Chapter 87 – Dragon’s Magic Power Recovered!

Lawrence spoke to himself, “Legend says, Void Master was superior, they can overwhelm practitioners of the same level. However, there is one exception, that is as long as the practitioner that can control time does not appear. The Time Bender’s technique was known as Divine Law. Even practitioners one level higher than her couldn’t be her match.

Xiao Chen was still not very familiar with this world. But he came to understand everything from their exchange. The practitioners that could control time seemed to possess the potential of the sovereign.

Buddhist Yizhen could not seize the opportunity to watch the battle between that girl who possessed Divine Law and that terrifying guy shrouded in black fog until the end. Because when those two are battling, they kept shifting from one battlefield to another.

In the dark sky, one after another bloody lightning still kept falling non-stop. The rain of blood fell even harder, the blood on the ground was already one foot tall, fishy smell assailed the nostrils. No matter who see this kind of scene, their scalp will surely feel numb.

When Buddhist Yizhen saw the listless Yan Qing Cheng who was under Rowena’s watch not too far away, he was somewhat shocked.

“She is already my slave.” Xiao Chen ruthlessly gave this beautiful woman a crackdown.

“Hmph!” Yan Qing Cheng let out a cold snort. But she also had no other choice right now, it was impossible for her to get away with these serious injuries.

And just at this time, an uproar break out from not too far away. Under the bloody curtains, one after another white bones crawled up from the ground. Their eye sockets were completely empty.

“Goodness gracious. What is it now?”

“Could the Sovereign of Death really be descending to this world?”


Everyone turned pale with fright. Some people even started to tremble already.

This was originally a sea of bones. Due to the appearance of the ancient city, and the rain of blood, people gradually neglected the endless bones of the dead on the ground. But now, even this sea of bones was no longer calm.

Fortunately, not all the terrifying skeletal remains crawled up, only those that were still in good condition stood up. They were facing that ancient city within the curtains of blood. However, those hill-like remains of giant monsters also started to tremble, it seemed like they might wake up at any time.

“This place is not safe, we need to think of something.” Xiao Chen swept his eyes over this bizarre ominous land.

Only… the endless deathly still forest cuts off their escape route, and in front of them was that mysterious yet terrifying ancient city. They have nowhere to run.

“What are they doing?” The bewitching Rowena who was in charge of looking after Yan Qing Cheng, looked a little pale at the moment. She lifted her finger to point at the restless crowd in front.

When everyone was feeling terrified by these situation, there was actually a group of people who wanted to enter the ancient city. It seemed like they wanted to explore the ancient yet terrifying city.

“They are going after the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel.” Lawrence coughed lightly, his pair of eyes emitted an unusual light. His handsome yet sickly face was a little flushed due to excitement.

“Buddha’s Eternal Wheel……” Buddhist Yizhen gazed at the ancient city afar. His sight had already been deeply attracted by that huge Buddhist Artifact. It seemed like his mind had already floated over there.

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It seems like greedy desire is inherent in mankind. That group of practitioners already arrived in front of the ancient city, they faced the groups of ancient Yin warrior and Celestial Warrior beyond the city wall. They were scared witless, but they still couldn’t suppress their desire to retrieve the Buddha’s treasure.

Fortunately, the warriors in the city regarded them as nothing, they didn’t even cast a glance at them.

Nobody dared to enter the ancient city.

God knows why but the surface of the black city wall was flickering with a ******* ⌈1⌋ bewitching light. That group of practitioners are trying to climb up the city wall. The ancient city seemed to have been through the vicissitudes of untold times. The black wall had many scars and paw prints, so it was possible for these practitioners to pull themselves up.

Not long later, they climbed up the hundred meter tall ancient city wall. They were only ten meter below the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel. That huge Eternal Wheel was as big as a house. It was embedded deeply into the wall, one after another huge cracks spread out very far.

