Chapter 100 – Harvesting Dragon King

On that afternoon, the few of them decided to leave the ice and snow world, and return to the exuberant mountain woods brimming with vitality. Just at this time, Xiao Chen recalled the three dragon eggs he buried at this snowy mountain. The Monarch Lion Dragon’s egg had already been refined by him. The Tyrannical Dragon, Saber Dragon, and Thunder Dragon’s egg were still preserved in good condition at this place.

When they heard Xiao Chen mentioned this. Not only was Rowena startled and excited, even Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen were emotionally moved. They heard about the battle that unfolded on the snowy mountain due to the dragon eggs before, but they never thought Xiao Chen actually managed to get so many dragon eggs.

When everyone entered that region, all of them stopped at the same time. That was because they could feel the fluctuation of life, it was precisely on that mountain peak where Xiao Chen said he buried the dragon eggs. They thought of the same possibility simultaneously……

They quickly rushed up, Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen followed Xiao Chen’s instruction, and destroyed a thick layer of ice. A snowy cave revealed itself.

After clearing up the ice and snow at the tunnel entrance, dazzling rays of light immediately overflowed. Three magical dragon eggs were as beautiful as jade. The green Tyrannical Dragon’s egg flickered with glorious divine radiance. It was crystal clear, and as eye-catching as a green moon. An intoxicating radiance was circulating on the Saber Dragon’s jasper-like eggshell, it had a striking resemblance with spiritual jadeite. Purple splendor was lingering on the Thunder Dragon’s egg. It was extraordinarily beautiful, as if it was carved out of amethyst.

And just at this time, the fluctuation of life became more intense. It actually originated from the Tyrannical Dragon and Saber Dragon’s eggs. Xiao Chen and the rest were right on the mark, a young dragon or two was about to be born.

“This…… the temperature is so low here, and yet they are able to break free from the shell. This is inconceivable.” Lawrence sighed in awe.

Buddhist Yizhen explained, “The temperature have nothing to do with it. The dragon eggs will absorb the worldly essence by itself, when they collected sufficient spiritual energy, the young dragon will break free from the shell by itself.”

Xiao Chen also never thought it would become like this.


The sound of cracking eggshell could be heard, a small crack appeared on the Tyrannical Dragon’s egg. A green divine radiance emitted from the crack.

Xiao Chen hastily called everyone out of the cave, he told Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen at the entrance of the cave, “I have a feeling, that Tyrannical Dragon’s egg might produce a young dragon king. I believe the first person it see will leave a deep impression in its heart. Among the two of you, who wants to go in and obtain this opportunity?”

What this signify was very obvious; They might be able to subdue a dragon king, nobody would remain unstirred at such an opportunity! Rowena who was at the side felt really envious and jealous. But she knew a Dragon King was too precious, there wouldn’t be an opportunity for her.

“Brother Xiao, you should go in by yourself.” Lawrence and Buddhist Yizhen unanimously decided.

“No. You guys had seen it yourself, Keke was not inferior to Dragon Kings. You guys make a decision quickly, or you might miss the opportunity.” Keke’s magical ability was obvious to all. Xiao Chen was speaking the truth.

Buddhist Yizhen said, “Brother Law, you go. You are a Void Master. Your only weakness is that your physique is inferior to Martial Artist. If you have a Dragon King at your side, you will inevitably be unparalleled. You will become a genuine war king.”

“No. I already heard this a long time ago. Buddhist had mythological beasts as protector of Buddhism law. If you have a Dragon King beside you, your Buddhist Divine Power will rise tremendously.”

The two of them declined each other’s kindness. Xiao Chen laughed and said, “Don’t argue anymore, it seems like there are two life fluctuations. They are almost just as powerful, but one of them will be born soon. Lawrence, you go first. The other one belong to Yizhen.”

Just at this time, Lawrence and the others also felt it. The other fluctuation of life also became more intense. It seemed like it was also about to break out from the shell. Lawrence no longer declined. He entered the ancient cave with large strides. And just at this time, the sound of cracking eggshell sped up.

A cry of shock transmitted outwards, Lawrence had seen the young dragon born with his own eyes.

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A dragon roar transmitted outwards, Lawrence embraced the half meter long green colored young dragon and walked out. The young dragon seemed a little perplexed, but it didn’t attack Lawrence.

“It’s a Dragon King!” Buddhist Yizhen and Rowena cried out at the same time.

Syndicate Dragon King were born with extraordinary gifts, they were substantially different from the rest of the dragons. This green colored young dragon did not resemble a Tyrannical Dragon at all. Its dragon head was similar to that of the Ancestral Dragon, it was almost the same. A pair of green dragon horns shone with resplendent rays of light. Its body looked similar to Tyrannical Dragon. It was flickering with green radiance. The moment it was born, it began to absorb the worldly essence frantically. The spiritual essence gathered from all directions.

Lawrence quickly operated his spiritual energy to “feed” it, allowing the little dragon king to absorb it frantically. This was a joyous and shocking occasion.

“I will call you the Azure Dragon King from now on.” Lawrence said happily.

And Yizhen did not say much to Xiao Chen, he already entered the icy cave, waiting for the young Saber Dragon to break free from the shell. Without a doubt, that was definitely a Dragon King, because its life fluctuation was not much weaker than the Azure Dragon King’s.

