Chapter 90 – Eternal Restrain!

“The so-called Buddha, and the so-called life or death. They are nothing in front of me, absolute strength can crush everything!” The Solitary Sword Demon once killed Buddhist Yichi with three slash, he was indeed in possession of a preeminent ability. He left an afterimage in his original place, and appeared in front of Buddhist Yizhen while brandishing the double-edged sword in his hand. The sword produced waves of terrifying demonic whistle, the surrounding space was distorted immediately afterwards. This was the incarnation of absolute strength!

Buddhist Yizhen did not receive the attack head on. Rather, he flew up with a whirl, and went along the ancient street while defying gravity, he looked transcendental like a Buddha going for a walk under the moonlight.

“Solitary Sword Demon, let’s have a decisive battle between you and I after changing location.”

“I won’t die that easily. In front of absolute strength, every scheme will be wasted.” The Solitary Sword Demon’s confidence originated from his own strength. He didn’t stay for long, and chased after Buddhist Yizhen after shrouding himself in the black fog.

“The line is empty, sit empty, silent movement are all empty. It would go head to head. Like the cranial longitudinal sword cut spring……” ⌈1⌋ Buddhist Yizhen’s speech was faintly discernible as he gradually distanced himself. One could tell he had definitely advanced to a whole new level. Each and every speech of his contained the wisdom of Buddha. ⌈2

Not a single person from the plaza went after them. Even though that might be a rarely seen big battle, so much so that it could even be considered as biggest confrontation of the youth generation, none was willing to roam about randomly when they couldn’t even guarantee their own lives. Moreover, there were some ancient training diagram on the stone fences around this plaza. Although they were all badly damaged and difficult to comprehend, it was still a rare opportunity to them. Everyone carefully searched this place, hoping to find a diagram that was useful to them.

A sword-qi appeared suddenly, a streak of light went straight for the middle of Lawrence’s back. Even though Xiao Chen could feel it, it was already too late to help him. He was away from Lawrence by some distance, although he believed in Lawrence’s strength, the guy in question was already heavily injured after all. He couldn’t help but feel anxious.

However, green radiance rushed forth, and Lawrence’s body was enveloped by that hazy radiance. When the sword-qi that was launched towards Lawrence entered this bizarre space, it became slower and slower as if it fell into a swamp. A crystal clear throwing knife halted just behind Lawrence’s back! It was only a few inch behind him.

Lawrence turned his body around, and looked at the fence not far away, then he said, “I almost suffered an unfortunate event once, but the same attack will not work on me twice. Come on out, Wharton. I have already locked onto you, only one of us will come out of this alive today.”

Wharton, the successor of the Godly Flying Dagger Technique, turned around and ran away as soon as he stood up from the back of the stone fence. However, Lawrence soared into the sky and left a green trail in the sky as he chased after him.

Xiao Chen also didn’t tarry, his left hand was enveloped by the North Star Light Screen, and a resplendent star appeared on his right hand too. He emitted a threatening murderous aura. He didn’t want to let Wharton get away anymore. His figure swayed continuously as he left behind one after another afterimages during the chase.

“Xiao Chen, you don’t need to make a move. I have already locked onto him. This time I will let him taste his own medicine. I will make him understand Void Master is not to be trifled with!” Lawrence disregarded his injured body and was determined to kill the enemy. Nobody could change his killing intent.

They passed through the blood river. Lawrence and Xiao Chen were pursuing Wharton closely on the ancient street. In the end, they got back to the plaza. Being able to fly at an early stage was the Psychic and Spell Master’s biggest advantage, Wharton’s path was still cut off in the end.

Lawrence trapped Wharton in a green dimension. Unable to escape, Wharton could only choose to fight with Lawrence. Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger pierced the void and transformed into one after another dazzling rays of light. It was launched towards Lawrence.

However, when facing only one opponent, Lawrence possessed absolute control within the green dimension. He could respond to every single attack a single practitioner on the same level was capable of. The most terrifying Godly Flying Dagger Technique lost its merit today, all the Flying Daggers became so slow in this dimension, everything was clearly reflected in Lawrence’s pair of eyes. He unhurriedly evaded all the sword aura, and even halted a few Flying Daggers in midair.