Someone finally walked along with the huge crack and climbed up like this. He slowly approached the Eternal Wheel, but just at this time, many small cracks appeared around that huge crack, and suddenly one after another scarlet blood started to flow out.


The very first person to get to the top let out a miserable shriek and fell. Something terrifying happened to his body while in midair. He actually turned into a skeleton in an instant, all of his flesh disappeared in but a moment.

At the same time, the black ancient city wall flickered with a ******* light. The bewitching radiance swallowed up the other people, the miserable shrieks rose and fell in succession. They were more miserable than the first person who died. One could clearly see their body being torn into pieces through the curtains of rain. And then they were completely crushed. In the end, they transformed into specks of light and absorbed by the city wall. Everyone was completely annihilated.

Just at this time, Buddha’s Eternal Wheel produced a metallic sound. At the same time it was shaking constantly, dazzling rays of light were produced. An auspicious and peaceful aura resisted the ******* bewitching light, then the ancient city wall slowly returned to its original state.

Along with the emergence of Buddha’s Aureole, the skeletons that were crawling up in the vicinity of the ancient city gradually slumped onto the ground. And those huge monster skeletons also stopped trembling.

“Roar……!” Only that… a gloomy roar that caused people’s scalp to feel numb resounded from the depths of the ancient city. That roar changed everything, not only did all the skeletons stood up, even the huge monster skeletons were raring to go.

That gloomy roar that sent a chill down the spine faded away only after a fit. But it seemed like nothing could stop this disaster now.

From the ancient primitive forest very far away from here, waves after waves of thunderous roars resounded. Even the earth started to tremble. It seemed like an endless waves of monsters are coming at this direction.

At the same time, the skeletons on the ground appeared from under many practitioner’s foot, beside them, or even behind them. The countless skeleton army sent a chill down everyone’s spine. Those small skeletons were still fine, but those hill-like monster skeletons were practically like a huge milestone rolling around. If the practitioners were to be trampled by them, they will inevitably turn into meat paste.

It was obvious at a glance, these skeletons were not undead creature. They were enveloped by a genuine negative fiendish aura. None of them had any soul fluctuation. They were genuine dead creatures, and yet they could move. This gave people an inexhaustible feeling of fear.

When the skeleton army attacked like this, many casualties were brought about immediately. Some practitioners were directly crushed by those ten meter tall huge skeletal monsters.

This sea of bones was filled with an unending fearful scream. Everyone could barely maintain their calm, fear welled up in everyone’s heart. Moreover, the roars of the beasts from a distant place were quickly approaching this place.

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Not long later, those thunderous roars already got within the vicinity. They could vaguely see twenty plus huge dragons. They were floating above the deathly still forest. They shot one after another glaring light beams towards this place from beyond the bloody curtains.

One after another thunderous noise caused everyone’s ears to buzz. Those terrifying magic technique of the dragons completely annihilated a large amount of skeletons within the sea of bones.

All the practitioners were incomparably terrified, they could clearly see the Tyrannical Dragon, Monarch Lion Dragon, Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, Saber Dragon, and other dragons just as powerful. All of them were actually floating in the sky!

Weren’t the dragons sealed? Why can they use their divine ability, and why are they attacking this area? While everyone was feeling terrified, these questions rose in their hearts.

The dragons had unparalleled strength under the heaven, their magic technique were just as matchless!

Those divine rays that streaked across the sky were unstoppable, nothing could bar its path. Large amount of skeleton army were annihilated one after another. Many practitioners didn’t even had the chance to make any sound before they were caught up in the extermination.

“Roar……!” The heavenly dragons were roaring. The rain of blood poured down like flood, the terrifying divine rays constantly exploded, one after another skeletal remains were crushed, even the ******* bewitching light of the ancient city became more extensive. Combine all of these together, it was seriously too scary.

Today, the dragons’ divine ability was actually recovered. The swamp of dragons in the distant sky already increased from twenty plus to thirty dragons, and the numbers kept increasing by the seconds.

