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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 142 Part 2

I am scheduling this chapter between soul sucking crafting sprees on Final Fantasy.
I’ve now officially got every crafting class to 50 at least, and thanks to gear upgrade they’re now all somewhat capable.
My Alchemist class is almost 60 as a write this, hopefully 60 by the time it goes live.
After that I’ll have to work out if I’ll keep going with Alchemist or pause to raise Blacksmith to 60 also.

Either way I think I only plan to get Blacksmith and Alchemist to 80. Everything else will either remain at 50 or get capped at 70 because of the exp boost.

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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 142 Part 1

So in Final Fantasy news I reached Level 50 on Alchemist today.
That means the only crafting class I have yet to get to 50 is Leatherworker which I shall start on tomorrow (well today after I’ve slept).

50 is major milestone that I’ve been aiming for with all of them because I actually have some decent gear for that level.
Meaning they will be able to move away from using hand-me-down type equipment that barely gets the job done.
From there I should be able to put in some extra effort to get them to 60. However that’s where the trouble will start.

Getting proper equipment for 60 is either gonna be a chore, or expensive. Let alone 70 or 80 later on.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 390

I didn’t realise until today but the latest Magical Index volume has been released and has started to be translated.
I peaked at some of the art and it looks exciting and heartwarming.
It seems the great author.exe has taken pity on us after two volumes of gutwrenching despair.

I mean seriously that previous volume was DARK.
Also it seems everyones favourite American president is back.
Looking forward to what it actually contains. Fanboy mode, activate.

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