At this moment, Lawrence showed everyone why the Void Masters were revered as kings, and utterly destroyed the legendary Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger! ⌈3


A metallic noise resounded, few of the Flying Daggers in the sky were broken into pieces simultaneously. The resplendent sword of rain condensed from void power took the form of Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger. They emitted glaring rays of light and was shot towards Wharton.

Even if Wharton was powerful, he was powerless to do anything at the moment. He had the same feeling as Xiao Chen at that time. He felt his entire body was being bound in the space controlled by Lawrence, he was actually unable to budge an inch, as if he was caught up in the swamp.

“Plop! Plop! Plop……!”

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More than ten glaring rays of light continuously ran through Wharton’s body, one after another bloody arrows came out from the other side. Blood flowed out like waterfall from the dozen of wounds on Wharton’s body. Lawrence defeated Wharton using the imitated Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger.

The green light screen gradually faded away. Wharton’s body swayed left and right. He coughed out blood unceasingly. He smiled bitterly and said, “At least I died in the hands of a living person. I am much luckier than the rest of you. All of you will die tragically……” Saying until here, he tore apart the front piece of his cloth. They could see a bloody big hole in his chest. Even though his heart was still throbbing, the mark of the claw was very clear. It seemed like his heart was almost scooped out. Furthermore, there were a few deep scars near his chest. ⌈4

It was very obvious that he was already seriously wounded, he wouldn’t be able to live more than a few days. And this suicide attack proved that he was prepared to die. As soon as he finished saying these words, Wharton fell on the pool of blood. Nobody knew what did he encounter, but that paw print didn’t seem like the doing of an ordinary human. Recalling what he said before, everyone felt a chill down their spine. This is a ghost town after all.


Thunderous roars transmitted from outside the ancient city wall. God knows how many dragons had already assembled at the moment, they finally began to go at it for real. Even if the survivors had made it to the center of the ghost town, they were still able to feel the unlimited fluctuation.

The dragons attacked in a frenzy, it seemed like they wanted to destroy this ghost town as quickly as possible. Even though the ******* light enveloped the ghost town, and the baleful aura was present everywhere, it seemed like it also wouldn’t be able to resist for long. Not long later, the entire ghost town was shaking, it seemed like it might collapse at any given time.

The rain of blood already ceased, the dark sky was illuminated brightly by the divine radiance of the dragon’s spell. It seemed like they wanted to split the hazy sky, and let the radiance of the sun destroy this ghost town.

In the middle of an ear-splitting thunderous noise, the dragons outside the dead city let out a roar simultaneously. Apparently, they were using a powerful dragon magic. The glaring rays of light were like the brilliance of ten suns, the rays of light ripped apart the dark sky and dispersed the demonic clouds above the sky. The sunlight shone down in an instant.

This is an astonishing change.

It was already noon at the moment. When the gleaming sunlight and the demonic light of the ghost town came together, rumbling noise resounded constantly. It was like the incompatibility between fire and water. It kept producing thunderous explosion noise.

Soon after, a deadly aura soared into the sky, a bloody screen covered the sun. Even though the demonic cloud was dispersed, the sunlight was still dyed in the color of blood by the ghost town!

The plaza produced a rumbling noise, the hundred meter tall divine monolith and few almost identical monolith illusions were moving around in a circle. They actually encircled the plaza, and trapped the black well that appeared in central-most plaza without anyone noticing.

Only until the bloody sunlight shone upon the world did that pitch black ancient well become especially apparent. Even though the sky was illuminated by the rays of light, it still appeared incomparably dark and bizarre. It possessed a magic power that causes one’s heart to race.

That ancient well was only three meter in diameter, an indistinct black aura was lingering on the well. It gave people an enigmatic feeling, it looked like an entrance to hell. The more one looked at it, the more puzzling they felt. It was incomparably bizarre, it felt like it would swallow up people’s mind.

The face of the huge divine monolith and the surrounding monolith illusions could finally be seen clearly under the radiance of the bloody sunlight. There were handwritings engraved on every monoliths, two identical characters were found on every monoliths: Eternal Restrain!

Xiao Chen was deeply attracted by the first monolith. It was actually Eternal Restrain: Yellow River! Isn’t this the divine monolith at his hometown, why did it appear here? He knew this divine monolith was an illusion, but it was actually related to the divine monolith on the dragon island. It really made him feel restless.

