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Chapter 47 – Chance Upon an Irresponsible Beast

“Hehe!” On the whole journey, the little critter giggled unceasingly, it was very unusual. Its laughing sound is almost the same as an infant. The little critter was in high spirit during the whole journey, it brimmed with curiosity regarding everything. Apparently, the little critter never entered this region before. When they encountered a large monster every once in a while, the little critter was not scared in the slightest. The little critter even tried to approach them several times, but it was stopped by Xiao Chen.

They arrived at the treant’s valley again, but this time they didn’t proceed towards the valley entrance. Xiao Chen and the three skeletons climbed up the precipitous valley wall, and look towards the wide valley underneath.

The inside of the valley is emerald-green, full of vitality, and possesses a large amount of rarely seen vegetation. The fragrance of flowers are wafting in the air, the bundles of flowers are swaying with the wind, creating stunning ripple like the waves. In addition to the spellbinding waterfalls, the scenery in this valley is exceptionally stunning. Only this kind of spiritual land could produce countless of ancient trees, and gave birth to the treants.

It is really such a pity to set this place of fire, but Xiao Chen also didn’t have a better idea.

And just around this time, Xiao Chen discovered a few practitioners are roaming around the vicinity of the valley. It seems like he is not the only one observing the treants valley, the reason he came here was due to his enmity against Zhao Lin Er. However, the other practitioners came here in hope of getting close to Zhao Lin Er, seeking for her beauty and the few powerful treants behind her. This make Xiao Chen felt a little troublesome.

One can see a treant guarding the entrance, the other two fellas are walking around in the valley. A faint green radiance circulated around their huge bluish-green figures. They appeared very mystical and incomparably powerful, those practitioners who were peeping into the valley didn’t dare to rashly approach. Each and every one of them calmly wait for a chance outside of the valley.

Just when Xiao Chen was in deep thoughts, there was a movement near the entrance of the valley. The peerless Zhao Lin Er made her appearance, she calmly stood on the shoulder of one treant, and put up a banner made out of animal skin in front of the entrance.

The banner is very eye-catching, she used the blood of the beasts to write a few big letters: If you wish to form an alliance with the treants, you must bring me the head of this person to show your sincerity. ⌈1

The image of Xiao Chen is portrayed below the bloody letters, Zhao Lin Er is very skillful with her hands, the image of Xiao Chen is imitated to perfection.

Immediately, seven to eight practitioners revealed themselves, and gathered together in front of the entrance. Xiao Chen is not very far away from there, he is able to see everything clearly. It is hard for him remain calm in a situation like this, this move of Zhao Lin Er is way too brutal.

The peerless beauty of the Imperial Angel, plus the formidable strength of the treants, are indeed very enticing! Regardless of whether they are after her beauty, or want to subdue the treants, they will all gather around her. Naturally, in regards to Xiao Chen, this move might turn into his worst nightmare. His life will be put on the line!

One can easily imagine just how much power will Zhao Lin Er be able to gather. This will be the first alliance to be formed on this Dragon Island, Xiao Chen never thought Zhao Lin Er would come up with this kind of strategy. No wonder she looked like she already had victory within her grasp. No wonder she didn’t impatiently leads the treants to pursue and eliminate him immediately.

Xiao Chen could feel a great danger approaching, he lie on top of the valley wall quietly to observe the development, he did not even move an inch away from that spot.

All the practitioners around this area were alarmed, when the treants made an appearance for the first time yesterday, this area has become the focal point of many practitioners. Now, after Zhao Lin Er put up the blood-colored banner to attract people’s attention, many practitioners responded instantly.

Merely half a day later, thirteen people already joined the treant’s valley. Among them are Spell Masters, Psychics, and Martial Artists, all of them were in teams of two or three. All of them had the capability to survive by themselves, after combining their strength together, one can say they have suddenly become an incomparably powerful force!

Right now, the first alliance in the Dragon Island had just been formed in the treant’s valley. Their most important task is not to seek for the Ancestral Dragon, nor the Syndicate Dragon King, but to exterminate Xiao Chen.

An alliance formed by experts could be considered a major event. Due to that, the information spread around at high-speed. Xiao Chen’s name was exposed to numerous experts for the first time. In only half a day, his name has been spread all over the surrounding of the Dragon Island. He could already be considered a “celebrity” now.

