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The Saintess Chapter 22

Remember the other teasers I was talking about 2 weeks ago? Well, I already did the first two chapters but I haven’t published them because we’re still actually stumped by the novel title.

We’re going back and forth between The Rise of the Strongest Female Reincarnation Player or After Genderswap Reincarnation, I Raised the Strongest Player. These two titles have a completely different nuance so we can’t afford to mess it up. One implies that her reincarnation self will become the strongest while the latter means that her past-self will be stronger than her. That’s one of the main reasons why we’re holding off on releasing the chapters, we wanted to be absolutely certain which is going to be the case. Though right now we’re strongly inclined to the second option.

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Pupil of the Wiseman Chapter 78 (Part 3)

Uh oh, Chimera Clauzen is aiming for someone important. That can’t be good… They’re dangerous and Mira needs to stop them immediately! Enjoy~

Oh yeah, random fact time. Anime fact: The first ever anime was probably released in late 1916 or early 1917 by Shimokawa Oten using chalk! It was also less than five minutes long. To think it all started from that, things have definitely changed.

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» Chapter 78 (Part 3) «

The end of chapter 41, enjoy!

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