Chapter 198 – Flipping Out

The snow-white little critter had returned from hell’s gate. Although it was still so young and immature, its power was no less than a level-12 storm. It caused everyone to be endlessly shocked.

To open hell’s gate, just how much power would that require? Was it something a one foot tall little thing could accomplish? It gave everyone an unfathomable feeling. This was truly a law-breaking little critter.

Especially now, the little critter made everyone so stupefied that their jaws literally dropped. It was pulling the radish, with all of its strength! The snow-white little critter jumped onto the Peacock King’s back and exerted all of its strength to pull that Chaos Green Feather as if it was really pulling a radish. It didn’t seem to be aware that it was a legendary divine item that could crush a lofty mountain.

The multicolored Peacock King let out a long, furious cry, but its body had already been sealed by Keke. The rainbow-colored radiance had completely enveloped the Peacock King, it was unable to release any power. The tail feathers had already spread out, and the five-colored divine radiance was fluctuating, but it just couldn’t launch its divine radiance.

Keke spent a long time, and yet it was unable to pull up that Chaos Green Feather. It panted with rage and randomly tossed the tail feathers from side to side. The Peacock King was so angry that it almost fainted due to its own anger. The multicolored peacock tail was a royal mess and the little critter’s paws were full of beautiful tail feathers.

A murderous vibe drew near as the White Tiger’s External Incarnation pounced towards the little critter with metallic characters revolving around it. This time, all the metallic characters emitted glaring rays of light. Obviously, they were several folds stronger compared to before.

The sky started to tremble, that was the revolution of the worldly essence. Endless energy waves surged up violently and ripped through the air as it was launched towards the snow-white little critter’s location.

The Golden Lion King also chose to make its move at this moment. The Eye of Destruction and Eye of Reincarnation opened simultaneously. However, this time, the two streaks of light merged as they were launched towards Keke. The bloody light and black light interweaved and burst forth with an even more terrifying vibe that directly opened a tunnel of death in the sky.

It possessed the power of the Eye of Destruction, and also the power of the underworld. Both of these powers merged together and crushed every obstruction. Even the energy wave released by the White Tiger’s External Incarnation was shattered.

Keke already suffered a huge loss last time, it was assaulted by others from behind and got sucked into hell’s gate. Although the rainbow-colored radiance promptly neutralized the Light of Destruction, it was still stunned by the attack and narrowly lost its way in the dark underworld. Only after using up all of its power did it break free from Genesis and returned the way it came from.

Right now, it wouldn’t make the same mistake again. It was vigilantly casting a glance at all sides with its big eyes. Seeing that the White Tiger approached first, it didn’t make any unnecessary movements. All it did was sending a wide expanse of multicolored light there, with no less than five layers of light screen.

Although the White Tiger was strong, it was still no match for the law-breaking lil Keke. All of its powerful attacks were neutralized in the first moments. The rainbow-colored radiance was like an unstoppable spell, once it was launched, it shan’t be stopped and broke through all the energy waves. Those metallic characters floating around the White Tiger were no exception, more than half of them were shattered. Even the White Tiger’s External Incarnation was confined by the little critter and was mercilessly smashed towards the ground.


Smoke and dust filled the air as a bottomless hole appeared in the ground. The White Tiger’s External Incarnation was directly pushed underground.

Just at that time, the Lion King’s fusion attack almost arrived, the sound of space breaking down was transmitted over. The death tunnel’s momentum was extremely shocking.

Keke was extremely angry at the Golden Lion King. It nearly fell into Genesis for all eternity because of the Lion King’s sneak attack. Its big eyes went completely round the moment it saw the sly lion.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

Nine layers of rainbow-colored light screens were launched simultaneously.

That tunnel of death was stopped in midair just like this. Due to the fact that the Lion King did not provide any follow-up energy, the instant the tunnel was stopped, it exploded with a boom.

An extremely eerie and frightening demonic cloud appeared in the sky. The power that came from the underworld suddenly exploded and scattered, giving rise to violent surge of energy in the sky.

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Fortunately, this was the sacred warbeast stage, it was built in the open air. If there were any Psychics erecting barriers in the vicinity, everything would be destroyed, regardless of the barrier or the people.

The eerie black fog that shrouded the sky made the snow-white little critter dissatisfied. It waved its paws with all its strength and the black fog, along with the negative vibe, were instantly driven off by the dazzling rays of light.

