Chapter 192 – Five-colored Divine Radiance

The Golden Lion King, Crimson Dragon King, White Tiger, Goldie, Peacock King, and Tenax. These six young sacred beasts didn’t sustain serious injury in the second round. They could participate in the final showdown without the need of recuperation.

This night, every restaurant in the Celestial City was in a full house. Everyone was incomparably expectant for the final round tomorrow.

A few big casinos even started to take bets on which young sacred beasts would ultimately win. Countless people took part in the betting, with as little as a few silver coins, up to as many as thousand gold coins. This night was very noisy and lively.

Everywhere in the city, including the teahouse and the pub, everyone was talking about the six sacred beasts. Even the common people who didn’t have money to go and witness the battle in the warbeast castle personally were having a heated debate. Because, the marketing campaign of the warbeast castle was really too hot. After every battle, they would send a specialist to go and talk about the brilliant process of the battles everywhere in the city.

At present, the Celestial City had practically turned into a warbeast city. Many people were analyzing the past battles of the sacred beasts to speculate which one of them would remain standing in the end. All kinds of analysis and assessment rushed forth like a tide and spread like wildfire.

For this reason, some people specifically written down the details. Xiao Chen had received one and read through it seriously. He felt that the commentary was spot on.

The Golden Lion King had a powerful body and possessed tyrannical strength. Its speed was also beyond compare. It was like a streak of golden light and moved in a crisscrossed pattern, it was hard for its opponent to catch its trails. What’s more scarier was that, it possessed an eye of destruction. The instant that vertical eye opened, the bloody light could even penetrate the Black Tortoise, who was reputed for its defense. The Golden Lion King could be said to be unparalleled!

The most terrifying part was that, it had three heads so there was a total of three vertical eyes. Now, it had only opened one of its vertical eyes. Nobody knew how much power was accumulated in the other two vertical eyes, and how terrifying would it be if they were opened! It could even be said to be the greatest variables in this battle! It made everyone unable to guess how powerful the Golden Lion King really was. It had unknowingly became the favorite among the six sacred beasts.

Crimson Dragon King. Its brutalness was obvious to all. Every time it entered the stage, it would certainly kill its opponent without showing any mercy. People had even started to call it the Bloody Dragon King. It was a good fit, due to its scales that were glittering with red light, as well as its soaring murderous aura.

Dragons were originally the most powerful race in itself. This being the case, it was easy to become king at the juvenile stage. The Crimson Dragon King naturally had enough strength to look down on its peers. With the Dragon Martial Skills and the perfect combination of the dragon-specific divine spell, it was practically unstoppable.

The White Tiger looked mediocre, but it was actually out of the ordinary. It practiced the External Incarnation divine ability, and was also proficient in the ancient martial skill. The White Tiger was a very terrifying little beast king, especially the divine marks covering its body. The marks contained the ultimate truth. Nobody knew how many unknown divine abilities it had mastered. Many people speculated that, the External Incarnation was absolutely not the only divine ability it knew, it should have some even more terrifying abilities in its arsenal.

Goldie and the Peacock King; these two young sacred beasts possessed the bloodline of the deities. They were very gifted and people claimed they could become existences that surpassed the deities in the future. There was no need to doubt their power. Moreover, not only did they inherit the rare bloodline from their ancestors, they also inherited many forbidden techniques. This was their strongest point. It was hard to speculate what power level could these young sacred beasts reach in the future.

Tenax, a powerful and proud Dragon King, that was everyone’s first impression. Its martial skill was outstanding, its nature was tenacious, and it possessed unlimited potential. The Dragon Countersteps was only the tip of the iceberg. If they really let this little Dragon King went crazy and exerted all of its power, maybe even the Golden Lion King wouldn’t necessary be able to resist this battle freak with all of its vertical eyes opened! It could be said that the analyzers had very high evaluation of Tenax. It was the most promising ones among the six sacred beasts.

Every warbeast castle, red light district, restaurant, and casino was extremely noisy even past the midnight.

This night, many people had a hard time falling asleep.

Early morning, the sun rose from the East.

The morning sun had dyed the Celestial City golden yellow. That was the indication that this would be a fine sunny day.

Early morning, Xiao Chen personally prepared Tenax’s war meal. Ginseng King skewers, reishi mushroom congee, cinnabar juice, ginseng fruit cake… it was extremely luxurious. If people knew there was this kind of menu, they would literally drop their jaws.

This was enough to satisfy Tenax’s palate.

Naturally, Keke couldn’t be left out of such a sumptuous war meal. The little thing had crouched at the kitchen to keep watch for quite a while already. Its saliva was overflowing, and its big eyes that was originally brimming with cleverness were now very straightforward.

