Chapter 59 – The Last One

Xiao Chen pressed forwards with large strides, the entire mountain woods shook along with his movement. He was as heavy as a giant, the powerful pressure caused Gu Luo and the other two to feel agitated. They were almost unable to breathe.

Gu Luo was scared stiff, he can already predict the outcome of this match, but he still had no other choice but to struggle like a cornered beast!

Xiao Chen’s body emitted a bright divine radiance, he left behind one after another afterimages in the woods, evading Psychic Li Ling Feng and Spell Master Carter’s attack. He kept appearing around Gu Luo, and bombarding him with the dazzling radiance on both hands until he spit out a mouthful of blood again and again. Gu Luo could barely stand up anymore.

“Hah……!” Gu Luo howled loudly, and threw himself at Xiao Chen. The forest trees in the surrounding were destroyed in that instant, he raised his power to the limit, hoping to inflict a heavy injury on Xiao Chen.

However, Gu Luo’s effort was put to waste when a resplendent divine radiance soared into the sky. Xiao Chen waved his left arm with all his might like a heavenly blade, the several meter long glorious divine radiance slashed across the sky. It swept past Gu Luo’s body in that instant, he was diagonally cut off from the shoulder! The top half flew no less than ten meter away, splashing a large amount of blood everywhere. The two halves of the corpse finally fell on top of the broken branches and withered leaves.

Gu Luo’s life had come to an end! The founder of The Avenger had fallen, this means that Xiao Chen had won against an alliance single-handedly!

A commotion break out on top of the valley, this is a cruel and intense battle, everyone could feel Xiao Chen’s superiority and dreadfulness, they couldn’t help but let out an applause.

But the fight did not end there, Xiao Chen and Psychic Li Ling Feng, as well as Spell Master Carter, are still fighting fiercely.

Dazzling radiance fell down from above the woodland unceasingly, lightning, energy blade, Netherworld Flame…… all kinds of magic attack were unleashed, Carter exhausted himself to frantically conjure one spell after another.

Psychic Li Ling Feng also unleashed his exotic abilities unceasingly, since the confinement technique had failed, he used his powerful Spiritual Power to build all kinds of illusion in the valley. He wanted to draw Xiao Chen into the dangerous territory. He even used his Spiritual Power to form a huge energy blade, and controlled it to hack and slash in the valley.

This battle persisted for a really long time, Xiao Chen formed one after another mysterious magic circle with both hands, glorious starlight glittered all around his body, the glorious light screen formed by the star diagram is very sturdy, it completely blocked all the attacks that come from the sky.

As for all kinds of spiritual illusion, it didn’t have too much effects on Xiao Chen due to his strong willpower.

After Xiao Chen raised his power from the Fourth Celestial Layer of Exuvia, to the Fifth Celestial Layer, a dazzling sword radiance soared into the sky. Both of Xiao Chen’s hands emitted glorious divine radiance, the peerless sword radiance penetrated Spell Master Carter’s body in that instant. As for the other resplendent sword radiance, it directly chop Psychic Li Ling Feng’s body into half. Two corpse fell from the sky, the intense battle have finally come to a conclusion.

The power of the Fifth Celestial Layer of Exuvia have overwhelming dominance. When they want to kill, nobody can stop them. The moment he disposed of two powerful enemy at the same time, numerous practitioners on top of the valley remained silent in shock, then they burst into a clamor.

Xiao Chen won a duel against an entire alliance!

This caused a lot of alliances on top of the valley to feel shocked endlessly, there are even more people who are immersed in the fight, their blood are boiling, as if they personally went through a bloody war. A single person challenging an entire alliance!

There are sounds of cheering, whistling, and shouting…… the top layer of the valley became very noisy.

Xiao Chen did not leave the valley, he walked into the depths of the valley instead. A lot of alliances were paying close attention from the top of the valley, everyone felt something was not right. However, they quickly recalled there is still one survival from The Avenger who entered the depths of the valley.

He’s just a pawn, is it necessary to kill him? ⌈1

Very soon, everyone was shocked to discover that they were very wrong, it was impossible for that survival to be a pawn!

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An intense battle finally break out!

Since Xiao Chen entered this valley and battled with Gu Luo’s party, he discovered this person is different from the rest. He killed the other weaker practitioners, but only this person was able to escape.

Sure enough, after he disposed of everyone else, and entered the depths of the valley, he discovered this person was already waiting for him a long time ago.

Without saying as much as a single word, the fierce battle break out. That person is actually a terrifying Spell Master! Soon after, Xiao Chen discovered to his surprise, that man who is covering half of his face with the disheveled hair is actually Lande, the guy who was together with Yan Qing Cheng.

He already used a charcoal ash to dye his blond hair black, his jade-like cheeks were also dyed red with grass juice. In addition, he covered his face with the disheveled hair, even Xiao Chen did not notice it was him before. Moreover, he never thought that he would make his move.

A golden-haired pretty boy who was as dazzling as the blazing sun, would actually go as far as disguising himself like this.

“Lande, why are you attacking me?”

“I’m willing to risk it! I have no regrets!” ⌈2⌋ Lande is still as arrogant as before, he is extremely conceited, and didn’t want to bother explaining.

“Hmph, I wish you won’t be as conceited as you are now after the battle!”

Xiao Chen didn’t have anything to be scared of, since Lande had come to find trouble by himself, and is still as conceited as before, then there is nothing else to say. The only thing to do, is to use absolute strength to suppress him, and smash his arrogant attitude into pieces.

A bright divine radiance burst out from the woodland, the dazzling radiance is like a raging ocean waves rolling over and over. A large expanse of mountain woods were destroyed instantly, endless amount of radiance submerged that place.

That energy fluctuation is not something a practitioner at the Third Celestial Layer of Exuvia is capable of!

This is a battle between two experts beyond the Fourth Celestial Layer of Exuvia!

Each and every experts from the alliances were incomparably shocked.

This battle is extremely intense!

The stones bore through the sky in the valley, huge trees fell constantly, dazzling radiance burst out in succession, the huge trees were even uprooted from time to time, defying the gravity and rose into the sky, and then was destroyed in midair!

The last person from The Avenger is actually the true key figure, he is actually the most terrifying expert, he is actually able to fight on equal ground with Xiao Chen. This make every audience here lose their composure.

However, Lande is too careless, when the battle entered a stalemate, he would voluntarily swoop down from the sky, and bombard Xiao Chen with his spell in close range. The entire sky is filled with bright radiance, terrifying energy descended in a grandiose manner, this entire woodland is enveloped by a divine radiance. The forest tree in this area were almost entirely wrecked!

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And just around this time, Xiao Chen finally revealed his true strength. He raised his power to the Fifth Celestial Layer, a tyrannical blast of light rose into the sky, the dazzling radiance actually engulfed Lande!


  1. Silva: Of course, a pawn will become a queen if they venture deep into the enemy’s territory. 
  2. Silva: It sounds like a confession here. It literally says, “I am willing, I love you,” in Chinese… 

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