Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 716

My parents put up the christmas tree a couple of days ago, normally this is a large event.
Mostly because my mother is extremely fussy over decorations, so even though she made it out to be a family event only she was allowed to decorate.
Well she didn’t really make a big deal of it this year so it was assembled and decorated rather quickly.

Is this really pre-chapter ramble material? Nah not at all.
But you know, it’s christmas themed and adds a personal touch I guess?

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Automata Maid Chapter 53 Part 1


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Automata Maid Chapter 52

Is anyone else having trouble with youtube lately?
For some reason if I try to watch any video at 720p and above it starts to stutter and buffer.
The videos all work at 480p and lower, but the moment I try to go above it becomes a fight against the impossible to get it to load.
Which is weird because it will still do that even if the video buffer is full, and even on loop where it shouldn’t need to load.

It’s definitely video related, because if I have it tabbed out the audio plays just fine.
It’s so strange and I can’t pinpoint the cause.
Maybe I just need to reset my PC to have it clear out all the quick boot cache stuff or whatever that fangled tech is called these days.

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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 122

Stellaris 3.6 released not long ago,
normally this would be when I enter crunch time to update my mod but…
Well this update was so huge that the wiki is still out of date and I rely on that to speed up my mod process.
It’s a pain checking the in game values for comparison constantly.

Well the other half of the problem is my gacha addiction preventing me having the time and energy to look at lines of code.
At the very least I got most of the work done, I just need to exhaust myself with the hardest part which is weapon variables.
Making sure everything lines up with the vanilla game is tiresome.

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Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 121

I have been religiously playing Neural Cloud the past week.
I’ve not been playing it to the point of min maxing of course, but every couple of hours I’ll log back in to make sure I’ve made a bit more progress.
It’s an impressively casual game honestly, there’s only one mechanic in the entire game that is rng grind heavy… and even then it’s not like Genshin level bad.

It’s a fun little game with a fun little story.
I do wish the story telling was improved a bit though, it’s serviceable but the writing really reminds me of early FGO quality.
Which uh… isn’t that great.

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