Chapter 46 – The Sacred Tree’s Master

A divine ability that shocks the world!

This little critter mastered a bizarre divine ability, this is really incomparably astounding. Xiao Chen was being thrown up and down, one moment to the east, the next moment to the west. He was actually being treated as a toy by this little critter.

“Hehe……” The snow-white pompom actually let out a laughter similar to that of a human child. Its pair of bright big eyes were blinking unceasingly.

Goodness gracious!

Xiao Chen had a feeling as if he wanted to cough up blood, just what kind of situation is this! He felt somewhat preposterous, this is his first time seeing this kind of strange spiritual beast. His ability can already be considered outstanding, even Chaos was unable to stand up against him. However, he felt completely helpless against the little critter below him.

That little critter knows some strange confinement method, it doesn’t appear to be some effective killing technique. However, it is enough to keep itself safe from the prosecutor. Xiao Chen is trapped within a ball of white radiance, it is absolutely impossible to break out. He was being flung left and right by the little critter.

It really gives people the impulse to cough up blood!

“Squeak! Squeak……!”

When Xiao Chen looked down, he saw the snow-white little critter grabbed the Mongolian gazelle’s leg he roasted, and is currently eating it with gusto. At the same time, its big black eyes looked at Xiao Chen from time to time, and reinforced the confinement technique continuously. It didn’t want to let Xiao Chen get down no matter what, this is somehow driving Xiao Chen mad.

Not far away, the three skeletons carefully attached the bones that were torn apart by the little critter back to their original position. After that, they looked at Xiao Chen who was being thrown up and down in the sky. The three skeletons were very unfaithful, they escaped without a trace like the thieves.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” The snow-white little critter burst into a fit of rage, the three skeletons were incomparably unnerved, they slowly turned around.

Perhaps the little critter never ate food that was sprinkled with sea salt before, more than half of the glossy goat leg were eaten by that little critter. Its small belly is as round as a ball, it is lying down on the ground, and is having a hard time moving, however it is perfectly contended. It blinked its big eyes, and released Xiao Chen from the midair. ⌈1

Xiao Chen was tossed from side to side for half an hour, his spirit and strength were completely exhausted. In the end, he actually didn’t manage to break out from the ball of white radiance, it was the little critter who released him. This kind of confinement technique is really too powerful.

Without waiting for Xiao Chen to adjust himself, the snow-white little critter actually held on to the small sacred tree, and slept soundly.

Seeing Xiao Chen walked over, the three skeletons gestured with their six bony claws, the jaws also moved up and down repeatedly to generate, “Clack! Clack!” sound. Apparently, they are trying to explain something, it seemed like they wanted to say that it is not their fault for being unfaithful.

“What is going on with this little critter?”

“Clack! Clack……!”

“Is the little critter related to the small sacred tree?”

“Clack! Clack……!”

“Are you guys saying, this little critter is the original master of the small sacred tree?”

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“Clack! Clack……!” The three skeletons nodded their heads vigorously.

Merely this information is sufficient to explain everything, so it was actually the real master who came to their door. However, this snow-white little critter is really somewhat terrifying. It seemed harmless at first, but it actually possessed a terrifying confinement technique. Who knows whether it is in possession of other divine ability or not.

Night time, the flame throbbed in the woods, that snow-white little critter embraced the small sacred tree that rooted itself on an ancient tree tightly. It is fast asleep and smacked its lips from time to time, it was just like an adorable little baby.

What kind of intellectual beast is this? It actually possessed an extraordinary divine ability, if it is not covered in fur all over its body, Xiao Chen might really mistook it for a Syndicate Dragon King.

Recalling the day when he dig out the divine sproutling, the Sacred Dragon was disturbed and unsettled, it roared unceasingly. Even though he didn’t see what was going on specifically, he could assume that this snow-white little critter was tormenting the dragon. From that one can imagine just how extraordinary is this little critter! Just that we do not know how does it compare to those Syndicate Dragon King.

Even though he can’t bear being tossed from side to side by the little critter, it didn’t harm him at all. Moreover, it was them who stole the little critter’s treasure tree in the first place, Xiao Chen didn’t have any resentment, nor murderous intent in his heart.

Against his enemy, he can be cruel and unfeeling, but it is impossible for him to attack that defenseless little critter that is sleeping so peacefully like an infant.

Xiao Chen is not an inflexible guy, he isn’t like those gentleman who wouldn’t do anything when a beautiful women is in his embrace, he is an ordinary man. Power, beauty, and treasure…… he is equally enticed by these humanly desires. However, he has his own standard, he can tell what is right and what is wrong, there is no such thing as absolute justice nor evil, as long as he has this kind of mindset, he feel that he can still be considered a “good person”.

