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Chapter 17 – Transformation of the Acupoint

It was a really rare occurrence for the vicious beasts to slaughter one another, the law of the jungle was really harsh!

Only because this was within the Tyrannical Dragon’s territory, the amount of the vicious beasts were little. At the same time, there was also no King of the Beasts type of powerful monsters. Otherwise, the war between the vicious beasts would be even more devastating and cruel.

The entire area was drenched in blood, the carcasses of the beasts before Xiao Chen’s eyes was a horrible sight to see. Apparently, they were fighting for an ancient cave. Most of the vicious beasts died in front of the cave entrance. It seemed like this ancient cave was originally sealed off. The huge boulder that blocked off the cave entrance was gradually breaking apart over many years. Today, the cave finally see the light again and invited the slaughter of the vicious beasts.

The ultimate winner was a Divine Wolf! Its blue-colored fur was shining like a gem, the fur was overflowing with a bizarre energy. It was as if the wolf was sculpted out of a divine blue rock. Its length could stretch up to three meters or more, and its height was around 1.6 to 1.7 meters. It was rather “small” when compared to the other vicious beasts. However, its intimidating aura and bloodthirsty killing intent generated fear in the heart of others.

The most mystical part was its pair of blue wings. That pair of wolf wings extended up to five or six meters long. The blue radiance circulating around the wings was even more concentrated compared to the other parts of its body. Other than that, this wolf actually possessed three eyes. The third eye was aligned vertically between the other two and it was as bright as a sapphire. However, it emitted a demonic aura, just looking at it gave people an extremely ominous feeling.

To be able to survive the massacre between so many vicious beasts proved just how fierce and formidable this divine wolf was.

It pushed the boulder that was blocking the cave entrance aside, but just when it was about to enter the cave, it noticed something in that moment. It looked towards the direction where Xiao Chen was hiding. Its pair of fierce eyes were flickering with bloody light, and the vertical eye on its forehead was pulsing with a bluish aura. Soon after, a fiendish aura spread everywhere and filled the air!

Xiao Chen was in a dangerous situation, but when the divine wolf turned its head around, Xiao Chen noticed a terrible wound on the side of its neck. It was clearly wounded heavily in the course of the fight. The wound stretched all the way from the side of the neck down to its abdomen. Apparently, one of its blue wing was almost ripped apart, it was drooping low on the ground. The eerie white bones around its chest and abdomen had been exposed. The ground was soaked by its bizarre blue-colored blood.


Driven by its bloodthirsty impulse, the mystical wolf faced the sky and let out a howl, then it transformed into a blue light as it dashed towards Xiao Chen. However, the instant it landed in front of Xiao Chen, the body of the wolf shuddered and it nearly fell on the ground.

Xiao Chen felt relieved, the divine wolf was like an arrow at the end of its flight1⌋. When the vicious wolf opened up its ferocious mouth and pounced on Xiao Chen with its exposed teeth, Xiao Chen left an afterimage in his original position as he dodged the attack. Following that, he swept his right leg and ruthlessly strike the exposed white bones of the divine wolf.

The divine wolf was tough as expected, its body only shook slightly. It didn’t take a single step backwards, nor did it flip over and fell on the ground. Xiao Chen’s kick was powerful enough to split a stone tablet in half, however it was unable to break the exposed wolf bones into pieces. One could imagine just how tough was the divine wolf’s skeletons!


The Three-Eyed Divine Wolf let out a miserable howl, the sharp pain drew out all of its violent nature. The fur all over the wolf’s body was standing on end, and it was bursting with an indistinct blue radiance. The faint glorious radiance was flickering unceasingly!

It pounced at Xiao Chen again and this time, its speed raised to the limit, only blue light was left behind its track! However, it seemed to have lost all of its strength in midair and suddenly dropped to the ground.

It was really an arrow at the end of its flight, it was unable to flaunt its strength before the final radiance of the setting sun. A blue disintegrated heart spewed from the mouth of the wolf. Xiao Chen was actually very frightened inwardly, if the divine wolf was not heavily injured, it was not an opponent he could handle!

Looking at the woodland that was dyed red by the blood, the carcasses of the vicious beasts, and also the bloody fog that was drifting in the air, Xiao Chen walked to the entrance of the ancient cave. He wanted to find out just why did so many vicious beasts fight over this ancient cave, and what kind of secret it contained.

The inside of the cave was spacious and empty. If the boulder that sealed the cave was completely removed, most likely, even huge monsters like the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon would be able to crawl inside here. All of a sudden, Xiao Chen’s expression became serious. With the help of the faint light coming from the cave entrance, Xiao Chen could see…… what appeared to be a huge monster creeping in the depths of the cave!

If one observed carefully, the figure in front was all white in color, that was a huge skeletal frame!

