Chapter 141 – Intoxicated

Xiao Chen did not resist, his body was very relaxed. He was not an inflexible moralist. He faced all of these with a smile, feeling the youthful energy of Carmina who tangled with him. Her fiery hair gently brushed past his face, it felt soft and ticklish. The body contact made him feel enraptured.

Carmina was like a lively fairy. While revealing a charming smile, she twisted her jade-like body. After falling into Xiao Chen’s embrace, she whirled away with a graceful dance step. Looking at the fatty who was already dumbstruck, she giggled and lightly clapped her hands.

Eight beautiful young ladies walked into the hall in a line. They looked to be at their prime, at around eighteen to nineteen years old. They were each holding two plates on their hands and delivered sixteen exquisite dishes. There were also two bottles of fine liquor.

Carmina twisted her soft and slender waist as she got beside the jade table. She pulled Xiao Chen along and sat together with him. She was practically sitting in Xiao Chen’s embrace. This sexy and graceful pretty girl was really extremely captivating.

Looking at the fatty who was laughing foolishly, Carmina lightly tapped the jade table. Four young ladies appeared in the hall with lively dance steps. They centered around the fatty and pulled him beside the jade table. The fatty was laughing mischievously all along.

Drinking fine liquor with the accompany of beautiful women, this kind of situation was truly the ultimate pleasure.

Carmina smiled sweetly, her entire body was so tender it felt like a drop of water. She stretched her arm and raised it gently, her jade-like body was almost leaning against Xiao Chen’s chest. She extended her slender fingers to hold onto the wine cup, then she delivered it towards the side of Xiao Chen’s mouth as she said with a sweet voice, “Please enjoy.” She looked at Xiao Chen with her bright and intelligent eyes without blinking.

The fatty on the other side was also surrounded by four girls. One of them even sat on his lap. It made the fatty’s head spin. Looking at how Carmina was treating Xiao Chen, the fatty was so surprised that his fats trembled. It seemed like he was the one who had received the lady luck.

Although he was accompanied by a beautiful woman and was sitting in a cluster of flowers, Xiao Chen still remained very calm. Carmina’s ability as a practitioner was promising as expected, she was actually at the realm of Exuvia already. Although it was hard to guess her real power, it was already enough to answer a certain question. To make a practitioner like this to greet the client with a smile, there must be a big problem. It could even be said that the Moonflower Castle was not an ordinary place.

The ******* fatty on the other side had already toasted again and again with the four girls. The lovely laughter and the sound of toasting blended together. The fatty’s eyes were already emitting green light as he swept his glance past the four beautiful girls.

“Why is Lord Xiao so quiet? Have a drink.” Carmina was like a beautiful snake. Her snow-white arm was holding the wine-cup before Xiao Chen’s eyes and made a beautiful maneuver. Even if she was sitting beside Xiao Chen, part of her limbs were still able to make such a beautiful posture.

“Brother, you should let it all out. You don’t know how envious is this big brother of you. How I wish I could just switch places with you.” The fatty smiled and said, “Miss Carmina, I’ll leave my brother to you.”

The young girls who were around the fatty opened their mouths to say in succession, “All of us will offer one cup to Lord Xiao.”

For a moment, this place was bustling with noise and excitement, how very lively. The bewitching dance, when paired together with the beautiful song of the lute, it was truly intoxicating.

At the distance, there was a fairy maiden as beautiful as the ice and snow. Nearby, there was a bewitching maiden that was sexy and bold. The sound of cheers filled the Intoxicating House.

Xiao Chen was not an inflexible guy. He was only taking a guess at how powerful the Moonflower Castle was, so he was absent-minded for a short while. Now that he had regained his consciousness, he completely let loose. This was the so-called ‘to join in the fun’. Being too old-fashioned was not good for people and himself.

“Your enchanting beauty has intoxicated the mortal realm.
When the spring breeze blows, the willows sway,
Bravery is short-lived while a woman’s love is everlasting,
My will to fight has wavered……”

Carmila danced lightly like a butterfly. When paired along with the pleasant song, it was enough to intoxicate a man. She started to dance right beside Xiao Chen. The other girls were also wrapped around the fatty as they started to dance. They even pulled the fatty and made him dance along clumsily.

