Chapter 227 – Youchao Sky Palace

Everyone was flabbergasted, could it be that the fallen god had returned? How could the sentence “Friends, please halt,” be more effective than the ancient one. It actually made a group of people come back.

“This poor Taoist don’t have evil intentions. I am inviting everyone to the Terra Empire’s Sky Palace because of my orders. We need the mental power of numerous practitioners to unseal the ancestor god’s palace.”

Fallen God!

Regardless of whether he was Saigonbao himself or his descendant Senxibao, everyone unanimously felt they couldn’t get along with him. Just looking at his feeble appearance, they were sure that nothing good would happen if they get acquainted with him.

Many people wanted to run away, but for some reason, they were unable to take one step away after he uttered “Friends, please halt.”

At first, Xiao Chen felt dizzy. However, the instant his secret art was executed, he became clear-headed again. He profoundly knew that this Daoist priest before him was very incredible! He’s absolutely not an average person.

However, even after Xiao Chen regained control of himself, he did not leave and continued to follow everyone.

The fallen god formed a seal with his hands and muttered to himself. After that, he suddenly shouted, “Earth Wyne!”

Everyone felt their body sway for an instant before they sunk into the ground. A yellow radiance flickered around their body as they were pushed forward with extreme speed. It was as if they were passing through a space-time tunnel.

The Earth Wyne technique was not a special divine ability, many Historia level practitioners could learn it. However, using it to take along a hundred plus people? Now that’s a little scary.

Only after advancing like this for a day did everyone finally return to the surface. At the moment, they were already within the borders of Terra Empire.

This was a vast prairie. As far as the eyes could see, it was verdant and lush. The earth was brimming with thriving vitality. At present, there were no less than ten thousand practitioners gathered on the grassland.

And in the sky, a palace was floating there, with multicolored lights and clouds lingering all over it.

It was precisely this Sky Palace that caused many practitioners to gather from all over the mainland these past three years. Dragonslayer, Demon Sealing Club, Sacrificial Altar, Immortal Tree; such ancient treasures were excavated one after the other. Dozens of these unusual treasures had already been taken away by powerful practitioners.

Since then, nobody was able to excavate anything else. Nobody was able to break into the centermost area of the ancient palace. Even the people on the ground were able to see it. Millions upon millions of starlight was condensed over there. It was brightly lit and resplendent.

The fallen god disappeared after bringing everyone here. There were numerous people on the prairie. The overwhelming majority of them couldn’t fly, they were only here to watch.

And in the sky, there were just as many humanoid figures. Not only was there human race, there were also many other different races.

A dozen or more Fallen Angels with black wings were present. Black clouds lingered on their body as they were flying quietly in one corner. They swept their eyes coldly over the Sky Palace above.

And on the other side, there were seven to eight huge monsters. They were actually ten meter long Winged Dragons. The scales all over their body were glittering. The brilliant radiance and oozing dragon-qi gave tremendous pressure to those in the surroundings.

A little in front of them, were three imposing primal beasts. Even if they were just standing on the ground, everyone felt a huge pressure on them. Not many people could recognize their identity, but those who recognized them were incomparably shocked.

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There was a huge monster about a hundred feet long, shaped like a ravenous wolf. Its whole body was covered in black scales, with bloody mist lingering on it. Some aged practitioners recognized it. That was actually the legendary Yazi. Yazi, it would return favors to whoever it owed. Yazi, it would take revenge on whoever offended it. The victim would inevitably be killed. Because of that, its figure was frequently carved on weapons.

Beside it was a ninety meter long primal beast, shaped like a vigorous lion with smoke surrounding it. Its entire body was covered in thick scales. This primal beast had also been recognized by people. It was actually the legendary Suanni. Its figure was commonly carved on incense burners.

And beside them was a ten foot long primal beast with a dragon head, horse-like body, and scaled feet. It looked like a lion with thick, white scales all over. The majority were able to recognize this vicious beast. It was actually the legendary Pixiu, also named Tian Lu or Bixie. It was usually carved as a jade pendant and worn on the body to bring good luck.

Yazi, Suanni, and Pixiu were primal beasts of legends. Their origin was greater than anyone could imagine. They rarely showed up in the mundane world. There were even people who claimed they they were the child of the Ancestral Dragon, that they were the offsprings between the Ancestral Dragon and their races.

Since it was capable of making such powerful primal beasts show themselves, that was enough to prove that the rumor was true. It was extremely possible that this Sky Palace really belonged to the ancestor god Youchaoshi.

“I suspect the Yazi, Suanni, and Pixiu before us are actually the dragon children mentioned in the legend. They are most likely their descendant.”

“How would you know, stop speaking nonsense!”

As a huge pressure pressed down from the sky, everyone who was discussing it in whispers immediately shut their trap.

And further away, there were still some huge monsters flying over. They were wrapped in dark clouds as they flew over. It was hard to make out their appearance, the only thing they knew was that they were not humans.

It was very obvious that they had the ability to transform into human, but they didn’t do it. Those who dared to come here were definitely super powerful beasts. Some of them might even be a great demon from ancient times.

