Chapter 163 – The Floating Isle

The waterfall around Xiao Chen flowed backwards momentarily. After that, as if it had become static, spiritual energy gathered from everywhere and concentrated in the waves. It blended together with the mist and formed a dense holy radiance.

Breaking away from the wave, Xiao Chen leapt over to the mountain woods. These eleven days, he had much accomplishment. Not only his spiritual sense, even his body had become much stronger and was heading one step further towards the legendary treasure body. He felt that he was getting closer to the peak of Exuvia Ninth Celestial Layer!

That’s right, despite how his body and spirit were even more powerful than before, he still didn’t breakthrough the Ninth Celestial Layer. The rumored “great plains of the realm” was already blocking his path. It was very hard to make a breakthrough

The five major realms, Exuvia, Historia, Zephyrus, Nirvana, and Immortalis had nine Celestial Layers respectively. Advancing one Celestial Layer within a certain major realm was like climbing from a shorter mountain to a much taller one. Although it was very hard, it was not impossible to climb. Every time they make a breakthrough, they could feel their power increasing rapidly.

However, rising from one major realm to another was very challenging. The difficulty of rising from an ordinary practitioner to Exuvia was unimaginable. Rising from Exuvia to Historia was just as such.

Although Xiao Chen was already at the Exuvia Ninth Celestial Layer, and seemed to be just one step away from Historia, it was not as simple as climbing over a tall mountain anymore.

Right now he had to cross over a “mountain” that was as tall as all nine Celestial Layers combined before he could genuinely break into the Historia realm. From climbing over a mountain to crossing over a big field just as high, it was easy to imagine how far was the road ahead. The big field could be understood as a “huge mountain”, or maybe it could be said to be a lot of “mountains”.

The Ninth Celestial Layer of every major realm was like this. It was a very challenging hurdle.

If it were other people, they might not be able to break through this major realm even with a long time of training. They might end up dispirited and disappointed. However, Xiao Chen’s spiritual sense was very sharp. Although he was unable to break through to the Historia realm, he could clearly feel that his power was forging ahead vigorously. That was purely from the body and spirit. He was no longer placing particular emphasis on strength.

Not only did he not become dispirited, it made him even more happy. What could be a more joyous occasion than the evolution of one’s body and spirit? This was the road one must follow in the course of evolution. Only by accumulating enough capacity to arouse the body’s hidden potential would one be able to really break through to the Historia realm.

A Ninth Celestial Layer expert that continuously rose to a higher level even after reaching the peak, this was enough to make him stand at the top among the young experts of the south. Moreover, he was one of the very few fine woods found at the summit! ⌈1

After resting for a little in the desolate forest, Xiao Chen found Keke — who was soundly asleep while holding a big stack of spiritual items in its arms — several hours later. It must be mentioned that this snow-white little critter was really too intelligent. No treasures could ever escape from its discerning eyes. This entire south desolate region was practically a gold mine as far as Keke was concerned.

This was a scene that would even make the Gods jealous. The colorful light flickered unceasingly. Keke was almost buried by those mouth watering Amethyst Ginseng Kings, Rainbow Zoysias, and Gold Orchid Fruits. The fragrance was very refreshing. In the middle, Keke was soundly asleep like a child.

Soon after, Xiao Chen spent another few hours to find Tenax, who was riddled with scars. To make a Ninth Celestial Layer Dragon King sustain such injuries, it was easy to imagine how intense was the battle.

However, Xiao Chen was still feeling at ease. He knew that there were no tyrannical monsters that could kill Tenax in this mountain range. Zhuge Liang had given him the map of the desolate region around Celestial City. A lot of forbidden areas were marked with a red cross.

This was the training program drew up by the fatty Zhuge Liang for Tenax. It was all about desperate struggles in the wild, and was not only limited to the battles in the warbeast castles. It must be mentioned that this fatty really had good taste for the warbeasts, and was also very knowledgeable. He knew how to bring out their hidden potential with the most effective methods.

Zhuge fatty felt that Tenax was not the same as the common warbeasts, and only this method could really help it evolve unceasingly.

After resting for a day, Xiao Chen took Keke and Tenax along as they flew back to Celestial City ⌈2⌋. The house had been rummaged, it was obvious that people had paid a visit while he was gone. Xiao Chen felt that it was most likely Hofmann and Zhuge Kun.