And just at this time, a few more girls appeared. They sat in front of the few musical instruments on the classical stage and started to play the song in place of Lyria. Lyria herself stepped into the center of the hall and started to dance. Her dance was very elegant and substantially different from the passionate dance of Carmina. Her movements were as gentle as the wind, like a willow that had been brushed into motion.

At the same time, another four girls came into the hall. They got behind Lyria and started to move as in a dance with their frail bodies. Carmina brought the other four girls along with her to Lyria’s side.

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In but a moment, the hall was filled with music and dance, it made one unable to free themselves from the intoxication. Especially when Lyria, who possessed a beautiful voice, also joined the dance, it really made one feel the extraordinary charm. The discrepancy between her and Carmina was too big, which gave people an extremely distinctive perception.

What made people even more intoxicated was that, Lyria also entangled herself with Xiao Chen. A girl who seemed ice-cold actually possessed this kind of attitude, it really made one surprised.

He could feel that soft body as well as the delicate fragrance. Such an intimate body contact could make anyone’s imagination run wild.

The fatty at the side was very astonished. After thinking for a while, it seemed like he thought of something.

Only until Lyria had separated from Xiao Chen, and joined up with Carmina to dance in the center of the hall did the fatty said in a low voice, “Something’s not right, they never treated any client like this before.”

Xiao Chen didn’t say anything, but he had raised his guard. He could only think of one possibility. The people of this place might have already heard of his achievements on the dragon island. But it was nothing to worry about, that was not a secret. If one had enough power, they could probably find out everything that happened on the dragon island. The only thing he was concerned about was that he had no idea what they were planning. Could it be that they wanted to entice him, or could they tell that Keke and Tenax were out of the ordinary?

Keke and Tenax at the side didn’t understand what was going on at all. They only curiously watched the dancing-girls while sitting on the soft chair.

While appreciating the pretty girls dancing in front, the fatty chatted with Xiao Chen. Their topics mostly covered some things pertaining the warbeasts.

“The circumstances in Celestial City right now are very complicated. The Dragon Kings actually made an appearance. There are even quite a few people who brought their sacred beasts here. If Tenax can come out on top. Oh, that will be so……” In the end, the fatty was talking in his sleep.

“Do you know how many Dragon Kings have come altogether?”

“More or less around two. I investigated for a long time, but I couldn’t find their origins. I couldn’t even find any records of the two Dragon Kings’ battles. It is classified as top-secret by a few warbeast castles. Even my family is no exception. Those antiques didn’t want me to get in touch with the Dragon Kings.”

Xiao Chen frowned as he heard these. He originally wanted to use the fatty’s connection to get to the bottom of this, but he never thought they’d be this cautious.

“Tenax definitely cannot clash with those sacred beasts at the moment. What we should do now is to quickly awaken its hidden potential. From a professional’s point of view, its power has been greatly suppressed. I believe that if we develop it properly, it will absolutely not be inferior to those sacred beasts.” The fatty had become serious for once. Looking at Tenax at the side, he came to this conclusion.

Xiao Chen was toasted by those girls in the Intoxicating House unceasingly. He started to feel a little dizzy. It seemed like they knew he was a practitioner, so they didn’t permit him to use his secret arts to break down the wine. In the end, he helplessly looked for an excuse to go out and take a breather. He wanted to distil the wine.

The moonlight was gentle. The entire sky was filled with stars.

Just at this time, he actually saw a familiar figure. That person was also standing beside the flowerbed and distilling the wine.

“What are you doing here?!” The voice was as elegant as the sounds of nature, but it was filled with hostility. There was a hint of surprise and anger, it seemed like that person felt animosity towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was surprised, it was actually Yan Qingcheng who was dressed up as a man. He laughed at once and said, “So it was you, chick.”

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Although the beautiful Yan Qingcheng was dressing up as a man, it was still impossible to conceal her beauty. Her smooth skin, her clear eyes, her slender body, as well as her beautiful face, they were like the fresh blooms after winter. She was as beautiful as the naturally formed jade. She was truly elegant and ethereal. The men’s clothes only served to enhance her beauty. Right now, she was like a goblet of intelligence. It even made the bright moon in the sky lose its splendor.

When Xiao Chen said the word “chick”, he was being very sarcastic. In this kind of place, it made the word even more meaningful. It made Yan Qingcheng extremely angry.

“You… you… shameless beast!” Yan Qingcheng was very furious, she felt humiliated.

