Chapter 206 – The Sudden Marriage (Part Two)

The South desolate region and Terra Empire each possessed several tens of thousands of miles of territories. In addition to two more areas as big as the Terra Empire, that was the entirety of the Southern area of the immortal’s mainland. However, compared to the heart of the mainland, that was completely negligible. The Middle Earth was vast and boundless, it was located at the very center of mother earth.

To the North of Middle Earth, that was the legendary barren land of the ancient gods. As for how far it stretches, nobody knows of it. All in all, nobody had ever made it back alive once they entered the North. ⌈1

To the West of Middle Earth, that was an endless stretch of copper mountains. Legends had it that the ancestor god Fuxi lived in seclusion there. The land was boundless and seemed to stretch on forever.

As for the East side, Middle Earth faced the boundless East Sea. According to legends, even the gods were unable to cross that water body.

The most terrifying thing was that, the aforementioned was only the known territories. And, to the Northernmost of the ancient god’s barren land, to the Westernmost of the millions of copper mountains, to the Easternmost of the boundless East Sea, and to the Southernmost of the countless uninhabited islands, just what kind of unknown world that lies beyond these parts, nobody could say for sure.

Legends had it that even the celestial deities would have a hard time entering those unknown regions.

People couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration, the world of immortals was vast and boundless. It was impossible for an ordinary man to tour the whole world for a lifetime. It was unknown just how much bigger it was compared to the mortal world.

These three days, Xiao Chen was taking advantage of the ample resources from the major clans that tried to rope him in and received information on the enemies outside of the city. The people who wanted to kill Keke was a male and female tiger-kin. They are currently waiting for a powerful figure called the Fierce Tiger, otherwise they wouldn’t even dare to appear in front of Draco.

Reportedly, they came from an exceptionally ancient clan. Their veins flow with the blood of the White Tiger. The aforementioned clan possessed great influence even in the boundless Middle Earth. Moreover, the most frightening part was that, very few knew where this extremely mysterious clan was hiding in Middle Earth.

This time, the tiger woman and tiger servant did not bring the White Tiger to the South for the warbeast competition, it just happened to coincide with the occasion. They never expected that the White Tiger would die in a place like this, how could they not be furious?

The tiger woman wanted to kill Keke. As a result, she was forced to lose face at the Amber Warbeast Castle instead. The tiger servant also wanted to make his move, but he was frightened by Draco. When they learned that the Fierce Tiger had rushed to the Terra Empire from Middle Earth, they promptly requested help.

They estimated that the Fierce Tiger should arrive within a few days.

This kind of marriage, Xiao Chen did not want it, nor must he hope for it. The were no such things as a benevolent major clans. One could take advantage of them and borrow their authority, but marriage was for a lifetime, he did not want to be a cheater in this regard.

Just that, Liu Qingfeng of the Undying Sect didn’t give him a chance to explain, and the Fair family did not believe his words. Xiao Chen also did not want to be straightforward. After all, that was his trump card, how could he reveal it so easily? ⌈2

What made Xiao Chen most helpless was that, Draco really seemed as if he was his senior and took extremely good care of him. These three days, he had treated Xiao Chen to a drink, four times. This was obviously to create a misconception for the major clans.

Xiao Chen felt that he might have guessed his intention. Thirty years ago, Draco had clashed with the noble sons of a few major clans, and nearly lost his life in the hands of an older generation expert. His actions now made it clear that he wanted to fool these major clans, and Xiao Chen was that clown.

He was in fact, a bubble with no background that was being promoted enthusiastically. The major clan’s investment here would inevitably be nothing but an empty dream. They would become a huge laughing stock.

“I am a clown!” Xiao Chen mocked himself.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. Draco arrived at Xiao Chen’s residence again and the result was obvious. Keke and Tenax were very straightforward and didn’t pay any attention to Draco.

