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The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist Chapter 8-2 Part 1

According to the internet, NFTs are officially dead.
This brings me great joy.
I had a friend who was super into mining crypto but I don’t think he ever got into NFTs…
That’s my closest personal experience with them.

But seriously the way so many companies tried to jump on the bandwagon until the public just eviscerated them…
Ah what a nostalgic memory.
I wonder how Square Enix is doing?

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» Chapter 8-2 Part 1 «

Fourteen Moons Interlude 15.5

So I’m a few days late on getting this out. I’ve had a horrible sleep schedule, getting 2-3 hours of sleep every 10ish hours. So I’d sleep twice a day for a couple of hours. I was tired all the time and was having trouble focusing. Needless to say, writing was difficult. I will be posting chapter 16 tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the chapter and, as always, stay healthy, stay safe, and sleeps for reading.

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» Interlude 15.5 – A Simple Question «

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