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Chapter 175 – Oneness of Heaven and Humanity

Pasteur, the ancient divine spear, was as red as blood. It had once killed the venerable god, and not merely one! It was eternally encroached in divine blood that couldn’t be washed clean. It was the god killing ancient spear of legend.

Now, it suddenly appeared at this place. Everything seemed that kind of unusual.

The brown-haired man was not very tall, but he was very robust. He bared his left arm outside of his clothes. The bronze-like muscles were bulging and seemed to possess explosive power.

He wore a sneer on his not so handsome face. His eyes emitted two glints as he stared at Xiao Chen who walked over slowly.

At present, Xiao Chen’s battle clothes were stained by blood. His lofty body was completely dyed red by blood. Pasteur had pierced his left ribs and broken two of his rib bones. A large amount of blood flowed out from that wound.

However, it seemed as if he couldn’t feel the pain at all. He walked over with slow and steady steps. The bewitching scarlet radiance emitted from the sacred writings carved on the spear body made him seem more firm and persistent in contrast.

Under his long eyebrows, his eyes were ice-cold like the sword. The intangible “power” was as heavy as the mountain, and as vast as the boundless ocean. The omnipresent killing intent firmly locked onto that brown-haired youth.




With every step he took, the earth trembled slightly. Xiao Chen was moving slowly like a huge mountain. The heavy pressured made one unable to breath.

Gradually, the brown-haired youth’s complexion abruptly changed. He found to his shock, Xiao Chen’s footsteps possessed an indescribable magic power. The footsteps actually synchronized with his heartbeat. In the end, the heartbeat and footstep completely matched up.




This was one type of sound technique. Xiao Chen had already made his move!

At this very moment, he seemed to have already merged with this piece of land. He could feel the pulse of the mother earth and united as one!

His footstep sound penetrated into mother earth, guiding the boundless power accumulated within the earth and made it ascend to the surface!

It was a very rhythmic footstep sound. It was slow, yet powerful and heavy. When one step touched the ground, this space seemed to shake along with it. The brown-haired youth’s qi and blood rushed up. His face was as red as the blood. He felt as if his heart was about to jump out from his throat.

At this very moment, his heart seemed to be under someone else’s control, as if it was being grabbed in someone’s palm, it was getting crushed by a powerful force.

Oneness with Heaven and Earth!

Xiao Chen seemed like he had already assimilated the truth and realized the law of eath!

Merging with the heaven and earth, perceiving the Imprint of Dao, and archived oneness with heaven and humanity. At this very moment, Xiao Chen’s every movement seemed that kind of natural and harmonious. He seemed to be in control of this very space. His body and mind blended into a bizarre domain.


All of a sudden, Xiao Chen stamped on the ground fiercely. The step was much heavier compared to before!


The face of the brown-haired youth was incomparably flushed. His two eyes almost popped out. He opened his mouth and puffed out a big mouthful of blood. His body shook violently in that instant. He almost fell down on the ground.


Although Xiao Chen already sustained serious injuries, his bearing had reached an unprecedented height. His entire person standing on this land seemed as if he had really “achieved the truth”!

“Ah!!!” The brown-haired youth let out a huge roar. He wanted to break away from this indescribable pressure. If this kept up, his heart would explode. His heartbeat was completely under the control of the footsteps. He must break away from this situation.

“Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!”

Just at this time, Xiao Chen took five consecutive steps forward. The next heavier than the former. The steps synchronized with the pulse of the mother earth!

The brown-haired youth was unable to bear it anymore. He faced upwards and let out a bellow with all his might. He wanted to use the sound wave to shake off that unbearable pulse.

However, these five steps were apparently as heavy as the huge mountain. The pressure couldn’t be resisted!


The brown-haired youth coughed out a mouthful of blood. It was as if his body had been rammed by huge mountains as he was sent flying horizontally.

The bloody divine spear was still stuck on Xiao Chen’s body as he walked over, one step at a time. An unimaginable power surged in this space. Every steps of his spurred on the power of this land!


The brown-haired youth who fell on the ruins punched the ground with all his might. After that, he violently coughed out three big mouthfuls of blood. As if he was struck by a thunderbolt, he was sent flying backwards.

He finally broke free from that indescribable pressure, escaped from what seemed like the god realm.

