Chapter 154 – Body Refinement

The outstanding Wuxing Feng of the North was defeated!

A young expert with epic sagas was actually defeated by an unknown youngster in the south. This outcome was really too unexpected. Perhaps a lot of people would find it hard to accept if this was to spread out.

Xiao Chen calmly stood in the sky. After adjusting his breathing for a while, he wiped the blood that was at the corner of his mouth. Then he unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and left at high speed.

Including that old man who could fly, nobody chased after him. This implied that the unwritten rule of the immortal’s mainland had great influence. The average older generation experts didn’t dare to randomly make their move against the youth generation.

However, if he dared to attack Prince Li in the future, then those older generation experts would certainly kill him without batting an eye. Only… he didn’t know if that older generation expert was a Psychic or a Spell Master. If he was a Martial Artist, then it was really too terrifying. After all, he had previously displayed the ability to defy gravity.

Xiao Chen had left. Aeon had a really ugly expression. This was really way out of his expectation. How could Wuxing Feng lose? Why did he lose? It was unimaginable. Wuxing Feng was almost unparalleled among his peers in the North. Except for one or two persons, he was practically invincible.

A youth with long black hair and ice-cold expression silently walked out from an attic. He arrived beside Aeon and said, “Ten days later, I will challenge Xiao Chen.”

When Aeon turned his head and noticed that it was ‘him’, he shook his head and said, “No! Wuxing Feng already lost, you cannot make your move as you wish anymore. After all, Windfeathers, Zhao Chongyang, and the Solitary Sword Demon of the South haven’t make their move yet.”

On the other side, the elites had complicated feelings. This battle had too great an impact on them. The fall of Wuxing Feng brought about Xiao Chen’s glory. A south desolate region expert would suddenly emerge from this.

There was no hero that could remain undefeated, the undefeatable saga of the north was smashed at this point. Xiao Chen’s name would thereby spread all over the world. Perhaps there was a need to rerank the top three of the south.

Fairsnow, Katalina, and the other beauties were slightly disappointed. The former genius of the north fell right before their eyes. Like a cloud dispersed by the wind, their dreams had been shattered. That’s how it should be, there was no such thing as an undefeatable hero……

Yan Qingcheng was feeling the most complicated. She really hoped that Xiao Chen would lose, but she didn’t want him to sustain a serious injury. She hoped that she could borrow Wuxing Feng’s strength to vent her resentment. However, she found that during the course of the fierce battle, her mood was fluctuating violently. It was very hard to understand it clearly.

After unfolding the Undying Divine Wings, he covered several dozen meters in a flash. Xiao Chen returned to his room in the shortest time possible. He grabbed Keke who was snoring like a pig, then he called Tenax and the three skeletons over, requesting them to stand guard outside the door. After that, he began to execute the secret art to heal himself.

Although he defeated the opponent, he was still injured by that crazy Wuxing Feng. Moreover, the condition of the injuries was very grave.

The eleven energy waves formed from the fusion of the Fist of Water and the Fist of Fire were extremely powerful. Even if Xiao Chen had advanced to the Ninth Celestial Layer, it was not easy to fend it off. In the course of the battle, he had continuously spat out seven to eight mouthfuls of blood.

His body burst with a splendid radiance. His skin was flickering with a brilliant lustre. The flow of energy looked as if it had materialized and wrapped his body within. The worldly essence came together from all directions and rushed towards Xiao Chen’s body. He was restoring his body with the essence of the sun, the moon, and the plants.

It was possible to see it with naked eyes; specks of green light were drifting around the flowers and plants in the garden, even the trees on both sides of the nearby street were affected. This was a crazy plundering, Xiao Chen’s body was like a magnet depriving everything in the surroundings of their life essence.

It lasted until two hours later, his body was pulsing with searing divine flames. The raging inferno ignited with a glorious radiance. Only now did the condition of his injuries stabilize.

The injuries he received this time were very grave. If not because he had once absorbed the essence of a few dragon eggs, which made his vitality far more vigorous compared to ordinary people, he might have been in big trouble this time around. Even his power might be affected and would require a long time to recuperate.

The divinized acupoints seemed to possess infinite vitality and stabilized his wounds in a short time. Xiao Chen let out a long breath as he pushed the door open.

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He must recover as quickly as possible. Otherwise who knew what would happen in this Celestial City.

Xiao Chen grabbed Keke and soared into the sky. He unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and flew outside of the Celestial City.

The boundless south desolate region; no signs of human habitation could be seen for thousands of miles away. The entire region was covered by barren hills. The Celestial City was like a resplendent pearl located in the middle of nowhere. It was surrounded by an endless sea of trees.

Outside of the city was an unending mountain wood. Xiao Chen found a mountain with a flat top and landed there.

A waterfall let out a deafening sound from the imposing mountain top ahead, plunging three thousand feet down from the precipice to the foot of the mountain.

On the other three directions, the green mountain-like valley was exuberant, the roar of the wild beasts lingered on, and the figure of the monsters could be seen from time to time.

Xiao Chen had a really serious expression as he told Keke, “I want to train here. Don’t let any beasts approach me. You must secure my safety.”

The snow-white little critter blinked its eyes without a care in the world. After that, it nodded its head in affirmation. Its snow-white body left a few afterimages on the flat mountain top as it was sizing up the surroundings.

Xiao Chen relaxed his body. His mind submerged into an ethereal state and he became illusory very quickly. It was if he had blended into the nature and became a part of this mountain.

