Chapter 200 – Opening the Third Eye

The old woman was very tall and wouldn’t be outdone by any ordinary man. Moreover, she looked a little Herculean. If not because she possessed a few characteristics of a woman, she would absolutely be looked upon as a man. Her face had wrinkles, but she did not have the benevolence of the elderly. On the contrary, she looked very ruthless and gave people a bad impression.

With her age and flying ability, it was very easy for people to recognize her as a Zephyrus level expert.

And yet, she was sent somersaulting by the snow-white little critter two times in succession. This was a really shocking event. Naturally, the old woman herself felt even angrier and astonished. To be sent flying away by such a young little critter, it was a very embarrassing event.

“Evil creature, you are courting death!” Following the old woman’s fierce shout, nine crescent moon-shaped light blades fell from the sky. Although they were materialized by energy, the light blades were flickering as if they were real divine weapons.

“Squeak! Squeak!!” The little critter wouldn’t take it lying down. It glared at the old woman angrily with its gem-like black eyes and fought back.

The rainbow-colored radiances were launched one after another. A total of twenty nine light beams amassed together to form a blazing divine radiance that was launched at the old woman.

This was a soundless collision, but it was equally intense. It could be seen that the holy radiance and densely concentrated light blades broke into pieces as they clashed in the sky. Although there was no ear-splitting noise, the terrifying fluctuations were enough to cause people’s heart to race. It felt as if heaven and earth was rocked by a major disaster. It made everyone’s soul tremble

The sound was annihilated, even the energy was annihilated. It’s only because of this that the devastating storm didn’t spread out. This kind of confrontation was the most terrifying. Once a little bit of the energy burst out, the aftermath would be considerably grave.

Seeing that a black hole had swallowed up that space just now, all the spectators felt a chill down their spine.

The old woman’s light blades were all destroyed in the sky, and the little critter’s holy radiance didn’t get completely routed. It continued to rush forward, showering down upon the old woman and ruthlessly shot her from the sky.

The dragon’s major divine ability, once it reached the ultimate state, it could confine everything, sweep everything, destroy everything, unable to be stopped, it couldn’t be stopped!

The little critter had obviously grasped a little of these three essentials. However, it was most proficient in confinement. In regards to the “sweeping”, it was not that proficient in it yet. As for the “destruction”, it had only touched upon this field a little bit. However, that was already sufficient. After sweeping the old woman, Keke directly used the confinement technique to trap her and ruthlessly smashed her on the heavily damaged ground.


Dust filled the air as the old woman was smashed into the ground. A human-shaped hole was carved on the surface of the ground.

“AHHH!!!” The old woman rushed out with her face covered in dirt. She was completely driven mad. She hoped she could commit suicide. To be tossed around by a one foot tall little critter like this, she really had no face left to exist anymore. ⌈1

Everyone in the Amber Warbeast Castle raised an uproar, almost to the point of going berserk.

The little critter had challenged its limit again and again. First, it overpowered the four sacred beasts, and then it broke free from the bounds of Genesis. Following closely, it killed sacred beasts as if it was preparing a dish. And now, it even sent a Zephyrus level old woman somersaulting into the sky. Just how strong was this little thing? Almost nobody could see through the little critter’s strength.

The very most important matter was its expression; naive, immature, and throwing tantrum in a fit of rage. It didn’t seem to consider defeating the old woman as something worth showing off. It was not aware of the consequences.

“Evil creature!!” The old woman finally lost it. She didn’t care about everyone’s mockery and ridicule anymore as she flew towards the little critter with killing intent, “Little *******… I will definitely get rid of you!”

Keke was very angry, nobody had ever called it a little ******* once. Even though it was a little critter, it had the heart of a young child.

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White light flashed and faded away as the snow-white little critter kept changing its position in the sky. As if it was crossing empty space, Keke abruptly appeared beside the old woman. It lifted its hand to launch a divine radiance. With a bang, the divine radiance was flung at the old woman’s face.

The old woman’s body slanted to one side and her cheek immediately started to swell. Although she was hit by the divine radiance, it felt as if she had received a slap on the face.

“Little *******!!!” The old woman flew into rage out of humiliation. Such humiliation was really too much.

“Squeak!!” Keke shouted in a fit of rage. Being scolded as a little ******* by others, it was evidently very angry.


