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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 328

So while I was scheduling this chapter I got really confused by the contents wondering how we got here and what the hell was going on!
Apparently my brain had accidentally switched to Blue Sky mode and I was trying to link the events together even those this is Maiden…
I really don’t know what happened there but…

Man that was weird!
I seriously thought I was trying to connect the dots with Blue Sky!
No wonder I was confused!

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 53 «

Hero King Chapter 90

Silva: Wao, Inglis is actually using her brain for once. As expected of a former king. ….Of course… you only use your brain when it’s beneficial to you.
Mab: I smell BL!

Mab: Nah, she likes being in Inglis’ breasts more.

Term change: “People of the ground” > “Midlander”

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» Chapter 90 «

Blue Sky Chapter 52

Brexit has become a joke.
The government are telling industries that have be harmed by the new legislation about exporting to the EU to just set up EU.
They’re literally telling industries to leave the country now!
How is that taking back control and enhancing our domestic market!
It’s total poppycock and I’m getting increasingly furiously each time I read about the ridiculousness the government is spouting.

The referendum was dumb, it was a mistake to take it as law, there should have been a second, the delays were pointless and we’ve been screwed over by the people who knew better not putting the breaks on for the deluded masses.

I had a tiny smidge of optimism that maybe the impact would be mostly unnoticeable but…
Well I should have known better.

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» Chapter 52 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 127 Part 2

I have so many Light Novels to catch up on.
Altina, Der Werwolf, Genius Prince’s Guide, Hidden Dungeon, Kokoroco, Last Round Arthurs, Redefining the META, Last Dungeon and Strongest Rearguard.
Not to mention a few others.

At the moment I’m reading Last Dungeon because the anime. But I don’t know what I’ll go on to read next.
Hidden Dungeon might be a good one too because I finished the first volume and the anime is going also.
That said, my mood might change.

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» Chapter 127 Part 2 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 127 Part 1

Princess Connect is pretty fun.
The girls are mostly cute.
Weirdly though, none of them stand out.
I don’t have an obvious favourite or some clear character that I want or anything like that.

If anything maybe this will be a gacha game that I can play to a healthy degree since nothing stands out.
I won’t be inclined to spend.

The only character I particularly want is one that shouldn’t be too hard to get…probably.

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» Chapter 127 Part 1 «

Two as One Princesses Chapter 64

Hiya~! Just our regular, but late, AinCiel Saturday~!…… Well, it’s actually Sunday here already……
Last time on AinCIel: As the bout started, our princesses; particularly Ciel; was testing out her new combat style on her first human opponent in a long while. While it did seem like the boy had some skill (unlike Mr. B), he still quickly got cocky and began to taunt our princesses. Well, good for him, Ain replied with a barrier stress test to completely shatter his confidence into dust for a long while in the foreseeable future. And he also got a free tattoo from Ciel! Man, what an absolutely lucky guy. In other news, Ain thinks Magic Items are sus. Not elaborating. Now then:
What will happen next? Will our princesses finally get to step outside for some air this time? Will the guildmaster have some good news to share? And will our princesses have more bonding time in this chapter?
Find out in the next chapter: B-rank, Request Count, and……!
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the chapter. Please stay safe! Feel free to comment and I hope you all have a nice day!

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