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Chapter 91 – Engraving, Halberd, Wheel, Trigrams, Dragons

In the end, the illusion of the other divine monoliths faded away, only the real “Eternal Restrain: Lost Island” remained. It is currently subduing that “Demonic Well”.

Everyone couldn’t help but suspect whether there were other ancient monoliths similar to the eternal restrain on the dragon island out there? Other people have doubts, but Xiao Chen was sure there were other divine monoliths out there. After all, he had personally seen “Eternal Restrain: Yellow River” before.

The bottomless “Demonic Well” shook violently, it seemed to be connected to another world. It appears as if countless souls are struggling to get free. They rumbled restlessly as if they wanted to get out.

Just at this time, brilliant rays started to erupt from the real divine monolith. It suppressed the dazzling light that was about to burst out from the “Demonic Well”. The magnificent power was incomparably boundless, it spread all over the ghost town like a vast ocean.

The Demonic Well trembled unceasingly, but it never stood a chance against the divine monolith in the first place. The powerful light from the Demonic Well become dimmer over time. And finally, the light retreated back to the Demonic Well with a flash. The huge divine monolith was really bright, it trembled unceasingly, and the diagrams looked as if they had come to life at this moment.

Among the ear-splitting explosive sound, the diagrams from the divine monolith actually flew out from its surface. The dragons, deities, sea of blood, ghost town, and Pure Land interweaves together to form a light screen that covered the Demonic Well, and sealed it underneath.

On this day, the sea area around the dragon island covered the skies, the entire ocean was like a boiling water. The entire island was affected by slight earthquake. On the island, the forest trees danced hysterically, dead leaves swirled in the air, monsters rampaging everywhere, and vicious birds let out a long cry. The ghost town had it worst, a ******* light burst towards the heaven.

On the dragon island, a mountain that had remained silent for many years suddenly bubbled up with a torrent of black fog. The jet-black metal engraving from one side soared into the sky and flew towards the ghost town at high-speed. It left a behind streak of dazzling radiance in the sky.

This metal engraving was only fist sized at first, but when it arrived at the ghost town, it was already as big as a mountain. It lunged towards the divine monolith below. When the divine monolith flickered with brilliant rays, a light screen faced the sky. After the metal engraving rammed onto the light screen, a loud explosive sound was produced. The ten million tonnes of metal engraving was actually sent flying away.

Just at this time, from a mountain range that had collapsed for countless years on the dragon island, a divine halberd burst forth with dazzling radiance. It broke free from the historical remains and soared into the sky. Then it launched towards the ancient monolith in the ghost town.

But it was fended off by the divine monolith with the same method. The ten meter long divine halberd cuts across the void as it was flung towards the sky.

After that, Buddha’s Eternal Wheel on the city gate produced a loud sound similar to the yellow bell. The sound resonated across the heaven and earth. It emitted glaring rays of light and bumped into the ancient monolith at the depths of the ancient city. The ancient divine monolith shook violently, and Buddha’s Eternal Wheel was also sent flying away like a huge meteorite. It left behind a trail of light as it flew towards the distant sky.

Carrying on, another valley on dragon island burst open. A huge brass trigrams split the sky and headed towards the ghost town. It strikes the ancient monolith below with power worth tens of thousands of thunder claps. But… the terrifying power brought about by brass trigrams was unable to shake up the divine monolith. It was sent flying like the former three.

Soon after, the metal engraving, the divine halberd, the Eternal Wheel, and the brass trigrams bombarded the ancient monolith continuously. The explosive sound kept reverberating in the ears, the entire ghost town was shaking. But even so, the divine monolith was not damaged in the slightest. Soon after, two rays of light also came from where the dragons were besieging the ancient city. That came from a hundred meter long Ancestral Dragon’s Horn, it was glinting with multicolored light. The Ancestral Dragon’s Claw was as sharp as the divine blade, it was very dazzling as it tore the sky apart and attacked the divine monolith below.

Today, explosive sound kept reverberating at the ghost town that had remained silent for countless years. Even the sky was covered by the bizarre light. Although the rain of blood stopped a long time ago, it was even more terrifying now. The ancient city was pervaded by an invisible baleful aura.

Under the attack of the Ancestral Dragon’s Horn and divine tools like the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel, the ancient monolith trembled violently. And just at this time, all the dragons flew over there. All of their magic spells were aimed at the divine monolith. It was very obvious that their final goal was that Demonic Well. It seemed like that place was connected to an exotic world. Only… It was sealed by the ancient monolith, which prevented the other forces from entering.

The countless amount of skeletons outside the ghost town all looked up at the sky. At this moment, it seemed like they had been embedded with souls. As far as the eyes could see, the sea of bones was enveloped by a layer of dim bluish-green radiance. This was the light of departed spirit. They fused together to form a pressure as great as the furious ocean, and surged up violently towards the dragons in the sky.

The dragons in the sky also didn’t dare to stay idle to look at the dim bluish-green light. One after another divine rays descended, and left many huge cracks on the deathly light screen. They penetrated the light screen and smashed the endless white bones below into pieces.

It was very obvious that these skeleton army was protecting the ghost town. Waves of mournful whistle that made one’s scalp feel numb resounded from the sea of bones every now and then. The sound of ancient battlefield seemed to cut through the time-space continuum and transmitted here. Just by hearing it would cause one’s hair to stand on end. The dragons had no other choice but to spare some of their energy to observe this ancient battlefield.

