Chapter 204 – Brilliant Show

Draco had left, and Xiao Chen sunk into deep thoughts. Someone wanted to make a move against them, making it so that they are unable to leave the Celestial City. Doesn’t that mean the one sticking out for the White Tiger is not here yet? It seems that… there are still powerful figures out there, but who could that be?

“Three days later, you guys behave yourselves and go with him, don’t make me angry.” Xiao Chen didn’t want the two little beasts to be harmed. They left the dragon island together and arrived at this unfamiliar world. They experienced a lot together, Xiao Chen had already considered them as partners, so much so that he even looked upon them as his childrens.

Tenax stubbornly shook its head. Keke even directly grabbed Xiao Chen’s clothing. Their attitude was firm and distinct.

Since that old man in the South Wasteland had already declared, no man would be permitted to take a single step into the depths of the South, Xiao Chen wouldn’t hold on to any hope. That kind of person always kept their words.

The time limit was three days. What path should he take after three days? Xiao Chen didn’t know whether the danger would fall upon him or not.

The unknown enemy had yet to show himself, but his house was suddenly hit by a few waves of visitors. First of all, it was Zhuge fatty, he ran over with a smug face and invited Xiao Chen to attend the Zhuge family’s banquet in the evening.

Zhuge fatty just sat down and Fairsky had also ran into Xiao Chen’s residence as fast as lightning. He shouted as soon as he entered, “Xiao Chen, please come to my house later for an afternoon tea.

Soon after, the pretty boy Lazio also appeared. He also issued a similar invitation as he invited Xiao Chen to go and have a seat in the Mander Family’s house.

What made Xiao Chen most surprised was that, even the Reagan family sent someone over. Moreover, it was a middle-aged man. He was Hofmann’s uncle. A lot of disagreeable things had occurred between them in the past, they wanted to invite Xiao Chen over and have a talk to properly dissolve the past misunderstanding.

The most unexpected thing was that, even the two courtesans from the Moonflower Castle had arrived, it was Lyria and Carmina. They invited Xiao Chen to go over in the evening. Carmina was even casting a flirtatious glance at him as she said, “Brother Xiao, you will not miss the appointment right? You still remember the promise for when you beat Windfeathers last time?” Her tone of voice was very ambiguous and made people lost in fanciful thoughts.

For the same purpose as the others, someone from the city lord’s manor also arrived. The third son Liu Yu invited Xiao Chen to go to the Paradise Spa in the evening.


There were also many sects he had never encountered before who sent people to give Xiao Chen an invitation card.

Xiao Chen was sweating profusely as he looked at these people doubtfully. Could it be that these people had taken the wrong medicine? They seemed to be impatient to curry his favor!

He knew many people wanted to win over him. As far as the clan was concerned, it they could get Xiao Chen to serve them, their clan would have benefited from this greatly. If Xiao Chen placed himself into the hands of their sect, it was equivalent to getting control over Tenax and the Azure Dragon King simultaneously. And there was even the law-defying little beast, Keke. They would get three sacred beasts with unlimited potential in one fell swoop!

However, was there really a need to band together?! After all, he was situated at the eye of the storm and had offended a very powerful enemy. These major powers should have waited and see how the situation turned out first.

“I say… all of you…”

Xiao Chen just opened his mouth and was interrupted by Hofmann’s uncle. This middle-aged man from the Reagan family was really a smooth talker, “Little brother Xiao, by all means, you don’t need to be polite with me. You can think of me like your soul brother. Although we have some misunderstanding in the past, there’s a so-called proverb; no discord, no concord. Only then would this be called a predestined relationship! If you are still so angry at Hofmann that it’s unbearable, come with me immediately and trample him to your heart’s content. I already don’t have good impression of that boy to begin with. Little brother Xiao, you teaching him a lesson could also serve as disciplining him on our behalf.”

Xiao Chen was a little speechless. At that time, this family sent a few Historia level experts to dispose of him. And later, they even sent an old man over to kill him personally. How did he make it so that it really sounded like a predestined relationship?

Zhuge fatty’s big belly shook randomly as he walked over to hold Xiao Chen’s arm. Then he turned around to face those people, “This fat gentleman will let you know. I am the very first to get acquainted with brother Xiao. It could even be said we are brought together by fate. I was already acquainted with him over at the South Sea. I am more familiar with him than any of you!”

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These words made Xiao Chen break out in goose bumps all over. ⌈1

Fairsky also squeezed in from the crowd and hold on to Xiao Chen’s other arm as he said, “It was I who gave this house to brother Xiao as a present. As for our relationship, there’s no need to mention it.” ⌈2

“Pig head fatty! ******* transvestite!” Someone from among the crowd cursed in a low voice.

“Mother f—! Who dares to scold me?” Zhuge fatty was searching for the perpetrator angrily.

“Who was it? Show yourself!” Fairsky was utterly discomfited.


The courtyard was a complete mess. Even beauties like Carmina and Lyria were joining in the fun.

Xiao Chen heaved a sigh. This world was very realistic, these people’s action and scheme… it was easily understandable. It must be because of Draco. Maybe someone recognized his identity and gave rise to a misconception.

