Chapter 121 – Ancestral Dragon?

Two ancient ships with completely opposite aura, the difference was really too big. Yan Qing Cheng clenched her teeth secretly, if not because she didn’t have any other way, she definitely wouldn’t board this ancient ship. This was not made for human, it was practically a ghost ship.

It’s getting closer, much closer, the Sovereign King Ship was about to reach the shore. Its appearance was clearly reflected in Xiao Chen and the other’s eyes. The pitch-black body of the ship was carved with diagrams of ominous ghost, and the dark fog lingering around the ink-like ancient ship was raging. A huge underworld lamp was hanging on the ship, it emitted a dim white light which made the ancient ship appear even more eerie and terrifying.

After observing carefully, Xiao Chen and Yan Ching Cheng took a deep breath at the same time. They originally couldn’t see it very clearly before, only now did they realize that the Sovereign King Ship’s entire body was that of a skull opening its mouth. But the way it opened was really a little exaggerated, its arc bend like a crescent moon, and its mouth that was precisely shaped like a moon was facing the sky, forming the upper part of the hull. The other parts of the skull was submerged in the gold ocean. ⌈1

It was very easy for people to associate it with something bad, could this really be an ancient ship made out of refined giant skull?

A gloomy black light launched towards the shore from the ancient ship, it formed a deathly bridge which allowed people from the shore to board the ship.

“Get on the ship, let us meet again when the opportunity arise.” The demon smiled towards Xiao Chen.

“Many thanks!” Xiao Chen expressed his gratitude to the demon.

“Don’t mention it, this is what I ought to do, I did promise I will certainly repay the favor to Keke several folds.” The demon smiled faintly.

“Squeak……!” Keke didn’t seem to feel grateful to the demon, it was panting with rage as it ran towards a not so distant location. The little critter waved its little beast paw lightly, a seven-colored radiance appeared and enveloped a big pile of fruits at the beach, which included the coconuts, pineapples, oranges, amethyst pears, sweet dates, and so on. After that, it cheerfully ran back and delivered the small mountain of fruits to the Sovereign King Ship via the ghost bridge.

Now, the little critter’s plump little belly had already shrank, as far as food was concerned, it could even be said to be anything goes. There were many peculiar fruits that it liked, it specially requested Xiao Chen to gather those.

Seeing such a big pile of fruits being delivered to the ancient ship smoothly, Keke had a sense of accomplishment, it revealed an extremely satisfied expression.

Just when Xiao Chen and the others were about to board the ship, one after another dragon roars transmitted from their back, it was as ear-splitting as the heavenly thunder. Just when the ghost screech stopped, the dragon roars resounded, the scene was somewhat astonishing.

Xiao Chen turned around to watch, he only saw the figure of ten huge dragons showing up at the coast. They faced this place directly and let out a thunderous roar, it was actually the ten kings of dragons, which included the Tyrannical Dragon, Monarch Lion Dragon, Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, Saber Dragon, and so on. There were exactly ten dragons, they were the ten true kings of dragon race!

“This is……” Yan Qing Cheng was feeling very apprehensive, her beautiful face had a hint of fear. The dragon race was so strong that even the demon wouldn’t dare to provoke, if these dragons were to attack now, the consequences would be unthinkable.

“Wu……” A faintly discernible sad calls resounded, an unremarkable little dragon was reluctant to part with the ten kings of dragon, it was actually that dark brown tough little dragon, that incomparably proud and aloof little dragon that always went around challenging others to a fight.

It was reluctant to part as it paced back and forth in front of the ten most powerful dragon kind, it was unwilling to leave.

The ten greater dragons that was second only to the Dragon King also took a step forward and encircled the little dragon. The green Tyrannical Dragon, the gold Monarch Lion Dragon, the silver Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, all of them lowered their heads and licked the little dragon’s body lovingly. One after another multicolored radiance rushed into the little dragon’s body, they were also reluctant to part with it.

Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng felt relieved, the ten kings of dragons will not attack them, they are only sending the tough little dragon off.

The demon revealed an astonished expression, he looked at the dragons in front with blank expression, then he muttered, “Don’t tell me…… How is this possible! This is impossible, but……”

At the same time, Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng also thought of the same possibility, all of them revealed an unfathomable expression.

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“No, I must be wrong!” After staring blankly for a while, the demon woke up from the daze. He pushed his speculation just now to the back of his head.

Xiao Chen and Yan Qing Cheng also shook off that very idea at the same time, they opened their mouth and said simultaneously, “ It cannot be the little Ancestral Dragon!”

The demon shook his head strongly, then he faced Xiao Chen and said, “I remember you saved this little dragon once, it seems like your kindness have paid off. Although it is impossible for this little dragon to be the Ancestral Dragon, it shouldn’t be weaker than the ancient Dragon King. Since it is leaving with you, it will certainly follow you when you arrive at the immortal’s mainland. Take good care of it, I recalled a legend regarding the dragons, this little one have unlimited potential.”