With the Ancestral Dragon’s Horn, Buddha’s Eternal Wheel, and so on bombarding the divine monolith unceasingly, the ghost town was already shaken up. Xiao Chen and the rest couldn’t stay in the vicinity of the plaza anymore. That place was truly the eye of a hurricane, all the attacks were concentrated over there.

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The jet-black metal engraving, the resplendent divine halberd ⌈1⌋, and the ancient brass trigrams were clearly divine artifacts on the same level as Buddha’s Eternal Wheel. They once made an appearance in the legendary tales. There were divine artifacts of unmatched strength.

The Eternal Wheel belonged to Buddha, that was without a doubt. As for the owner of the other divine artifacts, they should be from the same era or at least on the same level. Only… it was unknown whether they were still alive or not. But one thing was certain, the Ancestral Dragon from the past generation was long dead. Otherwise the Ancestral Dragon’s Horn and Claw wouldn’t separate from its main body and showed up by itself.

“The legendary weapons, who was their previous wielder?” A lot of people had this kind of thoughts. Even though they’ve heard of a few divine artifacts, they didn’t really know as to who was their previous wielder.

The divine monolith was already nearing its limit. It seemed like it would fall at any given time. After all, it was bearing powerful attacks from all sides, and still had to seal the Demonic Well underneath, it seemed to be losing its strength to resist. However, just at this time, those fence that encompassed the plaza suddenly erupted with resplendent rays of light that seemed to harmonize with the divine monolith’s radiance. They began to work together to resist the power from the outside world.

“Could those really be tombstone of the ancients?!” Someone cried out in shock. After all, those stone tablet had too much resemblance, and it was in this ghost town and all.

It was just like the stone fence and divine monolith had become one, they formed a dazzling light screen that enveloped the entire plaza. Fortunately, Xiao Chen and the rest had already retreated from the plaza. Otherwise they would be trapped within.

The dragons and divine artifacts seemed like they didn’t want to give up the opportunity today, they kept attacking the divine monolith unceasingly. Xiao Chen and the rest were unable to stand straight at all in the vicinity of the plaza. They quickly retreated, they wanted to use this chance to escape from the ghost town. However, they were unable to find the exit. This ancient city was just like a maze, all the streets seemed so similar, they were tangled up and incomparably complicated. While on the run, they stepped into a hall unknowingly.

In front of the hall with imposing aura, there was a block of jet-black monolith. Three ancient characters were carved on the surface: Demon Execution Hall. This place gave people a distinctive pressure, those three huge characters seemed to have voiced out the purpose of this place.


A huge shadow flit by, everyone looked up in surprise. A twenty meter tall human-shaped figure stepped across at lightning speed. It disappeared in the gaps of the hall. That couldn’t be a human, he was too big, but his movement was as soundless as the wind. It was difficult to trace him.

A chilly wind brushed past. Among the ancient halls, the bloody doors swayed unceasingly while letting out a creaking sound. It was especially frightening.

Everyone did not pass through the halls, they took a detour and continue onward. However, they didn’t walk too far away from the ancient street. Another ancient and magnificent building appeared before their eyes. There was a similar black monolith standing in front of the hall. Three ancient characters were carved on the surface: Fallen Deity Hall.

This was clearly related to the Demon Extermination Hall. “Extermination” and “Fallen” explained everything.

The survivors felt a nip in the air, nobody dared to scout the area. Everyone took a detour and bypassed this place. After that they slowly forged ahead. They wanted to escape from this ancient city, the mood was very heavy. All of them didn’t know if they could leave this place alive.

The crowd gradually scattered, many people began to look for an exit by themselves. Not long later, a miserable shriek resounded. Xiao Chen and Lawrence rushed forward at high-speed, but they only saw a meat paste on the street gushing out bloody fog. There was a one meter long huge claw mark on the ground. Apparently, that person was flattened by a strange giant creature!

They cautiously probed their surroundings. Xiao Chen and Lawrence cast a glance at one another and retreated at lightning speed. They could feel a huge monster hiding in the dark. It seemed like it was about to assault them with the claws. Even though they didn’t see it clearly, that kind of feeling couldn’t be wrong.

They quickly ran away from that area. And soon after, a miserable shriek once more resounded from there. Obviously, someone rushed to the scene and met up with misfortune. The three skeletons followed closely at the side. Rowena and Yan Qing Cheng also followed closely behind. This was a really frightening ancient city, whether they could safely depart from this place was full of unknowns.

Passing through one after another streets, they saw many grand halls along the sides of the road. There were actually so many demonic shrines that were unheard of. Xiao Chen and the gang still couldn’t find the exit of the ghost town. They could feel the energy fluctuation emitted by the divine monolith at the heart of the town. But no matter how much they searched for the gate at the opposite side, they couldn’t find the real exit. The ancient streets kept diverging them from the main road, it seemed like their sense of direction had been affected by a bizarre power, they were unable to distinguish left from right.

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It sounded like the gallops of ten thousand horses, the ancient buildings in the surrounding trembled violently. Xiao Chen and the gang hastily rushed into the depths of an alley. By relying on their intuition, it seemed like a group of huge monsters were surging forward on the main street. The baleful aura swept past with a rumbling sound.


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