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Chapter 89 – Reappearance of the Divine Monolith

Without a doubt, these must be the pair of experts Buddhist Yizhen encountered before. It seemed like they were mortal enemy, even after entering the ancient city, they were still having their decisive battle. The black fog and colorful mist concealed their face, it made people unable to clearly distinguish their real appearance. They could only see hazy shadows.

“It is really the power of time, it is the genuine Divine Law!” Lawrence offered a word of praise, it was easy to tell that he was very excited. It seemed like he wanted to rush over there to learn something from the woman in question.

Without making any sound, a murderous aura suddenly closed in. Xiao Chen turned around immediately, his left hand was enveloped by North Star Light Screen, and grabbed an almost transparent knife blade in that instant. That resplendent knife blade was crystal clear, it was as beautiful as a work of art. With astonishment, it was actually Xiao Li’s Flying Dagger!

The big battle ahead also didn’t cause Xiao Chen loosen his guard, he stopped the killing move this time in the first moments. Just by raising his wrist lightly, sword aura ripped the void apart, it was launched high into the sky.


A lot of blood splashed downwards, the human figure in the sky flee in a hurry. Just when Lawrence was about to soar into the sky, Xiao Chen pulled him, and said, “No need to go after them, you are not in your best condition, we must not suffer any accidental loss.”

“Wharton was actually carried by Carlos into the sky, it seems like they wanted to escape immediately after getting rid of you. However, we can collect some interest in advance……” Speaking until here, Rowena smiled flirtatiously. After that, she lifted Yan Qing Cheng’s face by holding her chin, and said, “Treating this kind of peerless woman as interest is really too wonderful. I wonder how should we tame her in the future?” When they arrived at the central ancient city, the dragon’s magic attacks were already unable to affect this area. In other words, their lives were no longer in danger. Even though they were attacked from time to time, it was nothing compared to the dragon’s destructive attack. All of these could be stopped with ease.

However, Xiao Chen had a really bad feeling, his intuition was telling him something was watching outsiders like them in the dark. He suddenly turned his head around and saw a huge shadow quickly approaching from among the ancient building complex. They could vaguely tell it was a human figure, but the figure was really too big, it was at least twenty meter tall.


Lawrence used the void power to create a light rain, and launched it towards the dark zone ahead. The resplendent light illuminated that corner, a black cat about the size of a pony cried out in fear, and scampered with a whoosh. It disappeared in the darkness.

Such an enormous black cat really made one feel stupefied. Moreover, it was actually able to evade Lawrence’s light rain attack, which gave people an even more bizarre feeling. They could vaguely see a necklace made out of human skulls hanging around its neck. Words can’t even describe how eerie and mysterious it was.


On the ancient street, a few snow-white human skulls rolled over, they kept rolling until they reached under Xiao Chen’s foot. Qinguang Wang, Yanluo Wang, and Lunhui Wang seemed to be very mindful of these human skulls. The three skeletons lifted the skull, and their jaws kept making a snapping sound.

Xiao Chen took one human skull from their hands, he discovered there was a lotus insignia on the forehead of the skull. It was similar to the insignia on Qinguang Wang and the other two’s forehead. But they already lost their splendor long ago, there was only a little bit of imprint.



The few human skulls mysteriously shattered, the white powdered bones fell gently like the dried up sand. These things were extremely strange, it seemed as if the skulls that had existed for countless years were giving them some kind of warning.

Lawrence looked at Lunhui Wang and the rest, then he faced Xiao Chen and said, “Those who have a lotus insignia on their forehead might evolve into the Undead Sovereign in the future. That is an existence that would cause even the deities to shrink back. Those few skulls just now seemed like the leftover of genuine Sovereign Kings.

“This ancient city is too mysterious and scary!” Xiao Chen exclaimed.

The unknown mystery seemed to possess an irresistible force on humans. After Xiao Chen and the gang entered the ancient city and arrived at this place, they could already stop advancing, but their strong desire to explore this place seemed to be pushing them forward. They wanted to get to the bottom of this deathly still ancient city.

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After Lawrence probed the surroundings carefully, he said in a heavy tone, “The ancient city is very bizarre. There is an energy confining the space above the sky, even Psychic and Spell Master wouldn’t be able to leave from the sky. Perhaps only the dragons would be able to break through.

The Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors they passed by occasionally did not block their path, but when their cold gaze swept past them, it seemed like they were looking at dead people.

From the front, the sound of surging river could be heard. At the same time, a baleful aura pervaded the entire area. Moreover, pungent smell of blood drifted in the air. Scarlet blood mist rushed forth as the bloody river was surging forward. The pungent smell that made people wants to throw up didn’t allow anyone to doubt whether or not the blood was real.

Until now, even Xiao Chen was somewhat convinced, this place really seemed like the residence of the Sovereign of Death.

Above the surging bloody river, there was a stone bridge every few distance away. The stone bridges were engraved with various demons and deities. The vicissitudes of time were clearly visible on the engravings, it seemed like they were explaining something.

There were some withered skeletons on each and every stone bridge. It might be due to the vicissitudes of time, but those white bones were almost eroded. Xiao Chen and the gang did not stop, they directly crossed the bloody river using one of the stone bridge. And it seemed like the heart of the ancient city was already in front of them, that place was a central plaza.

A huge monolith stood in the center of the plaza, it was at least hundred meter tall!

Xiao Chen was gobsmacked. Isn’t this the divine monolith in the middle of the sea of bones? How did it appear in the ancient city, could it be that these two were interlinked and had a great connection? That must it be!

