Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 599

The hardest part of managing commissions is when the batch is nearing completion and you need to start planning the next.
For budget reasons I like planning ahead, but the downside of that is I always miss my chance for spontaneous commission openings.
But if I keep money in reserve for spontaneous commission openings it means betraying the artists I regularly support.

Woe is the life of a commissioner.
Actually I need to contact an artist about some art I want done in the future.
I guess it’ll be easier to ask them about the price now rather than later.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 598

Tonight is an eclipse night.
Sadly for me the eclipse is at about 5am, and I need to wake up at 7am, so no chance for me to see it.
I’d sacrifice seeing it properly to see it earlier, since it roughly starts around 2am.
But it’s almost 1am now and it’s raining.

Typical Britain, can’t have anything nice here.
Well that’s life, anyway let’s get to the chapter, we left off on a massive cliffhanger didn’t we last week.

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Automata Maid Chapter 7

So let’s explain what my excitement was about earlier.
Basically I commissioned some artwork of my character from a relatively popular artist on twitter.
And today was the day they were going to send me the concept sketches and they arrived!

This was just the basic pose for the piece, but I think it’s great.
They’ve captured a good mix of beautiful and sexy. As she’s basically turning back to face the viewer while standing in front.
Though half of that is because the pose work doesn’t include any clothes so…
Next up in fact is the outfit, which will be entirely original but heavily themed on Xenoblade’s science-fantasy aesthetic.

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Automata Maid Chapter 6

At the time I am writing this I am expecting the first concept sketch from a famous artist that I commissioned.
I am very excited for this.
I can’t wait to see what they come up with for my character.

Like seriously.
So excited.
The only problem is that I don’t know if I will be able to sleep.
And then if I don’t sleep, I might end up oversleeping when they send me the sketches.
That’d be suffering!

In the time it took me to edit they sent me the sketch!
That is a squee of joy.
I’ll discuss it in the next pre-chapter ramble.

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