Xiao Chen found this to be very amusing. In the past, they were either in a life and death battle or he was suppressing her with overwhelming strength. This was his first time seeing this side of her, he wanted to tease her even more, “What? Is this unacceptable? Little girl, you don’t have the qualifications to say that to me. Didn’t you also come to this kind of place? But I am curious, why did a girl come to this kind of place? Could it be because you have a peculiar ‘taste’?”

It seemed like Yan Qingcheng had drank too much, her face was flushed and her eyes were somewhat watery. Hearing these words from Xiao Chen made her so angry that her feet became unstable. After swaying for a little while, she cursed in a low voice, “You scoundrel…. You immoral beast! Do you think everyone comes here only to do bad things like you?!”

There were three halls in the rose garden; Intoxicating House, Thousand Sweets Chamber, and Graceful Chamber. Xiao Chen looked around and found that Yan Qing Cheng came from the Graceful Chamber. He laughed and said, “Then what did you come here for? To recite poems and paint with the others? Or to come and have a tea party?”

“It’s none of your business!”

“I guess you do have a peculiar taste after all……”


Yan Qingcheng transformed into a purple light and slashed at Xiao Chen five times with her palm blade. She left behind one elegant afterimage after another in the rose garden. But the series of attacks were all blocked by Xiao Chen. In the end, he even grabbed her wrist.

“Let go! I’m not going to argue with you. This is not an ordinary place, nobody dares to cause trouble here.” Yan Qingcheng said in a low voice. She was furious and resentful that her wrist had been grabbed, but she didn’t dare to raise her voice.

It was easy to tell that she was drunk. Her cheeks were flushed, and the fragrance of the girl had been covered up by the smell of wine. It was obvious that she had a little too much to drink.

“Don’t make your move if you know you can’t beat me.” Xiao Chen turned around and left. At the same time, he mumbled, “Be careful. A girl shouldn’t come to this kind of place. Your patriarch had betrothed you to me……”

Although the voice was low, Yan Qingcheng could hear everything clearly. She already drank until her head went dizzy, there was no hint of her usual clear-headedness as she shouted, “Don’t talk nonsense. Otherwise I’m not done with you!”

“I am not making this up. Didn’t you start practicing the Obliterate Demon Absolute God already? Your patriarch already told me, you cannot be too far away from me…… When that time comes, other than me, who else can you marry……”

Although Xiao Chen whispered with a faintly discernible voice, it was heard by Yan Qingcheng. She immediately blowed up, “How can the patriarch be like this, he even told you these…… Xiao Chen, you are talking nonsense, I’m going to kill you at all cost!”

“Hah! As if I’m scared?!” Xiao Chen looked at her with a provocative glance, then he continued to walk towards the Intoxicating House. He thought about the reason why Yan Qingcheng came to this kind of place while walking, there must had been some reason.”

Yan Qingcheng forced the wine out of her body, then she also walked towards the Intoxicating House, and said, “Fine! I really am not done with you today, but we will not fight with martial arts. Since we are at this place, we will follow the rules here. Let’s have a drinking contest.”

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Xiao Chen saw Yan Qingcheng ran over. Although she had already forced the wine out of her body system, she still hadn’t really sobered up. He only looked at her provocatively. The frivolous words that came later caused Yan Qingcheng to run over while panting with rage.

“Little girl, can you really?”

“Didn’t expect that this scoundrel was this repulsive. I will make you drunk for one month straight!”

When the fatty saw that Xiao Chen came back with a youth, he was in a daze. On the other hand, Lyria and Carmina had a peculiar expression. It seemed like they had figured something out. The eight gorgeous dancing-girls at the side had incomparably passionate eyes. That was because Yan Qingcheng was seriously too beautiful and charming.

After a long time later, the fatty started to chuckle. He could already tell that this was a genuine stunning beauty. He whispered to Xiao Chen, “Brother, you are so capable. This kind of outstanding beauty can really make one feel ashamed of one’s inferiority. She’s so beautiful that it makes people feel dizzy just looking at her. And you are actually able to bring her to this kind of place……”

Yan Qingcheng didn’t say much after she entered the hall. She just kept pouring wine and drank ten cups in succession. After that, she looked at Xiao Chen provocatively. Each cup could hold a bottle or two of wine. In other words, she downed half a kilo of strong wine in one breath.