Divine light flickered as the bright flame illuminated the area. Xiao Chen saw an acquaintance. It was actually that multicolored phoenix. It was that phoenix girl he had encountered in the Southern Wasteland. And beside her was a cute little phoenix. He was following her while flying unsteadily. They did not approach at all and only stayed in the distance. Clearly, they did not come to fight over the treasure.

Xiao Chen guessed the most likely case was that the phoenix girl wanted the little phoenix to gain some knowledge.

Perhaps it was due to the phoenix feather, the phoenix girl sensed something and gazed in Xiao Chen’s direction with its beautiful pair of eyes. She lightly nodded her head and a voice resounded in Xiao Chen’s head at the same time, “I already know about the events that took place in Celestial City. They actually dared to disrespect my divine feather. I will give you a hand this once, some other day.”

After saying this, the phoenix girl brought the unsteady little phoenix to fly towards the side.

Although there were many different tribes, none of them got too close. It seemed like they did not want to fight over the treasures and risk their lives.

Those who got really close to the Sky Palace were only some humans, many of them being the Taoist and Buddhist monks. Naturally, most of them were laypersons. There were even some who looked like generals, riding on flying horses in the sky.

Only that, due to the distance and the sheer amount of people, it was hard to make out their visage.

“Oh my god! I just heard that the Undying Demon King of the Southern Wasteland also went up, that is indeed a ferocious character! He hadn’t shown himself in the mundane world for a millenia already.”

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“You just knew? Even the indifferent Zhang Sanfeng himself has already been alerted and flown up there already.”

“Could that really be ancestor god Youchaoshi’s Sky Palace? Otherwise, how would so many important figures be alarmed to move? Just now, I had personally seen Buddha Dipankara fly up there. I’m absolutely sure, he looked exactly the same as the statue in the temples.”

Several tens of thousands of practitioners were discussing spiritedly below. This was definitely a rare opportunity. Many distinguished figures of legends had appeared in the flesh.

“Quick, look over there. Who is that Taoist that just flew over?”

“I don’t know. What is that thing in his hand? It’s shiny…”

“Could it be the legendary Talisman of Origin?”

Just when everyone was discussing, a practitioner carrying a square insignia flew over with a few people, as if he was the mediator of an immortal.

“My god, why do I feel like I have seen the insignia in that Daoist’s hand before? It looks like the fearful Eversus Insignia that appeared in the ancient battle field. It looks exactly as it was described in legend.”

As the red clouds glinted, another group of practitioners flew over there.

Three hours later, the sky was already filled to the brim.

Just at this time, dazzling radiance pierced through the sky as five streaks of divine radiance illuminated the horizon. It was directly pressing on towards the Sky Palace. Even the experts who were flying in the sky had no choice but to fall back and make a path for him.

“A super fierce character arrived at last, could it be Sen—”

“Hush! Are you tired of living? You even dared to mention this man’s name?!”

Xiao Chen knew, that definitely signified the arrival of Sengen. He had previously seen this awesome man in the underworld.

Just when the quintet-colored divine radiance settled in the sky, another seven streaks of light flew over from the distance. They illuminated the entire sky like a rainbow.

“Holy crap, could that be… the legendary… Selvagem Tree?”

“Are you really tired of living? Just shut your trap.”

“Hush! Say no more than this. The lord who dominates the Quintet Light and the master of Selvagem Tree are old enemies!”

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As expected, Sengen let out a cold snort as he flew over while handling the Quintet Light. It immediately caused everyone to feel as if their heart was hit by a thunder clap.

When Xiao Chen saw the Selvagem Tree for the first time, he immediately thought of the Rainbow Sacred Tree in his very own body. They were similarly seven-colored, but their essences were fundamentally different.

The master was unknown, but if he had the treasured tree, that was sufficient to prove his identity as an illustrious figure. He was a true expert that could make all powerful warriors withdraw.

At last, nobody had anymore doubt that this Sky Palace was really the temple left behind by Youchaoshi. Otherwise it was impossible for these kind of law breaking figures to show up.

“We’ve gathered enough mental power, let’s begin!”

The drawn-out voice — nobody knew who it came from — spread out in the heavens and earth. The voice was so dignified and solemn.

Everyone felt as if their spiritual power was charging into the sky. It didn’t depend on the intensity of their spiritual power, but rather the amount of their desires. This was the crucial point of breaking the seal placed on ancestral god’s Sky Palace.

A pure and holy radiance charged into the Sky Palace like an inverted Milky Way.

The rumbling sound spreading across the horizon sounded as if a huge door was opening.

Just at this time, divine light flashed in the sky as the majority of the practitioners rushed into the Sky Palace simultaneously.

One man riding a flying horse, with no weapon in hand, but the baleful aura released by him pierced through the sky.

The dazzling Quintet Light that was reputed to be unstoppable rushed into the ancient palace in the first moments.

There was even a huge butterfly which elegantly appeared in front of the Sky Palace from a distorted space.

And that Selvagem Tree even crossed space, appearing directly in front of the hall, and unleashed seven glaring radiance.

And just at this very moment, from high above the sky, four huge swords fell towards the ground abruptly. The murderous aura filled the entire sky as four godslaying swords split through the air. The omnipotent power was as boundless as a huge ocean, it was grandiose and engulfed everything as they swept down!


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