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Chapter 170 – To Advance Courageously!

Li Daoyuan seemed to have really become a corpse, completely driven by fighting instinct. All of his other awareness had disappeared. Unwilling to let go of Xiao Chen, he rushed over for the kill.

Nine lightnings as thick as a bowl cup submerged the two of them, making the both of them bear it together.

At the same time, the eight major divinized acupoints in Xiao Chen’s body seemed to burst out with incomparably dazzling rays of light. The inexhaustible energy of life rushed forth and enveloped his body in a flash.

“God Slayer!”

“Chaotic Patterns!”

Holding the broken sword in his right hand, Xiao Chen integrated the two major techniques into the sword skill and slashed violently. His pupils were incomparably cold. He resisted the nine terrifying lightnings with his powerful body and the tremendous life energy. Then he got not more than thirty feet away from the Spell Master Liu Ziliang.

The ice-cold sword ruthlessly streaked across the sky. The blood burst forth, an arm soared up, and the sky was dyed by the color of blood.


Liu Ziliang fell back at lightning speed. He was holding his broken arm and let out a groan in pain. The blood gushed out non-stop and the pain made his expression distort.

Xiao Chen was totally putting his life on the line. He directly crossed over the blockade of the nine lightnings and broke through to arrive in front of Liu Ziliang. Although the corner of his mouth was spilling blood, he was able to inflict heavy damage Liu Ziliang in the shortest possible time.

Xiao Chen knew someone was hiding in the dark since the beginning. He didn’t want to face two experts at the same time. Doing that was really too dangerous. Therefore, even if he had to risk it, he must dispose of one person first. Although Liu Ziliang was not killed, his fighting strength had already declined by one level.

The Infernal Corpse of Li Daoyuan also crossed over the blockade of nine lightnings as thick as a bowl cup. He wasn’t able to tell if Li Daoyuan suffered any injuries, but at least his movements didn’t slow down as he threw himself at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was using the Dragging Sword Technique. He lifted his hand towards the back as he turned around. The sword-qi was like a star streaking past mother earth as it transformed into a glaring divine light that diagonally slashed towards Li Daoyuan’s neck.

Li Daoyuan was completely driven by battle instinct. His keen intuition detected this sword’s power and shifted twenty feet to the side, just barely avoiding the tip of the sword. After that, he pounced from the side.

After Xiao Chen crossed over the lightning, his Undying Divine Wings were already at the peak state. His speed transcended the Spell Masters and Psychics. He dodged Li Daoyuan’s attack again as he went after the heavily injured Liu Ziliang.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

One afterimage after another appeared in the sky. Liu Ziliang endured the pain and kept changing his position to dodge. He wanted to draw closer to Li Daoyuan. After unexpectedly suffering a heavy injury, he was only able to exhibit seventy percent of his strength. He didn’t dare to face Xiao Chen anymore.

However, it was impossible for Xiao Chen to give him this chance!

His speed was faster than Liu Ziliang and Li Daoyuan. Disregarding Li Daoyuan’s pursue and attack from behind, Xiao Chen chased to kill Liu Ziliang like a death god.

Liu Ziliang was an absolute expert among the experts. Hardly anyone could reach his level among his peers. However, tonight was very unfortunate for him. He got careless because he totally never expected that Xiao Chen would actually take the risk to bore through nine lightnings that were as thick as the a bowl cup and gave him a fatal strike.

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From his perspective, Xiao Chen was completely putting his life on the line. He was a gambler. This kind of heavy injury made Liu Ziliang very sullen. He didn’t even get the chance to reveal his true strength!

However, what Liu Ziliang didn’t know was that Xiao Chen was not betting with his life. That was because Xiao Chen absolutely had that kind of capital. The vigorous vitality allowed him to keep the injuries at the minimum, and moreover, recover at an astonishing rate. Although he was coughing out blood, it didn’t have much influence on Xiao Chen’s strength. The eight major acupoints circulated with resplendent life essence simultaneously and healed his wounds very quickly.

This was a very shocking scene, Li Daoyuan was pursuing and attack Xiao Chen from afar, Xiao Chen was chasing to kill Liu Ziliang. It seemed like they were each mind their own businesses and were completely neglecting the others.

“Die!” Xiao Chen shouted loudly, “Demon Suppression” integrated with the sword technique and directly shattered the light screen formed by the magic spell. A wisp of black light brushed past Liu Ziliang’s neck. His long hair fluttered along with the wind as a big chunk of it was cut off. A shallow cut appeared on his neck. He was nearly beheaded.


It was another loud shout. The jet-black broken sword swept across the sky. The sword-qi was like a beam of light.

The brilliance was very dazzling. Liu Ziliang chanted an incantation inwardly. Rays of light fell down from all directions to resist Xiao Chen’s violent attack.

