Not Sure, Another World Chapter 39

So in my last post I talked a bit about how I got Railgun S on BluRay.

Railgun is actually one of the first few anime I ever watched, I was introduced to it by a senpai at school. She bought a psychology textbook on amazon but got sent a copy of one of the Railgun manga volumes instead and really got into it. So she bought the volumes that came before it and then watched the anime and got me into it.

The Raildex franchise is huge, even I haven’t touched upon every part of it, and it’s constantly growing with new spinoffs and sidestories in addition to the main novels.

But that’s only the start of what I wanted to talk about, a few years back I actually penned the concept for a fanfic.
The idea was someone reincarnating inside that franchise, but being too terrified to do anything because they could potentially derail the plot.
The core conflict being the ethical argument of whether they should accept a ‘necessary evil’.

What if they saved someone who was destined to die, only to have their interference ripple into preventing the conditions needed for a victory in a major event later?

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Not Sure, Another World Chapter 38

Hello and welcome, fans, aliens, isekaijin, fellow siscons and of course those scum among you who like XX chromosome wielders with useless mounds of fat! I don’t discriminate.

Today I have some amazing news!
I had to babysit!
I got the Invaders of the Rokujouma and A Certain Scientific Railgun S complete anime collections at 50% off!
What a bargain!
I absolutely love both of these so I’m really glad I got to pick them up.

I’d like to get the Index BluRay collections too but they’re really pricey for some reason!

Anyway here’s your usual chapter of Another World.

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Two as One Princesses Chapter 20

Heya~! The usual (but slightly/considerably late) update is here~!
I was a bit busy this week, so hopefully I relearned my lesson and start stocking up on chapters again…
Anyways, on today’s chapter we go from battle back to exposition mode and learn more about the workings of society (?) and the WORLD!
As Celia-san dragged them to a room, what will happen to our princesses (+ sorcery maniac)?
Will they be questioned for their crimes (?) and misdemeanor? Will they be able to leave with their secret? Will they ever leave the guild within two weeks?
Find out more on today’s update: The Course of Events and ___ and ___…
Now then, please feel free to comment and have a nice day!

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Hero’s Daughter Chapter 53

So we all know the reputation wuxias have for repetitive plots.
Been thinking about it a bit recently, and I think I’ve located the problem in their writing that causes this – a failed attempt at a chiastic structure. For those of you who don’t know chiastic (or “ring”) structure is an ancient and somewhat cyclical structure reminiscent of poetry used everywhere from the texts of the Abrahamic faiths, the Odyssey, the Illiad, and even the Hobbit (to name a few). It follows a pattern of callbacks, or even repeated events to draw the reader into the story. It is easy to see the attempt at this wuxia authors make, but issues arise with how frequently the inner cycles are executed without real progress being made for the main character – that is, the inner cycles that are being repeated serve no or limited narrative purpose that is never rewarded to the audience.

Imagine and MC that constantly goes to a new place, offends some young master, gets challenged by that young master, then kills the young master, then repeat (who am I kidding, you’ve probably read that plot so just remember, don’t imagine 😊). This structure doesn’t inherently make for a bad story, but it’s missing a few things that make it easy to tire of. The MC does not make any progress from this encounter – no treasure gained, no enemy made (as would be the case in a truer chiastic), no lesson learned. The MC has not gone anywhere for his troubles, he is exactly where he started – just with new paint. He doesn’t even remember the encounter. This is by far the biggest issue with the writing – a betrayal of the reader, a broken promise.

Adding some meaning to each of the encounters would allow readers to be drawn into the story. Well, there’s some other issues and fixes that could be done – but there’s a chap for you to read, so bye!

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The Saintess Chapter 6

Here comes the 6th chapter of the Saintess! It’s quite a weird and refreshing feeling to translate a novel without titles for the chapters.

On a side note, I think I will start the voting session for the teaser novels when both The Saintess and the Transcendent reached chapter 10. For now, I don’t have any other teaser novel in mind, so if you have something to recommend, better do it soon, and by soon, I mean ASAP.

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 127

I’ve sunk back into idol hell, 22/7 has recaptured me.
Sakura is just adorable, or is it Sally who voices her who’s just too funny.
They’re a great group. I think the advantage they have over Love Live and Idolmaster for me is that the idols behind the characters really live their characters.
They always carry a part of their characters in the daily life, as opposed to the strictly professional front the other anime idol groups have.

Sakura gets a figure in a couple of months, but it’s one of those prize ones you can win in arcades and stuff.
So it might be a bit of a pain to find one to import.
I hope I have some luck with that.

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