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Hero’s Daughter Chapter 217

Many people talk about how General Relativity solved the issue of Mercury’s orbital precession.
The story is much more amazing than you think.

You see, Mercury’s precession has been known for hundreds of years, and in that time Mercury precessed 574″ (” is 1/360 of a degree) per century. Many precise calculations were done to account for this – the sun’s lack of symmetry, the other planets, etc. however, 43″ were left unaccounted for, and it was known that those 43″ were not due to error.

When Einstein did the math for calculating Mercury’s precession he used a simplified model – ignoring the asymmetry of the sun, the other planets, etc. and found the precession to be 43″ – exactly what was missing from previous models.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 379

Once again my preordered copy of Arpeggio of Bluesteel is horrifically overdue.
I preordered my copy last year so there would be no issues, yet Amazon have not even dispatched a copy yet due to supply issues while third parties are listing copies on their site.
Is it just completely failing to enter the country?

I hope this is just a covid thing rather than amazon’s total incompetence.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 378

I’m really glad that J-Novel decided to have How Not To Summon A Demon Lord as their monthly freebie.
I was really tempted to buy the novels when the anime started to catch up with where I left the fan translation.

Today I reached that point.
I feel like the novels for Demon Lord are a little shorter than your average light novel since I read them way faster, but maybe they’re just more simple or I’m imagining things.
Either way now that I have caught up I look forward to seeing if there’s any unexpected developments.
I’m sure there will be a plot twist eventually. I’m waiting for the grand reveal of another isekaid person who’s an antagonist or something.
Or the whole “unreleased future game expansion calamity” event twist.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 377

Something totally unrelated to FFXIV this time.
Are people enjoying this seasons anime?
Any sudden standouts?

I thought Demon Lord would make me laugh again but something about production this time has felt off.
Not sure what.
Also I found it really funny that there’s so many korean names in the credits for that one.
And that the OP is by the Initial D guy.

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