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Chapter 182 – Joy and Delight

When Xiao Chen returned to the hall, a waitress delivered a fine liquor to him. The golden beverage was as thick as a honey. When it slid down the throat, there was a blazing feeling, and then it transformed into a sweet fragrance, flowing along with the breath. That feeling was too wonderful.

Zhuge fatty walked over and clicked his tongue, “Tsk! Mander family sure is wealthy. This ‘Gold Dream Dew’ cost as much as half a year of the common family’s living expenses.”

Fairsky also walked over and said with his lips sticking out, “Hofmann is scowling at you.”

Sure enough, Hofmann was staring at him very fiercely.

Xiao Chen raised his head to down this Gold Dream Dew and then walked over there with large strides.

“Don’t act recklessly!” Fairsky warned him. This place was not an ordinary location.

The moment he got nearer to Hofmann, Katalina and the other girls just happened to turn their heads over there. They were very clever and knew what was going on with a single glance. They giggled as they watched on.

Hofmann was together with a group of scions from the major families. He looked at Xiao Chen provocatively and mumbled under his breath noiselessly.

“Mother f—! This son of a b— is cursing you?” Zhuge Liang was very furious.

Xiao Chen looked at Hofmann’s performance very calmly. The other party was indeed cursing him with filthy speech.

“What is he cursing? Interpret for me, Fairsky.”

“He was calling you a *******, saying that if you have the guts, then go over there. The latter part is very unpleasant to hear.” Fairsky was also extremely displeased with Hofmann.

The nearby were all young people, many of them had noticed the situation at this place.

Xiao Chen turned his head to ask Katalina, “Hofmann is really cursing me?”

“Of course. Do you really need us sisters to interpret for you? I didn’t expect you are so stupid, you don’t even know how to do lip reading!” Katalina said without holding back. Then she giggled and started to interpret. She was more than happy to see Xiao Chen blowing up. She was very willing to pour oil on the fire.

Katalina and few other girls from the major families started to interpret what Hofmann was saying earnestly. Of course, they were adding oil while interpreting.

“He said it, you scoundrel, come over here if you have the guts!”

“Coward, come and hit me if you dare!”

“Watch it boy, I will make you wish you were dead sooner or later!”

“Why is this boy so scared now, why did he not dare to come over? Come over and hit me if you have the guts!”

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“Come over and hit me, you joker!!”


Hearing these, Xiao Chen smiled and said towards Fairsnow and the others who remained quiet all along, “All of you heard it right? I didn’t misinterpret. With so many people to testify, that guy over there is asking me to go over there to hit him. It was the baby girl of the host, Katalina, who personally interpreted for me. It’s definitely not a mistake! Since he wished for it, as a gentleman, I will fulfill his desire!”

As he was speaking, Xiao Chen walked over there with large strides.

“Ah?!” The people at the side were stunned.

The fatty and Fairsky on the other hand, started to laugh.

Katalina was screeching, “Xiao Chen, you *******! You have the impertinence to make use of me!”

“I say, brothers and sisters, is there anyone who wants to hit him? Then follow my lead, there’s no need to feel apprehensive. This guy was begging to be hit!” Speaking until here, Xiao Chen already got within the group of scions and made Hofmann fall onto the ground with a slap. Then he started to trample him violently.

“Ow-uuu…” Hofmann let out a pained sound similar to the howl of the wolves. He was exceptionally miserable. Never had he thought Xiao Chen would really dare to hit him.

“We really can beat him?” One of the scions not far away asked like this. Hofmann was usually very arrogant, so he naturally had many enemies.

Of course, everyone at this place can testify!”

With a “hustle” and “bustle”, more than ten male and female surrounded Hofmann and trampled him violently.

Hofmann’s miserable shriek practically didn’t sound like it was produced by a human.

Among the participants, the young ladies were much fiercer than the men. Every one of them was wearing an excited expression, as if they were playing a very interesting game. A game where they were trampling on a sandbag and wishing every step could make the sandbag spill some sand. ⌈1

Katalina was using her lily-white hands to knead her temples. She was having a slight headache as she said, “This guy is too wretched, he’s actually using me!”

“I think this guy is very treacherous!”

“He’s worst than Dugu Jianmo!”

A few good friends of Katalina supported her, but there were also a few traitors among them. Few of them already ran over there excitedly and participated in trampling Hofmann.

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“My god! Brother Liu, you also dared to hit me?!”

“This **** from the noble house, where do you think you’re kicking? You want to cut off my line of descent? Ow-uu…”

While Hofmann was howling in grief, he didn’t forget to fight back fiercely with words. Of course, that only served to increase his beatings.

When few of the scions at the side watched on, their faces changed abruptly. They wanted to help, but after looking at Xiao Chen, who was like the death god, each and every one of them shrank back. Now they know, this guy couldn’t be trifled with, couldn’t be provoked! Otherwise, they would die an unsightly death.

Xiao Chen did not hold back at all when he made his move. In only a moment, he had snapped thirteen bones of Hofmann. After that, he calmly moved back and let those ladies and gentlemen who felt animosity toward him to continue beating him.

