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Daughter of Lucifer/Wish of the Cipher Chapter 5.5/5.6

Daughter of Lucifer/Wish of the Cipher is an Original Gender Bender-Yuri webnovel written by ArcanePunkster on Scribble Hub.

Since the author hasn’t provided any ways to support him, you can support him by going to this chapter’s Scribble Hub page and favouriting the chapter. Maybe even leaving some nice comments!

Even though I’m only now starting to publish this series, besides the previous chapters, it seems the author has been editing and rewriting his novel. You can read the author’s note on this chapter for yourself. Besides that, a title change and synopsis change? Yeah, I don’t know what to feel about this. Still, shouldn’t impact much, enjoy!

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The Saintess Chapter 18

So… I just got a Mesh WiFi router today and funnily, as soon as I finish setting up the router and the node, I was hit with a power blackout for a few hours. After the electricity is back and we switched the router back on, it was blinking red and isn’t working. I panicked for a bit but good thing it started working again after a few more restart…

It’s great that we are able to cover up the dead spots with the Mesh router but I feel that the interface could probably use some improvement, the QoS settings especially, is a bit buggy.

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» Chapter 18 «

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