Chapter 125 – Obliterate Demon Absolute God

“Brace for it!” Xiao Chen warned the men and beasts on the ship with a loud voice. The snow-white little Keke quickly rushed to the side of the ship to pull the little sacred tree back and embraced it tightly.

Seven-colored radiance soared into the sky, the divine ship seemed like it had cut open the space-time and approached at high speed. The ghost ship also picked up speed in that instant, it gave rise to endless wind and waves, the demonic-qi soared into the sky, and the ship proceeded high speed forward. The bluish-green ocean surged up violently, it seemed as if the two huge ancient ships had an indescribable attractive force when they ran into each other, they transformed into two light beams and collided.


Along with the thunderous noise, as if the sky and earth had turned upside down, endless bluish-green waves surged high into the sky and covered the sun. The torrents of seawater flooded the sky, bluish-green droplets sprinkled all over the place. Although the two ship didn’t really collide, it was as if they had really crashed, there were separated by ten feet, the seven-colored radiance and dark demonic-qi were clashing in a frenzy.

To some degree, they could hear a burst of dragon cry and ghost screech, the multi-colored radiance lingered on heaven and earth momentarily, and the chilly wind roared furiously the next instant. This kind of indescribable changes in the heaven and earth was incomparably astonishing, it was as if the sky and earth had turned upside down.

The boundless bluish-green ocean was full of catastrophic vibe, a powerful fluctuation that made one tremble spread far and wide, it felt as if the galaxy had fallen from the Ninth Heaven. It weighted down on them like thousands of mountains.

Just at this moment, the tough little dragon had the most peculiar behavior, when Xiao Chen and the others were striving to balance themselves, during the time when they were crouching on the ship, it stood upright and unafraid. It let out a long roar towards the divine ship ahead unceasingly, its little body actually emitted such an ear-splitting sound wave, even its pair of eyes were glinting with glorious divine radiance.

The vast and mighty destructive power ahead caused the entire sea water to boil, that was completely caused by pure power, the white ocean waves hid the sky and covered the earth, as if the end of the world had arrived. The tough little dragon was not fearful, it confronted all of these firmly.

Just when Xiao Chen and the others thought an even more terrifying clash was coming up next, the two ancient ships suddenly split up. Divine light flickered, demonic-qi rolled over and over, two ancient ships slipped past one another, but a seven-colored ray of light launched from the divine ship in that very instant. It dispersed the black light surrounding the Sovereign King Ship and swept towards the tough little dragon in a perfectly straight line.

“Get down!” Xiao Chen shouted loudly, because he could feel how dangerous that divine light was. However, the tough little dragon turned a deaf ear, it was standing there like a stone statue. The glorious divine radiance did not harm it at all, but rather enveloping it like the water ripples.

Next, another divine light launched over, this time it was not launched towards the tough little dragon, but the little sacred tree hugged tightly in the snow-white little critter’s bosom. Even Keke was wrapped up within as a result.

The dragon ship charged into the Taboo Ocean, the Sovereign King Ship proceeded to the bluish-green ocean on the other side. They actually avoided a destructive clash that was about to break out like this.

And the two little beasts were at a loss, as their body had been restrained by two divine light. Although they were already far away from that region just now, the rays of light still didn’t dissipate. Only until a little while later did they begin to struggle, they looked very much like a vigilant human when they were inspecting their current state. However, nothing abnormal happened to the two little beasts, it seemed like the seven-colored radiance did not do any harm to them.

The bluish-green wave rolled over and over, the Sovereign King Ship was getting faster and faster, its speed kept increasing after leaving the Taboo Ocean, until it transformed into a streak of black light and headed towards the immortal’s mainland.

They passed by a few island in the vast ocean from time to time, the Sovereign King Ship braved the wind and billows, as if it was soaring. Without anything to stop it, the ship let out waves of gloomy moan. A few days passed like this and they already covered tens of thousands of miles. It must be mentioned that, this plane was too vast and boundless, it was far bigger than the mortal world.

Many days passed like this, they had already covered countless miles of sea area, the Sovereign King Ship began to slow down, it felt like there was a vast and ancient vibe ahead of them.

Xiao Chen knew they were most likely getting close to the immortal’s mainland, this kind of indistinct vibe belonged to the immortal’s mainland, he was secretly shocked, this world was really not ordinary.

“Yan Qing Cheng, do you have any way to earn my trust?”

Hearing Xiao Chen asking like this, Yan Qing Cheng felt a little apprehensive, she knew if she don’t make her decision soon, Xiao Chen will not be lenient. She wanted to make her move, but she felt powerless, and yet, she was still unwilling to make a compromise.

Yan Qing Cheng remained silent for a good while, then she suddenly laughed out loud in the end, as if she had been freed of worldly worries, this was out of Xiao Chen’s expectation by a large margin.

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“What are you laughing at?”

“Let’s make a deal.”

“Making a deal with me, do you even have any resources?”

Yan Qing Cheng hesitated for a really long time, then she steeled herself and said, “Have you ever heard of Obliterate Demon Absolute God?”

