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Chapter 128 – The Demon’s Identity

The Undying patriarch’s shocked expression; this kind of expression made Xiao Chen extremely shocked, could it be that he had seen the demon before? That was an expression one would make only when they were startled, but how could this be?

The Undying patriarch was only about seventy to eighty years old, and the demon was already on the dragon island for countless years, it was impossible for him to leave that place. How did the Undying patriarch come into contact with the demon before?

In that instant, Xiao Chen had a really brazen idea, could the demon actually be the Undying Faction’s ancestor, or maybe even the Demon King himself? And for the Undying patriarch to be this shocked, it must be because he had seen a statue or portrait of the demon before.

However, he quickly pushed the idea that the demon was the Undying Faction’s ancestor to the back of his head. One must know that this faction’s ancestor, the Demon King, had not existed for as long as the demon. The Demon King was a figure from one to two thousand years ago, and that demon had peeled off his skin on the dragon island more than a few dozen times. Each time he peeled off his skin, a hundred years would have passed, Oxman’s village had a clear written record of it.

“Elder, why art thou so excited, don’t tell me thou had seen this face before?” Xiao Chen opened his mouth to ask.

With the Undying patriarch’s profound ability, how could he not tell they were only three skeletons covered by peeled off skin. He slowly calmed his exhilarated mood and said, “I have seen it, I have really seen it before, but…… this is really too unbelievable! This…… This must be a coincidence, it must be a coincidence.”

The three skeletons watched all of this calmly, they had a very indifferent expression.

“You guys follow me.” The Undying patriarch was an unfathomable expert after all, he quickly recovered and became as calm as an ancient well without a ripple. He took Xiao Chen’s party towards the mountain woods, walking along the sides of the waterfall, they passed through an area filled with the fragrance of flowers and birdsong. The halls were decreasing in number as they moved on, until they arrived at the back of the mountain which was unusually quiet.

This place was definitely the Undying Faction’s most important location, although the buildings were scarce, all of them were ancient buildings, it seemed like they had been through the vicissitudes of time. The two Winged Dragons’ nest was right at this place, a young Winged Dragon was playing by itself on a rocky mountain beside a huge cave.

The smoke from burning incense rose in spirals, there was a huge copper cauldron in front of a few stone pagodas, and thick incense sticks were stuck in the cauldron. Although he couldn’t see any trace of humans, Xiao Chen’s spiritual sense informed him that there were definitely some powerful experts keeping guard at this place. He could feel some pressure in the silence, it seemed to be warning them not to act recklessly.

Pushing open a vermillion door, they entered the ancient building. After passing through a few halls, they stopped at a grand hall.

The ancient hall was very spacious and empty, it didn’t have any unnecessary decorative items. There was only an ancient painting enshrined in the center. What made Xiao Chen the most surprised was that, the figure in the ancient painting was actually of an old man with an auspicious appearance, it looked exactly the same as the demon in his aged state.

“This……” Xiao Chen was at a loss for words, could it be that there was an error with his speculated time? Could the demon really be the Undying Faction’s founder?!

The Undying patriarch first paid his respect, then he watched the ancient painting very seriously and made a minute comparison with the three skeletons.

“This is too unbelievable, they are actually exactly the same!” The Undying patriarch cried out like this.

The red mole on the right eyebrow was completely identical, and the birthmark on the left wrist was also sketched out in the portrait very clearly. All of these were completely identical to the demon skins that the three skeletons were wearing.

“Did you find these three peeled off skins on the dragon island?” The Undying patriarch inquired Xiao Chen.

“That’s right.”

“How did you guys find it?”

“We unearthed it by chance when we were digging the icy ground.”

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“That is to say that this person went to the dragon island before, and disappeared from this world as a result.” The Undying patriarch seemed a little rueful.

“Who is that person, is he very strong?” Xiao Chen couldn’t help but ask, because the Undying patriarch had unfathomable strength, his entire person seemed as if he had split the space and hid in a different world, it gave people a really unrealistic feeling, and this kind of person was stirred up by the demon’s skin, it was obvious that the demon must have possessed an unbelievable status.

“Very strong, extraordinarily strong, so strong that people are unable to lift their face to look at him directly!”

Xiao Chen knew the demon must have an outstanding background, otherwise how could he be the only evil spirit that managed to escape from the ghost town. He must have been a distinguished figure during his lifetime. But after hearing the Undying patriarch’s evaluation, he was still shocked. With such a high evaluation, he might be as powerful as the Undying Faction’s founder, the Demon King.

“Just who is he?”

“Don’t ask who he is first, tell me everything you know in details before that.”

“Alright……” Xiao Chen told him everything he could. When the Undying patriarch heard this, he frowned for a moment, and was amazed the next moment.

