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Chapter 22 – Undead

Three animated human skeletons and five zombies were having a fierce fight in the forest. The three skeletons’ movement was extremely fast, it was as if they moved with the speed of light. They circled around the five zombies, all that could be seen were the afterimages they left behind. The white bony claws struck against their bodies from time to time, generating banging noises.

Xiao Chen was completely shocked, the scene in front of him was simply unfathomable!

Although the zombies were not as agile as the skeletons, their physical resistance was much stronger. The bony claws of the three skeletons could penetrate huge tree trunks, however they could barely inflict any damage to the zombies. Only when the attacks were aimed at their eyes, would the five zombies dodge in terror.

In this terrifying swamp, the showdown between the undead goes on……

After watching for roughly fifteen minutes, Xiao Chen realized that the three skeletons were gradually becoming disadvantaged. If it was one on one, the skeletons were stronger than the zombies, however due to their numbers, it was obvious that the three skeletons were no match against the five zombies.

As dawn approached, the undead miasma in the swamp slowly thinned out, it seemed as if it would completely fade away soon.

Xiao Chen thought for a moment before he held his breath and entered the swamp. After that, he charged towards one of the zombies like a streak of lightning. His palms emitted faint radiance as bright as a sparkling and translucent jade. He pressed his palms forward with all his might.


One of the zombies got knocked back a few steps, however it was not defeated. Xiao Chen felt as if he had struck against a divine armor, both of his palms ached dully, and yet the zombie did not suffer the slightest injury, it was indeed a powerful undead!

After getting closer, Xiao Chen was finally able to see the appearance of the zombies clearly. The five zombies were all very tall, they had sinister facial features. All of them had yellow hair and green eyes, their clothing had rotted a long time ago, giving them a frightening look.

The zombie that was attacked waved its rotten arm mechanically, then it pounced on Xiao Chen. Although its movements were rather stiff, its speed wasn’t slow. Xiao Chen aimed for the zombie’s eyes with speed as fast as fiery light, making the undead defend in terror.

Due to Xiao Chen’s participation, the pressure on the skeletons decreased greatly, they quickly gained the upper hand. The human skeleton’s physical resistances were equally strong, their bones were as tough as steel. They were not any bit inferior to the zombies, in addition to their speed, their advantage couldn’t be more obvious.

The longer Xiao Chen fought, the more anxious he became. If his skill hadn’t already advanced to the next level, he would undoubtedly be killed if he ran into these kinds of undead. Although he was wounded and could not display his peak strength, he was really shocked that the fight had not been concluded yet, even after a quarter of an hour had passed.

Finally, only after he struck the same spot on the zombie’s chest for the eighteenth time did the tall majestic undead fell into the swamp like a jade pillar ⌈1⌋, its entire body disintegrated after that.

When Xiao Chen once again grabbed the attention of another zombie, the three skeletons had already gained an overwhelming advantage. They displayed a strength that frightened even Xiao Chen, the three skeletons left behind white lights and afterimage in their trail. The six bony claws continuously hacked at the zombie’s chest and eyes, they were simply too fast. Their attacks emitted waves of horrifying air shattering noises!

“Pop!” One bony claw penetrated through a zombie’s chest.

“Snap!” Another bony claw snapped another zombie’s neck.


As a result of Xiao Chen joining the brawl, the five zombies suffered a crushing defeat. After half an hour, the fight finally came to a close. Xiao Chen took care of two zombies, and the three skeletons tore apart the other three. The scene was a bit cold-blooded and frightening, however this was simply the survival of the fittest.

The dawn was quickly approaching, the undead miasma almost completely faded away.

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The three skeletons stood in front of Xiao Chen, their jaws made clacking noises as they opened and closed it a few times. After that, they walked up to the five zombies in silence, they actually pulled out five crystals that shone with indistinct light from within the disintegrated corpses!

The five crystals were all gloomy green-colored, waves of cold aura were emitted. The eerie green radiance was somewhat frightening, especially when it was setting off from the hands of those snow white bony claws, it was even colder and more horrifying. However, the energy fluctuation that leaked out was extremely intense, they were more powerful than the dozen or so crystals that Xiao Chen had previously obtained.

Xiao Chen looked at them calmly, he never thought they would hand two of the eerie green crystals to him, and actually motioned for him to accept them! Such interesting group of skeletons! However, he waved his hands and refused their good intentions.

