Chapter 131 – Level Up, Success

The dragon cave was built on the cliff, it was about ten meter from the ground, that huge dragon cave was very wide, even if these jade-like dragon couples transformed into huge Winged Dragons, there was enough space for them to stretch their body.

The rock walls within the dragon cave were polished until they were smooth and shiny, it was wide and deep, but the interior was not dusky at all. On the contrary, the depths of the dragon cave was as bright as daytime, the roof of the cave was embedded with many jewels, which provided enough light source.

And what made Xiao Chen believe that the Winged Dragons had a hobby of collecting treasures was that; he saw a pile of gold coins and jewels in front. The glorious radiance was so brilliant that made people unable to open their eyes.

Xiao Chen was dumbstruck, he didn’t dare to believe his eyes, so much jewels all in one place was really too astonishing. No wonder Lawrence and the others always said there would inevitably be someone who was determined to become the legendary dragon slayer. One dragon cave was precisely a treasure in itself, if they could massacre the Winged Dragon, they would have obtained treasures that could last them a few lifetime.

“See~ Look at this greedy *******’s eyes, I didn’t lie, not only did he bully me, he wanted to steal our treasure.” The little Winged Dragon had a very puerile voice when it was speaking. Obviously, it was still very young.

Looking at that little beast who accused him, Xiao Chen was really a little speechless. Could this be the so-called early maturing? Regardless if it was Keke, those little Dragon Kings, or this little Winged Dragon, they all possessed an out-of-ordinary wisdom.

“Little guy, you shouldn’t lie. Otherwise you will become fat and turn as round as a ball.”

“Who are you calling small, you are not as tall as me.” The three meter long little Winged Dragon walked over and stood gallantly to look down at Xiao Chen, then it said, “You are a bad guy, you bully me……”

Here it goes again…… Seeing how it was able to speak human tongue, Xiao Chen felt that it was a little funny, but he was unable to laugh in a situation like this.

“What of our proposal from earlier?” The little Winged Dragon’s parents opened their mouth to ask again, although it was very solemn, it was fortunate that they didn’t have killing intent.

“What legendary dragon martial skill, I never heard of it before. Besides, that tough little dragon was always playing it cool, even if it know the secret arts, it is hard to say if it will listen to me and pass the skill to your child. Although the relationship between us is friendly, you guys should know that it is a very proud little dragon.”

While he was saying these, Xiao Chen began to change his mindset, his astonished mentality from seeing so much treasures in the dragon cave slowly calmed down. He started to think of the matter regarding the tough little dragon, it was actually able to arouse these Winged Dragon couple’s attention, the tough little dragon was getting all the more uncommon.

“It doesn’t matter if you succeed or not, what matters is that you tried your best. Otherwise you will have offended us for bullying our child and wanting to steal our treasures. It doesn’t matter to us whether you are the Undying Sect’s guest or not, we can dispose of you any time we want. You must know that we the reason we continue to stand guard here at the Undying Sect is because of their ancestor. There won’t be a big problem even if we slaughter a few people once in a while.”

The little Winged Dragon’s mother opened her mouth to speak.

Although they were very serious, Xiao Chen could catch a slight smile on their face. They obviously didn’t have the slightest amount of killing intent. On the contrary, it was as if their scheme had succeeded.

Goodness gracious! Xiao Chen felt a bit helpless, it seems that even if this had not happened today, these two Winged Dragon might go to find him sooner or later. Apparently, they had already planned for this a long time ago.

“Alright, I will try my best, it’s not my problem anymore no matter how it ended.”

“Then we’ll give you our thanks in advance. Oh, we knew that you are attempting to learn the Undying Heavenly Wings, we can give you some pointers.” The little Winged Dragon’s father said with a smile on his face.

“How did you guys find out?”

“A person who had returned from the dragon island, how can we ignore someone like that.”

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“You will help me cultivate the Undying Divine Wings?”

“We can give you a pointer or two, we did study the Undying Sect’s scripture before.” The little Winged Dragon’s mother had a very amiable smile, it made people feel as if they were cleansed by spring breeze.

“You guys also practiced it before?” Xiao Chen was very shocked, the dragons were able to practice the human’s heavenly arts, this was a really shocking fact.

“Due to the differences in physique, we only studied it for a while. Without a few years of hard work, you won’t be able to master the Undying Divine Wings, this is a step-by-step process, you can’t rely on your power to make a breakthrough, you need to slowly open access the acupuncture point for the divine wings……”

After listening to the dragon couple’s stories, Xiao Chen gained more insight regarding the Undying Divine Wings. The human body had numerous acupuncture points, but people didn’t understand everything about the acupuncture points. Generally speaking, all they knew about were the major acupuncture points in the human body. Such as the dozens of “Flight Acupoints” that the Undying Divine Wings required, they were acupuncture points that had never been heard of before.

What was written in the Undying Sect’s scripture were very brief, it only mentioned to open up those mysterious “Flight Acupoints” at the back to generate the Undying Divine Wings, but it didn’t mention in detail how many of those acupuncture points were there.