If these were to spread out, everyone would certainly feel incomparably shocked. The dragon eggs fetched by Xiao Chen was really as the rumor says. The “Dragon King Cultivation Plan” was successfully carried out, but this was actually unintentional.

“Crack! Crack!”

The sound of cracking eggshell transmitted from the icy cave. A dragon roar followed soon after. Another young Dragon King had been born, Buddhist Yizhen embraced the little dragon and came out, it was also about half a meter long. Green radiance was lingering on its entire body, the dragon head was also similar to that of the Ancestral Dragon, it had a pair of jasper-like dragon horns, its draconic body resembled the Saber Dragon; It had many sharp bony outgrowths, it gave Buddhist Yizhen no other choice but to be careful when embracing it, lest he be stabbed.

“Then I will call you the Jade Dragon King from now on.” Buddhist Yizhen was very happy. He also began to operate his pure energy to “feed” the young dragon king, allowing it to absorb it frantically.

“Xiao Chen, could you give the remaining young dragon to me? All of you already have a powerful Dragon King anyways.” Rowena was acting shyly, she kept casting flirtatious glance to Xiao Chen.

“If a young dragon will really be born, I can give it to you.” Xiao Chen replied like this. But in reality, he knew it was not highly possible, because he couldn’t feel a trace of life fluctuation from the Thunder Dragon’s egg.

However, Rowena already ran into the icy cave happily. Only until a long time later did they hear her startled scream, “How did this happen?!”

Xiao Chen walked into the cave, he only saw Rowena using one hand to lightly drag the huge purple dragon egg. It seemed like she didn’t use too much strength.

“Why is it so light?” She was filled with doubt.

When Xiao Chen received the Thunder Dragon’s egg, he furrowed his brows. This dragon egg was indeed too light. Moreover, the life essence inside the egg was not very much. There was practically no life fluctuation transmitted outwards.

“Don’t tell me the life energy within had been fought over by the two Dragon Kings?!” Xiao Chen had this kind of thoughts. After all, an ordinary dragon couldn’t be compared to the Dragon King. Since the dragons were born, they needed to absorb a great amount of worldly essence. In the face of two Dragon Kings, this dragon egg couldn’t be preserved anymore.

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When Rowena heard this, she immediately became dejected. She was extremely disappointed. ⌈1

And outside of the icy cave right now, the Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King had already absorbed enough spiritual energy. They could walk by themselves already.

Keke also ran over from a distant place, it curiously sized up the two Dragon Kings. The Azure Dragon King and Jade Dragon King seemed to possess an enmity against one another. They faced each other and it seemed like they would break into a fierce battle any moment now. Lawrence and Yizhen hastily separated them.

Dragon King and Ancestral Dragon will fight for supremacy. At the same time, the fierce battle would also occur among the Dragon Kings. Right now, they definitely cannot allow them to be hostile to one another, if they were to fight, both will suffer a disastrous loss regardless of who win or lose.

Lawrence and Yizhen were fully aware of the legend regarding the Ancestral Dragon and Syndicate Dragon King. The young Dragon King will gain an ability to protect themselves not long after they were born, then they will leave the dragon nest by themselves. From then on, they will keep fighting and grow up in dangerous environment.

The young Dragon Kings might have a favorable impression of them now, but it was hard to say whether they will leave on their own accord or not. Therefore, the two of them decided they must establish a tight relationship with the Dragon Kings, just like that mysterious woman and that Amethyst Dragon King.

“This is truly unbelievable. To see two Dragon Kings born on the same day. I find it a little hard to believe.” Lawrence sighed in awe.

“It was indeed very amazing.” Buddhist Yizhen also spoke like this.

“I found these eggs at the vicinity of the sacred mountain. The dragons and monsters roaming around that place were the most powerful of their kinds. How could their later generations be any ordinary dragons!” Xiao Chen already had this kind of premonition a long time ago. He knew if the little dragons were to be born from the dragon eggs he looted, they will most likely be Dragon Kings.

The young Dragon Kings could already run as fast as the wind, they seriously lived up to their name as the mythological beasts in legend. Even though they were only half a meter long, they were already bigger than Keke.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Keke was jumping from the head of one dragon to another, it felt very strange. It seemed to be extremely happy to have two new playmates.

But the two proud Dragon Kings were not very happy, they resented that little critter for stepping on their head. They were even angrier that Keke was taking them to be mounts. However, they found that they were unable to do anything to that snow-white little critter. Its speed was much faster than them.



Dragon roars pierced the sky, it nearly caused an avalanche. Even though the Syndicate Dragon Kings were very young, they possessed incomparable strength.

When the few of them left the snowy mountain, they stood at the tallest peak to survey the sea of bones. That place was still shrouded by bloody light. It seemed like the battle had not ceased yet. This was indeed an earth rending battle.

Why did the rain of blood fell that night? How did the dragons who had been sealed recover their divine ability? And most importantly, why did they attack that incomparably terrifying ghost town simultaneously? What was the thing that was suppressed by the divine monolith…… The few of them were filled with questions. It was really not easy to get out alive this time.


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