Chapter 9 – Entering the Primitive Forest

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Wang Zifeng and Liew Yue were extremely pleased after seeing Xiao Chen’s expression. The name of the Demon King was indeed able to strike fear in the hearts of anyone for all eternity!

“The Demon King spent his eternal life in this world?” Xiao Chen was extremely excited.

“Naturally! The great master had already achieved an indestructible body a long time ago!”

“Then how about the both of you?”

“We… naturally still have yet to reach the realm of immortals. The world of immortals is not as you had imagined. In fact, the people who are truly immortal are not many.”

Liew Yue laughed lovably, “Mister Xiao, since you just entered the world of immortals, I suspect that you still have yet to understand anything. How about joining our faction and let us give you some guidance.”

If Xiao Chen didn’t know that the opposing side wanted to kill him, he would certainly be happy from the bottom of his heart. However, he could only act as if he was happy at the moment.

“May I ask if there is any peculiar place on this island?” Xiao Chen doesn’t have the fundamental knowledge regarding the world of immortals, there was a lot of questions he wished to ask the other side. However, he had no other choice but to start from this uninhabited island first.

“A peculiar place? Hehe, you could say that this entire place is so special that it requires a Heavenly Monolith to suppress!” Wang Zifeng sneered somewhat ruefully, but he did not continue to explain.

Liew Yue smiled charmingly and said, “It’s hard to express it in just a few words. You will slowly come to understand sooner or later. This world is far more mysterious than you can hope to imagine. Coming across a powerful race who was born with a pair of wings doesn’t even count as a rare encounter!”

Just around this time, the presence of a lively creature could be felt approaching from the tip of a tree branch faraway. The three of them had already detected the presence, they turned around to take a quick glance without a care in the world.

What appeared in their vision was only a little horse that looked as if it was sculpted out of fine jade. A faint radiance was circulating around its body, its huge pair of eyes that looked like black gems blinked a few times. Concealing itself on top of tall tree, it secretly observed the three of them curiously.

Liew Yue was surprised and cried out in a low voice, “Praise the Demon King, it is actually a young one-horned divine beast!” One could see that she was especially bewildered, her state of mind was fluctuating intensely, and her towering twin peaks were swaying side by side constantly.

Wang Zifeng was also bewildered as he said, “We already knew that this island was mysterious, but we never thought we would encounter a one-horned divine beast at the borderline zone right away. Junior sister, you go give it a try. I hear only a young lady with pure heart can get close to this kind of divine beast.”

Liew Yue stood up and her lovely attitude completely vanished. She now gave people the impression of a dignified and pure young lady. She walked towards the ancient tall tree with graceful and elegant steps.


The young unicorn ran away in an instant like a startled rabbit. Looking from a distance, only a silver afterimage could be seen as it disappeared in the forest.

“So it was actually known as unicorn. I was under the impression that it was the legendary Pegasus.” Xiao Chen was talking to himself.

“Hehe…… It can also be considered a Pegasus. It can only run as fast as lightning when it is still young but once it reaches adulthood, it will be capable of flying. At the same time, it possesses formidable firepower beyond comparison once it has been angered.” Wang Zifeng appeared very regretful as he continued, “What a pity, it is still possible to subdue a unicorn this young, but it is way too vigilant.”

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“Humph!” Liew Yue snorted coldly. She was very unhappy and returned disappointedly.

Wang Zifeng had already emptied his plate, then he turned his head towards Xiao Chen and said, “When the time comes, we will take you away from here. However, that is impossible at the moment. First, we want to roam around the depths of the island. Second, we have to wait until our ship comes and supports us. Are you still willing to go with us?”

Regarding this, what else could Xiao Chen say other than that he was willing to go with them while acting as if he was really happy.

“That’s good, then you go gather some more sea salt. We can use it on the road later. The inner island is extremely dangerous. We have no other choice but to flee and take a detour if we encounter any primal beasts. We do not even know how many days would it take to explore the island thoroughly.”

Looking at Xian Chen gradually getting further away, Liew Yue’s expression became cold as she said, “Let’s kill him immediately, so as to avoid anything unexpected from happening.”

Wang Zifeng shook his head, “You have also seen it for yourself, we still need him for these miscellaneous work. Maybe after two more days. The inner island is full of dangers, maybe we can still use him as bait to draw the attention of the beasts.”

The both of them started to laugh grimly.

In the distant jungle, Xiao Chen observed the movement of their lips attentively and then he retreated silently. If he didn’t know how to read the movement of the lips, perhaps he wouldn’t even know how he died.

He could tell that Wang Zifeng and Liew Yue were pressed for time so he didn’t dare to waste time. After Xiao Chen had gathered enough sea salt, they began to set off.

After walking for half an hour, the tall ancient trees were getting more concentrated. The tall and green trees covered the sky, even with a dozen people combined, it still wasn’t enough to surround a single ancient tree in this sea of forest. The thick and old vines stretched for several hundred meters, ferocious beasts were constantly roaming about and howled unceasingly.

The three of them had already encountered several dozens of extremely rare monsters, but in order to avoid any unnecessary trouble, they were making a supreme effort to avoid encountering them.

Walking in the ancient primitive forest, they would frequently see some snow-white monster bones. Many of them extended for as long as eight to nine meters, they were clearly the skeletons of the ancient beasts. They were hidden from view by the grasses and woods, making that place seem especially frightening.

While they were advancing, Xiao Chen saw the traces left behind by the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon. Along the sides of the road, there were some fragments of the silver scales left behind by it. The huge claw prints on the surface of the ground were a horrible sight to see. The claw prints were much longer compared to the length of Xiao Chen’s body. The trees had collapsed and turned upside down at the region that they just passed by.

Xiao Chen really wanted to know, just what kind of primal beast did the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon fought against that night.

Wang Zifeng and Liew Yue were not aware of the fierce fight between the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon and another primal beast a few days ago. They felt fearful the entire time as they walked past this region.

Not long later, Xiao Chen discovered the site where the two beasts had a fierce fight that night. That was originally a wide expanse of woodland, but now, the entire region of forest had been thoroughly flattened, only leaving behind the broken branches and withered leaves.

Bloodstains covered a wide expanse of the messy woodland and there were many fragments of silver scales, as well as green scales. They clearly belonged to the Eight-Clawed Tyrant Dragon and the other primal beast respectively.

Seeing everything before them, Wang Zifeng and Liew Yue had a very ugly complexion.

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They followed the trail of the other vicious beast for quite some distance before they figured out that the monster appeared to be walking upright; two huge claw prints alternated between one another. They did not continue to follow the trail of the vicious beast and changed their course. If they ran into that vicious beast by any chance, they will probably meet a tragic end.

However, after changing their directions several times, the three of them noticed the traces left by the vicious beast all over the region. It appeared to be dwelling in this territory!

That was definitely not good news, they had already entered the territory of the primal beast!

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