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The final round was imminent, but Tenax was very calm. The energy was circulating on its jade-like draconic body, it had already adjusted its condition to the peak stage.

The sunshine had sprinkled over the Celestial City. The sun was already hanging high in the sky.

Xiao Chen walked towards the warbeast castle with Tenax and Keke.

Today, the decisive battle would take place at the Zhuge family’s Amber Warbeast Castle. They were going to open the sacred beast stage that was lying unused for twenty years. That was a stage specifically prepared for fully grown sacred beasts!

Under ordinary circumstances, it was very unlikely for the warbeast castle to stage a battle between fully grown sacred beasts. No matter how expensive was the tickets sold for, it was not worth it. That was because the loss from the fall of a single fully grown sacred beast was too great. No matter how powerful the warbeast castle was, they were unable to bear this kind of loss.

One must know that a fully grown sacred beast was at least as powerful as Nirvana realm. That kind of expert was really too rare. Their existences were the best deterrence to prevent war! Only some extremely ancient and powerful families would possess at least one or two of such sacred beasts.

Moreover, after a sacred beast was fully grown, it was impossible for them to consider to be in a different tribe. At that time, they would already be treated as a god in one’s family. It was simply impossible for them to get enslaved. In fact, a fully grown sacred beast could already transform into human. At that time, they would be enticed by ancient aristocratic families by any means possible to become a member of their family. In regards to this, they would not even hesitate to connect by marriage!

The sacred beast stage was nothing more than a symbol, there’s no way it could function as intended.

Rather than saying it was a warbeast stage, the sacred beast stage was more like a public square. It was as wide as five hundred meter square. The surface area was extremely wide. There was more than enough room for the six young sacred beasts to fight fiercely.

There was no seats around the sacred beast stage. In fact, if they really wanted to use this warbeast stage, then that would inevitably be an extremely dangerous battle. It was impossible to let the audience stay in the surroundings.

The Amber Warbeast Castle connected many rooms together. Apart from the VIP lounge, they used their resources to lay out many huge crystal screens in the room. They were going to broadcast the competition at real time.

It was a full house!

Today, the Amber Warbeast Castle was incredibly lively!

Every room was packed with people. There were fifty thousand people who bought the tickets to come and watch the battle.

The outside of the warbeast castle was surrounded by countless people. The figure of people could be seen everywhere in the city. Even if the tickets had already sold out, many people were also unwilling to leave. They wanted to stay at this place to listen the latest report at any time.

Naturally, apart from the Amber Warbeast Castle, every casino was also surrounded by so many people that not even one drop of water could trickle through.

At the present time, the win/loss ratio of the six sacred beasts was almost the same. That was because they were really unable to distinguish which one was stronger and which one was weaker. Of course, if they really counted the statistics, the ratio of the Golden Lion King was slightly higher. Naturally, it was only that little bit.

Xiao Chen was sitting in the VIP lounge and calmly waited for Tenax and the rest to appear on stage. Beside him, Keke was tweaking its ears and scratching its cheeks. It was as restless as a little monkey. It was unable to sit down at this moment. That was because it was really too unwilling. It really wanted to go down there and personally fight with those few young sacred beasts.

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Xiao Chen was really scared that it would cause some mishaps. This snow-white little critter really gave people too much to worry about. He used the mysterious iron chain that was used to lock up the white tortoise to bind Keke’s little beast paw. Then he locked up the other side of the iron chain on his wrist to secure Keke at his side.

“Squeak! Squeak!!” Keke waved its other hairy beast paw and protested strongly with its glittering big eyes.

However, Xiao Chen just stuffed a cinnabar fruit into its mouth, then he ignored it.

The ginormous sacred beast stage was exceptionally quiet. Along with the rumbling sound, six gigantic iron gates were opened, and the six young sacred beasts came out from six different buildings as they walked towards the warbeast stage simultaneously.

The silence was oppressive!

During this split second, a bloodthirsty murderous aura had already spread all over the warbeast stage. The six young sacred beasts had already adjusted their battle condition to the peak optimum state.

The Lion King flickering with gold light, the Crimson Dragon King with soaring bloody light, the Peacock King radiating with multicolored divine radiance… each sacred beast was standing at six different positions and appeared very imposing!

They were having a silent confrontation. Without a doubt, the first to move would turn into everyone’s target.

Tenax was the very first to move. It ran towards the center of the stage with fearlessness. In its heart, victory or defeat was not at all important. What’s important was to challenge powerful enemies, to transcend its own limit, and to undergo a true dragon evolution.

