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Chapter 114 – Dragon, dragon, dragon

The pitiful little critter’s appearance made Xiao Chen felt very unpleasant.

The snow-white little critter was weeping with a “boo hoo” sound, then it raised its head to look at the sky, its glittering big eyes were brimming with tears, it seemed to be calling out to its parents.

“Keke, don’t be sad, you will definitely see your parents one of these days, and I will come up with something to help you seize back the little sacred tree.”

When Xiao Chen and Keke left this place, they finally ran into few of the rumored older generation experts at the surrounding of the dragon’s sacred mountain. Although they still hadn’t found the tracks of the Ancestral Dragon, they finally subdued the offspring of the Monarch Lion Dragon roaming in this area.

The golden little Dragon King was very bold and powerful, glorious light flickered all over its body, as if it was made out of gold. Just by considering the physique, it should be comparatively outstanding among the little Dragon Kings.

Xiao Chen did not show himself, he only watched from a distance. And what made him most amazed was that, A huge Monarch Lion Dragon was concealing its brass-like body in between the forest trees not far away. It was quietly watching the little Dragon King as it was taken away, it didn’t try to stop them. However, it had a hint of reluctance in its eyes, it was an expression similar to when parents were sending their child to a far away land. It appeared very humane as it was brimming with sadness.

This made Xiao Chen very shocked, the Monarch Lion Dragon was voluntarily sending the little Dragon King off. Who said their brutality won over their divinity? They were clearly very clear-headed! Perhaps, after the ghost town’s calamity, their muddle-headed brain had already sobered up.

Obviously, the dragons knew the only way to break free from the dragon island’s seal was to let the little Dragon Kings depart smoothly. They had no other choice but to borrow the human’s strength.

He had seen how the dragons prevented the practitioners from capturing the little Dragon Kings before, many practitioners were massacred mercilessly. Maybe they were just angry and unwilling at that time, they didn’t want their offsprings, especially the legendary Dragon Kings, to be ordered and enslaved by humans.

However, it seemed like they had come to a compromise now, they seemed to be aware that the little Dragon Kings would eventually leave this place and enter the immortal’s mainland which was mostly ruled by humanity. Perhaps, having a human to rely on was more dependable. In order to let the little Dragon Kings live a peaceful life in the future, these dragons who served as father or mother came to a compromise.

Another Syndicate Dragon King was subdued, there were already ten Dragon Kings on this island following the practitioners. However, there was still no traces of the legendary Ancestral Dragon.

The roar of young dragons transmitted from a distant place, Xiao Chen brought Keke along and found them by relying on the sound. They only saw a golden little Dragon King fighting with a dark brown little dragon, this was not an evenly matched battle at all, the dark brown little dragon was already riddled with scars. It already received a few life threatening attacks.

Few older generation experts calmly watched the little Dragon King’s battle, then a gray-haired old man among them said, “Let’s be on our way, this kind of battle is meaningless, the little Dragon King need a more powerful opponent.”

He waved his right hand, a wave of spiritual power cuts through the space, that dark brown little dragon was sent flying by the attack in a flash. After that, the few people brought the Gold Dragon King along and distanced themselves.

It was that dark brown little dragon again!

It was that competitive, unyielding, and proud little dragon that always issued challenge to the Dragon Kings all over the place.

Xiao Chen started to have doubts, although this little dragon looked ordinary from the outside, it really seemed to be a little special; How did it survive every time it received a fatal wound like this? Moreover, it kept challenging the Dragon Kings over and over again, it was not fearful of the pressure from the kings of dragons at all. Its characteristic was truly fitting for the king of dragons, but its inborn condition was really a little too inferior.

Just when Xiao Chen was about to make his move, he felt a baleful aura just at this time. That was a distinctive aura possessed by individuals that had slaughtered myriad of living creatures. The figure of a huge green Tyrannical Dragon flashed from the mountain woods at the opposite side. It was walking over to the heavily injured little dragon one step at a time.

Xiao Chen prevented Keke from rushing over there and continued to observe quietly in the dark. It was very obvious that the Tyrannical Dragon was concealing itself in the vicinity all along, and yet it didn’t make a move, this proved once again that the dragons had already came to a compromise. It didn’t prevent the older generation experts from taking the young Gold Dragon King away. Maybe it was like the Monarch Lion Dragon; They wanted to rely on the humans to allow the Dragon Kings to grow up safely on the immortal’s mainland.

The Tyrannical Dragon was the most powerful among the dragon species, its entire body flickered with divine radiance. It arrived in front of the weak little dragon one step at a time. Xiao Chen didn’t know what it was going to do, he held his breath and watched quietly.