The radiance in the their eye sockets flashed, the skeletons silently observed Xiao Chen briefly before they reclaimed the two crystals. After that, they evenly distributed the five crystals into three portion. They stuffed each portion into their eye sockets respectively as they began to assimilate the pure energy.

The gloomy green-colored radiance resembled a thick bright fog as it enveloped the body of the three skeleton. Their joints produced cracking noises, the radiance constantly circulated around, as if it was strengthening their bones.

After the green radiance faded away, the bones of the three skeletons obviously became much more glossy, they were even emitting a faint luster!

At this time, it was already at the crack of dawn, the color of the sky gradually became brighter. Xiao Chen wanted to find out just what kind of secret was hidden in this mysterious swamp, he walked into the depths of the woodland.

At the beginning, the three skeletons followed behind Xiao Chen silently, however they suddenly grabbed his arm when he got close to the central region of the swamp. Xiao Chen was startled by the ice-cold bony claws.

The three skeletons didn’t display any signs of hostility, but they seemed somewhat anxious. Pointing at the region in front of them that was filled with extremely thick negative energy, they exerted their strength to wave their bony claws, indicating that he shouldn’t continue to go forward.

Xiao Chen could feel their horror-stricken state, it seemed that the King of Undead was ahead of them!

He did not persist and decided to turn back, however he did not leave the swamp. The sky started to brighten up, another day had arrived and he thought that this place was a pretty good defensive shelter. He decided to stay in this isolated place for the time being.

Xiao Chen believed that the ‘clues’ he had left could delay his pursuers by at least half a day, many of them might turn into the monster’s food. If his pursuers were quick enough, maybe they would be able to get to the swamp before sundown. When the time came, this location could be used to his advantage.

Early in the morning, the waves rolled gently in the sea, the surface of the water reflected the golden sun ray.

The Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon weaved around in the ocean, its humongous body brought life to giant waves. Gu Luo furrowed his brows as he looked at the terrifying ancient dragon. The ship sailed southwards from the north, thus it will show up in this region soon. If they landed on this part of the beach, they might be annihilated by the beast!

Although they had erected a giant bamboo pole on top of a tall coconut tree, with a huge blood-soaked beast pelt hanging on top of the pole, they were uncertain whether the crew would notice this eye-catching flag before it is too late.

When the sun rose high up in the sky, the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon had already swum far away from the area, as if it had somehow disappeared into the ocean. Meanwhile, two ships were sailing straight towards the island.

Author’s Note

Just a kind reminder, this book is not about the path of training, it’s regarding an ancient mythology. Just as stated in the synopsis, the veil of the ancient fairy tale world will be slowly uncovered, a vast ancient fairy tale world will be revealed later.

Meanwhile, I will also answer some question.

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Zhao Lin Er……… and the young unicorn……… to kill or not to kill.

Zhao Lin Er is indeed cunning, but the young unicorn likes a pure young lady. Pure is only in regards to one’s body.

I found this information while doing some research: A unicorn is easily enticed by a beautiful girl, therefore, only a pure young lady can catch it. The hunter would usually use a virgin to attract the unicorn. After the unicorn got close to the girl, the girl would embrace it and when the horn is near her abdomen, she would take the chance to cut the horn.

From this data, we could tell that they were referring to the pureness of the body. If it was the pureness of the heart, why would they cut the horn. Naturally, I won’t write something that evil in this book.

Why would Zhao Lin Er wants to kill the unicorn? This is something very obvious, she failed to kill the MC in the mortal world, if she let the MC recover, do you think he would let her go? As long as she is still thinking normally, she would take this chance to kill the MC while he’s still injured.

Looking from the MC’s point of view, Zhao Lin Er was indeed very hateful. But if you change your point of view, Zhao Lin Er had no other choice but to do this. She must kill the MC, it is obvious what would happen to her if she let her powerful enemy restore to his former condition while they’re still on the same island.

Another question, the MC didn’t get the young unicorn, that’s because the unicorn wasn’t a good fit for the MC. There’s an even better stuff waiting for Xiao Chen later.

The MC’s temperament, everyone had already seen it. Do you think he is weak and feeble? One could already tell from his action, he is not some spineless coward waiting to be killed. He is someone who will eliminate anything that poses any danger to him.


  1. It describe how a person was very noble but still get down on his knees. 
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