Xiao Chen also didn’t say much and drank ten cups in succession. Looking at the two drinking, Carmina, Lyria, and the other girls cheered for them. The fatty even incited them.

This was a chaotic drinking bout. Not long later, Carmina got beside Xiao Chen and said, “Where did this pretty friend of yours come from? Her alcohol tolerance is quite high. I went to the Graceful Chamber just now and all the sisters were dead drunk on the ground. They were all done in by her.”

“Everyone in the hall, come and drink.” While Yan Qingcheng didn’t have the intention to let Xiao Chen go, it seemed like she wouldn’t let the fatty, Lyria, Carmina, and the others off either.

Carmina and Lyria had a barely tolerable expression. They made the beautiful girls at the side go up and drink with Yan Qingcheng. But Yan Qingcheng grabbed the two of them, and didn’t let them escape. It seemed like she wanted to make Xiao Chen drunk and make the two of them go down with him. As for the fatty, he was already seeing stars.

“I know you girls are practitioners, no one is allowed to cheat in a drinking bout. I will not let you go and purify the wine.” Yan Qing Cheng looked at everyone provocatively, but her cheeks were already flushed.

It was pretty lively within the Intoxicating House. The fatty was the very first to fall down on the red carpet not far away. He was hugging two gorgeous girls with saliva overflowing from his mouth.

Another drinking bout was about to begin. A stunning beauty dressing as a man, while drinking along with two exceptionally beautiful girls, she forced Xiao Chen to drink. It was exceptionally bewitching.

Yan Qingcheng’s alcohol tolerance really made Xiao Chen dumbstruck. He resigned to his fate and fell on the ground. He was extremely angry as he thought to himself: Mother @#%¥, this woman… sure can drink. I’m actually drunk…

In the end, Yan Qingcheng propped up Carmina and Lyria who were already drunk. She emitted two rays of peculiar light from her eyes. If Xiao Chen was clear-headed, he would have known that it was a hypnotization technique. It could make one speak out the secrets in their heart.

She looked face to face with Lyria, then she asked in a barely audible voice, “Talk, is it true that the Moonflower Castle is hiding a Dragon King……?”

“Yes… That’s right…”

Yan Qingcheng was also spent. After getting a satisfied answer, she also collapsed and fell towards Xiao Chen……

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The hall gradually became quiet. Other than the three girls on the classical stage, everyone else was already drunk.

Keke and Tenax were a little puzzled. They were enjoying the fine food at the side and quietly looked at these events unfolding.

The three girls on the classical stage looked at each other in dismay. After that, they walked over and took a glance at Xiao Chen first. One of the girls said, “He has the heroic spirit of a man, but not as handsome as the other one.”

Their sight fixed on Yan Qingcheng’s body. Looking at her dream-like face, one of the girls sighed, “Is he really a man? If he is actually a woman, I would lose all my confidence. He’s really too pretty.”

They couldn’t help but caress Yan Qingcheng’s jade-like face with their slender fingers. However, they retracted their hands as if electrocuted, and shouted in surprise, “A woman, she’s actually a woman!”

“No wonder. How can a man be this pretty? She’s really too beautiful!”

“I bet only the legendary flower empress in the Moonflower Castle can be compared to her.”

“The empress of the Spellbind Castle should also be comparable.”

Looking at the beautiful Yan Qingcheng, the three of them were very jealous.

“Making my heart beat for nothing. And she’s actually a woman. Hmph! Unforgivable.”

Hearing these words, the youngest among them who were only sixteen or seventeen years old giggled naughtily and said, “Why don’t we do this instead?” ⌈1

Speaking until here, they started to fiddle with Yan Qingcheng’s posture.

Yan Qingcheng was originally on top of Xiao Chen, but after getting fiddled by them, their posture became incomparably dubious. Not only was Yan Qingcheng caught in Xiao Chen’s embrace, one of her hands was inserted into Xiao Chen’s cloth. And Xiao Chen’s bulky hand was buried into Yan Qing Cheng’s bra by that naughty girl.

“Hehe… I look forward to the time they wake up.”

“Aren’t we a little too wicked? Hehehe.”

“No, it’s pretty fun. Hehe……”

After the three girls left the hall. Keke and Tenax’s eyes lit up. They quietly left this place and moved stealthily into the depths of the Moonflower Castle. ⌈2


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  2. Silva: Trouble abounds! 

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