“He was actually the only one who managed to escape from the ghost town.” The Undying patriarch thought out loud, “He was able to steadily exceed the demigod level on the sealed dragon island, this is really universally shocking. One must know that the sealing force on the dragon island could even kill a god.”

The Undying patriarch seemed to be recollecting his memories and spoke to himself, “He came from the human world by opening a spatial rift, created an otherworldly technique in the mortal world, defeated the unparalleled experts all over the world, and even after entering the world of immortals, he was still just as invincible. All the deities who came seeking for trouble were wiped off the face of earth. His actions give the later generations like us huge confidence, a man shouldn’t be afraid of god, because a man can surpass the god.”

Xiao Chen was also very excited when he heard these, all of these indicators made it clear that this person seemed to be the founder of the Undying faction, the Demon King!

“Is he the Demon King?” Xiao Chen couldn’t help but have this kind of speculation, because the Demon King’s martial art was self-taught. He was the most powerful man since times immemorial, almost none was able to catch up to him.

“Is not.”

“What?!” This made Xiao Chen feel a bit inconceivable.

“The portrait enshrined in this hall was drawn by the Demon King personally, that person’s identity was far older than the founder, the Demon King.”

These words from the Undying patriarch made Xiao Chen turn pale with fright. His status was much higher than that of the Demon King. Wasn’t the Demon King the founder of the Undying Faction? It was already beyond his capability to speculate that person’s real identity.

“Young man, you came from the human world, you should have heard of some rumors. There was a huge sect that was reputed as number one under the heaven, although it has already fall apart a really long time ago, I assume there should still be some legends. Our founder Demon King was a part of that huge sect.”

A huge sect reputed as the number one under the heaven, you mean the Demon Sect?”

“Not bad. The founder Demon King’s martial art was originally inherited from the Demon Sect. Only until later did he come up with the Undying Technique, which was claimed to be the equal of Obliterate Demon Absolute God. Although the founder had established the Undying Faction in the world of immortals, he was still grateful and never forgot about his instructor. Although that sect already fell apart a long time ago, the founder still personally drew the portrait of the Demon Sect’s founder and enshrined it in this hall.”

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“The demon was…… the founder of Demon Sect?!” Xiao Chen felt his lips dried up, his voice was a little shaky, all of these were too inconceivable. The founder of Demon Sect was an unparallelled existence that once swept through the whole world.

“He was precisely the founder of the Demon Sect who once created the Obliterate Demon Absolute God, Demonic Art, and other series of unrivaled martial arts! Although the Demon Sect has fallen apart a long time ago, the remaining branches are still large sects in the world of immortals, and among the later generation disciples, the Demon King was the only one who could be on par with the founder of the Demon Sect.”

Although he had already entered the world of immortals, the Demon King was still unable to meet the founder of the Demon Sect, because the differences between their age was too great. The founder of Demon Sect had already disappeared in the world of immortals a long time ago. This was also the main reason why the Demon Sect fell apart.

The portrait in the grand hall was a way for the Demon King to convey his respect. He specially went to the ruins of the Demon Sect to search for his statue and picture to draw this portrait personally and enshrined it at this place.

“It had never occurred to me, who could have thought that the founder of Demon Sect actually died on the dragon island. No wonder there were no news about him for the past many years.” The Undying patriarch heaved a sigh. But knowing that the demon was still alive, he was still very excited, this meant that the founder of Demon Sect might return to the world of immortals several years later. If this was to spread out, it would definitely be earth-shattering news, even the Undying Demon King would reborn from the dead after hearing this news. ⌈1

The founder of Demon Sect had potential that only a few in the whole world could hope to match. Once he reincarnated from the dead, his power would inevitably make a few breakthrough consecutively once he left the dragon island, in which the power of god was sealed. Recovering his divine power back in those days wouldn’t take too much time.

Xiao Chen took advantage of the situation to ask the Undying patriarch the current situation of the Demon King.

“The founder Demon King has yet to return to the sect after eight hundred years, no one knows his current situation. If the sect is not facing a calamity, the founder will most likely not return for eternity, he has already set everything aside a long time ago.”

Next, the three skeletons took off the demon’s skin, these were the remains of the founder of the Demon Sect, no matter what they said to the patriarch of the Sect’s branch, it was impossible to continue wearing them anymore. The three skins were enshrined beside the portrait as sacred treasures.

After knowing the connection between the demon and Xiao Chen, the relationship between the Undying patriarch and him naturally had an obvious change. Although he was still as calm as an ancient well, his attitude was clearly different from before.