However, the broken sword was unstoppable. The inexhaustible light screen was split open as easily as splitting a rotten object. A passage was directly opened up. Xiao Chen rushed into the light screen in the blink of an eye and attempted to behead Liu Ziliang.

Liu Ziliang was so frightened that his soul literally jumped out of his body. He was unable to muster any strength. After losing one arm, the sharp pain made it hard for him to concentrate. His strength was far inferior than before and was simply unable to withstand Xiao Chen.

The fight among experts was a fight to strive for a decisive opportunity. Liu Ziliang’s strength declined greatly and lost the decisive opportunity, how could he ever hope to stand up to Xiao Chen now?

“God Slayer!”

“Demon Suppression!”

“Chaotic Patterns!”

Xiao Chen shouted loudly. Three out of four of the major techniques assimilated with the sword skill simultaneously. The broken sword was as terrifying as the scythe of the Grim Reaper right now. The jet-black rays of light seemed to rip apart the sky.

The deadly blade was brandished mercilessly.

The barrier fell apart completely. Liu Ziliang was in despair. His speed was inferior to the other party, his strength at the moment was also not as good. It was extremely difficult to fend off this strike from Xiao Chen!


The blood splashed everywhere. Xiao Chen directly chopped Liu Ziliang in half at the waist.

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“Impossible!” Liu Ziliang let out the final shriek of despair. He came to kill Xiao Chen, how could he die like this? He didn’t dare believe the fact before his eyes. In a situation where two great experts were making their move at the same time, the other party actually concentrated on dealing with him like this and killed him on the spot!

While wearing an expression of unwillingness, the glint in Liu Ziliang’s eyes gradually became dimmer.


The blood splashed all over again. Xiao Chen brandished the sword vertically downward and divided that two parts into four!

Stopping at high altitude, he turned his body around to gaze coldly at Li Daoyuan, who was chasing after him. Xiao Chen raised his longsword towards the sky and confronted him again.

After killing an opponent, his move became bolder than ever. Xiao Chen faced the Infernal Corpse with a vertical slash from the jet-black broken sword. The sword-qi soared up. One sword-qi after another already formed into an energy wave and erupted unceasingly.

“God Slayer!”

“Demon Suppression!”

“Death Blow!”

Three major techniques fused as one. Xiao Chen concentrated that kind of destructive power into the jet-black broken sword and pressed forward courageously.

I am unparalleled!

Leaving no way to retreat, completely sealing his own way fall back, this strike must settle it, it must produce an outcome!

It was a life and death battle of a fierce man!

Not only was he fierce to his opponent, he was also fierce to himself. He was forcing himself to produce the greatest power in the most desperate situation.

One slash sealed all ten directions!

Li Daoyuan was unable to dodge. His ghost-like figure in the black fog continuously made inconceivable movements. His body seemed to have deformed. His adamantium-like palm sandwiched the broken sword from an extremely tricky angle.

But the power from the fusion of the three major techniques was unstoppable! With the addition of Xiao Chen’s fourth technique, Chaotic Patterns, even something as strong as the Infernal Corpse was unable to bear it.

The palms were unable to sandwich the broken sword. The jet-black sword-qi broke into the black fog. With a “clink”, the sword chopped diagonally on Li Daoyuan’s left shoulder.

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The edge of the sword violently cut the flesh, and yet it was unable to chop off his arm. The broken sword was stuck inside. This made Xiao Chen very shocked. Just what kind of state was Li Daoyuan’s body in? He was actually unable to chop him in half even after fusing a few major techniques. His body was really too powerful.

God Slayer, Demon Suppression… the steady flow of power was surging forward like the torrential river. The broken sword pressed down like a mountain that weighed over thousand tons. It was continuously increasing in power. Xiao Chen wanted to chop off one of his opponent’s arm no matter what.


The Infernal Corpse let out a voice for the first time. It faced upwards and let out a loud roar that shook the vast sky. The messy hair fluttered and the bloody glint in the eyes became even colder. He spared no effort to twist his body to shake Xiao Chen off.

That arm of Li Daoyuan was not cut off. Although Xiao Chen left behind a terrifying wound, it wasn’t bleeding at all. His body had completely corpsified, the blood was already flowing no longer.

Taking a step in the empty sky, as if he was really stamping on the ground, the sky actually shook with Xiao Chen’s steps. That was the outburst of the worldly energy. Xiao Chen’s bearing was getting more and more magnificent.

After that, in that very instant, sword-qi soared up. Xiao Chen brandished the sword in succession and slashed Li Daoyuan with eighteen sword strikes. Eighteen resplendent rays of light streaked across the vast sky like meteor shower.