“Obliterate Demon Absolute God?!” Xiao Chen was quite shocked, he looked at Yan Qing Cheng without blinking his eyes and said, “I have heard of this kind of martial arts in mortal world, it was reputed as the best technique in legend.”

“The martial arts passed down in the mortal world is imperfect, it is only the Obliterate Demon, and the one circulating in the world of immortals is the Absolute God, the two of them are quite different, Obliterate Demon Absolute God can also be regarded as a supreme martial arts in the world of immortals, why don’t we make a deal with this? I will pass this technique to you, and you will set me free.”

“Haha…… What makes you think this will work?” Xiao Chen laughed heartily and said, “The so-called path to immortality, no matter how marvelous is the Obliterate Demon Absolute God, it is not appealing to me in the slightest, you must know that the best martial arts in this world of immortals is not only the Obliterate Demon Absolute God.”

Yan Qing Cheng heaved a sigh, she made her decision and said, “Alright, since this deal is off, let’s go with a different method. Since you have heard of this martial arts, you should be aware of its demonic nature and divine nature.”

“That’s right, I know of it, although this martial art is extremely formidable once it is perfected, it is also extremely “demonic”. In the course of training, it requires a human as vessel ⌈1⌋, it is very dangerous.”

“You are right, to train this Obliterate Demon Absolute God, you need a vessel to entrust a portion your soul, this is the most difficult method in every kind of martial arts, it is extremely dangerous. Moreover, in the course of training, if your skill is lower than the vessel’s, you will inevitably be controlled by the vessel, unable to resist, unable to struggle, you should know what that means. For hundreds and thousands of years, only three or four people were able to really master this technique.”

“What are you trying to say?” Xiao Chen asked.

“I want to let you be my vessel, you should know what this means, those who practiced in Obliterate Demon Absolute God must choose someone far weaker than them, and those who practiced in this martial art like me, the probability of success is too uncertain. In other words, a portion of my soul will be sent to your body, it means our fate will be interlinked, it is impossible for me to harm you, because I won’t be able to live the moment you die. Moreover, I am weaker than you, so you will not be in any danger, the one being controlled is me……”

Xiao Chen laughed, and on the other side, Yan Qing Cheng clenched her teeth. This was tantamount to making a compromise, to be controlled by Xiao Chen like this, anything could happen.

“Xiao Chen, now you should be able to believe I won’t cause any trouble for you after we enter the world of immortals right? However, I have a condition, after I entrusted a portion of my soul to your body, you may not meet up with me, we will not see each other for three years.”

Xiao Chen laughed and shook his head, “How can I let this happen! Within three years, you will have achieved many accomplishments. When that time comes, wouldn’t I have become your vessel for real, and get controlled by you at that time? I will turn into your prisoner.”

“Since ancient times, there were only two or three people who truly mastered this martial art, you overestimate me too much, and lack too much self-confidence in yourself, don’t tell me you thought I can overtake your training progress? Alright, since you lack self-confidence, we can cancel the three years agreement.” Yan Qing Cheng looked at Xiao Chen with a provocative glance, her peerless beauty possessed an alluring charm.

“As far as I know, once you started practicing the Obliterate Demon Absolute God, it will take at least one year for the restrain to take effect.” Xiao Chen wanted to give it a try. No matter how much time passed, the two would be bound by this kind of connection, as long as Yan Qing Cheng didn’t make a breakthrough, she would certainly die if he was to die. And if Yan Qing Cheng die, he would not be affected. Of course, the prerequisite is that Yan Qing Cheng will not surpass him, or fully master this martial art that none had perfected for the past hundreds and thousands of years. If he end up being controlled by Yan Qing Cheng under such an advantageous position, he’d rather bump into a bean curd and drop dead.

“Correct, it requires one year as you said, but since my soul is in your body, what are you afraid of? If something happened to you, I will meet the same fate too.” Yan Qing Cheng was betting with her own fate, she wanted to try her luck, she originally didn’t want to practice this martial arts, but she had no other alternative. Perhaps she might be controlled by Xiao Chen now, but if she can somehow master it sometime in the future, then their situation will be reversed.

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“Fine, since that is the case, I have nothing else to say. However, I am a little doubtful, this martial art don’t seem like something just anyone can get that hands on.”

“Indeed, not just anyone can get their hands on this, only a few old masters in the Undying Faction know of this peculiar martial arts, other people are unaware of it. There is a profound reason why I can get my hands on it.” Yan Qing Cheng didn’t say what it was, Xiao Chen also didn’t press for an answer.

It might be a little troublesome later, but Xiao Chen broke the seal on Yan Qing Cheng, allowing her power to recover. With his current ability, he was not at all worried that she would rebel and run away.

After going through what seemed like a mirage, within that multicolored radiance, surrounded by all kinds of divine illusion, a divine light emitted from Yan Qing Cheng’s pair of eyes and entered Xiao Chen’s body, a connection was formed between the two of them in that instant.

At the same time, a vast continent appeared before their eyes, the primal aura directly blew past their face. ⌈2


  1. Silva: Literal translation for this “vessel” would be “cauldron (鼎)” 
  2. Silva: The prologue is finally over, now let the real story begins! 

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