Chapter 138 – None can Resist

A youth in his prime, with high status, was always the most arrogant guy. How could they not be?

Kadiva was from a rather famous family in the Celestial City, he always did whatever he wanted to do. This time, he kept this a secret from his family and led his trusted aide to come and search for some legendary warbeast in the south desolate region. Never did he expect most of his soldiers would perish after entering the south desolate region for only a dozen of days. Only five of them remained, and when he saw the tough little dragon today, how could he not tell that Tenax was out of the ordinary.

After secretly watching Tenax challenging a few vicious beasts and emerging victorious, Kadiva had already come to a conclusion; this must be the strongest type among the inferior dragons, it should have at least one-third of dragon blood flowing in its veins, or perhaps it might be a real dragon stranded in the south desolate region.

When he thought about the dragons in the south desolate region, his blood started to boil. Legend said that in the ancient past, a few incomparably powerful dragons did not get sealed on the dragon island, they lived in seclusion at the south desolate region. If this tough little dragon was their descendent……

Kadiva was so excited that he couldn’t stop his body from shaking. The descendent of the most powerful ancient dragon that escaped the fate of getting sealed on the dragon island, this was simply a blessing from the heavens. If he could subdue this tough little dragon, perhaps it might not even be inferior to those genuine Dragon Kings that departed from the dragon island.

The descendent of the strongest dragon!

After Kadiva had this deduction, he immediately led his trusted aide into action. They stealthily caught up to Tenax and surrounded it from every direction. What made him most happy was that the tough little dragon was very keen and discovered them in the first moments, and yet, it didn’t run away. It provoked them and took the initiative to take up a challenge. With such an arrogant personality, it made Kadiva even more convinced. It might really be the descendent of those dragons!

They must be decisive, they must not miss this chance and let it get away.

The battle to subdue the descendent of the strongest dragon had thus began.

However, just when it looked like everything went smoothly, an outsider like this unexpectedly appeared. Kadiva was in a really bad mood, the Celestial City was known as the biggest city in the south desolate region, and he came from one of the largest and most influential families in the Celestial City. He was always the one making others yield to him, how could he tolerate other people meddling in his business.

Despite seeing that Xiao Chen’s ability was very profound, his superiority complex made him unable to think highly of any practitioners.

“I am telling to truth, look at how it is following me so familiarly. If this is a wild beast, how is it possible for it to acknowledge me so easily.” Xiao Chen tried to explain one last time. He didn’t want to get into a conflict if at all possible.

But the blond-haired youth at the opposite side did not buy it, he was still as arrogant as before and said impatiently, “Stop wasting my time, I found it first and you still want to vie for it? This is obviously a wild beast. I don’t want to make things hard for you, the ancient road is over there, you can be on your way. Let’s not get in each other’s way.”

Kadiva’s words were very obvious; Scram, I have already laid my eyes on this warbeast, if you don’t leave now, you won’t be able to so anymore.

How could Xiao Chen not understand his underlying meaning? The other party clearly wanted to rely on his status and the experts beside him to forcefully take over Tenax. This was the truth of the world, strength represented everything. If it was any ordinary young practitioner, they might have yielded already. That was because they could recognize the family crest on the left sleeve of the youngster. That was the emblem of a powerful family in the Celestial City, a super influential family that controlled a warbeast castle, it was an existence that many practitioners were unwilling to provoke.

But Xiao Chen did not know of this, and even if he knew, it meant nothing to him. With his personality and the strength he currently possessed, he wouldn’t hesitate to dispose of them, because it was impossible for him to hand over Tenax to the other party. The more he came to understand the tough little beast, the more he became interested in Tenax. He was expecting some kind of possibility to take place.

Once he made his decision, he wouldn’t continue to drag his feet in the mud. Knowing that it was unlikely for the other party to change their mind, Xiao Chen immediately assumed a battle stance. The glaring rays of light emitted from his body were throbbing like the blazing flame, and yet, they looked like a divine armor protecting him from harm. At this moment, they were unable to look at Xiao Chen from up close.

“Hey, this joker is so arrogant, he actually took the initiative.” Kadiva was very angry. Nobody had ever provoked him before, it was always him doing the provocation. Especially this guy who looked like a hermit no matter how he looked at him, this guy actually dared to offend him.

Kadiva was an expert at the level of Exuvia Third Celestial Layer, he could be considered an expert among the youth generation, especially among the nobility. However, this “expert” depended on who he was dealing with. He did not know how deep was Xiao Chen’s power, but the man beside him had already felt it ever so faintly. That man was his shadow, a bodyguard who grew up along with him. He was a Sixth Celestial Layer expert who specialized in protecting him. He was one of the bodyguards that were nurtured by their family since young age, and was very loyal to the family.

“Young master……” Kadiva’s bodyguard lightly pulled the lower hem of his shirt, then he said in a low voice, “This guy is more powerful than me and he has already revealed killing intent.”

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Speaking until here, the bodyguard faced Xiao Chen, and said, “We are from the Reagan family. Will this friend be willing to sell us this warbeast? We will not treat you unfairly.” Obviously, he had already detected Xiao Chen’s killing intent. He was fully aware of how very terrifying was this man before his eyes and didn’t want to fight with Xiao Chen. Because the bodyguards grew up with their respective masters since childhood, they could speak on behalf of their masters sometimes.