In accordance with what Xiao Chen had known before, he thought there were only forty to fifty acupuncture points involved, but now he finally knew there were actually eighty-one acupuncture points, they were collectively known as the Flight Acupoints. ⌈1

Having someone to guide him was more effective than learning by himself, especially when it came to this kind of scripture. Just knowing the method was far from enough, the predecessor’s experience was also very important.

These dragon couple had stayed at the Undying Sect for nearly a thousand years, they knew a lot of secrets. After listening to their explanation, Xiao Chen finally realized how he should go about with his training, he didn’t need to observe how the little Winged Dragon operate its dragon force to fly anymore.

Because he had enough power, he had already opened nearly half of the Flight Acupoints, maybe he would be able to master it in half a year later. Only until that time would he be able to generate the genuine Undying Divine Wings, because even if one acupuncture point was missed, it would be hard to control the divine wings.

After Xiao Chen left the dragon cave, the dragon couple had a very solemn expression as they said to Xiao Chen, “The matter regarding that little dragon, you must not tell anyone, otherwise you will be in for a great disaster.”

Xiao Chen nodded his head doubtfully, it seemed like the tough little dragon had many secrets, this was not the first time he had thought of it, the proud little black dragon might be the Ancestral Dragon, but he kept overthrowing that idea. Legend says the Ancestral Dragon was extraordinary gifted the moment it was born, even the Dragon Kings were not its opponent. As far as the tough little dragon was concerned, all of these requirements were not met. Xiao Chen could only think of the tough little dragon as a competitive dragon, maybe it might become as good as the Dragon King one of these days.

“No way, I don’t like that little rascal, it came to disturb me all day long, I don’t want to learn any legendary whatever martial skill from it!”

When he left the dragon cave, Xiao Chen heard a few exchange of words between the dragon couple and the little Winged Dragon, they seemed to have touched upon the topic of “Dragon King”.

The time passed day after day, but Xiao Chen gained little benefits everyday.

It had already been ten days since he received the advice from the dragon couple, Xiao Chen spent most of his time immersed in a mysterious meditation realm. He was currently training his personal secret arts, that was his root after all.

At this moment, he suddenly felt as if he was floating high in the clouds, his entire body felt as light as feather. ⌈2⌋ Moreover, it seemed as if his soul was about to materialize and flew out from his body. An musky fragrance was emitted from his body.

Shortly afterwards, there was a loud rumbling sound, it was as if a sudden clap of thunder had resounded in his sea of consciousness, he actually made a breakthrough in this kind of quiet meditation; rising to Eighth Celestial Layer from the Seventh Celestial Layer, he leveled up again.

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His entire body flickered like a gem, as if his body had become sage-like. A fragrant breath was lingering in the room, his eyes were as sharp as the blade at this moment, his three energies had reached a new level which he couldn’t touch upon in the past.

A powerful energy was circulating in his body that was flickering with radiance, it was like a surging river, maybe it might be more accurate to say it was like a torrential river. It made him feel as if he possessed endless energy. Everything did not come to an end at this point, the energy surged through hundreds of blood vessels in his body unceasingly, it didn’t stop for the following three days and three night. It seemed like his body was being refined, he could clearly feel the changes in his body.

In the end, every inch of his skin was as crystal clear the bronze-colored divine jade, it was brimming with explosive power. His physique was much too powerful compared to before. When everything had finally calmed down, Xiao Chen found to his surprise that he had actually promoted to the peak of Eight Celestial Layer. There was only a fine line separating him from the Ninth Celestial Layer, it felt as if he might make a breakthrough at any time.

He almost breakthrough two levels at once, this was truly an unexpected surprise, one must know that it would get all the more challenging the more one advanced, making a leap like this was very rarely seen.

Xiao Chen clearly understood all of this was because the martial arts he learned from the dragon island had been perfected one step further, that was the reason he was able to make a breakthrough like this. This made him all the more convinced, that he would only practice this secret arts. If he wanted to learn other martial arts, it should be like the Demonic Seal, extracting the essence, turning it into a killing move, and not learn the original arts. As for the Undying Divine Wings, it was more like a skill, he didn’t need to change his main secret arts.

There was another nice surprised in store for Xiao Chen’s transformation this time, when the powerful energy that grew and multiplied without end finally stabilized, he felt a burning hot aura coming from his back. The purple radiance was flickering, and the entire house was covered by the purple mist, it was misty and brilliant.

The Eighth Celestial Layer peak energy that finally stabilized and calmed down started to revolt again, all of them charged into all the “Flight Acupoints” at his back. While the bones were making grinding noise, Xiao Chen’s body trembled again and again, concentrated beads of sweat emerged on the surface of his body. As if his body had been moistened by water, he was dripping with sweat from head to toe.

With the final ringing sound produced by the joints, Xiao Chen’s body trembled repeatedly, and then a rumbling sound transmitted from his sea of consciousness. In that instant, he felt as if he was soaring high in the clouds, he knew that he must have mastered the Undying Divine Wings this time!


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