“Hehe, I will give you guys more time. That guy known as the Fierce Tiger is very greedy. He’s currently on a treasure hunt in the Terra Empire and wants to break into the Temple of Heaven. I’m afraid that he will not be able to come here so soon.”

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In the blink of an eye, one week had passed. The news that the Fair family wanted to marry off their daughter was already a well known fact. Their goal was precisely to bring about a fait accompli.

The Undying Sect also did not take it lying down and struck back fiercely. A few major clans were also making their moves in succession. There were some that added fuel to the fire, and those who got in touch with Xiao Chen in the dark.

Recently, the Zhuge fatty and Fairsky were obviously working diligently. However, Xiao Chen had a bad premonition. This kind of conduct could easily break what little friendship they had just barely build up.

Zhuge fatty seemed to be making at least three round trips everyday, “Heh-heh, brother, do me a favor. If we can have some sort of relationship with that old man in the Southern Wasteland, becoming the master of the family is not a pipe dream anymore. How about this? Why don’t you help me invite your senior Draco? Our family lord wants to entertain him.”

Even the Reagan family was sending people to communicate with Xiao Chen unceasingly, saying that everything that happened in the past was a misunderstanding, and that they would certainly help him if the need arises. Moreover, they also tactfully asked if he wanted to take a concubine.

Xiao Chen felt that it was preposterous. Everything that happened in recent days felt like a farce, they could actually do this… they were actually capable of doing this!

If there was a powerful figure behind one’s back, they could really have avoided strife for several hundred years!

Human’s ugly nature had inadvertently been put on full display.

Half a month, it was neither a long period of time nor was it a short period of time. That time was quickly approaching. It was impossible for Xiao Chen to promise this kind of absurd marriage. He felt that it was extremely ridiculous.

However, Draco finally made his move at this time. After sealing Xiao Chen’s movements, he promised the Fair family, that he would definitely attend the wedding. Once this news spread out, a few of the major clans were shocked. For Draco to attend the wedding, does that mean they ⌈3⌋ will support the Fair family? The Southern Wasteland had remained low-profile all these years, are they finally going to make their move?

Thus, it was impossible for these major clans to sit back anymore. They wanted to build a relationship with the Southern Wasteland via Xiao Chen no matter what.

Liu Qingfeng of the Undying Sect flew into a terrible rage and made the disciples tremble with fear. However, Yan Qingcheng wouldn’t yield no matter what.

“How could Xiao Chen not be a good fit for you? Securing the position as the strongest in the South is only a matter of time, why wouldn’t you agree?”

“Master… you were not like this before…” Yan Qingcheng’s lily-white face had shed tears as she continued, “I have compromised once, and since then, I vowed that I will not compromise again, even if I end up dead! I admit that he has a bright future ahead, but there is no romantic feelings between the two of us. These kind of thing cannot be forced.”

In the backyard of the Fair family; Fairsky was heaving a sigh and said to Fairsnow, who was currently appreciating the flowers, “Sis, you don’t really need to put on a facade. Yan Qingcheng does not have the intention to fight over him with you.”

“So meaningless, I originally thought there would be a competitor.” Fairsnow revealed a cold smile. ⌈4

Fairsky said, “It was really unexpected for Xiao Chen to be against the marriage. If not because Draco bound him with absolute force, he might flat out refuse it.”

Fairsnow said with a cold voice, “If not because he has relationship with Draco, why would I even lower myself to marry him? My heart is at Middle Earth!”

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Fairsnow’s personality was icily arrogant. The difference between her ordinarily sweet-tempered nature was like that of the night and day. However, she looked more attractive than ever.

The Fair family practiced the Water-Lily Technique. Those who practiced this technique, regardless of male or female, would become incomparably beautiful. It was a magical technique with bizarre power. In a certain sense, there’s no ugly men or women in the Fair family.

The shortcoming of this martial art was that, the progress during the Exuvia realm was very slow. However, once they advanced to the Historia realm, their speed would pick up ferociously. It could be said to be a secret technique not only in name, but in reality.

