Chapter 107 – A Different Young Dragon

Sure enough, what Xiao Chen was worried about came true. A sky piercing dragon roar streaked across the vast sky, a golden ray flickered as a Monarch Lion Dragon appeared in this region at high-speed, it was carrying a sky-rocketing baleful aura. A wide expanse of forest trees tumbled down, frightened screams transmitted over, a few practitioners among them were ripped apart by that mountain-like Monarch Lion Dragon in almost a split second.

Its huge draconic body seemed like it was made out of brass. A single attack immediately razed a wide expanse of mountain woods to the ground. The mountainous region trembled violently, the other few practitioners who managed to get away also couldn’t escape from their imminent fate. They were trampled by the Monarch Lion Dragon and turned into meat paste.

Xiao Chen became speechless, the price the practitioners had to pay to leave this dragon island was really too high. Even if they could find nine Dragon Kings in the end, they would most likely lose more than half of their people.

The evil spirit appeared on the sacred tree’s stump without making any sound. Xiao Chen didn’t pay attention to him and left from the other side. After that, he quietly waited until the nightfall.

When the moonlight spilled down, the vicinity of the Sacred Mountain was especially calm. The roars of the dragons and monsters no longer resounded. Xiao Chen passed through the forest and arrived at the foot of the imposing Sacred Mountain. Xiao Chen once more felt that familiar yet terrifying aura.

That’s right, although it was faintly discernible, the aura was very similar to that of the ghost town. If they wanted to enter the ghost town again, this may serve as an entrance, but who would voluntarily follow the path to their own doom?

“Do you want to tempt me to enter the dangerous zone?” The demon stood at a forest not far away, and looked at Xiao Chen calmly. He had lived for countless years, it was impossible for him to fall for this.

Xiao Chen never thought of enclosing the demon in the ghost town again, he only came here to see if there was any terrifying power sealed on the Sacred Mountain that was capable of destroying the evil spirit. However, he stopped his footstep at the foot of the mountain, the peculiar aura emitted by the Sacred Mountain seemed much stronger than last time.

That mountain’s dark red body seemed like it was encroached by blood. Those ruins on the Sacred Mountain were imprinted with the vicissitudes of time, they emitted boundless ancient aura which made the heart quiver.

Keke shook its head towards Xiao Chen. The intelligent little critter had a very keen intuition. Its body that was as bright as white jade flickered with multicolored light as it hinted Xiao Chen not to take another step forward.

His hope was dashed, Xiao Chen knew if he rashly advanced this time, he might lose his life here. He chose to fall back and return by following their former path. When they got close to the Heavenly Tree, the roar of a young dragon attracted Xiao Chen’s attention.

Under the brilliance of the moonlight, it seemed like a layer of silk had spread over the entire mountain woods. He could clearly see the battle between young dragons in the vicinity of the sacred tree’s stump. Moreover, there were actually three dragons! The roars were precisely produced by them.

This immediately caught Xiao Chen’s attention, this was but in the vicinity of the sacred mountain. Who knows if there might be a Syndicate Dragon King among them. He moved stealthily and slowly approached that place. As a result, he was utterly astonished, there were actually two Dragon Kings among the three young dragons. They were currently having a battle. Although the third young dragon was not a Dragon King, it was exceptionally fierce. It actually joined the Dragon King’s battle, they were having an intense battle royal. ⌈1

One young Dragon King flickered with red light from head to toe, it was pulsing like the blazing flame. Its Ancestral Dragon head was really eye-catching, just judging from its draconic body, it was hard to tell what kind of dragon it was.

As for the other young Dragon King, its entire body flickered with golden light, as if it was made out of gold. The Ancestral Dragon head was also just as eye-catching. Its body looked like a little lion, but of course, it was impossible to find any fur on its body, it was completely covered by golden dragon scales.

Xiao Chen was unable to guess the origin of the Red Dragon King, but in regards to the Gold Dragon King, he immediately thought of Monarch Lion Dragon. Moreover, it was most likely born from the other egg in that valley he visited before.

The two young Dragon Kings was close to one meter long, but their power were enough to make experts at the level of Seventh Celestial Layer to feel fearful. The restriction of the seal didn’t apply to them, their divinity won over their brutality, they were capable of releasing some dragon-specific attack-type magic.