After he swept his eyes past these scions, they immediately kept quiet out of fear. In their eyes, Xiao Chen was more scary than the unreasonable Dugu Jianmo.

“Lidong Bo, when will you pay up the twenty thousand gold coins you owe me?” Xiao Chen looked at Lidong Bo with a smile that was not a smile.

“Ah, this… I will pay back as soon as possible.” Lidong Bo was ashamed, angry, and terrified all at the same time.

“That won’t do, you must give me an accurate timeline!”

“Within ten days!” Lidong Bo’s face was flushed.

“Good, that’s settled then. I always keep my promise. What I hate the most is people who break their promise. I wish you will not disappoint me.” His words were very cold. This was an undisguised threat.

“Austrian, when will you pay back the thirty thousand gold coins.” Xiao Chen shifted his gaze to Katalina’s cousin.

These scions felt that Xiao Chen was really too arrogant. This was but the Mander family’s ancient castle, and he actually forced the scion of the Mander family to pay back the money at this place, he’s too crazy.

“I will give it to you within ten days!” After saying these, Austrian turned his head angrily and left.

“Ow-uuu… so painful… I’m about to die!” The voice let out by Hofmann already couldn’t be classified as a human’s voice anymore. He wailed like ghosts and howled like wolves.

The disturbance at this place had already attracted a lot of attention. However, the overwhelming majority of the people felt unconcerned and let matters rest. Only until the master of the Mander family learned about this matter did he come to put a stop to it hurriedly.

That was precisely Katalina and Lazio’s father. He was a dignified-looking middle-aged man. He had similar aqua-blue long hair and although he was middle-aged, he still looked very soldierly and confident.

“Stop it! What’s going on here?”

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Only now did Hofmann’s nightmare come to an end. He was badly mutilated from head to toe. He didn’t even look like a human anymore, it could even be said to be a tragic sight.

The people of the Reagan family rushed over from the VIP lounge as soon as they received the news. They felt flustered and exasperated when they saw Hofmann. One middle-aged man swept his eyes all around and shouted, “Who did this? You actually dare to create a disturbance in the Mander family’s banquet. Are you not giving any face to the Mander family?”

He immediately pulled the Mander family in. He wanted to make the Mander family settle this and punish the perpetrator.

At this time, many older generation figures who were discussing about the warbeast tournament also walked over from the VIP lounge.

“You can’t blame other people, it was Hofmann himself who wanted people to beat him!” Among the crowd, one of the scions mumbled in a low voice.

“What are you saying? Come out here and speak loudly!” The one standing there was Hofmann’s flesh and blood uncle, how could be not be angry?

“That was indeed the case, Hofmann wanted others to beat him!” A young lady raised her voice.

“That’s right!”

“That’s just how it is!”

“He was begging to be hit!”


Every participant shouted all together. These young people all had powerful background. With these many people together, they were not afraid of the Reagan family at all.

If you don’t believe us, you can ask Lady Katalina of the Mander family. As the daughter of the master, I don’t think she would tell a lie.”

Someone pulled Katalina into it as their shield.

“Katalina, come over here. Tell me what is going on.” Her dignified father cast a glance at her.

Katalina moved over there gloomily. She turned her head around to take a quick look. She found that Xiao Chen was actually lifting a wine goblet and watching the show, away from the group of people. He didn’t seem to have the intention to join in. This made her very frustrated, but she also had no other choice at the moment. She must not stir up more trouble than this. It’s best to smooth things over as quickly as possible while Hofmann was still unconscious.

“Hofmann was possessed. He insisted on getting hit!” The sharp and clear words echoed in the hall. It immediately gave rise to a roar of laughter.

“Carry this disappointing thing back!” Hofmann’s uncle shouted angrily at this two underlings, then he rushed into the VIP lounge without turning back.

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“Let’s continue the banquet. I hope everyone can forget about the unpleasant moment just now!” Said Katalina’s father.

“That was very pleasing just now!” It must be mentioned, there was a few talent among the participants, such a response immediately gave rise to a cheerful talk. The tensed-up atmosphere from just now immediately dissipated.

The music resounded as the light in the hall dimmed. Then the dancers took the stage gracefully.

Many young men and young ladies already took part in the dance.

Xiao Chen felt out of sorts. He came from the mortal world. The differences between so-called code of ethic between the male and female were very big. Looking at these young people dancing in the hall, he felt a little unbelievable.

“This hateful guy, would you dare to dance with me?” Katalina was as proud as a little phoenix. She walked over with her well developed breasts and looked at Xiao Chen provocatively. Her stature was petite, but her curves, her long eyelashes, and her vivid big eyes made her seem very sweet. Her only downfall would be her arrogance.

“……” Xiao Chen was a little speechless. What not to dare? He immediately pulled her hand and walked into the dancing field. According to the mortal world’s code of ethic, there’s nothing for him to lose.

However, Xiao Chen’s dance really made people less than impressed. He almost threw Katalina away with a single whirl.