That’s right, it was exactly the doing of their henchmen. Those two scums of society almost choked to death these past ten days. They had power but were unable to exert it. It was not easy to find a few senior cousins in the family to help them, and yet, they found that Xiao Chen had disappeared.

Xiao Chen paid it no mind as he openly left home with Keke and Tenax. However, he found that something seemed to have happened in the Celestial City, the number of practitioners decreased by a lot. Even if he wanted to put Hofmann and Zhuge Kun in order, it was impossible. They had also disappeared without a trace.

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After asking around, he found that a shocking news had arrived from the depths of the south. Someone had discovered the traces of a divine temple. And there were actually two young sacred beasts roaming around at that place.

In such a big south desolate region, only two or three sacred beasts could be found in every ten years. However, two of them suddenly appeared all at once this time. And they were the most precious young sacred beasts that could be raised with ease. This was definitely a shocking news. In addition to the traces of the divine temple, it was even more shocking.

The young sacred beasts roaming around the vicinity of the divine temple, how could they even be compared with the common sacred beasts? Their ancestry might be related to the deities, or perhaps they might be the deities themselves.

The so-called ancient deities were not necessarily referring to the human deities only. As long as one was powerful enough to make the immortals tremble in fear, not only the rare sacred beast with noble blood, even the plants could also be addressed as such.

If that was the case, then the two young sacred beasts were definitely the strongest among the sacred beasts.

According to legends, there were several types of sacred beasts capable to be claimed as the equal of the dragons! At that time, Buddhist Yizhen once thought that Keke was the cub of one of those few races.

If those two young sacred beasts were really from such a race. If they could subdue these young sacred beasts, then their future would be unimaginable.

The strongest race. Just thinking about it made one’s blood race.

A great number of major powers in the south had make their move. Some older generation experts couldn’t sit around any longer. Many of the younger generations accompanied the experts in their clan and forged ahead.

A lot of experts that originally came from foreign lands for the warbeast tournament also made their way to the depths of the south in succession.

Without a doubt, a lot of people would lose their life because of this. Maybe entire barren hills might be encroached by the thin blood. One must know that when the Ancestral Dragon Ship returned at that time, a bloody battle that lasted for a few months broke out. The sandy shore was dyed red by the thin blood. When Xiao Chen returned a few months later, there were still people fighting fiercely at the coast.

The dragon island had a god sealing power, so the older generation experts didn’t dare to go ashore personally. However, the divine temple in the south did not have such restrictions. It caused numerous experts to go and provide assistance in the first moments.

Of course, it could even attract the attention of a few old farts. The remnants of the divine temple was the main reason. Perhaps they might find some shocking discoveries from the remnants.

“Let’s go, we should also go join in on the fun. We will only follow at the rear to watch the show. We won’t be participating.” ⌈3

Almost all the youth generation in Celestial City had rushed over there, how could Xiao Chen not go? He believed that a lot of interesting things would definitely happen.

Target, the depths of the south!

There was no need to ask for directions. Distinctive traces were left behind on the road towards that direction.

The south desolate region spanned over thousands of miles. Millions of mountains, and thick jungles covered the entire region. The ancient trees covered the sky, the cries of the apes and the roars of the tigers rang out unceasingly. All kinds of monsters were roaming about. There were a lot of exotic primal beasts.

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Xiao Chen walked in the primitive mountain range with a leisure pace. He did not unfold the Undying Divine Wings at first. Because, he didn’t have the intention to fight over those two young sacred beasts that might very well be the later generations of the “deities”. Doing that was tantamount to throwing his life away!

The Dragon King War, that was a bloody battle that lasted for a few months. Only until all parties had acknowledged who they ultimately belonged to did they settle the dispute. It was definitely not a simple matter to decide who these two young sacred beasts belonged to. At the very least, a few major powers in the south would send their people to fight over them. With Xiao Chen’s current strength, he was practically unable to shake them up.

The journey went very smoothly. He didn’t run into any danger on the way. Xiao Chen was flying sometimes and walking in the mountain woods other times. He arrived at the depths of the south desolate region a few days later.

Of course, the so-called “depths” was only figurative. It was merely two thousand miles away from the Celestial City. It was impossible to really enter that fabled forbidden area. Nobody dared to really enter the deepest part of the south!