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“Roar……!” A low dragon roar was transmitted, the Tyrannical Dragon hanged its head downwards, and then it actually extended its dragon tongue to lick the little dragon’s scarred body.

The Tyrannical Dragon didn’t possess any malice. On the contrary, it was a little doting, could the little dragon be his offspring? Xiao Chen’s heart was filled with doubts.

One couldn’t help but gasp in surprise, the powerful Tyrannical Dragon that could cause even the gods to shudder had saliva with healing properties. After getting licked by it, those wounds on the little dragon were all healed without exception. Moreover, there was a crystal clear radiance circulating next to the wound.

The unconscious dark brown little dragon let out a few growls involuntarily, it seemed to have felt its body condition recovering. The Tyrannical Dragon retreated one step at a time, then it left with large strides. The ground let out a “rumbling” sound with each steps it took as it left this region.

Xiao Chen was very confused with this situation, according to the little dragon’s shape, it was impossible for it to be the Tyrannical Dragon’s offspring. Could it be that the dragons had a really peaceful relations, so much so that the grown-up dragons would even take care of other dragon’s offspring?

When Xiao Chen walked in front of the stubborn little dragon, it was already awake. This time, it didn’t reject Xiao Chen anymore, it just looked at him calmly. However, it was still a little proud and aloof.

Keke seemed to find this little dragon’s situation very amusing, it temporarily shook off its disappointed mood that had prevailed for many days. It was a little funny as it tapped the little dragon’s head, it looked like it was checking for the ripeness of the melon. This made the weak little dragon very dissatisfied, it glared at the snow-white little critter angrily. However, Keke was not aware of it at all, it still continued to feel about on its head.

“Don’t try to find it anymore, it originally didn’t have any horn to begin with.”

“Squeak……!” Keke replied to Xiao Chen, and pointed at a faintly discernible speck of light.

After a careful examination, Xiao Chen was gobsmacked. A dragon horn about the size of a grain already grew on its head, but it was seriously too small, and the surrounding also didn’t have any bulge, it was very hard to imagine it was about to grow a horn.

“It is really about to grow a horn, this is really a little strange.” Xiao Chen thought out loud.

This doesn’t seem like a dragon with two horns. It only had one horn, because it was growing from the center of the little dragon’s forehead.

Xiao Chen gave the stubborn little dragon a small piece of Snow Lotus Core. He originally didn’t expect the little dragon to accept, but because he felt the Tyrannical Dragon was returning, he wanted to show that he didn’t want to harm the little dragon. Out of his expectation, the little dragon didn’t refuse it this time, it expended great deal of effort to move its body and swallowed the crystal clear Snow Lotus Core from the underbrush.

It was very obvious that this proud and aloof little dragon was not rejecting him anymore, Xiao Chen obtained Keke’s consent to set aside a Snow Lotus Core that was a little bigger for the little dragon. After that, he got up and be on his way again.

Only until he covered a huge distance did he turn around to take a look. He found that area was flickering with golden radiance, it was actually that Monarch Lion Dragon!


Half a month had passed, there was still no traces of the little Ancestral Dragon. Why was it that the most powerful existence in legend still not making an appearance on the dragon island? The older generation experts were very dejected.

The actual number of older generation experts who entered the dragon island was close to one hundred. In the end, only about twenty plus people remaining. As for the youth generation that entered the dragon island, there were a thousand plus practitioners, but only eighty plus people remaining. It could be said to be a disastrous loss.

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The youth generation that entered the dragon island could be considered unrivalled experts among their peers. Almost everyone had already stepped into the Exuvia realm. Although it appeared as if they were nothing special, since Exuvia level youth could be seen all over the dragon island, Exuvia seemed like nothing more than a few words. But one must know that these people were selected very carefully, otherwise how would there be so many Exuvia level youth gathered on this island.

Strictly speaking, the youth who entered the dragon island couldn’t be considered the strongest among their peers on the immortal’s mainland, but they were definitely the top ten among their own sect.

Every powerful forces definitely wouldn’t dispatch their number one youth expert. That was their future hope, it was impossible for them to send promising young experts like those to such a dangerous place. Of course, there were still some exception, some of the weaker forces would dispatch their most powerful youth expert, but it was just a minority in the end.

After a few months of tribulation of the dragon island, these group of young experts had experienced an unforgettable fortification. In only a short few months, almost everyone had made a breakthrough. That was their survival instinct kicking in, which forced them to train painstakingly.

If these survivors were to return to the immortal’s mainland, they would definitely become the top five among the peers in their own sect. More importantly, after these experience, they would put even more effort into their training, they would definitely make great accomplishments in the future.

These painful experience and tribulation would definitely become their most valuable assets.