He hadn’t really made his move yet and he already sustained some injuries. There was an undisguised cold glint in his eyes. He looked at Xiao Chen like a wild beast and said coldly, “After getting penetrated by Pasteur and suffered a heavy damage, will you be able to make your move the second times, third times, or fourth times?”

“It’s more than enough to kill you.”

“Ha… haha….” The brown-haired youth laughed out loud and said, “Just now I was too careless and fell into your battle rhythm. Let’s see what else can you do to me now?!”

Dugu Jianmo was carrying his sword in his arm and stood at the distant. As if it was a matter of no concern to him, he wore an indifferent expression.

Xiao Chen walked forward slowly. The scarlet Pasteur was stuck to his body all along. It’s not that he didn’t want to pull it out, it’s that he didn’t dare to pull it out. He was afraid that the instant he pulled it out, his three energies would also be drawn out instantly.

This divine spear had injured him too heavily. It penetrated his left rib, snapped off his rib bones, even his tendons had suffered damage and his power had been affected greatly. If it was not because of the vigorous life energy, he might be crushed by that great impact from the ancient spear at the very beginning!

Regarding this ancient spear, Pasteur, there were many legends regarding it. According to the ancient legend, this scarlet ancient spear was a sacred tool from some small tribe in the West. The small tribe had a very long tradition and each generation, an innate demigod would be born.

Legend has it that they had enough strength to fight off the descendant of ancient deities. The ancient divine spear was one of the weapons handed down from the clan. One must know that this clan had once killed many deities!

It could be said that Pasteur had an out of the ordinary origin. Only that the brown-haired youth was unable to manifest its true power.

“Haha… You are really like an arrow at the end of its flight. If I didn’t guess wrong, you didn’t even dare to pull out the divine spear!” The brown-haired youth laughed grimly in a loud voice.

Xiao Chen was seriously in a grave condition, but his spiritual power was getting increasingly powerful. Although his body was inflicted with serious damage, his bearing was as majestic as the blazing sun.

“My gratitude for presenting me with the divine ancient spear. Pasteur will become my spoil of war, and you will inevitably die under this very spear!”

Speaking until here, Xiao Chen’s figure suddenly disappeared. He got in front of the brown-haired youth with a single step and brandished his palm blade down. At the same time, his other hand was used to stabilize the divine spear, making it unable to tremble as he pierced it towards the brown-haired youth.

The palm blade didn’t give rise to any wind. It was as light as a feather, as if he didn’t put any effort into it. There was only a faint layer of light. There’s no thunderous air splitting sound.

On the other side, the ancient divine spear was completely opposite. The bloody radiance was incomparably glaring. The bloody-qi was launched forward for several meters, launching towards the brown-haired youth who quickly dodge. He was nearly pierced by the bloody-qi.

“Remember this, the one who killed you is Molika!” After the brown-haired youth’s shout, he rushed forward like a ghost. He was rushing straight for the ancient spear, Pasteur. He wanted to grab the pole of the divine spear and lift Xiao Chen up on the spot.

However, how could Xiao Chen give him this chance? He didn’t make any unnecessary movements. In fact, he didn’t dare to make any excessive movements. He lightly slid his left foot towards the rear and rotated half a step slowly. Then he took a step forward with the right foot. His left hand gripped onto the bloody spear that penetrated through his left rib and drew one after another bloody pictures in the sky. A piece of bloody curtain fell down from all directions.

It was bright red and incomparably glaring. The blazing spearhead was compelling. Xiao Chen, who was penetrated by the ancient spear, actually used it as his own weapon and sealed off the brown-haired youth’s path.


Molika shouted coldly as he sent one punch towards the bloody screen. He was originally a Ninth Celestial Layer expert to begin with. Although he was injured by Xiao Chen’s initial sound attack, his power didn’t get affected much, so he didn’t have any qualms to attack head on. He wore a cold smile on his face. He was sure that the heavily injured Xiao Chen couldn’t bear it.

However, he was a little disappointed.

Xiao Chen’s movements was like moving clouds and flowing water. He shifted a few meters to the side with movements as light as a feather and swept over from the side with Pasteur.

Needless to think, Xiao Chen could already freely immerse into that ethereal state as when he fought with Dugu Jianmo earlier. One sword-qi after another revolved like the starlight. At the same time, they shrouded Xiao Chen like a misty haze. At this very moment, his entire person seemed to have transformed into an unsheathed unique sword.