The ancient trees reached high into the sky. Each tree was about three hundred meters tall. There were even vines as thick as a water jar. One vine was enough to wrap around half of a hill. It was a really primitive forest. It was usually impossible to find the traces of anyone at this place before.

The remnants of the divine temple revealed themselves!

A huge broken stone inscription was standing in the desolate forest. A few ancient characters were carved on the surface. Each stroke seemed to have crossed the space-time continuum and arrived at present. That was the breath settled after the vicissitudes of time.

It was a shame that Xiao Chen couldn’t recognize those few characters at all. But he could be sure that the characters on the black chains that locked up the white-shelled tortoise were from the same era. The calligraphic style was practically the same. It was the sacred writing of the distant past.

After arriving at this region, he could clearly detect a few human figures swaying in the primitive forest from time to time. It indicated that he was getting close to the destination.

After passing through a few more mountains, Xiao Chen arrived at the destination.

The scene in front made him very shocked. There was an island floating in the air. Although it was only about five to six kilometer square, it was suspended on top of the primitive mountain range. It appeared very inconceivable.

The ash-brown island was just like a piece of huge meteorite. There was no breath of life on the island at all. It was only a little more than a hundred meters tall. It was far from being as tall as the mountain range in the vicinity.

Xiao Chen soared into the sky and overlooked that floating isle not far away. Not a speck of greenery could be seen on the isle. There was only a solitary ruin. That should be an imposing palace a really long time ago. It should be the residence of the deities during that time, the so-called divine island.

It was hard to imagine how it could still remain floating in the sky after endless years had passed.

Below the divine island was also a ruin. It had clearly been rummaged by people before, but not a single shadow could be seen at this moment. Everyone had went after the two young sacred beasts.

Xiao Chen descended from the sky. He brought Keke and Tenax to the ruins on the ground.

The broken debris, the pieces of monoliths, everything clearly indicated that magnificent buildings once stood at this place.

Who knew if those people had any harvest, if they had found something from these ruins. Xiao Chen did not worry about personal gains and losses as he slowly walked around.

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Suddenly, he shuddered!

He felt a bone-chilling fear!

An exceptionally terrifying aura shrouded Xiao Chen in a flash!

All of these was so sudden. It happened in the twinkling of an eye.

A gale blew up all the debris on the ground. A terrifying black tornado appeared in the vicinity of the ruins and rushed over at astonishing speed.

Xiao Chen was very shocked. That black gale was really too fast and rushed over all of a sudden. He immediately raised his power to the limit, but without waiting for him to make his move, he could already hear Keke’s angry cry, as well as Tenax’s roar.

The black gale that carried the debris and fragments of the forest trees actually blown Keke and Tenax away. It blew past Xiao Chen and didn’t hit him. Its target was only the two little beasts.

In that instant, Xiao Chen could only see a huge beastly figure in the black gale, as well as the black scales that glittered like frost and snow. He wasn’t able to make out anything else.

He was extremely shocked. That seemed to be a very terrifying beast. Xiao Chen immediately unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and chased after it.

Out of his expectation, the black gale was too frantic and quick. It destroyed everything in its path and actually broke away from the ground. After that, with a speed that couldn’t be seen with naked eyes, it charged into a distant location, then it changed directions and completely disappeared. ⌈4

It was too fast! Xiao Chen was unable to catch up even after unfolding the Undying Divine Wings. Moreover, he had no idea where did that black gale disappear to.

Damn it! Xiao Chen was extremely furious. They actually took Keke and Tenax away. Just who or what was that?

After unfolding the Undying Divine Wings, Xiao Chen raised his speed to the limit. He flew past one mountain range after another, wanting to search for traces of the black gale.

However, he was disappointed. He couldn’t find any traces at all.

They actually snatched Keke and Tenax away. This made Xiao Chen extremely furious. When he recalled that vague glimpse, he slowly calmed down. That huge beastly figure and glittering black scales indicated that it was not done by a human! This… he thought about many, many things. This matter might be very complicated.


  1. Fun facts: in case you never went hiking before. Trees tend to be smaller and shorter at higher place. The higher the mountains, the shorter the trees. 
  2. Silva: Xiao Chen, using the undying divine wings as a traveling method like a boss XD 
  3. Silva: He will be dragged into this, Oh I’m sure… 
  4. Silva: NOOO! They had been kidnapped! KIDNAPPED!! 

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