The only characters on the divine monolith was only not limited to “Eternal Restrain”. After the ancient character, there were different characters. Looking at the other ancient monoliths, he could see “Eternal Restrain: Lost Island” on the second divine monolith. Other than that, he could only see “Eternal Restrain” on the other monoliths, the rest were fuzzy. Moreover, in a moment later, those characters flickered momentarily and faded away. In the next moment, one after another vivid diagrams appeared on each and every divine monoliths.

Even though a few huge divine monoliths were in front of their eyes, everyone could tell that only the second “Eternal Restrain: Lost Island” was real. The rest were merely illusion that looked almost identical. What made everyone feel extremely shocked was that, all the divine monoliths were emitting a bizarre energy fluctuation, they seemed to be imbuing the real divine monolith with power.

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Under the bloody sunlight, the diagram engraved on the divine monoliths did not only appear more vivid, it seemed like they had been imbued with souls as they passed straight through the wall.

The first divine monolith, that is “Eternal Restrain: Yellow River”, had a very peculiar diagram on its surface. High up in the sky, black clouds covered densely. Heavy rain poured, huge lightning ripped apart the void. On mother earth, the mountain collapsed, the surface splits, and magma rushed forth. The entire mother earth was trembling fiercely. In the middle of the sea, the raging waves beat against the shores, the stormy seas covered the skies, and engulfed the heaven and earth.

The second divine monolith, that is “Eternal Restrain: Lost Island”, had the portraits of dragons galloping in the skies. It seemed like they were wailing. Many people and deities were also struggling. Above them was an ocean of blood as far as the eyes could see, there were hundreds and thousand layers of raging waves. A dried up mountain of bones stood at the center of the bloody ocean, it was rammed by the torrents of bloody waves, and yet the majestic mountain of bones remained motionless.

Below the dragons and those deities was a ghost town. The demonic aura was dense, the pitch-black gate to hell was half-opened. It was completely lifeless beyond the gate, it was a world of complete darkness. It emitted inexhaustible aura of death. What made people even more amazed was that, below the ghost town, there was an auspicious land. The castle was unoccupied, the resplendent divine trees and jade-like grasses were all over the place. However, not much was outlined. It was already at the bottom-most of the divine monolith, it was hard to observe more of the vast land.

The diagrams on the third divine monolith were made out of a few hardly related drawings. A farmer riding an old ox to plow the land. A shepherd guiding a group of oxen and horses at a prairie. A fisherman standing on a boat and casting his fishing rod into the river. A peddler standing in front of the store touting the wares. Few of these small diagrams were not related in the slightest, but when they were put together, it called to mind the simple life of humans. It made people couldn’t help but think of all kinds of lifestyle.

The diagram on the fourth divine monolith emitted an indistinct radiance. One after another imposing Temple in Heaven stood tall on the clouds. They were hidden behind the clouds, many bejeweled jade castles were faintly discernible.

The diagram on the fifth divine monolith depicted an inexhaustible purple fog covering up the heaven and earth. It seemed like there was a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses galloping within the fog, and yet it seemed like there was a bellow of countless creatures. This diagram was very fuzzy, but it made people’s heart race. Even though they couldn’t see the scene beyond the fog, the interior emitted a majestic aura similar to that of the boundless ocean.

It seemed like there was a sixth and seventh divine monolith, but they were barely visible. As for the diagrams on those monoliths, there wasn’t even a need to ask.

Under the radiance of the bloody sunlight, few of the visible stone inscriptions did not only seem more vivid, they were even transmitting a faintly discernible sound. These stone inscriptions seemed so real and so vivid. Each and every diagrams seemed like they had their own soul.

These doesn’t seem like stone inscriptions anymore, they seemed more like a few different worlds that were put together by someone.

Even though the diagrams on the huge divine monoliths were incomparably mystical, they still fell short to the black well that was encircled within. The more they look the more terrified they felt, it seemed like a bottomless hell that would swallow up their mind.

Under the sudden rampage of the dragons, the demonic well let out a faintly discernible heavenly music for a period of time, then it produced a mournful whistle that caused people’s scalp to go numb in the next moment. It caused every practitioners to fall back involuntarily. Even though the sound did not have an offensive nature, it caused people’s nether region to shrink.

The ghost town trembled violently, the huge divine monolith and the illusory monoliths also trembled violently. Even though Xiao Chen had guessed only one divine monolith was real, he was unable to find any faults in the other monoliths at the moment. It seemed like their souls had crossed time-space continuum to come here and provide power for the ancient monolith.


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