Chapter 116 – Summoning Divine Ship

So it was like this, Xiao Chen was very worried for Lan Nuo.

“Don’t need to worry about me, once we leave this place, I believe I will smoothly enter the realm of immortal not long later.” Lan Nuo smiled confidently, it was like the spring wind brushing the willow tree, it gave people a warm feeling.

The grudges between Zhao Lin Er was actually dissolved like this, it was not something Xiao Chen could have expected. But they were rather unwilling in the bottom of their heart, they only didn’t want to waste Lan Nuo’s good intention.

Xiao Chen headed back to the coconut grove, but his mind was still filled with Lan Nuo’s figure. He admired this kind of proud goddess very much, if only he could take this kind of girl as his wife…… Sweet-tempered, kindhearted, and intelligent, anyone would fall for her. But he quickly shook this thought off, how could he think about something like this? However, he quickly changed his line of thought, how could he not have this kind of thought, perhaps everyone would have yearned for this kind of wonderful woman.

Xiao Chen couldn’t help but recall all kinds of legend regarding Lan Nuo. She was the legendary figure of Yanhuang Dynasty, her name had already circulated to every corners of the world for many years. She was exceptionally charming, a natural-born genius, At the age of twenty, she traveled around the world with a sword, none were able to fight her on equal term.

But it was also during that year, Lan Nuo practiced the legendary ⌈Divine Dominion⌋ and caused her power to become half crippled. Her body gradually became weaker. Soon after, Lan Nuo was resolved to freeze herself in a bottomless ice valley.

A miracle happened to Lan Nuo, thirteen years later, she came out of the ice cave full of life, her complexion was as devastatingly beautiful as in the past. Her peerless beauty didn’t undergo any changes of time, the thirteen years of time passed just like a snap of a finger to her.

She was frozen for thirteen years, the time goes by, yet her rosy cheeks remained youthful!

Returning to the coconut grove, he turned back to watch unconsciously, Xiao Chen saw Lan Nuo, Zhao Lin Er, and Psychic Lanyu walking together. At the same time, he also saw a green-haired youth not far from them. Xiao Chen was surprised, wasn’t that the old treant from the treant’s valley that evolved into blood and flesh human? Could it be that he planned to leave the dragon island too? That was definitely an expert close to the level of demigod!

The sunset dyed the horizon red, the boundless gold ocean moved up and down. There were many practitioners in the vicinity of the beach, almost everyone had rushed over. ⌈1

Keke was sitting at the back of the little unicorn which galloped left and right on the golden beach. It was fearless in the face of those young Syndicate Dragon King, with the support of Keke’s miraculous confinement technique, the little unicorn had a huge boost of confidence. It kept galloping and jumping in the vicinity of the Tyrant Dragon King and Winged Dragon King. Keke even left a few footprints on the body of a few Dragon Kings.

Zhao Lin Er was very annoyed, seeing her beloved little unicorn being rode by that person’s spoiled little critter, it made her a little unhappy. But looking at that adorable little thing, she was unable to really flare up.

“Roar……!” The sky piercing dragon roar caused the gold ocean to become restless, a golden little dragon ran over to the seaside. There were another three young Dragon Kings behind it. Everyone at the seaside knew the older generation experts had arrived, these were the Syndicate Dragon King they had subdued.

Along with the Gold Dragon King’s roar, the other Dragon Kings also became restless, all of them ran towards the beach. Those Dragon Kings gathered in one place, an astonishing battle intent broke out immediately, they actually wanted to fight.

This was not a good event, the master of each Dragon King rushed over to separate them by force. Otherwise there would inevitably be a tragedy. In the end, those eleven Dragon Kings seemed to have come to a compromise, they didn’t attack each other and walked all over the place at the sandy shore.

This was a rarely seen scenario, after all, there were more than ten Syndicate Dragon Kings! To be able to see just one of these legendary dragon was already not bad, but now so many had gathered in one place. Maybe it didn’t seem like a big deal now, but after ten years or hundred years later, the later generations would definitely gasp in surprise. That was because, these little Dragon King would have grown into a powerful existence that even deities were scared of. And these powerful Dragon Kings once gathered on a certain beach.

Everyone at this place might not have these kind of thoughts now, but their offsprings would certainly use this as the topic of a conversation; Their ancestor had once witnessed this scenario. Of course, they would certainly also talk about a certain little critter……

Keke played happily on the beach, Xiao Chen just let it be, it was very hard to break the snow-white little critter away from its disappointed mood, he didn’t want to break its happy mood. However, after the four little Dragon Kings of the older generation experts arrived, Keke began to cause some trouble again.

It actually transformed into a streak of light and stepped on the body of the four Dragon Kings one by one. It seemed like it wanted to make it clear to the people, that it had left its footprint on the body of the eleven Dragon Kings once, as if it wanted to leave a “legend of the little critter” for the later generations.

The four newcomers burst into rage, and the other seven Dragon Kings at a distant place were taking delight in their misfortune. They had experienced this before, they had been provoked by that hateful little critter once. Even that Winged Dragon King that could fly was not an exception.

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The night descended, many stars decorated the blue dome of heaven, the night breeze was so gentle, but nobody was able to fall asleep, because they will finally leave the dragon island tomorrow.