So many dragons capable of downing the gods gathered together, the fiendish aura at present was unparalleled. But it seemed like they had a fear in their hearts, they didn’t dare to get close to the ancient city. All they did was bombarding this place from the distant sky.

In regards to all the practitioners here, it was practically like the end of the world!

All the upheaval today was not something the schemers would have expected. If they knew about this disaster, they would definitely not carry out the big confrontation. They definitely won’t kill until here, but it is too late now. This place has practically become hell on earth, the casualties among the practitioners are disastrous.

Xiao Chen was shocked to discover the three undead creatures; Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang actually rushed towards him and made a few comical gestures. Then they approached the ancient city gate.

It was impossible to retreat, the deathly still forest cuts off their path. Xiao Chen slightly hesitated, then he made a bold decision. He told Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen, “We have no way to retreat, our only choice is to enter the ancient city. There might be a slight hope of survival there!”

“Good. I agree.” Lawrence nodded his head to approve. The area that they were located haven’t received the destructive attack of the dragons yet. But the terrifying divine rays also landed nearby from time to time, it was only a matter of time before it hit them.

“That is the only way!” Buddhist Yizhen also expressed his approval.

“How can that be? That is a shady place! It is the ghost town that the Sovereign of Death resides. If we go there, we are only following the path to our own doom.” Rowena’s flowery face had already lose her color a long time ago. She was extremely terrified.

“We didn’t force you to come along.” Xiao Chen was the first to rush towards the ghost town after saying these. Lawrence followed closely behind him, Buddhist Yizhen also followed closely.

“Madman. You guys are madman!” Rowena puffed up and stamped the ground, but one terrifying divine ray fell not far in front of her. A huge bottomless hole appeared in place of the light, she was immediately scared witless. She detained Yan Qing Cheng and immediately chased after them.

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“Xiao Chen, you cannot abandon me! I have already given myself to you as present.”

Xiao Chen turned around to look at her, and said, “The so-called land of death may have a slight hope of survival. I will not follow the path to my demise. If you want to survive, you can follow us. But why are you bringing her along?” Saying until here, Xiao Chen glanced at Yan Qing Cheng. This is not the right time to hold onto a captive like this, it is best to kill her immediately.

The exceptionally beautiful Rowena revealed an enchanting smile and said, “Isn’t this supposed to be your slave? I want to carefully train her, and present her to you in the future.”


Another glaring divine ray descended, and left a huge pit not so far away. Rowena was frightened and let out a screech right away.

Xiao Chen let out a cold snort, he didn’t want to say much courteous words with this alluring woman. His pair of eyes flickered with divine radiance, and said, “I give you to authority to kill her if she tried to make any funny moves!”

Rowena untied a portion of Yan Qing Cheng’s restrain. Freeing both of her legs so that she had enough strength to catch up with everyone’s speed. The few of them dashed towards the ghost town and got through the daunting experience without mishap. It was also strange that all the divine rays landed in the vicinity, and didn’t hit them directly. It was like they were intentionally driving them into the ancient city. ⌈2

Xiao Chen, Lawrence, and Yizhen looked at each other for an instant. They suddenly called to mind.

“At the same time the dragons recovered their magic power, their divinity had also awakened and suppressed their monstrosity.”

“That’s right. They had regained their wisdom, it seemed like they were forcing us to enter the city. They are taking us to be guideposts.”

Even if they became aware of these, they also had no choice but to dash towards the ghost town. Because if they want to live, that might be their only haven. All the more when the dragons were intentionally driving them into the city.

They were more scared than hurt all the way. They quickly dashed in front of the ghost town. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang had already entered the city gate a long time ago. They are currently standing face to face with the Celestial Warrior and Yin Warrior.

“Are we…… Really going to enter?” Rowena speaks with a trembling voice. However, the divine ray that fell from the sky immediately interrupted her speech, and made her let out a screech.


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