Chapter 34 – Miraculous

A deafening roar transmitted from the valley over there, even though the Sacred Dragon has lost its divine ability, it is still a powerful beast even on this island. If it seriously went berserk in the mountain forest, destroying the valley was an easy feat. It is hard to imagine its situation now.

A glorious silvery light soared into the sky, the Sacred Dragon flew out of the valley, and hover above the mountain forest while bellowing in rage. It seemed to be searching for something as it kept swooping down, casting its large shadow on the surface. Using its pair of huge dragon wings like divine swords, it swept across the mountain forest. A large area of forest was destroyed in an instant, causing all kind of creatures to flee and yelp in a frenzy.

In the end, it finally arrived above the deathly swamp. The bellow of rage rang out unceasingly, its huge draconic body generated a surge of gale. The gale shook the huge trees and caused the leaves in the swamp to dance about wildly. However, it didn’t stop here for long and whizzed towards a distant place.

Xiao Chen exerted his strength to push Yanluo Wang and Qinguang Wang. However, they were still not moving an inch, the three skeletons which were playing dead on the ground seemed just like ordinary skeletal remains. Until a long time later, when this area finally reclaimed its former tranquility, did the three skeletons timidly sit up.

After stretching their joints, the three skeletons surrounded the huge tree and sat down. They raised their heads to gaze at the small sacred tree which has rooted to the huge tree. The spiritual lights in their skulls were pulsating unceasingly. In the end, the radiance emitted from the sacred tree actually flowed into their eye sockets.

There were seven colored-radiance lingering around divine sproutling. However, the three skeletons only absorbed the black radiance that was emitted by the crystal clear inky jade leaf. They are working hard to absorb the radiance circulating around the inky jade leaf.

That was indeed a sacred tree!

Xiao Chen was secretly surprised, he also started to operate his secret technique to try to absorb the dazzling radiance.

For a moment, the colorful radiance illuminated brilliantly, the glaring fog became denser, lighting up the gloomy swamp. Above the two jade leaves, the milky-white light beam and black light combined together, and entered every part of Xiao Chen’s body like a water ripple. Two portion of gentle divine mist surrounded him, he felt comfortably warm from head to toe. His entire body felt incomparably relaxed, it felt as if his inner organs, flesh, and bones were going through a divine baptism. The purest of energy slowly circulated around his entire body.

Xiao Chen and the three skeletons immersed themselves in some kind of fantastic and mysterious boundary. They slowly and effectively drew the pure energy. It lasted until the radiance slowly dimmed, only after the water-like light wave gradually diminished did each of them wake up respectively.

The multicolored light was still revolving around the sapling. However, the giant tree that it take root on was already dead!

The giant tree requires at least five to six people to wrap their arms around it. Its originally upright tree trunk actually lost all of its vitality, small cracks appeared all over the trunk. Its emerald green leaves also wilted, the yellow leaves were fluttering about as they were carried by the wind. In merely a moment, the originally vigorous ancient tree actually dried up completely!

Xiao Chen was gobsmacked, the three skeletons remained calm. Seems like they already knew this was going to happen, they easily plucked the sapling from the dried up giant tree, and then attached the sapling to the giant tree beside it. The glorious radiance go round and round.

One need not to think much to come to a conclusion, the tremendous energy from the sapling was actually absorbed from the ancient tree. Xiao Chen and the three skeletons just indirectly absorbed the ancient tree’s essence.

Such a miraculous and scary sapling!

The three skeletons seemed like they still wanted to continue absorbing the black radiance from the inky jade leaf. Xiao Chen stopped them, he is now preparing to bring the three skeletons to carry out an operation. They cannot waste too much time regarding the affairs with Gu Luo and Zhao Lin Er, they must settle it as soon as possible.

Hiding the sapling in a dark place within the swamp, Xiao Chen set off with the three skeletons.

The cries of the apes resounded in the dense forest, ferocious beasts could be seen everywhere. This terrifying island was thoroughly filled with dangers. In accordance with the direction he surmised, Xiao Chen and the gang proceeded.

However, even after half a day later, they still didn’t find a single clue.

In the afternoon, after they pass through a mountain range, the rumbling sound of water could be heard ahead of them. A big waterfall that resembled the milky way plunged down the mountain. A large amount of white water screen was hanging down, it generated an ear-splitting noise. Halfway up the mountain, a thick layer of mist pervaded the air. It was an extremely spectacular sight.

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People couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration, many landscapes on the sealed Dragon Island were exceptionally beautiful!

When they approached the waterfall, Xiao Chen saw two familiar figures.

The exceptionally charming Yan Qing Cheng was standing in front of the majestic waterfall. She was lightly dressed in amethyst clothes, it was indescribably stylish and elegant. It was as if her exceptionally beautiful figure came directly from a fantasy dream. And that Divine Spell Master, Lande, with a head full of glorious blonde hair, the whole person looked like a dazzling sun.

This could not be left unsaid, these two people’s appearance were exceptional, their features were unworldly. They seemed to be a perfect pair.

The drizzle of water mist flowed down slowly. Xiao Chen halted his footsteps, the three skeletons were hiding in the woods behind him. Apparently, they could detect dangers ahead.

Evidently, Yan Qing Cheng who was standing on top of the precipice had noticed Xiao Chen already. She appeared exceedingly elegant under the flowing mist. However, as soon as she glimpsed at Xiao Chen, her face immediately distorted. She didn’t do it deliberately, this was a reaction directly from her heart. In front of this waterfall with no strangers on the scene, she need not hide her innermost impressions.

“Everyone ought to know their own place, only by staying within one’s bounds would one be able to survive. The Ancestral Dragon and Syndicate Dragon are not something everyone is capable to fight over!” The tone of Yan Qing Cheng’s voice was very beautiful. However, her voice was very cold.

Being despised by a world-class beauty, even Xiao Chen was not able to maintain his calm mood. The words from the opposing side contained a hint of killing intent. It made him felt humiliated, if possible, he really wanted to push forward with his sword!

However, he was not an impertinent man, nor was he a hot-headed youngster. In the real world, even if you could not tolerate it anymore, you still had to endure! It is not the time to let emotions affect one’s decisions now. Since coming to the world of immortals, he shouldn’t be making one enemy after another. The most important thing was that he didn’t have the ability to fight two experts at once.

“I am not interested in the Ancestral Dragon nor the Syndicate Dragon, I am merely taking a look around the island. If there is a ship departing from this island, I will leave accordingly.”


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