No wonder this was the dragon’s holy land, Xiao Chen heaved a sigh. All the powerful dragons gathered in this place, thus it increased the probability that Dragon Kings will be born in this place compared to other places. Two Dragon Kings actually appeared in such a short period of time, if including Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen’s Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King, then this place alone had given birth to at least four Syndicate Dragon Kings.

Could the little Ancestral Dragon also appear in this region? Xiao Chen possessed a little expectation towards this, but he also knew the chance of seeing the little Ancestral Dragon was much lower than seeing nine Syndicate Dragon Kings together.

“Roar……!” The young dragon let out a roar, the battle was very intense. What made Xiao Chen rather astonished was that; That young dragon that was obviously not a Syndicate Dragon King was actually that tenacious. It was clearly weaker than the other two, it already received a fatal wound, but it still rushed over there and joined the battle between the two Dragon Kings.

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It was a really strange young dragon, it was actually so tenacious and stubborn. It joined the fray without a care for its own life. It was seemingly a very ordinary, the dark brown draconic body was riddled with scars. Its body was like that of a panther, its head also looked a little similar to the Ancestral Dragon, but it didn’t have a single horn, its power and speed were also unable to compare with the two Dragon Kings. It was also unable to use any simple dragon magic. A lot of dragon scales had already fallen from its body, it was badly damaged, and its body did not emit the least bit of light. It was even inferior compared to other dragons.

However, this little dragon was really too tenacious and stubborn, every time it fell onto the pool of blood, it rose and charged into the fray again. It lasted until the two Dragon Kings were infuriated, they seemed to be very angry at this weak third-wheel that kept interfering with their real fight. They let out a lethal attack towards the dark brown young dragon at the same time.

With a wail, the unremarkable young dragon fell on the ground, it was unable to get up anymore. Xiao Chen sighed with sorrow, the rise of the Dragon King was really a cruel process. Many of their kind will fall during their transformation and advancement. And the legendary Ancestral Dragon might even experience a crueller fate. After all, it had to face the challenge of at least nine Syndicate Dragon Kings!

The young dragon’s battle and cries had been heard by the dragons in the vicinity, but they didn’t come to interfere and let this cruel battle continue. This seemed to be the dragon’s law of survival.

In the end, the young Dragon Kings were scarred and separated from one another, they finally left. The mountain woods turned silent, only the cries of the weak little dragon could be heard. It was not dead yet, the little dragon was just at the vicinity of the sacred tree’s stump, the dragon blood had already dyed the ground red.

Xiao Chen walked over there, he found that the young dragon was already about to die. The condition of its injury was seriously too grave, a few terrible cuts on its chest were whirling around, the multicolored internal organs already exposed itself. It was clearly unable to hold on much longer.

“Squeak……!” Keke exerted its strength to pull the lower hem of Xiao Chen’s cloth. Its glittering big eyes were brimming with sympathy.

“You want me to save it?”

Keke nodded its head strongly.

“I also wanted to save it, but its injury is seriously too grave, it is impossible to bring it back to life.” Xiao Chen shook his head helplessly. He knew the young dragon’s situation made Keke empathize with it. This place was Keke’s place of origin, it was an abandoned child, and the little dragon’s situation right now was very similar. It was like it had already been sentenced to death penalty, and nobody cared about it, as if it had been abandoned by the world.

“Squeak……!” Keke still continued to shake Xiao Chen’s foot. After that, it took off the treasured tree from its head and carefully placed the little sacred tree at the edge of the young dragon’s mouth. Keke inserted the black leaf into the young dragon’s mouth.

“Slurp! Slurp……!” The dying little dragon started to suck the black leaf. Its consciousness was already fuzzy a long time ago, this seemed to be some kind of instinct.

One after another radiance flowed from the little sacred tree into the young dragon’s body. The originally unconscious little dragon opened its eyes. First, it looked at Keke and Xiao Chen in puzzlement, then it vigilantly tried to move its injured draconic body, but it didn’t success, the sharp pain caused it to whine a few times.

Keke tried to pass the little sacred tree to the side of its mouth again, but the young dragon stubbornly turned its head.

“Squeak……!” Keke panted with rage and pointed at the wound with its little paw. It didn’t expect the dying little dragon would shake its head to refuse Keke’s good intention. Then it proudly lifted its head, but unfortunately, it fell back on the ground powerlessly.

Such an interesting young dragon. Even when it was about to die, it was still so proud and aloof.