It abruptly disappeared once again and appeared not far behind the old woman with a swish. Then with a ripping sound, it launched a divine radiance and struck the top of the old woman’s head.


The old woman was hit and directly fell to the dusty ground from the sky.

The entire stadium was in an uproar, accompanied by rowdy jeering. The old woman really wished she could find a hole and bury herself underground.

Just at this time, the six guards of the warbeast tournament flew over and stopped the old woman, who still wanted to rise in revolt. As a matter of fact, these six should have come over at an earlier time. Just that, when they saw that the little critter actually had the upper hand, they just looked on without lifting a finger. That was because they were very dissatisfied with the old woman’s behavior, so they wanted her to lose face.

The six of them found this old woman to be very despicable. She was clearly up in years, and yet, her temper was even worse than that of the ill-mannered vixen. She didn’t have a tid bit of a senior’s grace. She was a shame to her peers.

The disturbance on the warbeast stage had been settled forcefully, but it was very difficult to settle down the spectator’s high tension. Everyone was continuously discussing just what level had the little critter reached.

“Don’t tell me it had already reached the demigod level?”

“Hard to say, but I don’t think it should be that exaggerating.”

“Due to these sacred beast’s powerful divine abilities, they seemed to be unparalleled, but their real power should be around that of the Historia realm. However, without the strength of a demigod, it is hard to fight against their almost freakish divine abilities.”


An elder in the Empyrean VIP lounge gave the most accurate evaluation.

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“The Golden Lion should be at the Historia realm, but due to its unrivalled divine ability, it is hard to suppress it unless a Zephyrus realm expert makes their move. As for that snow-white little critter, maybe it already touched upon the edge of Zephyrus realm… that’s why it was able to send the tiger woman just now somersaulting a few times.”

Divine ability, especially those unrivalled ones, possessed the greatest might. If their power was to completely manifest, it would be totally unimaginable. This was the only hope for the weak to be capable of stepping across the dividing line!

Therefore, when people began to open up the treasures in their body, they would try to dig out rare divine abilities. Hence why this realm was given the name of Historia. However, just how many unique and unmatched divine abilities were out there in the world? In a certain kind of sense, except for the inherited skills of some uncommon races, all the other divine abilities could be duplicated or derived.

The snow-white little critter was pushed into the limelight and swept across the warbeast tournament with absolute power. Causing everyone to be shocked and rousing a lot of interest in the little thing.

Before, Keke was wearing golden monkey fur and child’s clothes to disguise itself. Nobody was able to recognize it. However, its true identity was exposed after it broke free from Genesis. Some of its behaviors after that attracted the eyes of everyone present and shocked all the spectators.

Dugu Jianmo silently watched for a really long time.

Even someone who knew her roots and background such as Yan Qingcheng was endlessly shocked. She absolutely never thought that Keke was this strong. At that time, although she knew it was very extraordinary, her impression of it was only that of a mischievous and cute little thing.

Let’s not even mention fatty Zhuge, his jaws already dropped due to shock a long time ago. Although the ******* fatty had keen insight and could tell that Keke was out of the ordinary, but he never thought it was this EXTRAORDINARY.

Katalina, Lazio, Fairsnow, and the gang had once seen the snow-white little critter. After Keke swept across the entire warbeast tournament, they were so taken aback to the point that they were petrified.

Everyone who recognized the little critter almost went crazy, it was that inconceivable.

Those who returned from dragon island, whether it was intentional or inadvertent, they didn’t leak out that there was once a snow-white little critter who dared to provoke the Dragon King. Therefore, even if people were to investigate the events that once occurred on dragon island, only a few people would know about the secret that Keke came from dragon island.

However, it was no longer possible to keep this a secret. This time, among the people who came to watch the warbeast tournament, there were no lack of people who returned from dragon island. They immediately recognized the snow-white little critter at a glance. Thus, they also naturally linked it to Xiao Chen. As a result, some of the elders in the Empyrean VIP lounges received a report within moments. Consequently, the secret was no longer a secret.

At present, the old woman was already banished from the premises. The Peacock King and Goldie were already taken away by the two elderly people. A mysterious man who was clad in golden flames walked over to persuade the Golden Lion King to leave, but he was refused by the Golden Lion King.

The two Dragon Kings were brought by others to a safe zone. Since then, the warbeast stage had once again regained tranquility. Only Keke and the Golden Lion King were left on the stage.


