Chapter 27 – Slaughter Under The Moonlit Night

Xiao Chen was inwardly rejoicing that he broke away from the Undead Emperor’s line of sight. Without turning back, he ran out of the swamp along with the three skeletons. From within the endless darkness behind them, a miserable shriek was transmitted outwards from time to time. The sorrowful voices were brimming with fear, just hearing it caused one’s hair to stand on end.

He brought the three skeletons to circle around the deathly swamp, running quickly towards the direction where Gu Luo and his men were heading.

The Undead Emperor didn’t chase after them beyond the eerie swamp, it seemed to be casually jogging and reaped some life as it passed by only.

When Xiao Chen finally arrived, he just happened to see Gu Luo and Zhao Lin Er carried two or three people out of the deathly swamp with weak and unstable footstep. They met up with the people who were providing support outside, and flee far away as if their life depended on it.

Xiao Chen turned around and took a quick glance at the swamp, an undead figure that was about ten meter tall, seemed to be grabbing a corpse and chewing it within the inexhaustible undead miasma. Two gloomy jade light emitted from the position of its pair of eyes. It was exceptionally frightening in the dark and eerie forest.


An ear-splitting screech caused the mountain woods to shake, endless amount of undead miasma soared into the sky, and covered the moon. One could vaguely see a pair of giant rotten wings stretched out.

Xiao Chen and the three skeletons ran after Gu Luo and his men in the same direction without turning back. Along the way, he found two corpse at the side of the road. They died in a very miserable state, their corpse had been corroded and completely deformed by the undead miasma. Eerie white bones were exposed on many parts of their body.

In only three or four miles, he caught up to Gu Luo and Zhao Lin Er’s group. Evidently, Gu Luo and Zhao Lin Er were heavily affected by the undead miasma, their strength was much inferior to what it once was. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be that easy to catch up to them.

Once they saw Xiao Chen was leading the three skeletons to chase after them, their expression became really ugly to behold.

Gu Luo lifted his eyebrows at once, today could be said to be his worst day ever, not only did he suffered a disastrous casualties, he was about to be completely wipe out at the moment. He felt incomparably angry and regretful, his strength declined greatly as time pass by. The undead miasma had invaded his body, if he didn’t get rid of it soon, his life might be in danger.

Zhao Lin Er was devastatingly beautiful, even though she was in a really embarrassing state at the moment, it still wasn’t enough to cover up her first-class charm. However, her water-like pupils were brimming with hostility as she looked at Xiao Chen. She never thought that under such a favorable condition, would they suffer such a miserable defeat.

“My lord, please retreat quickly, we will cut him off!”

Ten figures blocked Xiao Chen and the three skeletons’ path, another three were protecting Gu Luo and Zhao Lin Er as they retreated at flying speed.

Xiao Chen and the three skeletons dashed forward without wasting any words, this was a one-sided slaughter!

The sword aura raged in the forest wildly, along with a wave of Xiao Chen’s longsword, one head was decapitated. The headless corpse spurted out around two meter high of blood, then it collapsed on the ground.

Soon after, a miserable scream resounded, the three snow-white skeletons grabbed the hand and foot of one person as they ripped him apart. Before the scream came to a stop, the longsword on Xiao Chen’s hand already found its target. Blood ray bursted forth, the corpse was chopped in half at the waist as it fell on the pool of blood.

There was a huge gap in their strength, Xiao Chen’s merciless strategy, as well as the three bloodthirsty skeletons, caused the remaining few to tremble in fear. At this moment, they forgot about their loyalty towards Gu Luo. They didn’t dare to think about stopping Xiao Chen anymore, all of them were terrified as they ran after Gu Luo’s figure from behind.

This war a great hunt to the death!

Xiao Chen was like a blood-soaked Asura, every time he brandished his sword, one after another corpse would topple over. He body was completely soaked by blood.

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Blood splashed everywhere, one head came tumbling down.


The heart was penetrated, one corpse collapsed.


The shoulder was cut off at an angle, blood wildly rushed forth.


The whole journey was filled with bloodshed!

When the last of them had their head cleaved, Xiao Chen was already thoroughly stained red by the watery blood. He was just like the Death God at the moment, together with the three skeletons, they intercepted Zhao Lin Er and Gu Luo’s path.

Several black veins had already emerged on Gu Luo and Zhao Lin Er’s arm. It originated from the undead miasma of the Undead Emperor, just one more step and it would spread throughout their body.

Now, there was only one expert left at Gu Luo’s side to protect him. That expert stared at Xiao Chen and the three skeletons coldly without saying a word. With a “Psst!” sound, he pulled out a Blazing Sword with his hand. It appears very dazzling under the dim light of night, the sword possessed the scorching heat of the raging flames, and the sharpness of the cold blade.

At the moment, Xiao Chen need not to make his moves urgently, his opponent didn’t even have the strength to fight back anymore. Right now they have the absolute advantage, he was rather interested in the Blazing Sword held by the expert. He asked, “How did you generate the flame on the sword?”

“Hmph!” He didn’t answer and snorted coldly in return.

He didn’t receive any favorable answer, but Xiao Chen didn’t feel resentful at all. He turned around to face Zhao Lin Er and said, “I don’t want to use my position as the victor to taunt you, but how do you think I should punish you?”

Feeling Xiao Chen’s gaze was sweeping all over her body, Zhao Lin Er’s exquisite, jewel-like body retreated one step backwards. She put away her icy and proud expression as she smiled charmingly. She said in a very calm and cool-headed manner, “I am awfully clear about the so-called winner takes all, but who would remain the final victor is hard to say!”

With beauty capable of overturning a city, or even an entire nation, the Imperial Angel was still as majestic as before even under such a dire situation.

“Who will be king, and who will be bandit, the result will be clear in a moment later.” Speaking until here, Xiao Chen turned his head to face the brown-haired Gu Luo. He asked with a tranquil expression, “I don’t want to waste time on too much nonsense, it is impossible for me to let you keep on living, I don’t want leave behind anything that would pose a danger to my life. However, before we settle this, I couldn’t help but ask, what are those scrolls you released before?

Out of Xiao Chen’s expectation, Gu Luo actually answered his question, “Ancient Eastern and Western enchantment, fused together to form a Magic Technique to be used later.”

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“Then is the Blazing Sword also using this kind of Magic Technique?”


Once he got a definite answer, Xiao Chen nodded his head, the world of immortals was more mysterious than he imagined. Many things required him to experience it personally to comprehend it.

“Gu Luo, do you want to do it yourself, or do you want me to do it?” Xiao Chen pointed the longsword in his hand that radiated with cold light accurately in front of Gu Luo’s chest.

Far away from the deathly swamp, the bright moonlight was exceptionally gentle. However, the forest was brimming with murderous aura, three skeletons appeared to be sparkling under the glow of the moonlight. They were opening and closing their jaw unceasingly, generating a clacking noise again and again. It was exceptionally frightening under the moonlit night.


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