When the Golden Lion King appeared in front of it, the little critter gave up on the Peacock King and with a shout, it transformed into a streak of white light as it rushed over. Of course, it was making its way through with the rainbow-colored radiance and was completely fearless of the Golden Lion King’s Eye of Destruction and Eye of Reincarnation.

A roaring noise fell incessantly on the ear as the terrifying Light of Destruction and Genesis were destroyed by the little critter. Keke passed through in an instant and hopped onto the Golden Lion King’s middle head in a short while.

With its pair of legs, it was fiercely stamping on the Golden Lion King’s Eye of Destruction. The Lion King felt so sullen that it wanted to let out a snarl. After that vertical eye was sealed by the rainbow-colored radiance, it was unable to launch the bloody light anymore. If it wanted to forcefully open the vertical eye, its head might even break into pieces.

In front of the big crystal screen, all the spectators seemed to be a little petrified. The little critter that just returned from Genesis was too powerful, so powerful that the other few sacred beasts were powerless to do anything. The little thing’s rainbow-colored divine radiance was obviously much stronger when compared to before.

“Squeak!!” Keke let out a squeak furiously, as if it was asking, “Will you give up or not?”

The glint in the Golden Lion’s eyes was ice-cold. Although it was feeling sullen, it also felt powerless. As an S-class sacred beast like itself, losing was completely unimaginable. Their powerful innate skills allowed their race to stand at the highest peak and a worthy match practically didn’t exist for them.

Their race only left behind a single descendant from generation to generation. If it couldn’t find a mate within its lifetime, their race would face the fate of extinction. It was very unlikely for one to be born every few thousand years. According to legend, it might be the only one left in this world. The Golden Lion was a genuine exotic beast.

“I got some news. The Golden Lion King does not have an owner, though it has a servant tending to it. However, that servant is so strong that it’s somewhat scary!”

“With the beast as the master and the human as the servant, this proves that the Golden Lion has an extraordinary origin. So much so that someone is willing to reduce himself to a slave to serve the Lion King until it grows up.”

In reality, this was not an unusual story. One must know that, some legendary gods were of the beast race.

In a few Empyrean VIP lounges, someone had received news from their subordinates. Previously, due to the Golden Lion King’s extraordinary performance, they had sent a lot of people to investigate.

They say that… in this world, there are a few extremely powerful races that were capable of standing up to the dragons. So much so that they could even slaughter them.

After receiving the news, some of the elders had already categorized the Golden Lion King as one of the few most powerful races. However, they were not very certain. After all, the records regarding the most powerful races were unclear.

Xiao Chen was located next to a few Empyrean VIP lounges and vaguely heard a little of their conversation. He immediately recalled Buddhist Yizhen. It seemed like their monastery had a kind of ancient book that contained records of many Primal Beasts. Buddhist Yizhen had once said that, Keke might be one of the few exotic beasts. Could it be that the Golden Lion King was also one of them?

Although the elders in the Empyrean VIP lounges got the news regarding the Golden Lion King, they were clearly more interested in Keke at the moment. They instructed their subordinates to scoop out the origin of the snow-white little critter regardless of the cost.

This made Xiao Chen frown inwardly.

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Of course, there were some who was more interested in the Golden Lion King. In one of the VIP lounges, a sigh was transmitted along with an aged voiced, “I feel that the Golden Lion King has yet to manifest its full potential.”

“Just where did it come from?”

“It is extremely possible that… the Golden Lion King is an all-enlightened one.”

It was impossible for Xiao Chen to hear this. In fact, the voice was very loud in the room, but no sound leaked out, as if some kind of bizarre power was at work. ⌈1

In the battlefield, Keke had already stamped the Golden Lion King’s head until its head was spinning. After that, it exerted its strength to smash the Lion King and left a big hole on the ground.

It must be mentioned that, although the snow-white little critter was stubborn and obstreperous, it was very kind-hearted. Even though it was nearly sucked into Genesis because of the Golden Lion King, it didn’t rouse up any killing intent. However, just when it jumped to the ground in high spirits, everything changed in that very instant.

The little critter noticed Tenax’s situation at a glance. Although it was still standing, its body was deprived of vitality. Keke transformed into a streak of white light and appeared in front of Tenax in a split second.

“Squeak…” It called Tenax gently, but there was no response. Keke looked at all the sacred beasts in the battlefield anxiously and furiously. After that, it quickly took off the treasured tree hat and stuffed the little sacred tree into Tenax’s wound. Then, with a wave of its paws, layer upon layer of rainbow-colored radiances were sent into Tenax’s body.