Just a few more days before they depart, the eleventh Dragon King was subdued by Spell Master Schroder. This young Dragon King was actually found at the beach, it was the offspring of the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon. It had the head of the Ancestral Dragon and a draconic body with eight claws, silver light flickered all over its body. It was called the Tyrant Dragon King by everyone.

Originally Schroder wanted to call it the Silver Dragon King. After all, Tyrant Dragon King was not very elegant, but since everyone had already called it as such, he could only follow suit and called it the Tyrant Dragon King.

Xiao Chen was very surprised when he got this news, he had refined a Tyrant Dragon’s egg before, he never thought the other dragon egg would actually turn into a young Dragon King.

There was still no traces of the Ancestral Dragon until now, Xiao Chen had a bit of a guilty conscience, could the little Ancestral Dragon be among one of the dragon eggs he refined? However, he negated this kind of thoughts in the end, the probability of that happening was way too low. ⌈1

The burning sun was high up in the sky, the heatwaves mixed together with the salty smell of the sea breeze. The vast golden sandy shore connected with the ocean, it was entirely the color of gold.

After the dragon island was sealed, the originally green-colored ocean had changed into a golden ocean a few months later. The wind and waves were still present, the waves were still surging up violently as usual. However, it was deathly still, there were no fishes roaming in between, and no seabirds were gliding in the sky.

That verdant coconut grove provided a shade at the coastal area, plenty of completely ripe light brown coconut fruits were piled together. They seemed especially alluring under the green leaves.

Xiao Chen, Lawrence, Yizhen, Rowena, Yan Qing Cheng, and the others had gathered at the coconut grove. The majority of the practitioners on the island had also rushed over, because tomorrow is the day they will request the young Dragon Kings to summon the legendary divine ship.

“Xiao Chen, you really made it.” The little fatty Oxman chuckled foolishly and walked over with the Black Dragon King. He was a beastman descendant with three beast souls at the moment, even though he was only at Exuvia Fifth Celestial Layer, he couldn’t be underestimated.

Xiao Chen, Yizhen, and the others chatted with him happily. The little fatty and twenty plus of his clansmen had already drank the blood of nine Dragon Kings and completely lifted the curse. Their mood was especially great, they finally had the opportunity to escape from this island.

At last, everyone could finally relax, there was no need to struggle now, all the practitioners took a rest at the seaside coconut grove, and waiting for the day they depart from this island quietly.

Buddhist Yizhen leaned on the coconut tree’s trunk, he petted the Azure Dragon King beside him and said, “I must train harder when I get back, I must surpass the Solitary Sword Demon.”

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Rowena smiled charmingly and said, “Great master must not be too hard on yourself, since wine and meat can enter your stomach anyway, let me introduce some good sisters to you when we get back.”

Lawrence nodded seriously when he heard what was said, “That’s not a bad idea, even though brother Yizhen looked as if nothing was wrong, he must be feeling really depressed deep down. We should really help him as much as possible.”

“Hehe, Lawrence, need me to introduce one to you too? We are from the same family oh. As the elder sister, I will pick one for you carefully.”

“Forget it, I cannot accept those sisters of yours.” Lawrence shook his head repeatedly.

“Can you introduce one to me too?” The little fatty Oxman laughed foolishly, “I am not picky, just find me one that is about the same as you.”

Everyone laughed out loud at the same time.

“Why you!” Rowena punched him in the face and said, “Not picky? Just find someone about the same as I? Are you saying I am very ordinary? Very average? Then do you fancy these kind of beauty?” The extraordinarily beautiful Rowena pointed at Yan Qing Cheng at the side.

“You mean her? Forget about it. Grandma said this kind of woman is not fit to be a wife.” The little fatty said that with a straight face.

Everyone smiled ear to ear again.

And Rowena already laughed until her beautiful face turned into a mess, her sexy red lips opened slightly as she said, “If it’s her, she really is not fitting as a wife. At best, she can only be a lover, do you dare to take her?”

“How would I not dare.” The little fatty said uncaringly.

“You guys……” Yan Qing Cheng glared at Rowena and the little fatty furiously.

“It’s out of the question even if you dare, hehe……” Rowena casted a glance at the little fatty and said, “Have you never heard you can’t cheat on your brother’s wife?”

“Huh? You can cheat with your brother’s wife?” ⌈2


Since they were about to leave the dragon island, almost all of them already had a relaxed mind, the seaside was filled with many cheerful talk. ⌈3


  1. Silva: Is this a flag?
    Chanayh: We can’t verify if it is a flag or not.
    Silva: Ehhh? Why? Now I’m more curious than ever… What or who IS the Ancestral Dragon… 
  2. TLN: They had about the same pronunciation in Chinese, thus the misunderstanding. 
  3. Silva: Let’s hope nothing unexpected happens now… 
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