Yan Qing Cheng looked at Xiao Chen with envy and jealously, anyone could tell the little dragon was a little different from its peers now, it was not the clumsy little dragon as it was before. Although it was a little different from when the eleven Dragon Kings were sent off by numerous dragons on the dragon island, there were only ten dragons this time, but each of them represented the strongest species among the dragon race. It was easy to tell that the little dragon’s identity was only known to a limited group of dragons, this little dragon was filled with mysteries.

“Just what is that little dragon, what kind of legends regarding the dragons did you recall?” Yan Qing Cheng looked at the demon, she really wanted to know the answer.

“I am also not too clear, I only saw the written records on a broken monolith found at the dragon island. It says that one dragon will not leave the dragon island along with the Dragon Kings, it will leave by itself.”

“Could that be the little Ancestral Dragon?” Yan Qing Cheng asked urgently.

“I don’t think so, that broken monolith had the terms “Dragon King”, it is impossible for them to refer to the Ancestral Dragon as a certain dragon.” Speaking until here, the demon was also not too convinced, but once he felt the power of the tough little dragon, he reaffirmed himself and said, “It is still much too weak compared to the little Dragon King, how can that be the little Ancestral Dragon? I am sure.”

Keke blinked its big eyes and curiously sized up those dragons, it already knew the tough little dragon will be going with them so it cheerfully let out a “squeak” and ran over there, it was not afraid of those ten powerful dragons at all.

Xiao Chen wanted to stop the little critter, but it was already too late, and the demon just smiled meaningfully, he wanted to see these dragon’s reaction towards the little critter, he wanted to find out just how deep was its background.

The fearless little critter that was as cute as snow-white pompom ran beside the black little dragon with high speed. It squeaked excitedly and jumped onto the little dragon’s back. After that, it ran around the little dragon, completely ignoring the ten kings of dragon that was second only to the Dragon Kings. ⌈2

The tough little dragon was very dissatisfied, it let out a few growls toward Keke, but there was little to no hint of enmity. After all, they could also be considered old acquaintances by now, it seemed to know that this naughty little critter was naturally mischievous.

However, the ten dragons fixed their eyes on the snow-white little critter’s treasured tree hat firmly. After that, they faced upwards and let out a long roar which shook the vast sky, the looked like humans that had just found the New World. Their gaze were glued on the snow-white little critter.

The ten dragons did not attack Keke for the time being, they had a strange expression when they looked at the little critter, it seemed to be filled with doubt, anger, astonishment, and all kinds of emotion.

In the end, the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon was the first to make a move, it stretched its huge claw towards the snow-white little critter’s treasure tree hat, wanting to take it off. At the distant place, Xiao Chen was extremely nervous, he feared that the dragons will kill this snow-white little critter.

The little critter Keke was not scared at all, when it saw a huge dragon claw approaching itself, it just stared at the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon while panting with rage, it shouted with dissatisfaction, as if it was questioning the dragon furiously.

What made everyone baffled was that the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon seemed to have understood everything, it hesitated slightly and the huge dragon claw slowed down, it didn’t drop the claw immediately, but it was very reluctant, its claw was swaying back and forth on top of Keke’s head.

The other kings of dragons also had a hint of hesitation. In the end, the somewhat violent Monarch Lion Dragon extended its huge dragon claw that was flickering with gold radiance, the claw pressed towards Keke all of a sudden, it seems determined to seize back the dragon’s sacred tree.

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“Squeak! Squeak……!” The snow-white little critter seemed to be extremely furious, its glittering big eyes were filled with anger, waving its little beast paw with all its strength, a seven-colored divine radiance enveloped the Monarch Lion Dragon, it wanted to stop the Monarch Lion Dragon with the confinement technique.

However, the Monarch Lion Dragon was a high-born species that was only second to the Dragon Kings, although its powerful divine ability had been sealed, its physical body was still powerful enough to make the deities tremble in fear. Although the mysterious confinement technique enveloped its huge dragon claw, the seven-colored radiance shattered into pieces in a flash. It was easily destroyed by that Monarch Lion Dragon.

At a distant place, the demon let out a sigh and said, “The dragons really are the most terrifying ones, their innate power is not something other race could hope to match.”

And on the other side, Xiao Chen was extremely anxious, he was scared that Keke would die at this point.

Although the confinement technique did not stop the Monarch Lion Dragon’s huge golden claw, this dragon stopped the claw by itself. The confinement technique exhibited by the seven-colored radiance was the dragon’s divine ability. If it was a little stronger, it would no longer be as simple as confining, it could destroy and annihilate everything in its path. If the ten dragons were not sealed, they could also use this kind of powerful dragon technique, this was a divine ability that belonged to the kings of dragons.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Keke looked at them without a hint of fear, it was panting with rage as it used its tiny beast paw to point at them one by one. It seemed to be questioning them something. This made Xiao Chen and the demon at a distant place look at each other in dismay, they were unable to guess nor imagine the reason for the little critter to act like this.


  1. Silva: From what I imagined, the entire ship was made out of a giant skull with the deck in its mouth… 
  2. Silva: Maybe the dark brown dragon evolved and turned completely black? The author did not use “brown” in this chapter anymore… :| 

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