Chapter 3 – Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon

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Xiao Chen benefited greatly from painstakingly studying the mysterious stone inscription for ten years. His physique transformed unceasingly and it vaguely felt as if he was shedding his mortal body. However, what ultimately made him place his faith in this mysterious Qi-Training Diagram originated from the intense fight at the Kunlun Mountain Range.

In order to watch Lan Nuo miraculously split space with martial arts, he unexpectedly got bullied by the Imperial Angels on the way. This was the most desperate fight he had during his entire life. He was surrounded by thirteen Imperial Guards and in that time frame, he killed Zhao Lin Er’s maid servant.

He could tell that the mysterious stone inscription was not an ordinary training method. With only ten years of bitter training, he had already advanced to a high level.

Training day after day, Xiao Chen gained a profound understanding on the secrets of this Qi-Training Diagram bestowed by Heaven. The deeper his understanding became, the more he thought that there was still more to this Secret Technique. He felt that this Secret Technique was not complete!

According to legends, the Stone Monolith ⌈Eternal Restrain: Yellow River⌋ descended from the Ninth Heaven. Maybe he was still missing another similar stone monolith, but his chances of finding a mysterious monolith with similar inscriptions were simply too low!

The splendor of the sun, of the moonlight, and the essence of plants… All nature possessed boundless strength and all sorts of energy. Xiao Chen was operating the Secret Qi-Training Method in the middle of the coconut grove, absorbing the essence of the heaven and earth to nourish his injured body. His surroundings were shrouded by a hazy multicolored light.

After two hours, Xiao Chen finally awoke from this state of stillness. The condition of his body wasn’t as severe as he thought, and he expected a full recovery within just ten days.
The sun was setting in the West, and the afterglow of the sun was reflected by the ocean’s surface, dying it a crimson color. This scenery made it seem as if the ocean and sky were actually linked together.

“Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!” ……At this moment, waves of rumbling sounds could be heard from the beach, and the oppressive noise was directly transmitted to Xian Chen’s ears. When he turned his head to assess the situation, his complexion immediately paled.

A huge, silver-colored beast climbed up to the coastal area from the ocean. Its body was around fifty meters long, and from a single glance, one might mistake the silver-colored alligator for a mountain. However, if he looked more carefully, the differences became more obvious.
Hundreds of gigantic bony outgrowths glittered like icicles along the beast’s ridge-like spine. Each bony outgrowth was around two meters long, as if it was a sharp lance pointing towards the sky, protecting its huge back.

It was really way too huge! It was covered with silver-colored scales that glittered like frost and snow from head to toe. Each scale was at least one meter long and half a meter wide. Looking from a distance, this silver-colored giant, that was covered with cold and flickering scales all over its body, seemed especially fierce.

The vicious silver-colored beast had eight thick and powerful claws all together. There was an awe-inspiring light hidden in the tips of the sharp and gigantic claws, striking anyone who gazed upon it with terror. In addition, a sharp horn protruded roughly seven to eight meters above its head. A cold and threatening silver-colored radiance was flickering from its horn. This beast was really incomparably scary and huge.

The enormous and gloomy jade colored eyes were like millstone plates, and they emitted dim light as if they were torches. After taking a quick glance at its surroundings, it ascended to the sandy shore.

It then turned towards the sunset and revealed its one meter long teeth that looked like broadswords. It opened its enormous mouth before emitting a terrifying roar, causing the seawater as well as everything in its vicinity to shake violently. A flock of seabirds were terrified as they flew into the distant sky. Some seabirds nearby even fell into the ocean.
It was mighty! It was extraordinarily earth-shattering!

Even though he immediately covered his ears, the buzzing sound was still transmitted to Xian Chen’s ears. This tremendous roar was so loud that it sounded like thunder exploding right beside his ears.

After the fifty meter long huge beast faced the sunset and roared, it lied down on the sandy shore and closed its gigantic eyes. Apparently, it wanted to stay the night at this place.

Xiao Chen was shaken to his core. As expected, the World of Immortals was not that simple!
Looking at the silver giant that resembled a mountain ridge, Xiao Chen recalled the vicious beast from the ancient legend of the seaside era―the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon!

This fierce and terrifying giant’s appearance was exactly the same as the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon described in the legend!

According to the legend, the ancient beast was capable of overturning the seas and rivers. It was capable of conjuring clouds and bringing about rain. Once encountered, the only fate that awaited any ship that went out to the sea was destruction! It was the most savage beast within the ocean. Even Neptune ⌈1⌋ had to make a strategic withdraw once he encountered it!

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“The ancient beast that was capable of confronting gods… it actually exists in this world!” Recalling those ancient legends, Xiao Chen had a hint of astonishment on his face. He never thought he would be able to meet such an ancient beast with his own eyes in this World of Immortals.

Even though there was still some distance between him and the beast, Xiao Chen could already feel bitter waves of demonic aura. Who knew how many sea creatures had already fallen prey to this enormous ancient beast!

Xiao Chen was very rational. He got up to his feet and lightly walked towards the depths of the coconut grove. Only until he was convinced that the ancient beast was unable to detect him did he stop and observe from the distance.

The Eight-clawed Tyrant Dragon was motionless, it just quietly laid there as if it had been petrified. It looked like a silver mountain ridge. Xiao Chen guessed that this beach might be where it resided and most likely where it spent the nights.

After the ancient beast climbed up onto the beach and roared before the twilight of the sunset, the primitive jungle in the vicinity suddenly became quiet. Only the howls of the primal beasts within the depths of the island could be heard from time to time.

The sea breeze blew gently, and the glow of the sunset faded away. Xiao Chen scared away countless numbers of birds from the middle of the seaside jungle and found that the ground was covered with bird eggs. Dinner had been secured!

The moonlight was like a flowing river, and specks of starlight filled the night sky. The sea waves lightly glided over the sandy shore. The salty sea breeze declined and lightly brushed the night scene. Xiao Chen slowly entered the land of dreams within the coconut grove.

Early the next morning, the sun ascended from the East and the red clouds in the morning sprinkled its golden luster over a wide area.

A terrifying, ear-splitting howl that could shatter the will of the people resounded and pierced through the skies!

The legendary ancient beast, Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon, was facing the rising sun that had just crawled up from the sea a moment ago, and it opened its gigantic mouth to send out an earth-splitting roar. The sound waves caused the tranquil bluish-green ocean to shake violently. All the seabirds that were flying towards the horizon were so frightened that they disappeared completely.

The silver-colored dragon’s eight claws moved simultaneously, causing a booming noise from the beach. It slowly entered the ocean and an outburst of waves immediately surfaced from the tranquil ocean, as if a tsunami had just broken out. That silver-colored shadow in the ocean continuously stirred about, causing torrents of big waves to well up.

Only after it gradually disappeared into the distance did the ocean slowly regain it’s former tranquility.

As the tide swayed back and forth, the seawater swept away any remaining traces left behind by the viscous dragon.


  1. The Emperor of the Sea. Literal translation is “God of the Sea”, or “Sea God” for short. 

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