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Chapter 40 – No Need to Endure!

Xiao Chen knitted his eyebrows, judging from the crimson ape’s behavior, this matter will not be easy to deal with. Even this kind of monstrous beast doesn’t dare to go further than this. The mountain range is clearly not a merciful land.

“Roar……” The crimson ape let out a low growl, then it left without even turning back, heading towards the depths of the jungle.

Xiao Chen pondered for a while, then he decided to move forward. He started his journey along with the three skeletons.

After trekking through two mountain ranges, one after another deep and low beastly howls could be heard from the front. Even though the sound was not loud, it gives people an extremely dangerous oppressive feeling.

After passing through a dense shrubbery, Xiao Chen and the three skeletons headed towards the origin of those beastly howls. Along the way, the actually discovered quite a few corpses that belongs to some unfamiliar practitioners. They died in an extremely nasty state, it seems like they were ripped apart alive. It was obvious to see that they haven’t been killed too long ago. A bloody mist is still lingering in the forest, the stench of blood is extremely pungent.

The people getting on this Dragon Island is obviously growing in number. These people most likely encountered a vicious beast. But as Xiao Chen drew near to the origin of the beastly howls, his speculation from a moment ago was overthrown. Those practitioners weren’t killed by the vicious beasts!

In front of him, the atrocity is still taking place, he clearly saw the truth before him. A tall demonic figure is currently slaughtering in the forest, the moment it brandished its huge claw, bright-red blood rushed forth. It tore apart the body of a practitioner with bare hands, the liver and other internal organs spilled all over the ground. The blood splashed all over the place, the scene was extremely ruthless.

The demonic figure was tall and majestic, it was about three meter tall, it possessed a pair of wolf-like ears. Moreover, it also possessed a long and powerful tiger-like tail. It was actually someone Xiao Chen had met before — the young expert from Barbarian Tribe, Chaos.

Even though he possessed the body and appearance of a human, he looked as if he was just a human-shaped beast at the moment. He was heartless and cruel, two terrifying green lights emitted from his pair of eyes. The aura released by him was the same as that of a wild beast.


A miserable shriek transmitted here again, Chaos turned around with all his might, that long and powerful tiger tail of his was like an incomparably sharp magic sword. It emitted a terrifying and bewitching radiance, it actually snapped the body of the last practitioner beside him in half!


Chaos let out a deep and low beastly howl, the terrifying green light in his eyes gradually dimmed. The persona of a ferocious beast slowly faded away, the powerful young expert of the Barbarian Tribe, his strength was unquestionable. His atrocious personality was somewhat frightening, it was not an exaggeration to call him a human-shaped beast.

The young expert from the Jungle Tribe, Yaluo De, who was together with Chaos, was standing not far away from here. He was just watching everything unfolding before his eyes with a tranquil expression.

“Come out!” Chaos was as keen as a wild beast, his turned his head and look towards Xiao Chen’s direction in an instant.

At the same time, the vegetation behind Xiao Chen and the three skeletons danced about wildly. Many vines grew at ridiculous speed, leaving them with no path to escape. It was clearly the doings of Yaluo De who was capable of controlling the vegetation.

“Are you!” Seeing Xiao Chen revealed himself, Chaos released a dangerous beastly aura from his entire body, and asked, “You are tailing us?”

“No, please do not misunderstand.”

Yaluo De focused his gaze on the three skeletons, even though his body was very frail, his aura was not weak. He said in a heavy tone, “It’s actually undead creatures. Hey!”

The ominous glint in Chaos’ eyes flickered, he took large strides forward, and gave people a powerful oppressive feeling.

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Yaluo De didn’t lack behind, he moved towards Xiao Chen and said with a neutral voice that was filled with murderous intent, “A little bird shouldn’t flutter about in front of a dragon, otherwise they will only face self-destruction!” His body emitted a faint green radiance, the green vegetation in front of him separated automatically, creating a green tunnel for him.

Even though his body is frail, his aura at the moment is on par with Chaos. He emitted a killing intent, it goes without saying that he compared Xiao Chen to a little bird, and himself as a huge dragon. This is an arrogance founded from one’s self-confidence, and also a type of humiliation.

Xiao Chen was furious, however he only deflected their attacks and left without saying a word. He already conceded, if Yaluo De and Chaos still wanted to block him, then he will have no choice but to fight!

Bypassing the blockage of the vines, Xiao Chen and the three skeletons gradually disappeared in the woods.

Chaos looked at Xiao Chen’s figure from behind, his pair of eyes were still flickering with the beastly radiance, and said, “He is really so weak……”

Yaluo De watched the woods attentively, he laughed faintly and said, “He is suppressing his own power, just now I felt his ability cannot be regarded as too weak. However…… hmph! Anyone who entered the Dragon Island, if they are not from our alliance, then they are our competitor. I wanted to find a good reason to eliminate any unexpected elements. But he was actually able to endure silently, for the time being, we will let him off. Don’t say we didn’t give Buddhist Yizhen any face.”

“Is that so, I didn’t have that much to worry about, just let me dispose of him!” Chaos had a really sturdy body, as soon as he finished his sentence, he left behind an afterimage in the place he was just standing. His tall body soared into the sky, he grabbed the branches of the tree with his huge hands like a monkey, and disappeared from that ancient tree in the twinkling of an eye.

Xiao Chen had merely distanced himself for a few hundred meter only. Suddenly, he felt the presence of a ferocious beast closing in at lightning speed. Just when he turned his head around, he discovered the treetop of a huge tree behind him snapped off with an explosive sound. It fell down along with a tall silhouette, the moment he landed on the ground, branches below him instantly disintegrated!

Chaos was practically like a wild beast, he destroyed everything that was in his path. All the trees and branches in his way were crushed by his body that emitted yellow radiance. He threw himself at Xiao Chen like a demonic ape, he was practically a human-shaped beast!

If it was impossible to avert the situation, then the only choice was to fight to the death! This is Xiao Chen’s bottom line and principle.

He already made quite a few enemies on this Dragon Island, he wanted to avoid offending others as much as possible. However, it seems like that was just his own wishful thinking. Each and every person on the Dragon Island are fighting over the Ancestral Dragon and Syndicate Dragon King, they will mutually kill each other without question. It is impossible even if one wanted to settle the dispute peacefully!

As long as one is on the Dragon Island, it is impossible to avoid getting caught up in mass massacre.

Xiao Chen wanted to avoid offending them previously, but that doesn’t mean he is a coward. On the contrary, he is a man who can kill without blinking an eye. Since the other side is being so forceful, and passed the bottom line he set in his heart, there is no need for any more words to be said, it’s either kill or be killed!


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