Fortunately, it was not a living beast! Xiao Chen advanced steadily. The huge skeletal frame was just like a mountain made of bones. That ought to be the skeletal remains of a vicious dragon, because no other giant creatures would be as big as this. The completely intact skeletal remains was about forty to fifty meters long. It was quite similar to the Saber Dragon recorded in the ancient book. That was one of the vicious type among the dragon race!

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Xiao Chen discovered a faintly discernible radiance in the depths of the cave, and he was surprised to find out that it was actually a dragon crystal! The crystal was as big as a person’s head, even the darkness of the ancient cave was unable to cover up its radiance. Xiao Chen was very shocked, it was too big when comparing this with the commonly seen crystal.

The dragon crystal was sparkling and translucent, it emitted a divine radiance. The closer one walks toward the light, the brighter it become. The glorious radiance was similar to a divine afterglow. Without a doubt, this crystal was of the highest quality among the rarities!

Undoubtedly, numerous vicious beasts slaughtered one another in order to obtain this dragon crystal. This place was the tomb of the savage dragon. Xiao Chen quickly left the dragon cave, he wanted to leave this place as quickly as possible. Walking over the woodland dyed by blood, Xiao Chen collected over a dozen of crystals from the body of the beasts, and then he left like the wind.

There was no crystal within the body of an ordinary beast, it could only be found in peculiar vicious beasts. With so many dead body of the vicious beasts here, it was inevitable that there would be dozens of crystals to be found. However, Xiao Chen didn’t have enough time to gather all of them. If by any chance, the vicious beasts within the forest were to become aware of the dragon crystal, it will inevitably lead to another massacre!

Using his clothes to wrap the glorious dragon crystal, Xiao Chen swiftly returned to his temporary residence close to the rocky precipice.

After about half an hour later, the bellow of the beasts could be heard from that region again. Xiao Chen could see a few flying beasts charging into that woodland reeking with the scent of blood from the rocky precipice.

Among them was a divine wolf! The body length of the wolf was around five or six meters long, its height was close to three meters. It was flashing with blue radiance from head to toe. The divine wolf flapped its pair of blue wings and generated a gale. The unfolded wings extended to twelve or thirteen meter long. Exactly on the center of its forehead, there was also a blue vertical eye. Furthermore, the icy aura was even colder than the one before.

This divine wolf was two times bigger than the one which attacked Xiao Chen previously! A terrifying wolf howl was transmitted from overhead of that region, the huge sound wave raged on in the vast sky like a muffled thunder. It must be the leader of a wolf pack in a certain region of the forest.

The vicious beasts that died in the slaughterfest became food of the latecomers. Only until the color of the sky became dark did that place gradually regained its former tranquility. However, a lot of pure white beast bones were left behind in that region!

When the noise finally subsided, Xiao Chen used a boulder to seal himself in a cave. He activated the secret technique as held the crystal clear dragon crystal with both hands. He absorbed the pure energy of the dragon essence within the dragon crystal with the Secret Qi-Training Method bestowed by Heaven.

If an outsider was allowed to see the scene before Xiao Chen, they would certainly be dumbstruck. The dragon crystal was so big that it needed both hands to support, the cavern was completely lit up by the glorious divine radiance.

The divine afterglow seemed as if it was living, the huge dragon crystal was slowly shrinking as the divine radiance rushed into Xiao Chen’s body unceasingly. This was a moment that could make anyone feel excited, the pure and boundless energy of the dragon essence was like an unending stream. It keeps flowing into Xiao Chen’s body without an end in sight.

The bright radiance was like a water ripple, it keeps circling around in the cavern and finally gathered around Xiao Chen’s body. After an entire night, the dragon crystal shrinked more than half, and Xiao Chen was already enveloped by a dense multicolored light.

The dragon crystal was finally reduced to the size of a clenched fist by the noon. However, it was still as bright as before and illuminated the cavern. The dragon crystal was reduced to the size of a pigeon egg after a few more hours had passed, then it finally become as small as a crystal clear bead.

Only until this time did Xiao Chen stop and opened his eyes. As he expected, the enormous power of the dragon all gathered in the acupuncture point of his other foot. Only until the essence within the dragon crystal was almost exhausted did the acupuncture point had enough, a blinding light speck emerged.

The light speck perfectly fused with the acupuncture point. The light speck and the acupuncture point was one and the same, it seemed to have transformed completely. Compared with the other acupuncture point, it was like a bright lantern in the dark of the night!

One rare dragon egg caused the acupuncture point in Xiao Chen’s left foot to transform. One rare dragon crystal caused the acupuncture point in his right foot to transform. For that kind of enormous power to actually completely merge with two tiny acupuncture point, he felt that his own Secret Qi-Training Method was very mysterious.

Within the human body, there are three hundred and sixty five acupuncture point. If every acupuncture point transformed into a light speck, just what kind of transformation would occur? Xiao Chen was looking forward to the arrival of that day.

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  1. Chinese idiom: Means it has lose all of its strength. 
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