Perhaps nobody knew of this, but Fairsnow had just broken through the Exuvia Ninth Celestial Layer in the recent days. She had concealed her power perfectly. Once she make a breakthrough to the Historia realm, her future accomplishments from now would be immeasurable.

There was an incomplete version of this martial art spread throughout the mortal world. The successive generations of the imperial household possessed one each. It was an internal secret that had never been spread around. It was known as the Sunflower Technique. The incomplete version was not inferior to the genuine Water-Lily Technique, so much so that their training speed in the initial stage was a little faster. However, the price of learning this technique was too high. Those who wished to learn this miraculous technique must first castrate themselves. ⌈5

Half a month passed by very quickly, today is the day of the wedding ceremony. The Fair family had send out invitation cards all over with great momentum. This marriage was comparable to a grand festival in the Celestial City. ⌈6

At this moment, an unforeseen event occurred in Xiao Chen’s residence. Draco laughed heartily and said, “Alright, let’s stop playing with those families, it’s getting boring.” ⌈7

And just at this time, Draco suddenly made his move. Not only Xiao Chen, even Tenax, Keke, and the Azure Dragon King was confined in a ball of black light. The powerful him made people unable to see his upper limits. Even Keke’s rainbow-colored radiance had been suppressed.

Draco had a one-eighty change in attitude and his eyes were ice-cold. His voice was as chilly as the winter of the twelfth lunar month as he said to Keke and Tenax, “The first lesson the old man entrusted to me is to have the both of you cut off your relationship with him ruthlessly!” He lifted his hand to unsheathe a longsword and held it against Xiao Chen’s neck. He faced Keke and Tenax before he continued, “If you wish to accomplish something, it is necessary to be heartless. Who is he? He’s just a human. He wants to become your master, he wants to enslave you for a lifetime. Kill him, and reinstate your true nature, to unleash your restraints. Otherwise, with his existence, you guys will never be able to manifest your potential to the extreme limit!”

Although Keke and Tenax were unable to budge an inch, they could still move their mouth as they let out a furious snarl. And the Azure Dragon King was also letting out a dragon roar, which shook the vast sky.

“Forget it, I am not so heartless as to let you guys kill him with your own hands.” Speaking until here, Draco’s ice-cold eyes gradually became gentler as he continued, “Be at ease, I won’t kill him personally either. I will just leave him at the Celestial City to let him destroy himself.”

Finishing all this, Draco transformed into a black mist and flew towards the sky with Keke and the two Dragon Kings bounded. Many people in the Celestial City saw the black cloud flying towards the depths of the South Wasteland.

They were separated… This day had finally arrived. Xiao Chen felt completely empty. From this point on, he had parted with the two little beasts. He also had no idea whether he would ever get a chance to see them again in this lifetime, because he could already feel it, that old man in the South Wasteland was really too unreasonable!

And just at this time, the people from the Fair family had arrived, to invite him and Draco to their mansion.

Xiao Chen stood up silently and undid the acupuncture points that were sealed by Draco. He knew that the crisis was on the verge of breaking out. Will the Fair family and the other major clans flip out at this point? In addition, did the tiger woman and servant already receive the news and are already on their way to kill him?


  1. Silva: Then how do they know for sure that Middle Earth is located at the very center if nobody knows how far North does it stretch? 
  2. Silva: What trump card?
    Fade: maybe his marriage, or revealing he was not going with Keke? 
  3. Fade: who are they, does this mean the southern group he represents?
    Silva: the “dragon” I suppose? 
  4. Silva: Okay… now she’s scaring me. 
  5. Silva: Kek so the girls cannot learn this? Or you mean they have to cut off their ovaries?
    But I doubt people of the past know of the technique to castrate girls?
    Fade: probably only for guys to castrate, to keep their silky smooth skin ….., maybe **** removal for girls? 
  6. Silva: KEK! INB4 Draco and Xiao Chen ditching the marriage 
  7. Silva: CALLED IT 

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