The people gazing at the starry sky in Celestial City was very surprised. The rays of light from these shooting stars were too gorgeous! They actually illuminated one side of the sky.

“Clang! Clang! Clang…!”

The sonorous metallic sound lingered on. Li Daoyuan’s arms and Xiao Chen’s broken sword clashed unceasingly. He continuously neutralized eleven strikes, but that unmatched sword-qi gradually suppressed him.

The remaining seven hits struck him like the lightning, they were unstoppable!


The continuous strikes hit the target, seven sword strikes chopped Li Daoyuan’s body. However, they did not hit the same position as Li Daoyuan successfully scattered the attacks.

One after another, terrifying wounds appeared all over the demonic corpse. The last two strikes actually caused it to bleed. That revealed the Infernal Corpse was about to wear off and crumble. Li Daoyuan was about to resume his original corporeal body.

Xiao Chen prepared to make his move again, but just at this time, someone stepped on rainbow-colored magic cloud and soared into the sky. That person held on to Li Daoyuan, who was already unable to prop himself up.

“Wuxing Feng!” Xiao Chen’s eyes emitted two glints. He raised his longsword towards the sky and stared at his former powerful opponent. After that, he took large strides forward and advanced in the empty sky.

“Xiao Chen, must you kill to the last one?” Wuxing Feng’s expression was very cold as he continued, “I really want to make my move, but you are wounded. Defeating you like this is very dull.”

Xiao Chen didn’t say much. He knew Wuxing Feng was not arrogant. The other party really had the power to back him up. Although he defeated Wuxing Feng once, the other person involved also made a progress. To fight until last man standing, he might need to go through a very painful battle. Xiao Chen would never forget the fierce battle from last time.

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It was impossible to shrink back!

Xiao Chen lifted the sword and brandished it. God Slayer directly aimed for Wuxing Feng’s chest.

Wuxing Feng’s eyes sparked with electricity as he executed the Fist of Earth. The drizzling yellow rays of light was surging up like inexhaustible dust as it swept toward Xiao Chen.


The sword and fist collided as an ear-splitting noise was produced. It was as if the heavenly thunder was ripping the sky apart.

There were countless afterimages and colorful rays of light. When Xiao Chen was fighting with Wuxing Feng, inexhaustible energy storm rumbled in the sky.

The sword light amassed and seemed to have formed a continuous mountain of swords. The sword-qi filled the entire sky.

Wuxing Feng’s Quinctus Techniques were even more powerful. One punch contained one of the five major element; iron, wood, water, fire, and earth. It was the most ancient profound ability. Its brilliance was brought out by this genius of the Terra Empire, Wuxing Feng.

The glorious past of the Quinctus Techniques will be recreated!

Turning upside down, Xiao Chen swung his leg and swept his right leg across to clash with Wuxing Feng’s Fist of Fire. The rumbling sky seemed to be ignited by endless conflagration. The entire sky was burning with raging flame.

There’s not much to choose from between the two of them. They were still formidable opponents, it was impossible to decide victory or defeat in a short time.

Wuxing Feng had already pushed away Li Daoyuan, who regained his consciousness, and fought with Xiao Chen with everything he got.

Xiao Chen had already put away the broken sword. He planned to face Wuxing Feng’s Quinctus Techniques with his fists!

Two great experts were having an intense battle in the sky. In the blink of an eye, hundred moves were executed. However, they were still unable to decide win or loss. The energy waves rolled over and over violently.

Finally, Wuxing Feng shouted loudly, “Kill!”

Five continuous punches, with the next punch slower than the former, but the power of each punch increased. The punches pressed forward like a huge mountain. This was the Quinctus Techniques he comprehended recently. There were too many secrets in this ancient art waiting for the later generations to comprehend.

Xiao Chen spared no effort and also launched five punches. Demonic Seal, God Slayer, Chaotic Patterns, Demon Suppression, Death Blow, five divine radiance illuminated the horizon. The sudden clap of thunder burst in the sky. The lightning flashed and burst forth with terrifying light of death.

This was bound to be a chaotic night.

After five punches, the two of them coughed out a few mouthful of blood. Then, the both of them fell back, no longer making a move. After standing at opposite side for fifteen minutes, Wuxing Feng left without turning his head back. Xiao Chen didn’t pursue and attack. He just silently adjusted his breathing for half an hour, then he flew towards a different direction.

The second target, Windfeathers!

Flying at extreme speed, he flew past the brightly lit buildings at low altitude. Xiao Chen appeared in the middle of a castle. That was actually the “Moonflower Castle”. Windfeathers was meditating in the castle-like brothel.

This was bound to be a sleepless night. If people knew Xiao Chen was consecutively engaging in a life and death battle tonight, it would inevitably cause a huge wave.

A crazy man doing a crazy thing!


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