Early morning, the snow-white little critter opened its big glittering eyes. When it smelled the aroma of the roasted meat, its little belly makes a grumbling sound. It got up quickly while embracing the treasured tree. With a swish sound, it sat beside Xiao Chen, and impatiently gaze at the golden-colored deer meat. ⌈2

When Xiao Chen passed the tasty deer meat to the little critter, it exerted itself physically to open and close its little nose. After that, it cheerfully received the deer meat. During the time that the little critter was eating the meat, Xiao Chen discovered that the stolons of the small sacred tree was exposed to air for a long period of time. Due to that, the seven-colored radiance gradually dimmed. In the end, the luster was actually gone, it seemed like nothing more than a common sapling now.

Regardless of whether the little critter can understand him or not, Xiao Chen spoke in an organized language. He said everything he wanted to say to the little critter. As a result, the little critter curiously looked at him up and down. After that, it stamped on the sapling and tried to tear it apart in the face of Xiao Chen. Then it embraced the sapling, and as if it was presenting a treasure, it lifted the sapling to let Xiao Chen see.

Xiao Chen was seriously scared out of his wits, this little critter is seriously treating this treasured tree too roughly, it is such a waste of natural resources! However, beyond his expectation, the treasured tree did not get damaged in the slightest amount. No matter if it is the tree trunk, the leaves, or the stolen, they all appeared exceptionally tough and durable, it is incomparably miraculous.

The little critter seemed to understand what Xiao Chen was thinking, so it trampled on the small sacred tree to demonstrate to him. After that it planted the sapling near the stolons of one ancient tree. Very soon, the small sacred tree once again let off a dazzling multi-colored radiance.

Xiao Chen finally understand, this is tree is really a treasure, its vitality is incomparably tenacious. It is unnecessary to worry about damaging it, he also attempted to pull one of the stolons, increasing his strength over time. In the end, he discovered that it was impossible to pull it apart, this sapling is as tough and durable as adamantine.

No wonder the little critter was not very anxious about the sacred tree, no wonder it threw away the sacred tree after using it up. So it turns out the vitality of the sapling is actually very tenacious.

After welcoming the morning radiance, Xiao Chen and the three skeletons begin their journey. The little critter grabbed its own treasured tree, and it is reluctant to wave its paw to bid them farewell. It is very humane, it seemed to have a bit of favorable impression regarding these few robbers.

Xiao Chen’s wounded body is almost fully recovered, he decided to go to the treant’s valley and dispose of them ruthlessly. Even though those few treants are super strong, they are still transformed from ancient trees. If he set the valley on a merciless conflagration, he don’t believe the treants wouldn’t be afraid of the sea of flames.

When confronting his enemies, his killing method is very ruthless, he will not be merciful.

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Along the sides of the road, he discovered the tracks of many practitioners. The dragons and snakes have mingled ⌈3⌋ together on this island now, the situation is getting more and more complicated.

Xiao Chen already found the corpses of some practitioners in several places. Some of them didn’t turn cold yet, the watery blood dyed the woodland red. Entering the Dragon Island is equivalent to participating in a life and death game.

A demigod expert already carried the name of “god”, from the behavior of the Fallen Angel last time, she seemed to be avoiding the Dragon Island. After she forced the Sacred Dragon into the Dragon Island, she left at lightning speed. The Dragon Island sealed by a bizarre power seemed to possess a great influence on those demigod level expert, it make them no dare to approach.

Then what about the Historia level expert? He might encounter one sooner or later. Xiao Chen decided to keep away from the other practitioners on the Dragon Island, so as to avoid needless clash and dangers.

During the time they are advancing, Xiao Chen could feel someone following them from beginning to end. After he used the secret technique to scare away a Spell Master that is flying low in the sky, he still felt the presence of someone behind them. Until he suddenly dashed backwards for the Nth times, he finally found out who were trailing them. It was actually that little critter that resembles a snow-white pompom.

The little critter’s appearance was a little bit funny, it actually treated the sacred tree as a hat and wear it. The stolons twisted around both of its ears, without any radiance circulating around the sproutling, it seemed like an ordinary plant. People wouldn’t even be able to see anything miraculous about this sproutling. The little critter blinked its pair of big eyes, looking at Xiao Chen face to face. The little critter is brimming with intelligence.

So it was this little critter, Xiao Chen only laughed, and then continued their journey. The little critter is no longer concealing itself, it follow after them brazenly. In the end, it jumped on top of Lunhui Wang’s head, and crouched on top of its head. This caused Lunhui Wang to turn blue in the face.


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