Xiao Chen laid in the coconut grove on his back, then he said to himself, “Let’s hope everything go smoothly.” ⌈2

The little fatty Oxman said, “Just relax, those group of old fellows are already here, it is unlikely for them to stall for time again. As a matter of fact, they are a little scared now, because in the vicinity of the snow mountain the demon lived in seclusion, the cloudy fog had become denser these past few days, they are also scared that some unforeseen event will occur.”

“The demon! Sigh…” Xiao Chen let out a breath, he always felt a little sorry for Keke.

This was a suffocating night, and also a night filled with expectation.

Early morning, when the first ray of light spilled on the beach, almost everyone opened their eyes. Everyone started to gather on the golden beach and moved away from the coconut grove. Many people were using net made out of vines to carry a huge bag of coconut fruits to keep as drinking water while on the sea.

There were a hundred plus people altogether, and in front of everyone was eleven young Dragon Kings, each of them was mystical and out of ordinary.

Amethyst Dragon King, Black Dragon King, Azure Dragon King, Jade Dragon King, Red Dragon King, Winged Dragon King, Tyrant Dragon King and so on stood in a straight line. They faced upwards and let out a long roar. The ear-splitting roar took shape as a bizarre power and reverberated in the sky fiercely. The roar was transmitted to the distant ocean.

Every practitioners had no choice but to temporarily seal off their sense of hearing. Otherwise none of them would be able to bear the terrifying sound waves emitted by eleven Dragon Kings simultaneously, despite them being so young.

It sounded like nine heavenly thunder were rumbling over the gold ocean, and nine volcanoes were piercing through the surface of the earth. The oppressive Dragon King’s roar transmitted far and wide, it made this gold ocean rage violently.

The bizarre energy fluctuation wavered in between the heaven and earth, it made everyone believed that the legend of nine Dragon Kings summoning the divine ship was real. Otherwise it wouldn’t be this miraculous.

The heaven and earth seemed to possess an incomparably vast and ancient aura, it seemed like an unknown mysterious power was transmitting some kind of message to a distant location.

“Roar……!” The Dragon King’s roar lasted for a long time. The entire dragon island was trembling slightly. The Dragon King’s roar seemed to pierce through the space-time and transmitted their willpower along.

Among the ear-splitting Dragon King’s roar, a sound that couldn’t be regarded as harmonious suddenly emerged.

“Squeak! Squeak……!” Nobody knew when it happened, but the snow-white little critter had already ran in front of the line and became the leading cast of the eleven Dragon Kings unknowingly. It was actually trying to imitate them and devoted all of its being to face upwards and let out a long squeak. But its voice was really too soft and immature, it sounded like an infant that was learning how to talk.

However, what made everyone most shocked was that, the snow-white little critter’s voice clearly resounded in between the heaven and earth, it did not get pressed down by the eleven Dragon Kings’ voice at all. The “squeaking” sound could be heard clearly, it was like a naive child singing the folk song sincerely.

Everyone wanted to stop it, but just at this time, from the vast golden ocean, a loud dragon roar resounded. It was like a great heavenly tone that transmitted from ancient times, it made one’s soul tremble.

A huge imperial boat that was blossoming with seven-colored radiance braved the wind and billows, it appeared on the surface of the gold ocean from thin air, as if it really pierced through the space-time and came from the ancient era.

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Many people were moved to tears, that huge divine ship was similar to an imposing small mountain, it seemed like a real Ancestral Dragon. It was currently crossing the Taboo Ocean and approaching this place.

It was indeed a huge divine ship that shaped like the Ancestral Dragon, the ship glinted with seven-colored radiance and illuminated the entire Taboo Ocean. Thousand miles of sea area fluctuated violently due to its appearance, but the divine ship was still sailing smoothly, it didn’t sway in the slightest.

The legend was true, with nine kings gathered together, they could summon the divine ship built from the Ancestral Dragon’s bone and Heavenly Tree. It could bring everyone through the terrifying Taboo Ocean and depart from the dragon island.

Eleven young Syndicate Dragon Kings already stopped their roars, and Keke ran to Xiao Chen’s side. But just at this time, even more world-shaking dragon roars transmitted from their back. There were countless huge dragons in the coconut grove, the green Tyrannical Dragon, the gold Monarch Lion Dragon, the bluish-green Saber Dragon, the purple Thunder Dragon…… numerous wild dragons gathered at this place. The baleful aura soared into the sky, huge dragon shadows occupied the entire seaside coconut grove. ⌈3

Everyone became pale, what did these dragons want, why did they gather at this place, could it be that they wanted to kill everyone?

However, what made everyone felt a bit relieved was that all the seemingly terrifying dragons did not approach, they only let out a roar in that coconut grove and observed the situation. The eleven young Dragon Kings also let out a roar immediately afterwards and ran towards the coconut grove at high speed. They seemed a bit reluctant to part.

At this moment, everyone finally understood, those huge dragons seemed to have come to see the young Dragon Kings off. The eleven young Dragon Kings rushed into the pack of dragons, and let out a sad growl, they seemed reluctant to part from the dragons. The adult dragon’s roars were also filled with sadness and reluctance.

It’s getting closer, much closer, the legendary Ancestral Dragon Divine Ship finally reached the shore. A seven-colored divine light transformed into a rainbow bridge, it extended from the divine ship to the shore. ⌈4


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