“You want to die? You are practically like a beast!” Since they were already in the dancing field, Katalina let out an astute smile and said, “Xiao Chen, if I shout insolence right here and now, how do you think people will look at you?”

“I don’t think you would do such senseless thing.” Under the dim lighting, Xiao Chen wore an indifferent expression.

“What if I do something more extravagant?” Katalina harbored malicious intent as she smiled.

Xiao Chen raised his guard. If he really let this young lady act arbitrarily, he might really be stuck in a dilemma. Pure power immediately rushed into Katalina’s body from his two hands, confining her verbal ability and restricted her four limbs. Her dance steps were completely manipulated by Xiao Chen.

“Oh dear, since you want to ruin my reputation, I will help you accomplish it in advance.” Xiao Chen harbored malicious intents and pinched her ample butt a few times. Katalina almost teared up due to the pain.

She knew her buttocks were definitely bruised. Moreover, she could clearly feel that this scoundrel Xiao Chen was carving a few “words” on her soft flesh. It was actually these few words: “Xiao Chen’s little attendant”.

Katalina was driven mad!

To try to gain an advantage only to end up worse off. She had really suffered a big loss tonight. This loss was hard to put into words, she couldn’t even tell her big brother about it.

The worst thing was that she couldn’t raise her voice at the moment.

This guy was too wretched! He’s actually still pinch— no, groping!

While embracing Katalina in his embrace, Xiao Chen could smell the fragrance of the young lady. Since this girl wanted to scheme against himself, Xiao Chen was not an inflexible blockhead, he should levy the “interest” with no trace of politeness.

Just at this time, Katalina’s father found them at this place. His face turned sinister at once when he just happened to see Xiao Chen and Katalina.

Mother f—! Youngster, where do you think you are putting your hand? On my daughter’s buttocks! And still being so dishonest, you tired of living?

Although Bailey had good temper, he still couldn’t hold back his urge to let out a curse after seeing this scene: This youngster is such a grandmother’s *******. He actually dares to so assail my Mander family’s baby girl so boldly, such a scum! Furthermore, this brat Katalina is really outrageous, how could you let him touch you like this?

Of course, he had wrongly accused Katalina. Due to the obstruction of the other dancers, Bailey couldn’t see Katalina’s current situation clearly.

When Bailey arrived with a sinister face, Xiao Chen calmly let go of Katalina.

The moment Katalina regained her freedom, she wanted to bare her fangs and pounce over there immediately. In the end, when she saw her father with an ugly face, she immediately had the urge to cry.

“Xiao Chen, go to the VIP lounge with me.” Bailey turned around and left after saying these.

Katalina shouted from behind, “Dad, teach him a lesson for me. He was bullying me!”

“Hmph!” Bailey let out a humph with an ugly face. He didn’t even turn around.

“Be a good girl and stop playing around. Think about the time and situation. Wait for me to come back.” Xiao Chen knew Bailey was having a misunderstanding. He immediately wanted to make matters worse as he took on a kind and doting attitude.

“Go die! Go die! Go die!” Looking at Xiao Chen leaving with a smile across his face, Katalina really wished she could bump into his back. She yelled towards his rear figure, “Mister Xiao, just you wait, I’m not finished with you!”

After entering VIP lounge number ten, Bailey didn’t show Xiao Chen any goodwill from start to finish. He said very coldly, “I know you have a Dragon King. I invite you here because I want to ask whether you will participate in the warbeast tournament or not.”

“I haven’t decided yet. I treated Tenax as my partner, I didn’t want to go against its desire. I still have no idea whether it’s willing to participate or not.”

Bailey remained expressionless as he handed over a silver plate, “Since it is a sacred beast, there’s no need to participate in the knockout competition. You can directly enter the grand battle. To participate or not, that is up to you. Take this silver plate with you. If you are unwilling to participate, you can just throw it away.”

Very clearly, the ugly faced Bailey didn’t want to say much to Xiao Chen. After he’s done with his business, he asked him to leave right away.

Xiao Chen laughed mischievously and didn’t say much. He left right away after putting the silver plate into his pocket. Naturally, after he came out of the VIP lounge, he directly left from the back door to avoid the Mander family’s baby girl.

After returning to the residence, Keke had also returned. The little critter had an important mission tonight: To scout the Mander family’s Beast King Castle. After it got back, the little critter gesticulated at Xiao Chen excitedly, letting him know what it heard and seen. Xiao Chen became well aware of the situation after hearing these.

“Tenax, do you want to participate in the warbeast tournament?”

The proud little dragon nodded its head.

Keke also mimicked the gesture by patting its plump little belly, and then proudly puffed up its chest.

“You also want to participate?”

“Squeak!” Keke nodded its head seriously.

The time passed quickly. These days, Tenax was always confronting with the Azure Dragon King. At the same time, it was using the dragon’s divine ability to help the Azure Dragon King regain its mind.

The knockout competition of the warbeast tournament already began. The Celestial City turned very lively. There were interesting beast battle everyday!


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