The Golden Lion King, multicolored Peacock King, Goldie, and the White Tiger gathered together and fixed their eyes on the snow-white little critter.

Through the rainbow-colored divine radiance, Keke felt the aura of the few sacred beasts on the opposite side within Tenax’s body. However, it could also feel an indistinct life force at the same time.

Seeing the condition of Tenax’s injuries, it was unknown whether it could make it out alive or not. Keke immediately welled-up with extreme anger.

This could be said to be the first time the little critter had flipped out. While standing on the stage, it pointed at all the sacred beasts with its paw. Of course, it didn’t leave out the Crimson Dragon King at the side. It was squeaking unceasingly, as if it was saying, “None of you can get away with this.”

Keke’s first target was the Crimson Dragon King. It was about to rush forward at any time. After receiving the nourishment from the rainbow-colored sacred tree, Tenax’s closed eyes shook a little and it actually transmitted a trace of bizarre fluctuations. That was completely sent out by spiritual sense.

In that instant, the nearly berserk Keke came to a stop and turned its head around to cast a doubtful glance. That’s right, Tenax’s voice was transmitted into its mind, asking it not to hurt the Crimson Dragon King.

While staring at the Crimson Dragon King furiously, Keke conveniently waved its paw and threw the Crimson Dragon King to the side of the stage by enveloping it with a rainbow-colored light screen.

The Crimson Dragon King was the fiercest, it immediately burst into anger. The instant it fell to the ground, it wanted to rush over there. However, after discovering that Keke was using the dragon’s divine ability, it ultimately restrained itself.

Keke disappeared in the blink of an eye and appeared in front of the four sacred beasts in a flash.

The little critter had flipped out!

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The rainbow-colored radiance swept away the four sacred beasts. It was no longer holding anything back at the moment. Although the four sacred beasts were fighting back viciously, they were still sent flying in an instant. Each and every one of them were throwing up blood.

Xiao Chen felt his heart skip a beat. When he was on dragon island, he already found out from Lan Nuo and the Amethyst Dragon King, that Keke practiced the dragon’s divine abilities. When a dragon’s divine abilities reach the peak stage, it is claimed to be capable of confining everything, sweeping everything, and destroying everything. The little critter has obviously improved. Sealing its opponent’s movements was no longer the only thing it could do. Right now, it has already learned the divine ability to “sweep everything away”.

The four saints were all furious. To be sent flying by such a tiny thing, it really hurts their pride. The White Tiger let out a long roar, Goldie let out a sudden cry and was the very first to rush over. Following that, the Peacock King and Golden Lion King took off simultaneously.

“Squeak! Squeak!!” The flipped out little critter was no longer showing any mercy when it made its moves. It seemed to be shouting, “Die! Die! …All of you can go and die!”

Along with the sound of something breaking down, those metallic characters around the White Tiger were shattered into small pieces. The White Tiger’s External Incarnation seemed like it was crushed by a huge mountain. The lower half of its body was swept past by eighteen light screens and was completely crushed, not even a drip of blood remained. The White Tiger’s main body coughed up blood and fell among the dust as it rolled back and forth.

The instant Goldie surrounded the little critter with nine Shadow Partners, three of them were destroyed by the berserk Keke, along with their souls. The other six figures hurriedly recombined in a split second and ran away in a sorry state.

The Peacock King and Golden Lion King were dominated at once. They were sealed and stopped in the sky.

This was a side of Keke that had never been revealed before. When the little critter flip out… the consequences were considerably grave.


Keke transformed into a streak of white light and chased after Goldie. At the same time, it launched eighteen layer of light screens towards the White Tiger.

Without any explosive sound, the White Tiger’s lower half was cut off. What remained behind was only its upper half stained with sticky blood. It was rolling on the ground unceasingly. From a glance, it seemed like the White Tiger wouldn’t make it out alive.

Keke instantly caught up to Goldie and launched the rainbow-colored divine radiance again. Another two of Goldie’s souls were ripped out of its body.

The entire warbeast castle turned into a cauldron of voices from an extremely quiet state. Everyone yelled as if they had just gone crazy.

In a short period of time, the little critter had actually killed the White Tiger. That was a king among the sacred beasts, the young White Tiger had clearly received the handed-down techniques of the White Tigers. Moreover, it possessed the divine marks bestowed by heaven, its future accomplishments would’ve been limitless. However, it was slaughtered by the little critter just like that! ⌈2

And even as the later generation of the gods, Goldie was about to meet the same fate. Five of its souls had already been destroyed, even having nine lives was not enough!


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