Until the afternoon, no one else joined the treant’s valley. Most of the practitioners concealed themselves in the dark to wait and observe the development. Lasting until the dusk, two more people joined them, they were actually Yaluo De and Chaos.

The strength of the treant’s valley undoubtedly increased tremendously. Xiao Chen felt the pressure and danger became increasingly heavy.

On a mountain range far far away, the exceptionally beautiful Yan Qing Cheng saw Yaluo De and Chaos entered the treant’s valley, she started, “Yaluo De wanted to subdue the treant.”

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The golden-haired pretty boy, Lande, nodded his head and say, “He finally make his moves, but whether the natural spirit power he developed himself is sufficient or not is hard to say. Otherwise it will be as futile as drawing water with wicker basket. ⌈2⌋”

“This Xiao Chen is in for a trouble……”

“How about we make our moves and present our sincerity to them?”


Xiao Chen had already hid himself on top of the valley wall for an entire day. He watched everything that is taking place calmly, the three skeletons were also motionless, it seemed like they were refining their spiritual light. As for the snow-white little critter, it was blinking its glittering big eyes in the beginning, sizing up everything curiously. In the end, seeing that Xiao Chen and the rest remained motionless, it gradually started to lose interest. It actually curled into a ball and fell into a deep sleep beside Xiao Chen. ⌈3

After sleeping for half a day, when the afterglow dyed the horizon red on that evening, the little critter finally opened its big eyes. Rubbing its little belly that is making a grumbling sound, the little critter faced Xiao Chen and let out a few squeaks. Seeing that Xiao Chen remained motionless, the little critter resentfully groaned a few times. With the treasured tree that has lost its luster on its head, the little critter turned into a glint of white light as it entered the treant’s valley.

As if the three skeletons had just come to life, they recovered from the deathly stillness state, and exercised their joints actively.

Xiao Chen is still waiting, waiting for the late night to approach.

The moon rose to the sky, the stars emerged, the nocturnal birds hooted, and the bonfire flickered in the valley. Zhao Lin Er is together with few of the treants, the dozens of practitioners split into several groups, and encircled the bonfire to discuss a few matters.

Only until very late at night did the speck of flame extinguish. With so many practitioners gathered together, they are not afraid of anyone mounting a sneak attack on them.

Xiao Chen waited for another half an hour, he is finally about to move into action. He knew even if this valley turned into a sea of fire, it will be ineffective against most of the practitioners. It is not necessarily effective against the treants either. He decided to retreat immediately after making his moves, then seeking a hiding place to continue his training. This time can be considered some kind of warning. Even if he cannot defeat them, at the very least, he wanted to put his opponent in a difficult situation.

And just when Xiao Chen was about to make his move, the little critter finally returned. Who knows what the little critter just ate, its little belly is so plump that it can’t even walk steadily.

“Urp……” The little critter is actually burping, its mouth is actually glittering bright. There is a hint of something that resembles fairy dew hanging on its mouth, those crystal clear liquid droplet actually possessed a hint of splendid radiance.

Xiao Chen was gobsmacked, this snow-white little critter is too miraculous, could it be that it found a spiritual spring or fairy extract? The liquid hanging on its mouth is flickering with splendor, it is definitely not an ordinary item!

“What did you eat?” Xiao Chen looked at the little critter with amazement. The three skeletons also surrounded the little critter.

The little critter looked extremely satisfied, it rubbed its plump little belly, and expressed its satisfaction with a humming sound.

“Eh, where is your treasured tree?” Xiao Chen was shocked to find that the sapling is gone.

The little critter reclined on the flowers and plants comfortably, using its little paw to point at the valley. Hinting that it left the treasured tree in that place.

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Xiao Chen was completely speechless, this little critter is too thoughtless 4⌋. It completely neglected the treasured tree, discarding this kind of divine sproutling as it pleased. If the treasured tree has a soul, it will definitely complain about meeting such an irresponsible beast.


  1. Silva: Oh for the mother of lord, no!!! 
  2.  What is a wicket basket you ask? CLICK HERE! 
  3. Silva: Aw… this little critter is just too cute, it completely make me forget about Zhao Lin Er… 
  4. Although it is translated as “thoughtless”, the Chinese characters are “大條”, which literally means “poop”. XD
    Selutu: It can mean 2 things, either “consider everyone else beneath oneself”, or just doing things without thinking. In this case, I would assume the latter would be more fitting. 
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