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Chapter 76 – Crisis

This area in the heart of the island were teeming with noise and excitement right away. Many alliances were very expectant, they knew a war was now unavoidable, Carlos and Wharton will definitely not let Xiao Chen get away with this.

Before Carlos came to the dragon island, he was already quite famous in the West, he was a young and talented Illusion Master in the West. And Wharton, he is the successor of Xiao Li the Flying Dagger, whose name would cause many people to turn pale. Their backgrounds are equally amazing. As for Xiao Chen, even though his name was never heard of before, his recent display of strength on the dragon island could only be described as strong and formidable. Their next confrontation will definitely be strife between dragon and tiger.

Regarding Yan Qing Cheng, her game of “Hide and Seek” with Xiao Chen was already in full swing, and with her identity as the Undying disciple, no one dare to underestimate her.

The unseen forces have begun to move!

And just at this day, the news regarding the Amethyst Dragon King spread out. Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton led a group to surround the young Amethyst Dragon King, but they were met with an intense counterattack. The young Syndicate Dragon King was incomparably mystical, all the weaker practitioners were killed during the break out. Even after Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton exhausted all their strength to inflict a fatal hit on the young Amethyst Dragon King, they were still unable to restrain it.

This news gave rise to a huge commotion, everyone’s purpose for coming to this island was to fight over the Dragon King, one must know after they mature, even deities will shrink back! If they can subdue the Dragon King while it was still young, then their future will be as easy as living in a fantasy.

But of course, the most powerful of them all is still the Ancestral Dragon, it is the emperor among the kings! The young experts once heard this before they came to the dragon island, the seal on the dragon island might be broken by the Ancestral Dragon. Without a doubt, that is something that will only happen several hundred years later. For a young Dragon King to grow up, at least a few dozen years are required, but for the king of kings, it requires ten times as much time.

All the practitioners on the dragon island are young men and women, even though it is impossible for them to leave now, if they can obtain a young Dragon King now, they will be an invincible force on this uncivilized island for many years to come. Everyone was boiling with desires.

Just at this sensitive moment, someone leaked out information regarding Xiao Chen, about how they saw Xiao Chen and the three skeletons making their way through the deathly still forest all the way to the West while carrying one multicolored dragon egg each. This news undoubtedly caused everyone to feel startled, just what is Xiao Chen planning to do now? He actually dared to steal the dragon eggs!

The recent news regarding Yan Qing Cheng’s ambush on the Amethyst Dragon King caused many alliances to pay close attention to any related news. Very soon, many people suddenly understood, the reason Xiao Chen stole the dragon eggs was to obtain a Syndicate Dragon King!

Immediately after a Syndicate Dragon King is born, they are already very powerful despite being an infant. It is very difficult to subdue them, the failure of Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and the rest was a valuable lesson to learn from. Many people speculated that Xiao Chen might be executing the Dragon Cultivating Plan! It is unnecessary for a female dragon to breed the egg, the mystical dragon egg will hatch by itself under the bath of the worldly essence.

Many practitioners unanimously came to this conclusion, this is a very crazy plan! If Xiao Chen knew he was being misunderstood like this, he would certainly be dumbstruck. Raising dragons? ⌈1⌋ More like eating dragons instead!

Many young practitioners couldn’t sit around anymore, each and every one of their hearts are burning with desires. Many wished they could go find Xiao Chen to understand the situation. There are even some who wanted to imitate Xiao Chen to go and steal some dragon eggs. However, this is tantamount to seeking their own death, after the dragon eggs of the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon and Elephans Draco were stolen, all the dragons at the border region of the dragon island already raised their vigilance. And the incident just happened at the inner region recently, all the dragons are already on guard. Just at this day, many practitioners lost their life in an attempt to steal the dragon egg. This make the dragons to be more vigilant than ever. It was very obvious that Xiao Chen’s three times attempt had already sealed everyone’s opportunity.

Nobody dare to ransack the dragon nest anymore. However, humans are selfish creature, just thinking about the power of the Dragon King, they are unable to lay down their desires. All of them began to change their attention, some eventually thought of…… plundering Xiao Chen. The danger will be relatively smaller, and they would still achieve their goal.

Their heart couldn’t settle down for a moment.

