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[Announcement] Introduction of Project Yuri

Hello, hello! As you may know, Re:Library’s niche is in the Gender Bender or “Project Gender Bender”. From the start of it until now, it has worked well enough as the popularity of gender bender has slowly risen. As such, we figured that it would be best if we only focused on that. However, there are a few flaws with this:
1. Despite the increasing popularity, Gender Bender is still quite niche, and the visitors to our site and Patreon hasn’t seen growth that is sustainable.
2. It limits the selection of novels that we can translate.

As such, to ensure the future of Re:Library, we decided to launch this experimental project, Project Yuri. Project Yuri is basically us expanding to other genres, such as yuri. Project Yuri will be managed and handled separately than Project GB. The funding of the project will also be on its own standing and not shared with Project GB. From that, we request for everyone’s understanding and support for this experimental project.

Depending on the success of the project, we will further consider expanding to more genres. Who knows, right?

Anyways, that’s enough of the background of this project. Here’s the yuri novel we will be translating as a start:

When I Ran Away from Home, an Extrovert Took Me In, Claiming We Were Lovers in the Previous Timeline
Extrovert Lovers Cover

It’s by the same author as “A Story About Losing All My First Experiences After Suffering Defeat at the Hands of My Twisted Genius of a Childhood Friend“. For the full synopsis, be sure to go to the novel page but the story follows the interactions between two girls, a runaway and one that took her in. The one that took the runaway in claims that they were lovers previously and decides to relive what they did in the “previous timeline”.
The schedule will be 4 chapters a month every Friday. In the future, we can consider increasing it.

If you’re interested, be sure to check it out here:

Click the Link to Start Reading:
» Chapter 1 «

If you want to support the project while also getting early access to chapters, visit our Patreon! Currently, there’s only one tier of membership for $3.

You can leave any questions or concerns in this post.

Project Yuri is fueled by your support. By reaching our Patreon goals, we can increase the number of chapters released each month and accelerate the publication schedule. Here's how your patronage can make a difference:

40 Patrons - 5 chapters/month
50 Patrons - 6 chapters/month
60 Patrons - 8 chapters/month
Current Goal:
2 / 40 Patrons

Current Status:
4 chapters/month
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