That’s right, as far as Tenax was concerned, losing was nothing. It was originally a weak little dragon to begin with. When it was on the dragon island, it couldn’t even win against an ordinary little dragon. It advanced one step at a time, going through one life or death battle after another, getting stronger each time and never shrank back. The Tenax today only existed because of that.

The Crimson Dragon King also moved. It was the king of dragons, how could it not understand Tenax’s line of thoughts. It had already recognized Tenax as the miserable little dragon it defeated in the olden days. How could it be willing to fall behind the others? It was the natural-born king of dragons. To challenge the extreme boundary was an inherent instinct. Its battle intent was unbounded.

If the two Dragon Kings were humans, they could be said to be very prideful. Their action immediately roused up the other four sacred beasts and caused them to run towards the center of the stage at the same time. They were the strongest of their own kind, how could they fall behind the others?

As they were moving forward, a subtle change took place.

Goldie and the Peacock King slowly drew close to one another. This was within everyone’s expectation. They were the descendant of the deities and had once grew up together, so teaming up at this moment was inevitable.

The Golden Lion King looked at them coldly, then it looked at Tenax and the Crimson Dragon King. The White Tiger was like an ancient well with no ripples as it silently swept its eyes over all directions.

What was most unexpected was that, the two Dragon Kings didn’t team up. On the contrary, the hostility between them was even deeper compared to the other sacred beasts. Their proud nature and cruel fate made it so that it was impossible for them to team up.

Green, yellow, red, black, and white; these five colors radiated from the Peacock King’s entire body as it flew towards the sky. It remained motionless in the sky above Goldie.

The Golden Lion King was the most intensive. With a world-shaking lion roar, its entire body glinted with dazzling golden radiance as it started to dash. After that, it actually soared into the sky and pounced towards the Peacock King.

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It was very astonishing!

The Golden Lion King could actually run in the sky, it was actually capable of defying gravity. The Lion King was stronger than they originally expected. The golden light illuminated the sky like a raging conflagration. With lightning fast speed, the Lion King tried to rip the Peacock King apart with its lion claws. The energy fluctuated violently.


A streak of green light was launched downwards. The Peacock King had brushed off the extremely bold Lion King. Then it calmly spread its wings and soared higher into the sky.

All the spectators were very excited. Some people had already started to shout. Even the older generation figures were shocked. The might of the Lion King as it ran towards the sky. The divine light swept down by the Peacock King. They were able to see the power of the sacred beasts growing at a terrifying rate, and they recalled some of the legendary unparalleled divine abilities!


The Lion King let out a roar that shook the vast sky.

The Golden Lion clearly had a killing intent. It vowed to break the Peacock King and Goldie’s combination no matter what. It wanted to kill the Peacock King first thing first and was actually planning to directly open the vertical eye at the center-head!

The five-colored radiance flickered as the sky was covered by dense multicolored fog. The Peacock King could sense the danger and increased its speed to the limit. Flapping its pair of wings, one bright light after another surged towards the Lion King like a storm. It wanted to crush the Lion King. The space itself seemed to be trembling!

No matter how fast was the multicolored energy wave, it was still slower than the speed of the Lion King opening its eye. That terrifying vertical eye had finally been opened! A bloody light burst out and directly swept towards the Peacock King!


“Light of Destruction!”

“It’s over!”

Many people cried out unconsciously.

Who was capable of blocking this powerful attack from the Golden Lion King? The older generation experts aside, even the Historia level warriors had reached the conclusion that they wouldn’t be able to get out of this attack unscatched!

However, beyond everyone’s expectation.

“Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Green, yellow, red, black, and white; these five colors radiated and annihilated everything in its path as they fell downwards! The multicolored radiance actually deflected the bloody light and made the terrifying light of destruction turn towards the empty space.

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This was undoubtedly an extremely sensational scene. The light of destruction that was claimed to be unstoppable was actually fended off by the Peacock King. It immediately caused every spectators to cry out in surprise!

“No way!”

“Too inconceivable!”

“Just what was that multicolored divine radiance?”

“Could that be the deity’s forbidden divine ability?”


All the older generation figures already changed countenance. The light of destruction launched from the Lion King’s vertical eye, they had already seen it. Despite that being the legendary forbidden spell, they were not as shocked as the first time they saw it. But that multicolored divine radiance was revealed for the first time, how could they not be feverish?

That was the unparalleled divine ability of the ancient myth. It was claimed to be capable of annihilating all living things in the world!

That’s right, even Gods and Buddhas wouldn’t be able to ward it off that easily!


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