The Golden Lion King raised its head to let out a roar that shook the very earth. After that, it rose high into the sky and floated in midair. Its pupils emitted gold glints that gave people chill down their spine. The Lion King had never suffered a loss like this before. Since birth, it had been through dozens of life and death battles, it could even be said that the Golden Lion paved its way out from a pile of corpses. It had never experienced defeat once among the young beasts.

Around the third vertical eye, divine flames were wriggling about. As if it had formed a world of its own, mysterious characters actually floated into sight one after another. The characters emitted ancient vibes like that of the sacrificial writings as they were dedicated to the underworld to call upon some kind of power!

Today, if the Golden Lion King was unable to open its third vertical eye to defeat Keke, it wouldn’t be willing to give up.

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In order to ensure that it wouldn’t be disturbed, the Golden Lion King had a fierce expression. The golden mane around its three heads were erected as liquified golden energy enveloped its entire body. It was bearing the acute pain to make some kind of sacrifice.

The blazing golden divine light was pulsing like a flame. Even the sky seemed to be combusting.

The Eye of Destruction abruptly opened, then it closed at high speed. The bloody ray vanished in a flash. After that, a bloody pattern flowed out from that vertical eye as an inexhaustible power was flowing towards the third vertical eye.

The Eye of Genesis opened quickly and closed just as quick. The black light disappeared in an instant as a bloody pattern appeared. Same as the former, the inexhaustible energy flowed from that vertical eye to the third one.

The two vertical eyes would be completely sealed for a really long time in the future. All for gathering enough power at present to open the third vertical eye immediately!

Around the third vertical eye, those mysterious characters emerged unceasingly and formed a world of their own. It was practically impossible to understand the meaning of those ancient characters. Indistinctly, the sound of chanting and praying could be heard. It was as if they had traveled through time and were transmitted from the distant past.

The voice was getting louder over time and gradually became clearer. No one was able to understand the meaning of those words nor what “he” was feeling. They only knew that it was a sincere prayer and summoning.

It was extremely bizarre!

When the third vertical eye of the Golden Lion was activated, it would actually bring about such a bizarre effect. It made everyone feel as if a storm was welling up in their heart.

This… was apparently a ceremony!

The chanting sound, the praying sound, the sound of the offerings and massacre… they were like the long drawn out sound of an ancient demon!

Was that demonic sound the sincere prayer of the people in the distant past? Just what kind of existence was the Golden Lion King? Could it be a race that was once worshipped by the common people?!

As time passed by quietly, an infinitely small crack could be seen as the third vertical eye of the Golden Lion King was on the verge of opening!

And during the process when that ancient demonic sound was transmitted outward, the snow-white little critter was bewildered. It seemed as if its heartstrings had been touched, the little critter was at a loss.

All of a sudden, the Golden Lion King’s third vertical eye opened widely at high speed!

As if it had sensed danger, the snow-white little critter instantly became incomparably solemn. It was not at all the same as it was in the past. All of that was due to the ancient demonic sound, it was as if a certain sealed door of the little critter had been opened.


An eerie sound transmitted outward. The Golden Lion King’s location completely transformed into nothingness, a big section of space seemed to be on the verge of shrinking into a tiny speck until it completely disappear.

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The Void!

Even Keke was caught up within.

The Golden Lion King’s figure already couldn’t be seen, and Keke was on the verge of disappearing!

Just at this time, the snow-white little critter seemed to have pushed open a dusty and mysterious door that was in the middle of a long river. Its pair of eyes emitted two brilliant rays.

A black light flickered, it carried a destructive aura like it was a magical light of the underworld. The other light was white and boundless, as if a star had suddenly been lit up and illuminated the boundless universe. Millions and millions of stars poured their light down in a torrent.

The two light beams that appeared all of a sudden were accompanied with a sudden clap of thunder. The situation changed in an instant as heaven and earth turned pale. The boundless energy that spread out had enough power to swallow the whole world.

It was a very strange feeling. It was obviously nothing more than a white and black light, but it felt as if there were thousands of men and horses surging forward. It gave everyone an extremely bizarre feeling.

At this very moment, lil Keke who wore a solemn expression that gave people an extremely ridiculous misconception. It seemed as if Keke was an indomitable great god; dignified and inviolable.

Whether the Golden Lion King had fully opened the third vertical eye was still unknown, but the little critter had already opened an extremely terrifying eye! ⌈2


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