The snow-white little Keke curiously blinked its glittering big eyes as it looked at the flowers, grasses, and trees unceasingly trembling all around it. Large quantities of plant essence emerged and one green radiance after another lingered on the mountain top.

The exuberant forest was filled with plants everywhere. It was brimming with boundless plant essence. One after another, tiny green specks were drawn into Xiao Chen’s body. The vigorous life force circulated in his body, delivering endless amounts of life energy to his flesh, inner organs, and bones.

With the elapse of time, the green life energy from all directions could be seen clearly with naked eyes. A dense green mist lingered on Xiao Chen’s surroundings.

Two days had passed. Xiao Chen’s injuries were fully recovered and his body was surging with energy, but he still continued to train.

Night-time, the moonlight was hazy. The bright moonlight spilled down. Although the roar of the beasts kept resounding from a distant place, Xiao Chen was still as motionless as the boulder. At this moment, his mind was in peace. The four major techniques, God Slayer, Chaotic Patterns, Demon Suppression, and Death Blow left a mark in his sea of consciousness. It made his comprehension of the four major techniques even more profound than ever.

The Imprint of Dao, hard to carve and polish, impossible to grasp, but one could slowly approach it with an ethereal frame of mind.

This was one kind of comprehension, one kind of experience. Xiao Chen felt that his mental state was rising to a higher level. His body was not moving, yet his mind was moving. It seemed as if the entire world had become brighter.

Every kind of feeling came thick and fast.

Among the bright stars in the sky, a meteor streaked past. It was only for a moment, but it was gorgeous. Xiao Chen’s mind was stirred up accordingly. Life was like a dream, just like the shooting star. The ordinary lifespan was only of a hundred years, it came and went so fast. Compared to the universe, it was really too short.

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The transformations of the world passed by quickly throughout the time. Who would still remember that short duration of life? Compared to the everlasting world, that period of life experiences was really too insignificant.

However, it was short yet beautiful. Life was just like a shooting star, it was also possible to shine brightly and advance towards a single direction for all eternity.

Life could also be everlasting!

One must go down the correct path and rouse up to the light of immortality!

Xiao Chen had grasped an Imprint of Dao, he had found the path that he should take and cut open the layers upon layers of dense fog. His mental state had rose yet another flight of steps.

Time passed by quickly. Seven days passed by in the blink of an eye.

The moonlight was like the water. Under the same starry sky, Xiao Chen’s mental state was not at all the same.

These past seven days, he couldn’t feel the elapse of time. He seemed to have blended into the nature. His body and mind had become one with this flat mountain top. He was connected to this primitive mountain range and became a part of the world.

It seemed as if he could hear the sound of the trees and flowers, as if he could understand the inner voice of the birds and beasts, as if he could feel the pulse of the mother earth. It was as if he had really become one with this thriving world. As if he had already become a leaf, a flower, a tree, or a mountain. It seemed as if he had been sitting there since the ancient times.

The breeze brushed past lightly, every kind of flower fragrance slowly spread out in the forest. Xiao Chen was having the dreams of a butterfly ⌈1⌋. He didn’t know if he had become a part the mountain range, or if the mountain range had become a part of him.

The gentle moonlight was like the water ripple, it made this forest seem as if it had been covered by a layer of indistinct silk. Xiao Chen stood on the summit and looked up at the unlimited starry sky. He seemed to have passed through the bounds of space and had entered that unlimited starry sky.

The radiance of the morning sun broke the darkness.

Rays of golden light spilled on the primitive mountain woods. The unlimited vitality spread out like a ripple. The cries of the apes and the roars of the tigers, the chirps of the birds and the screeches of the insects, the lively world revealed itself before Xiao Chen’s eyes. He had already awakened.

He faced upwards and let out a long howl. Xiao Chen’s body was like a vast body of water, the vital energy gathered from all directions like rivers running into the sea. The essence of the sun, the moon, and the plants all gathered together. One after another faintly discernible sacred radiances were circulating within Xiao Chen’s body. They were replenishing his physical body like a sweet dew, making his inner organs, bones, and flesh to overflow with a layer of splendor.

Since his mental state had already been upgraded, he was tempering his corporeal body!

Endless amounts of worldly essence flowed into his flesh over and over again like a river. In the end, as more worldly essence gathered, the river gradually solidified and became sharp blades as they streaked across his flesh. ⌈2

Sharp pain!


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It was as if there were countless swords passing through Xiao Chen’s flesh and bones unceasingly. His body was tempered over and over, as if his human flesh was being forged into an everlasting body.

Another seven days had passed. The spiritual energy dispersed to all directions.

Like the cloud dispersed by the wind, it was as if nothing had happened at all.

“Let’s go, it’s about time we return to the Celestial City. You gluttonous little thing, you didn’t protect me and actually went to search for spiritual items.” Xiao Chen carried Keke in his arms, and Keke was carrying a pile of reishi mushrooms and old mountain ginsengs in its arms.

“Squeak! Squeak!!” The snow-white little critter protested.

“After the battle, I have been missing for more than ten days. I’m sure something interesting should have happened in the Celestial City.” Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and flew towards the Celestial City.


  1. Silva: Some kind of idiom, not sure what it means but this is what Baidu says:
    The people of the warring states would dream about themselves turning into a butterfly.
    I think it’s a figure of speech to say that they felt more happy in their dreams compared to reality?
    Chanayh: Someone turned into a butterfly in his dream, or a butterfly turns into him in its dream. It means people can’t distinguish the real and the virtual. 
  2. Silva: OUCH! Sounds so painful… 

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