The plaza was very wide and spacious, except for that huge and eerie ancient monolith in the center, the plaza was surrounded by a very special fence. It was actually made out of rocks that looked similar tombstone.

“Those couldn’t be built by assembling ancient tombstones together right?” Lawrence looked at the surrounding fence doubtfully.

And just at this time, the survivors also arrived at this place one after another. Among them included the expert who was wrapped in black fog from head to foot, as well as the woman who was shrouded by colorful mist. However, they are no longer fighting, and distanced themselves from each other.

Altogether only thirty plus people who arrived at this place. They are the true elites among the practitioners. Several hundred people died in a disaster, only a few dozen people remained in the end. Far away, those Celestial Warriors and Yin Warriors still looked at everyone as if they were nothing. They didn’t have any reaction towards the few dozen practitioners.

In the distant sky, the dragons were bellowing in rage. They were still attacking this ghost town. Just at this time, the huge ancient monolith standing at the center of the plaza suddenly burst forth with a torrent of divine radiance. It tore apart the dusky sky, and prevented the rain of blood from falling, all of them were blocked high in the sky.

A fluctuation similar to that of the boundless ocean surged up violently from the plaza. Even though it didn’t possess any destructive force, it still possessed a huge pressure on the mind. It made the practitioners at this place unable to bear it anymore, that was a fear evolved from the soul.

Half of the people were unable to bear this kind of pressure, they actually couldn’t resist kowtowing on the ground. They were just like puny ants scared into submission by the ruler of all living things. That huge pressure, that ancient aura, it was really intimidating!

Xiao Chen, Lawrence, the mysterious man shrouded in black fog, as well as that woman shrouded in colorful mist were doing their utmost to resist. In the end, only the few of them didn’t crouch down.

The divine radiance emitted by the hundred meter tall ancient monolith was entirely drawn back. But in that split second, they transformed into one after another figures. A few more huge divine monolith suddenly appeared on the plaza, but with careful examination, they could only detect one genuine monolith. The others seemed to be almost identical illusions, they stood at the center of the plaza together with the real ancient monolith.

Everyone wanted to take a step forward to look at the mysterious ancient monolith. Even though the fog was bubbling up, everyone could still see the mysterious engravings on the ancient monolith!

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Only… nobody was able to approach. It seemed like there was an invisible energy in the surroundings of the huge ancient monolith and the few layers of monolith illusions. One practitioner attempted to approach, nothing happened at the beginning, but once he entered a few meter deep, he actually transformed into a pile of blood paste and melted on the plaza.

Nobody else dared to attempt, everyone couldn’t help but fall back. They surrounded the huge ancient monolith and watched from the distant. In the end, god knows who was the first to discover the diagrams on the surrounding fence and cried out in surprise.

After that, everyone walked over to those pitch-black stone beams that looked like tombstone. Many ancient events seemed to be recorded on the stone fence, but they were too hard to decrypt. Nobody was able to understand what they were reading. None of the diagrams on the stone tablet remained in good condition. It seemed like the most crucial parts were deliberately erased.

However, it was still somewhat beneficial for everyone. They actually discovered some training methods carved on the stone monolith. Lawrence whispered to Xiao Chen; That he found a diagram left behind by a powerful Void Master. Even though the diagram was very fuzzy and difficult to comprehend, it still gave him a very important enlightenment.

At this time, the plaza was very quiet, everyone was searching in the vicinity of the stone fence, they wanted to find some even more valuable diagram.

Xiao Chen also searched around. However, he didn’t pay much attention to the secret techniques of the Martial Artist, because his intuition told him those training methods were far inferior to the Secret-Qi Training Method he specialized in. But he still received huge benefits from these, this place had many lost skills, as well as some of the legendary killing move; Such as the God Slayer Technique, Chaotic Three-Way Patterns, Eight Laws of Demon Suppression, etc.

“O the ultimate essence of things, a moment of enlightenment is all thee need. Once the scene can’t be concealed, here we meet face to face.” ⌈1⌋ Just at this time, a clear and sonorous chant transmitted to everyone’s ears. Buddhist Yizhen floated over here.

One couldn’t see his once mournful expression, he seemed really graceful and ethereal at the moment. He fixed his gaze at the mysterious man with black fog all over his body, and said, “Solitary Sword Demon, I will make you understand what is karma today.”

As he was saying this, Buddhist Yizhen was calm and indifferent. So much so that he even possessed some sort of charm similar to that of Gods and Buddhas smiling while fiddling with flower. Words couldn’t even describe how breathtaking it was. It was very obvious that the Buddha’s Eternal Wheel made this young buddhist accomplish the first Nirvana-like transformation. It seemed like he really had a flash of realization.

The black fog bubbled up, the Solitary Sword Demon’s tall figure became visible. This was a man with really grim expression, he was not that handsome, but he had this really threatening disposition. His entire person seemed like a sharp unsheathed sword.

“It was really you.” Yizhen was very calm.

“It seems like the legendary Buddha really possessed sky-shattering magic power. A single Buddhist Tool could actually let you undergo a complete transformation. I thought the Dharma faction was already abolished, I didn’t expect there was someone like you.” The Solitary Sword Demon’s voice was as grim as his expression.

“Few were born, few return to nirvana, such is the circle of life. Light and dark maintained an equilibrium, some seeds shan’t return to the roots or origin.” ⌈2⌋ Buddhist Yizhen quietly recited the chant, quoting the Buddhist scripture, it seemed like the insight was considerably deep.


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