After Slovak saw Draco in Celestial City, the news spread like wildfire and allowed many big clans to receive the secret report. Within the city, who knows just how many pair of eyes were watching Draco’s every moment.

Just who was Draco, how could he not have noticed that he was being tailed? However, he didn’t seem to care and arrived at Xiao Chen’s residence through the front door.

This undoubtedly gave every major power in the Celestial City a misunderstanding; that Xiao Chen really had some relationship with that old man in the South Wasteland. No wonder his previous actions were so similar to Draco’s. Now the person himself had even visited him personally.

Due to this misunderstanding, all doubts in regards to Xiao Chen’s identity had been thoroughly eliminated.

As a matter of fact, the aforementioned was only one of the reason, there was another reason he had yet to call to mind.

The major powers in the Celestial City could even be said to have many eyes and ears. At this most crucial moment, they actually unearthed a major secret from the Undying Sect. The legendary founder of the Demon Sect was actually still alive, and he had an unusual friendship with Xiao Chen!

The major powers in the Celestial City knew Xiao Chen and the Undying Sect had a special relationship. And exactly on this very day, they used a huge amount of money to purchase the internal news from the Undying Sect. How could they not be convinced?

This was undoubtedly a shocking news!

However, there’s no way for everyone to know that the founder of the Demon Sect had already reincarnated as a demon and was still on the dragon island. They completely took it for granted and conducted a false mental association.

The founder of the Demon Sect and that existence in the South Wasteland, they were peerless experts that had withdrawn from worldly affairs. If the legends were true, they were unconditionally the strongest under the sun.

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These two news were spread out on the same day. How could these big clans not be shaken? They felt Xiao Chen was all the more extraordinary, to actually have such unusual relationship with those two fierce characters. As if agreed by chance, everyone immediately dispatched groups of people to scout him, in fear that they would be one step slower than the others.

So what if they eyed Xiao Chen covetously and made some powerful enemies in turn? These big clans no longer cared. Even if there was really a White Tiger clan, so what? They have the protection of the dragons! Even the founder of the Demon Sect was behind them, so what was there to worry about?!

Furthermore, some clans believed that Xiao Chen also had the backing of the Phoenixes. After all, someone had once seen Xiao Chen carrying a phoenix feather with his own eyes.

Xiao Chen only knew one of the reasons, he didn’t know they had some other motives. However, he knew that there’s no such “friendship”. In this cruel world of immortals, everything was very realistic.

After sending everyone off politely, Xiao Chen laughed at himself. He was originally on the edge of a risky circumstance, but now everyone was so “crazed” over him. He really didn’t know what kind of expressions everyone would wear after knowing the truth.

“The dragons… he really have an unusual friendship with that existence in the South Wasteland?”

In the Undying Sect, Yan Qingcheng’s master, Liu Qingfeng, was unable to maintain his calm demeanor anymore. He wore a dissatisfied expression.

“Who leaked these information?”

It would be impossible to find out in a short time. The news that the founder of the Demon Sect was still alive was a secret only a very few elders in the Undying Sect knew about.

“What?” Liu Qingfeng suddenly received a report when he was contemplating. Many people tried to scout Xiao Chen, what’s more excessive was that, some people even wanted to marry off their daughters to entice this man who had suddenly become a mighty figure.

Liu Qingfeng spoke to himself, “If the dragons step in, Xiao Chen’s safety is all but assured. If he got pulled in by some big clan, it would be equivalent to taking control over three sacred beasts, especially that snow-white little critter with unimaginable future accomplishment. What’s more, they could establish some kind of connections with the dragons. Marrying off a daughter is really too worth it… Summon Qingcheng at once. Xiao Chen is closest to our sect to begin with. For all of these to happen so suddenly, if we don’t take the initiatives, perhaps the three sacred beasts will really fall into other people’s hands.”

“However… senior brother, didn’t the patriarch said so? We must treat Xiao Chen with utmost sincerity and not talk about benefit or loss…” An elder to the side issued a different opinion.

“Life itself is a drama, when it is necessary, we have to put up a show. It is very difficult to say what one means.” Speaking until here, Liu Qingfeng added, “Anyway… it’s fine as long as we don’t bring harm to Xiao Chen.”

Not long later, the fairy-like Yan Qingcheng had arrived at the big hall. Liu Qingfeng made everyone leave the hall with a wave of his hand.

Some disciples vaguely heard Yan Qingcheng’s voice, “No… I don’t want to!”

Some with sharp ears even heard Liu Qingfeng’s voice, “Qingcheng, you should…”

At present, Xiao Chen was getting pulled by two acquaintances. He felt somewhat helpless and awkward.

Even though they were friends, their family’s benefits seemed to be more important. Fairsky and Zhuge fatty wanted to invite Xiao Chen to their family before the others.

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Not long later, one of the pearls of the South, Fairsnow, arrived personally. Peerless in style, graceful, and unmatched in beauty.

Zhuge fatty secretly heaved a sigh. He pulled Xiao Chen to one side and sincerely said in a low voice, “I am not from the direct line of the Zhuge family, I am forced into this. As a friend, let me give you a word of advice. You must not be enticed by Fairsnow, this girl is really…”

Speaking until here, the fatty stopped speaking. That was because Fairsnow had already arrived in the front. The fatty immediately scrammed.


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