Dragon Princess Chapter 17

Is there any Pokemon fan here who still follow the animated series? In the latest episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Ash has finally won the championship competition of the Alola League. Many fans had been exclaiming how Ash has finally become a league champion after 20 years of adventure, but I digress otherwise.

I don’t see the Alola League as a proper league since basically everyone is free to participate without testing their skills first, like getting 8 badges before allowing to participate in the league. I see this more like the Orange League competition and Battle Frontier, where Ash wins in both of course.

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Dragon Princess Chapter 16

I’m seriously gonna kill myself with bankruptcy if I keep agreeing to sponsor any more Gender Bender webnovel translation. First, it was Female Knight & Dark Elf, then followed by Not Sure, Another World Reincarnation, which will begin publication next month. And finally, The Ancestor of our Sect, which has an unknown status quo for now due to conflict with another translation group. I am allocating 100 bucks to each project per month, so that’s effectively 300 bucks monthly.

If you have the ability to, please support these projects on our Patreon page or add Re:Library to your Adblocker’s whitelist (if any). Every little bit helps ease up the torn in my pockets, thank you for your understanding and support~

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 79

If you follow our recent news, and the webnovel “The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder,” then you probably already know that Re:Library had planned to take up that as our 3rd Chinese Gender Bender project. But what WE ALL didn’t know was that, another translator was already working on this project. When I made an announcement on Re:Library about picking up this project, that other translator just released 5 chapters like hot cakes in a panic.

Which in turn, caused me to panic and released chapter 7 ahead of time. I tried getting in touch with the translator and suggest a collaboration, but he refused me, now I’m just scratching my head over what to do. He won’t give us a monopoly over the project, nor did he want to collaborate, what are we supposed to do?

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 78

Once upon a time, there was many warning on social media telling us not to post our trip details and photos online to prevent housebreaking when you are away from home. However, that has never bothered me once since there will always be someone looking after the house even if I’m away.

Besides, I can’t just stay quiet about it when I go on a vacation and leave my readers hanging right? I’ll schedule the chapters well ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about the chapter release. I will be away for a short vacation during early November until mid-November.

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Dragon Princess Chapter 15

Old News, I’m sure many anime fans are already aware of this, but Shield Hero is getting 2nd and 3rd season anime adaptation! YES!!! All we can hope is that there are 24 episodes per season for a total of 48 episodes. It’d be awful if there are actually only 12 episodes per season. I’d honestly be disappointed if that’s actually the case 😛

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Dragon Princess Chapter 14

Looks like it’s still too soon to jump into the 2nd phase of Project Gender Bender, tried inviting a few translators, but we either received no reply or they still prefer to make their own blog the home base. Re:Library still do not have enough presence and popularity as some of the more popular sites out there so there is no appeal to the other translators out there.

The great Gender Bender Nation I envisioned is only my dream and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the other translators. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. I will continue to build the foundation together with the patrons and one day, hopefully, the translators will come flocking to Re:Library on their own accord.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 76

Wew, 7th of September was probably one of the worst days of my life. Went to a neighbor country to pick up materials for work, after I picked up the materials and went to a different shop to buy tiles. It was then everything started to go wrong. The car malfunctioned and my phone battery dried up, I didn’t have a charger or power bank with me, and I also didn’t have much cash on hand after paying for all the work materials.

Had to run to the closest IT store to buy a USB-C charger with what I have left, find a place to recharge my phone, only to find the USB cable was not working (even though we did test it in the shop once), then I have to run back to the IT store to exchange the item. After my phone is charged for a few minutes, I had to call the mechanics, towing services, and transport back home. One whole day was wasted with no work done since I also had to call the workshop to take the materials back with them until my vehicle is fixed. Sob… The worst thing of all is that the 3 boxes of pizzas I ordered online and never got to buy.

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[Female Knight and Dark Elf] Chapter 6 – 10

Hey everyone, I’m the new translator for the team and I’m in charge of the translation for this new novel!
I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoy translating it & getting feedback, either it be good or bad ^^

Here’s the new batch of chapters for this week

Silva: Heya, it’s Silva here~ Starting from this week, I will let Zzonkedd publish this novel on my behalf, this is literally his first time making any sort of public appearance, so treat him well 🙂

I will still pop in every once in a while like this to make a little announcement: The Patreon page for Female Knight & Dark Elf is now live, so if you have the ability to, we’d appreciate any sort of monetary support for this project! Once we reach a certain milestone on said Patreon page, we might even be able to expand into other Japanese Gender Bender webnovel translations.

Best Regards to all and enjoy the read~

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Reincarnation into the Barrier Master Episode 86

Hello, Ankydon is here.

If you see any typos/errors/etc, feel free to mention them in the comment section, for they won’t be neglected.

It’s been a while, eh?
A whiiile

Since it’s been a while, there might be a case of altered terms in some cases, for I don’t remember everything all that clearly. Hope for your understanding

Anyway, Enjoy

Episode 86
Episode 86 (Ad Link)

Dragon Princess Chapter 13

Aww… this chapter is so heartwarming. My rating for this novel definitely raised with this chapter. I would have been disappointed otherwise if the author took the opposite route.

Just a kind reminder, if you wish to support Project Gender Bender but do not have the capital to donate towards our cause, you can also show your support by disabling your Adblocker while reading on Re:Library. Every little bit adds up and builds a mountain 😉

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Dragon Princess Chapter 12

As Phase 2 of Project Gender Bender, I’m actually thinking of inviting other like-minded translators who do Gender Bender series like me to host on Re:Library. Thus expanding our selection of Gender Bender webnovel and bringing us one step closer to the Gender Bender Haven we all desired.

One of the translators I’m thinking of inviting is Estelion who does Wiseman, Game Addict, and Afternoon Nap, but I seem to recall Estelion being a machine translator with bad English skills, that’s half of the reason why I stopped reading Afternoon Nap and refrained myself from reading Game Addict.

If I am to invite Estelion, I believe there is a need to hire dedicated translation checker and editor to manage his work before we can publish them on Re:Library. That seems like a lot of work and investment in itself, considering how many unedited chapters had Estelion already published. 😬

What do you think, should I make the call to invite Estelion or nay?

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