Buddhist Yizhen was somewhat anxious, he wanted to send words to Xiao Chen, yet he was unable to find him. Buddhist Yizhen knew if someone was to instigate the search, most likely a huge group of people will go find him in order to plunder the dragon eggs. If that were to happen, even someone as strong as Xiao Chen would get caught up in a crisis.

The next day, what Yizhen was worried about came true. Many people were already instigating the search, they wanted to track down Xiao Chen and seize the dragon eggs. Yaluo De, the young expert from Jungle Tribe, was among them, he played an important role, he was the one who added fuel to the fire behind the scene. Yizhen suspected that Yan Qing Cheng, Carlos, and Wharton were also the driving force behind the scenes. After all, they just recently suffered a heavy loss.

However, each and every practitioners who come to the dragon island were not simple-minded, how could they not know someone was pushing them in the dark. As a result, many people proposed; Since the battle between Carlos, Wharton, Xiao Chen, and the rest is unavoidable now, why not just initiate the battle now? Many people will go with them to witness how they settle the dispute fair and square.

Many people lusted after the dragon eggs possessed by Xiao Chen. They wanted to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain, so they pushed Carlos, Wharton, and the rest to the front. This could be said to be a pretty good move.

Carlos, Wharton, and the rest were not really worried, since they planned to go after Xiao Chen in the first place. To be able to mobilize so many practitioners, this completely boosted their morale. Using these people’s desire to create such a powerful force will inevitably give Xiao Chen a huge pressure. In the end, even if they didn’t make their move, despite how these people seem to be upright now, they will still go after Xiao Chen’s dragon egg on their own accord.

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Some practitioners from many alliances are secretly participating in this operation. Even if they look like they don’t care on the surface, saying everyone will go witness the decisive battle, many of them have ulterior motive.

Everyone passed through the deathly still ancient forest, and arrived in front of the snowy mountain very quickly. This spectacular sight caused everyone to feel endlessly surprised, they couldn’t help but stop their footstep in front of the snowy mountain temporarily.

At this time, hundreds of people gathered in front of the snowy mountain, and even more are still rushing over here. Of course, those who had a greedy mindset were only the minority, most of the people who came afterwards purely wanted to watch the battle. That was because Xiao Chen’s recent achievements were too magnificent, almost all the alliances who received the news were rushing over here.

Early morning at the snowy mountain, although there was sunlight, it was still very cold.

On a snowy peak, Keke was happily rolling around, it was not afraid of the cold, the snow felt as comfortable as a soft bed for the little critter. The three skeletons and Xiao Chen secluded themselves in an icy cave, and devoted themselves to meditate wholeheartedly.

The golden radiance caused this icy cave to dazzle the eyes, due to the refraction, brilliant lights and vibrant colors spilled on the snowy ground outside of the cave. It caused multicolored light to linger on this snowy world, and it appeared incomparably beautiful.

The life essence contained within the Monarch Lion Dragon’s egg was indeed incomparably dominating, the dazzling golden light steadily flowed into Xiao Chen’s body like a water ripple. Only after assimilating it for an entire night did the golden radiance gradually become dimmer.

The Shoulder Well Acupoint in Xiao Chen’s right shoulder was like a bottomless pit, it keeps depriving that tremendous life essence like it was nothing. All the dazzling golden radiance resembled rivers flowing into the ocean, all of them gathered at a single point! At last, they condensed into a resplendent light speck, the Shoulder Well Acupoint in the right shoulder had been divinized!

This result was not out of Xiao Chen’s expectation.

The Shang Hill Acupoint in the left foot and right foot, the Central Palace Acupoint in the chest, the Shoulder Well Acupoint in the left shoulder and right shoulder, five major acupoints in Xiao Chen’s whole body had already transformed into resplendent light specks, and were completely divinized!

Between the five major divine acupoint, some kind of connection seemed to have formed. A faintly discernible life energy was slowly circulating between the five acupoint. Xiao Chen could clearly feel the boundless life energy in his body.

Xiao Chen felt as if he had two lives at the moment! The exuberant life energy made his skin circulate with a glorious splendor. After a quick inspection, he found that even his flesh and bones were filled with plentiful of multicolored radiance. His body was flickering with the splendor of life, as if he was a gem that had been refined.

Every inch of his skin were brimming with power, it seemed as if his body was made out of adamantine. Xiao Chen could vaguely feel like he had a completely different body. ⌈2


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    Silva: hrm…. but the stage of Exuvia is literally shedding one’s skin and bones right? xD 
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