the island, then he said, “I will not go back on my pledge, otherwise I will be punished!”

“You are a demon, how can I believe you, people often said not to make a deal with demon.” Xiao Chen was carrying Keke in his arms, he wanted to draw back, but Keke on the other hand was restless, it was struggling to get free and wanted to dash over there. It didn’t seem to be afraid of the evil spirit in the underworld fog.

“Alas, I’m not a demon, I’m a human.” The indistinct ghost whistle heaved a sigh.

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Xiao Chen gave a cold snort in return, “That is not a funny joke.”

“I had transformed continuously over the countless years, what I am looking forward to the most is to reborn under the sun. I am no longer a corpse now, I have blood and flesh, I really don’t want to go on killing anymore.”


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