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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 327

Something else I finally did today was start watching Jobless Reincarnation.
I really loved that novel when I first read it, practically binged the entire thing on my first reading.
Then I read the redundancy epilogues and my opinion of the story was shattered by the sour aftertaste of all the questionable things the author included.
I really wish I could unread that!

But I thought I wouldn’t be able to enjoy reading or watching it knowing how it turns out but I guess I’ve got over that now and have been reminded how much I loved the main story.
Maybe I can dissociate the web novel version from the light novel, manga and anime versions in my head over time.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 52 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 326

Finally caught up with Arpeggio of Blue Steel today.
Man the manga is going in weird directions.
I don’t dislike it but…it’s not what I was expecting at all. I think I slightly prefer the anime version over this one so far.

It’s suddenly become weirdly metaphysical and philosophical!
Like some girl from ancient greece or earlier has just rocked up and dropped the bombshell that super advanced nanotechnology was mistaken for magic in the past?
Also something about souls and psyches existing?
Man it’s weird.

I just want my battleship AI waifus to shoot lasers at each other.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 51 «

Blue Sky Chapter 51

I hurt my neck staying up to 6am reading all my light novels!
I have so many to catch up on though!
I stopped reading for so long…
My web novels are even further behind.

There’s not enough hours in a day to read all my novels and play all my games and watch all my anime!

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» Chapter 51 «

Blue Sky Chapter 50 Extra

I wasn’t sure if I should post this as a solo chapter or together with a proper chapter.
But then I realised we only had one more chapter that had been checked over!
So if I did that we wouldn’t have a chapter tomorrow…

Enjoy your extra chapter!
Just as an FYI.
There’s no story in this chapter…it’s pure infodump! The signs of a bad writer.

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» Appendix 1 «

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