Chapter 72 – Sacred Mountain

The Tyrannical Dragon and Monarch Lion Dragon were very close to one another, but they actually did not start a strive. What made people even more amazed was that there was still another powerful dragon nearby. A Saber Dragon that looked like a green jade mountain was standing on an elevated position, and roaring while facing the sky.

It could extend up to forty meter long, to describe its appearance more accurately, it looked like a huge crocodile with half of its body upright. But of course, there was a really big difference, on top of its head was a really sharp jasper horn of about ten meter long. This was the divine sword that it was born with, it could even be said that nothing can bar its path. This was also the origin of its name, the Saber Dragon.

Moreover, on both sides of its body, there were rows of sharp bony outgrowth. Each and every one of them was a few meter long, it could prevent a powerful enemy from getting close. If necessary, it could even be used to clash against the enemy, it was a formidable weapon! Even though the Saber Dragon’s size fall short of the Tyrannical Dragon and Monarch Lion Dragon, with so many sharp horns all over its body, it still wouldn’t fall behind the other two if they were to fight.

These three dragons were the kings among the dragon race, and there were still a few more dragons snarling in the mountain range nearby. It indicated that they were most likely not weaker than these three dragons. Moreover, there were clearly other ancient beasts here that were capable of standing off against the fierce dragon. Xiao Chen could vaguely see a few monsters already.

“What are they doing? Why are they all gathering here……” Xiao Chen’s mind was filled with questions.

“Squeak……!” Keke jumped on top of Xiao Chen’s shoulder, and used one tiny paw to point ahead, seemingly trying to express its opinion.

Xiao Chen found that it was actually pointing at midair, he felt incomparably astonished, and asked, “Keke, why are you pointing at the sky, there are no giant birds nor Winged Dragons there?”

Keke blinked its glittering big eyes, and kept squeaking while pointing at the midair.

“Keke, what are you doing?” Xiao Chen was puzzled.

Keke felt like it wasted its energy, it angrily used its tiny paws to pull Xiao Chen’s hair, and then jumped down from his shoulder. It ran towards the direction of the three skeletons.

Xiao Chen shook his head in puzzlement, but just at this time, he suddenly found an incomparably magnificent mountain in midair. It was a breathtaking and ancient sacred mountain.

Xiao Chen was gobsmacked, how did this happen? However, when he stood straight and raised his head to watch, that huge mountain suddenly disappeared.

“The angle of view?!” Xiao Chen started to move his footstep, changing his position continuously. After a dozen of tries, he finally saw that hazy sacred mountain again.

“Strange, could there be some kind of divine formation at work? Otherwise, how could it bring about this kind of result. The same region could actually only be seen in a few spots.”

That sacred mountain left a deep impression in Xiao Chen’s heart, it was really too magnificent. Even on the one thousand five hundred meter tall Heavenly Tree’s stump, they had to raise their head to watch.

The mist was very cloudy there, not a single vegetation nor birds and beasts could be seen. One could already feel it from a distant, that place was deathly still. One could see many broken historic sites, such as the majestic castles, but due to the vicissitudes of time, some of the magnificent buildings were already collapsing.

The sacred mountain was grand and lofty, it possessed a majestic aura. From halfway up the mountain until the top were filled with the ancient ruins, it emitted an awe-inspiring and deathly still aura, making that place seems incomparably mysterious.

And those vicious dragon as well as the ancient beasts, were located at the foot of the sacred mountain.

It was very obvious, the reason they gathered here must be due to the sacred mountain.

The dense fog sealed the sacred mountain, the roar of the dragons and beasts made people feel demoralized.

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Xiao Chen kept moving around on the surface of the broken ancient tree. He only found three spots where he could see the sacred mountain within hundred meter square. This was very miraculous, according to his speculation, there must be a divine formation sealing that place.

“Keke, you seen that sacred mountain before?”

Keke shook its head, it jumped on top of Lunhui Wang’s skull with a swift sound, and once again sized up the sacred mountain curiously.

“Were those monsters always there before?” Xiao Chen asked one more time, he really wanted to know if those ancient beasts just recently got here, or were they always pacing back and forth around the sacred mountain.

Keke nodded its head, that means to say this region had always been the settlement of the ancient beasts.

“It seems like that sacred mountain did not just appear recently, those ancient beasts must have known about it a long time ago.” Xiao Chen couldn’t help but think, this is a sealed dragon island, countless years ago, those dragon race were capable of flaunting their strength before the deities! If that was the case, those ancient and mysterious castle on top of the majestic sacred mountain, if they were not built by the dragon race, then they must be the castle of the ancient deities!

And there was a Heavenly Tree in front of the sacred mountain, one couldn’t help but be lost in boundless fanciful thoughts. The dragons were sealed on this island most likely had something to do with the Heavenly Ancient Tree.

Xiao Chen’s party climbed down from the Heavenly Ancient Tree, they stealthily moved towards the direction of the sacred mountain. Naturally, they took the long way around those ancient beasts, they had no choice but to avoid those vicious dragons and beasts.

Only, after they circled around a large area, and once again got close to the sacred mountain that was concealed in the empty sky, they found that there were vicious beasts around no matter from which direction. Looking from a distant, the shadow of a huge monster could be seen swaying in the mountain woods. A cruel fiendish aura pervaded in the woods, that must be a terrifying beast that had killed myriads of living things.

Xiao Chen grudgingly become aware that they were unable to get near the sacred mountain. There were monsters roaming around in all direction. Whether Keke was really a muddle-head, or it really had nothing to fear in Heaven or Earth, it actually wanted to force its way through. If not for Xiao Chen who pulled it tenaciously, this little critter would already run over there like a wisp of smoke.

It was already nightfall, the beastly roar had become much fewer, the mountain range trembled violently, many monsters had left that place while letting out a snarl. Each and every one of them returned to their nest respectively.

The moonlight was as gentle as the water, Xiao Chen and the gang decided to make their move, they would seldomly get this kind of opportunity. He decided to get close to the sacred mountain during the night. The forest trees were very sparse in this mountain range, the area without any vegetation was stepped on by the monsters until it became as hard as the rock. Those were the path of the ancient beasts.

The imposing sacred mountain in front of them was intermittently visible. The bright moonlight lit up the area, the mountain ranges in the vicinity seemed as if they were covered by a layer of hazy veil.

“Roar……!” A loud roar suddenly resounded, it almost caused Xiao Chen to go deaf. The leaves flew about everywhere in the mountain range, the inexhaustible fiendish aura spread over a large area. That Monarch Lion Dragon was actually still here. It was facing the moon and letting out a roar while facing the direction of the sacred mountain. Almost all the faint yellow radiance from its head to toe had transformed into a dazzling golden light. An inexhaustible bloody odor pervaded the air, it was clearly the evil aura that comes together with a killing machine.

It seemed like it wanted to dash up the sacred mountain. After the series of roar, it suddenly scuttled across the ground, it truly felt as if the heaven and earth were shaking, even the mountain ranges in the vicinity were trembling. The mountain-like Monarch Lion Dragon knocked down endless amount of forest trees. It emitted a resplendent golden light, and dashed up the sacred mountain. However, the draconic roar suddenly faded away, the presence of the Monarch Lion Dragon was gone in a short while.

A fifty meter long dragon just evaporated in the thin air!

Not even a single sound could be heard, it was deathly silent!

The Monarch Lion Dragon disappeared without a trace, it was as if it had charged into an unknown world.

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