Keke was very dumbfounded, it helped him with good intentions, and yet the receiving party was like this. The little critter angrily put the treasured tree away. And on the other side, Xiao Chen sighed with sorrow. He opened the close-fitting package and took out the shiny Snow Lotus Core from within. This was supposed to be Keke’s delicacy, but since the little critter’s belly was filled to the brim by the Sweet Dew of Life, it was unable to enjoy the Snow Lotus Core. Xiao Chen had been keeping it all along.

“Let’s try giving it some Snow Lotus Core.”

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Keke blinked its big eyes, and then nodded its head to convey its approval.

Xiao Chen forcefully pulled the stubborn young dragon’s mouth apart and stuffed the Snow Lotus Core into its mouth. This was a rarely seen natural spiritual item, it possessed an unimaginable effect, but the dark brown little dragon spit it out. It didn’t want to accept any help at all.

Xiao Chen was speechless at this conduct, he picked up the Snow Lotus Core that fell on the grass and crushed it, then he applied it on the wound. However, the young dragon violently rolled around and rubbed those Snow Lotus Core off from its body. A lot of blood gushed out from its wound, this young dragon was too stubborn.

In the end, Xiao Chen forcefully stuffed a Snow Lotus Core into its mouth and used pure energy to force it down the throat. He stood up and said to Keke, “Let’s go, we already tried everything in our power.”

Although they already moved very far away from there, they could still hear the proud little dragon’s painful cries. It was obvious that it wouldn’t be able to live past this night with that kind of injury.

Early morning, Xiao Chen woke up from his meditative state, the gentle sunlight spilled on the forest. The specks of golden light that leaked through the branches and leaves were like pieces of gold. Keke also rubbed its eyes half-consciously and lazily got up from among the flowers and plants.

Unable to find any power to fend off the demon in the dragon’s Sacred Mountain, Xiao Chen decided to head to the next destination; The Treant’s Valley at the outer region of the island. He will never forget what he saw that night, the twenty meter tall old treant evolved into a flesh and blood human with green hair. The powerful energy fluctuation emitted by him at that time indicated that he was inevitable a powerful existence. Xiao Chen always believed that old treant might be able to contend against the dragon. Maybe he will be able to fend off the demon!

The dragon island was really too big, in addition to the dense forest and all kinds of monsters roaming around, one had to be very careful. It required at least a few days to safely arrived at the outer region of the island.

He finally arrived at the outer region of the island after three days. When he was passing through a valley with beautiful scenery, he found something very unusual. Golden rays of light flowed from a thatched cottage in the valley like ripples of water. It seemed like there was a golden fountain there, waves of auspicious aura made the birds and beasts in the valley calm down. This was seriously too miraculous, it was hard to imagine what happened in the thatched cottage.

The entire valley was filled with verdant orchid tree, there were all kinds of colorful flowers ranging from pink to yellow ⌈2⌋ among the grove. It was filled with flowering trees, and the glistening green leaves made the colorful flowers exceptionally beautiful in contrast. The flower buds were brimming with an intoxicating fragrance.

In addition to that golden mist that bubbled up unceasingly, a layer of mysterious veil had been spread over the entire flower valley. This place seemed like a fairyland, it was auspicious and peaceful.

Xiao Chen continued to observe quietly in the vicinity, Keke wanted to run over there several times, but was stopped by Xiao Chen. Just at this time, the pale looking demon appeared without a sound. Although the black fog did not rush forth, there were still some indistinct sinister aura. He gazed at the thatched cottage attentively and said, “That is the breath of god.”

These words made Xiao Chen incomparably shocked, the breath of god, how was that possible? Could it be that there were still some deities on the dragon island? Didn’t this place suppress the power of god? It was impossible for this kind of existence to be here!

“This is really the breath of god!” The demon squinted his eyes and emitted two cold light.

Xiao Chen’s heart stirred up, would they be able to end the demon’s life just like this? If it was really a god, it should be able to destroy this demon that couldn’t breakthrough to the god realm successfully.

The golden brilliance gradually became weaker, the auspicious aura in the thatched cottage also became gentler and gradually dispersed.

“Oh, I finally understand, this is the awakening of divinity.” The demon’s stiff body finally relaxed. The cold light from his pair of eyes also faded away.


  1. Silva: I’m starting to have doubts on whether or not Xiao Chen is really the ancestral dragon… if that’s not a Dragon King nor an Ancestral Dragon, then what kind of dragon is it? 
  2. Silva: Super redundant, Chen Dong was obviously just writing all these to fill the word count: dark red, rose red, purple, light purple, pure white, orange, etc… 

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