Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 118

Monetary issues aside.
I finished reading Genius Prince’s Guide Volume 2 today.

I mentioned before that I bought the first volume, along with Der Werwolf, for the coach trips.
Well my verdicts for the first volumes were pretty simple.

Der Werwolf was all around really solid.
And Genius Prince, while originally more fun, started to fall flat in comedy after the halfway mark.

That said, the second volume really fixed that. Though it uses the same problem, by introducing new characters and providing a proper opponent it went a long way to preventing the original gag getting stale. And using romance as a vehicle really helped it keep ahead of some of the competition.
I’ll have to read Der Werwolf Volume 2 next to see if it can keep its lead!

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 21 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 29

So in the previous post I was talking about my crazy money troubles.

It should be no surprise then as the gacha addict that I am, that I have plans to buy something soon!
I reject my financial security!!!!

Actually they’ve just opened preorders for an Infinite Dendrogram figure and there’s no way I can pass that up!
Luckily I managed to get a quick job that will pay enough to cover it.
Let’s just hope my bank doesn’t yell at me for buying things before the kerfuffle has been cleared up. Hehehehe.

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» Chapter 29 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 28

Yo guys! My first post in over week! (From my perspective!)
Well I had a great time up in London for Miku Expo! There’s already some full videos of the entire concert available online!
I was very impressed at their speed and quality!

The whole thing lasted two hours, not including the time to get in and time to leave. It was very very busy.

I did hit a bit of a hiccup though! My banking app was slow at updating, and PayPal was even slower at contacting my bank about the payments I was making. As a result my account was displaying more money than I actually had! Then several days later I randomly got a text that I had gone into negative! Then the next day they cancelled that payment to get me out of negative! And now I have no idea what’s going on!
Neither my bank nor my paypal have sent me any info about the payment that got cancelled. So I have no idea when, let alone if, I have to pay this off!

It’s a bit of a mess.

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» Chapter 28 «

Two as One Princesses Chapter 15

Hiya! I’m a back from hiatus and have now moved here in Re:Library! clap! clap! clap!
Well, it’s going to be the same as it was in my site, but I decided that site management isn’t really something I’m good at doing. So since I was given the chance to publish on a frankly better site that I had, I took it.
For now, as you may have noticed as well, I’ll be doing both Two as One Princesses and Life with a Tail but it’s not going to change anything about the upload schedule. I’ll be updating this series every Saturday (in my time, I was just late now, it’s probably not gonna happen again. I think. Maybe.) and Life with a Tail is doing it’s double chapter thing. Mostly because this has longer chapters that Life with a Tail.
Also, I didn’t forget about Succubus. Which might be updated next Wednesday.
Anyways, as always, please enjoy reading and have a nice day~

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» Chapter 15 «

Also, I’m on Patreon now. I would appreciate any amount of support, but I still don’t have any clear plans so please bear with me.
I might decide on updating one more chapter per month for every 50 dollars by everybody, but that’s just a dream.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 117

Robinxen’s AWOL Journal – Entry 4 Final:

Hello, I’m writing this the day before I leave.
It’s also the day before the Da Vinci event starts on FGO. Rotten luck right?
Why do I have to be away for the first four days of a major game event? Actually on that front, I’m going to really struggle to fit in time to play all my gacha games aren’t I. Luckily both Honkai and FGO are mobile games.

When this goes live I will actually be back home though, pretty funny to think about right?
I’m writing this before I go but you won’t even read it until I’m back.
As you’re reading this I’m probably frantically trying to farm materials to catch up on those games.

Anyway, if I remember I’ll edit this to have an update on how things went.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 20 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 116

Robinxen’s AWOL Journal – Entry 3:

So this is the third chapter of the week that I’m responsible for. It’s going to be weird having a huge gap until I have to schedule another chapter, I’m not used to doing it this far in advanced.

I should actually be preparing to board the coach home now.
I bought a couple of Light Novels to keep me occupied on the trip there and back.

Those are Der Werwolf and Genius Prince’s Guide.
Both of them are politics driven management stories but with very different setups. Hopefully I enjoy them.
Originally I had planned to read the book A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court, but I actually already finished that. Weird experience.

I’ll let you know what I think of the two light novels, or light novel…depending on how much I read.
Oh right that reminds me, you should all go buy Seriously Seeking Sister. Brilliant, brilliant, light novel.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 19 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 27

Robinxen’s AWOL Journal – Entry 2:

Hello again, well it’s not actually been that long since you read my last post. And I technically wrote this post first too just to screw with your heads a bit more.

I’m actually staying in a friends house while I’m up in London.
She’s female.
Yes I have female friends.
No sadly nothing lewd is going to happen.
Or has happened.
Or is happening.

Actually accounting for the approximate time it will be when this goes live, I should be being forced to participate in a social engagement in her house that is being hosted. I’m probably going to lose the will to live, please send your willpower in my general direction.

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» Chapter 27 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 26

Robinxen’s AWOL Journal – Entry 1:

This chapter should go live on the 13th, but accounting for timezones it’ll actually be on the afternoon of the 12th for me.
This means it’s almost been 24 hours since Miku Expo started, and slightly less than 20 hours since it ended.
I’m currently in London.

I shouldn’t need to explain who Miku is right?

I’m actually going to attend with a few of my internet friends, but I don’t really care about those. Well except the one who I owe money too…should probably care about that. Don’t want to suddenly end up in legal trouble. Hahahaha.
The tickets are VIP too, so apparently we get some goodies. Personally I care more about this than the concert. Music isn’t really my thing.

I’m a bit anxious about the whole singing along and glowstick thing.
Wait, since this will post after the concert I guess it’d be was anxious?

Just some thoughts.

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» Chapter 26 «

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