“I know you and Qing Cheng did not speak the truth, but it doesn’t matter, in that kind of vile environment, anything could happen. I know that Wang Hao is not satisfied with my master, as well as Qing Cheng’s, so it comes as no surprise if he wants to get rid of Qing Cheng. On the face of the founder of the Demon Sect, I will stop looking into this matter. However, if you dare to harm the Undying Faction later on, I will not hold back. The situation out there is very chaotic at present, the dispute concerning the Dragon Kings has yet to settle down, you can temporarily stay at my sect. You can leave whenever you see please.”

Saying these to Xiao Chen could already be considered to be extremely benevolent. Even if someone suspected that the tough little dragon was a Dragon King, nobody would dare to come and cause trouble, he could set his mind at ease and train at this place undisturbed.

Soon after, the Undying patriarch entered another ancient hall to search for the ancient texts. He looked through the texts seriously, but he shook his head in the end and said, “That’s strange, just where did this snow-white little critter come from? This ancient text has records of numerous celestial beasts, but there is no record of this little critter.”

Xiao Chen rummaged through the knapsack to retrieve the seven-colored jade shell, but after the Undying patriarch looked at it for a long time, he was still just as clueless. In the end, he said, “There is no one in this world who has more ancient records than the Buddhist Sect, if you get the chance in the future, you should go to the Buddhist Sect and get to the bottom of this matter.”

Xiao Chen had settled down in the Undying Faction, he meditated in silence within the bamboo house everyday. Strength represented everything in the world of immortals, if he wanted to live a good life, he must continue to make breakthroughs.

These past few days, the Undying Faction was bustling with noise, many disciples were discussing that Xiao Chen might become the son-in-law of the Undying Faction, saying that Yan Qing Cheng would marry him. This was obviously not the doings of a certain male disciple, it was the scheme of a few female disciples whose strength was second only to Yan Qing Cheng. As long as there were humans, there were rivers and lakes. As long as there were rivers and lakes, there were wars. Everything was this simple, it was the nature of human.

This made Yan Qing Cheng very humiliated and angry. At the same time, it also drove many male disciples in the Undying Faction mad.

Some disciples had already came to provoke him a few times already, but all of them were tossed aside by Keke without a trace of politeness. Xiao Chen also didn’t stop the snow-white little critter from showing off its might, because he knew those who rashly came to provoke him were just some insignificant people. A real important figure wouldn’t behave like this, even if they wanted to make their move, they would come up with a scheme first.

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A week went past like this, and some important figure from the Undying Faction finally showed up. It was Qinyi’s father, Qing Zhang Feng. Just like Wang Hao and the others, he was the junior brother of the patriarch, but his age fell short of a single generation, he was only fifty years old.

Qin Zhang Feng caused a huge disturbance as soon as he arrived, claiming he wanted to punish Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng for their crime. He already knew about the death of Wang Hao from the secret reports.

For a moment, a torrential storm was raised in the Undying Sect, but with the Undying patriarch suppressing the situation, it didn’t cause too much of a ruckus. In the end, Yan Qing Cheng was even forbidden from entering the back mountain, and as an outsider, Xiao Chen was also penalized, he would be under house arrest at the Undying Faction for a year.

But, rather than saying Xiao Chen was under house arrest, it was more like they were forcibly requesting Xiao Chen to train. The Undying patriarch could still be regarded as lenient towards him, he was able to move freely in between the mountains, and the scenery was very beautiful to boot.

Xiao Chen cheerfully found a peaceful place to meditate.

But when the trees longed for peace, the wind would never cease. Night time, in a certain courtyard, Qinyi passed a bag of drug to a person beside him and said, “This much should be enough.”

After receiving the bag of drug, that person swallowed the saliva and said, “This…… is a really strong aphrodisiac, wouldn’t this much be fatal?”

Qinyi laughed and said, “Don’t worry, that guy’s power is very high, it will not be a problem.”

And just at this time, Xiao Chen was roused from his quiet meditation by the snow-white little Keke. These days Keke would always appear and disappear unpredictably, and it happened very frequently, who knew what it was doing so busily. ⌈2

The snow-white little critter was holding a crystal clear red fruit in its mouth, it was emitting a refreshing aroma, and its little beast paw was grabbing an ancient text. It had a very excited expression as it blinked its big eyes. The little critter passed the crystal clear red fruit and ancient text to Xiao Chen at the same time.

Xiao Chen looked at it strangely, and he was stunned the moment he took the ancient text, because of the few characters on the cover: Undying Demon Technique.

It was actually the Undying Faction’s secret technique, it was actually stolen by this snow-white little critter, Xiao Chen could feel his heart thumping wildly.

“Wh-Where did you find these?” Xiao Chen felt his lips a little parched, this was not a trivial problem, this little critter was really too thoughtless.


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