There’s no enemies before his eyes, only a single target, nothing more than a scarecrow, It didn’t cause his state of mind to fluctuate excessively. That was a target he must behead. That was nothing more than a target!

His expression was ice-cold to the point of scary. When Xiao Chen immersed himself in this profound state, his battle instinct was raised to the highest level. Everything was that smooth, he was no longer berserk, no longer domineering, but among the gracefulness, his killing intent increased without let-up!

“Pfff! Pfff!”

Xiao Chen slid past from the side, drifting like the clouds. After his bloodstained battle clothes lightly swept past, he slashed vertically with his left palm and ruthlessly clashed with Molika twice.

Molika found it a little unbelievable. Xiao Chen actually dared to face him head on. However, in reality, he knew he was wrong. When Xiao Chen was in this state, he was really too terrifying. The two strikes made him feel as if he was struck by thunderbolts. His right palm almost broke up.

The dawn of Historia realm!

Xiao Chen was on the eve of touching upon the Historia realm. This was the conclusion Molika arrived at! He must kill Xiao Chen, right now, right here! He must not tarry any longer. Otherwise, this enemy would become his greatest nightmare in the future!

It was a fierce battle, a desperate fight!

Xiao Chen’s vitality was as vigorous as in the past. It seemed like he was not affected in the slightest amount. He was as calm as the water. His pupils were as cold as ice. His body was as unyielding as sword!

Although he was heavily injured, it was as if he had stepped into a new domain. Xiao Chen’s every movement was incredibly smooth.

A clear whistle transmitted from a distant place as a human figure rushed towards the Solitary castle with lightning speed. The brown-haired youth jumped over the Solitary clan’s lofty stone wall and pounced towards Xiao Chen violently.

And just at this time, two terrifying glints suddenly emitted from Xiao Chen’s eyes. His left land released the ancient spear that penetrated himself. Both of his hands changed into palm blade and slashed towards Molika.

Molika’s eyes were filled with bloodthirsty glint. His elder brother had arrived. Xiao Chen was dead for sure! However, it seemed like there was already no need for his elder brother to make his move. That was because at this very moment, he actually grabbed the ancient spear that penetrated Xiao Chen’s body. He gripped it firmly and violently flung Xiao Chen up. His face was brimming with a ruthless smile.

However, Molika’s smile immediately stiffened. Xiao Chen, who was lifted up by him, was as heavy as an immemorial demonic mountain and pressed down on him. He felt his arms were about to break. Xiao Chen’s hands already firmly gripped onto the pole of the scarlet ancient spear as he pressed down ruthlessly. The spearhead originally pierced through Xiao Chen from the back anyway. At this moment, it touched upon Molika’s abdomen with unstoppable force.

At this very moment, Molika was brimming with fear!

“You dare to harm my brother?!” A sudden shout transmitted from not far away. Molika’s elder brother, Youlan Mu, already rushed over at lightning speed. His eyes were fierce.

At present, everything in the world had already disappeared from Xiao Chen’s eyes. His mind only had one conviction. And that was to pierce Molika’s body with the spearhead!

A boundless and unimaginable power fell down from every directions. Although his state of mine was calm and ethereal, the power stored up in Xiao Chen’s body pressed down like the Milky Way falling from the Ninth Heaven. The torrent couldn’t be stopped!

Youlan Mu cried out desperately, “Little bro!”

Even if his speed was fast, he was still slower than the speed of the ancient spear. The bloody divine spear pierced one inch at a time, and then with a “Pfff,” it pierced into Molika’s body!

Molika felt shocked and heartbroken at the same time. He never thought the already heavily injured Xiao Chen was actually this terrifying. He was still unable to fight against him! In regards to power, he was inferior. In regards to stamina, there was an even bigger disparity. He was practically not Xiao Chen’s opponent at all, despite the other party being heavily injured!

The blood splashed everywhere. The bloody spear, Pasteur, penetrated Molika’s abdomen. Xiao Chen stood on the ground. His messy hair danced crazily. While bearing the sharp pain, he faced upwards and let out a long roar. The bloody spear passed through his left ribs, then he grabbed it with both hands and violently lifted Molika up!


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