“That is impossible.” Xiao Chen refused very bluntly.

“Arrest him!” Kadiva of the Reagan Family couldn’t tolerate it any longer, he directly issued the order.

The girls floating in the sky were Psychics, they were very beautiful and seemed to be persons of mixed blood. They possessed the classical beauty of the East, and also the noble traits of the West, but even so, their charming appearances couldn’t be concealed. Their pupils were bright and intelligent, and their light blue hair were fluttering like water ripples.

They were the collateral relatives of the Reagan family, their blood relationship with this influential family of Celestial City was already thinned out a long time ago. However, due to their strength and outstanding appearance, they were still appreciated by the family and so they frequently mingled together with a few direct descendants of the Reagan family. As far as this chaotic relationship between man and woman was concerned, the elder of the Reagan family always turned a blind eye to it.

Three of the female Psychics dropped three rays of green light, they launched spiritual attacks and took the initiative to attack Xiao Chen.

Meanwhile, Kadiva already raised a sharp sword and rushed over personally.

Xiao Chen quickly dodged to the side to avoid the attacks from the three Psychics, then he rushed straight towards Kadiva. His fingers emitted a glaring sword-qi as if they were a double-edged sword. Xiao Chen attacked this youth from the Reagan family with a diagonal slash.

The sword-qi produced a sharp sound as it cut through the air. The face of the bodyguard at the side turned pale. He could clearly feel Xiao Chen’s terrifying strength at this very moment. After a loud shout, he raised his speed to the limit. His speed already surpassed that of Kadiva. After concentrating his power in the metal sword held in his hand, the sword became translucent and actually started to tremble. The sword-qi was extremely rich and powerful. He faced Xiao Chen head on with this strike.


The sound of the sword-qi slashing the air was exceptionally ear-piercing!

However, the bodyguard’s sword-qi was simply unable to stop the sword-qi emitted from Xiao Chen’s adamantium-like fingers. The adamantium fingers smashed a few dozens of sword-qi and then it made direct contact with the sharp sword held by the bodyguard.

With a clear crisp sound, the sword in the bodyguard’s hand exploded like the fireworks. The energy flow dispersed in all directions when the sword was destroyed. As if the bodyguard had been hit by a stormy sea, his body trembled violently. He could see a gold radiance rushing into his hand from that sword hilt. The bodyguard fell back at high speed. Although his right arm trembled incessantly, he used some kind of excellent martial art to neutralize the terrifying energy that entered his body.

His will was completely crushed at this moment, he clearly felt that he was far from being Xiao Chen’s opponent. He cried out in alarm, “Are you Windfeathers or the Solitary Sword Demon…… or perhaps Zhao Chongyang?”

He continuously declared the names of a few first-rate youth experts of the Southern region. He was truly a little apprehensive towards someone with such strength.

But Xiao Chen did not stop there, he continued to forge ahead like a sharp blade. He suddenly clenched his fist and sent the punch directly towards Kadiva. At this moment, Kadiva also coincidentally got before his eyes.

With an explosive sound, the long sword broke into pieces. Xiao Chen passed through the shattered light screen and bumped into Kadiva’s palm.

“Snap! Snap!”

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The sound of bones snapping could be heard, it was especially ear-piercing in this occasion.

A spiral energy directly flowed into Kadiva’s right arm. His arm already turned into twisted dough. ⌈1⌋ Although the arm did not break into pieces, it was already deformed. That arm was completely useless now.

“Ah!!!!!!” Kadiva screamed at the top of his lung, his face distorted in pain.

This series of movements happened in only an instant. It was so quick that they could see nothing but a blur. Regardless of whether it was the bodyguard or the three female Psychics in the sky, they could only launch a single attack. There was simply not enough time to offer support to Kadiva.

“Run! Quick!” The bodyguard pushed Kadiva who was still screaming to the side, then he rushed forward by himself. He knew this enemy was really too formidable, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop him. The three Psychics dived down from the sky. After securing Kadiva, they immediately flew towards the sky.

Tenax finally made its move. A divine radiance emitted from its single horn and shot down one female Psychic from the sky with a “swoosh”. After that, it rushed over there fiercely.

At the same time, a human figure jumped down from a tall tree at a distant place. The one who hid there was Lunhui Wang. The sneak attack caused one female Psychic to stagger, but she still didn’t fall down in the end.

Xiao Chen rushed forward like a demon, going straight for the bodyguard who remained behind without any flashy movement. The palm blade was as sharp as a divine blade, the glaring rays of light directly collided with the bodyguard’s fist. Another bone snapping sound reverberated. Along with a gloomy snort, the bodyguard was sent flying away.

“My friend, anyone can make mistakes, you should forgive them when possible.” The bodyguard was holding his already twisted arm.

Xiao Chen was really calm, and said, “If people don’t offend me, I will not make trouble for them. It’s not like I didn’t give you a chance, but you guys insisted on forcing my hand.”

“You…… You must know that the Reagan family is very powerful. Kadiva is the seventh grandson of the chief…… the chief pampered him a lot.”

“Exactly because I know you guys come from a powerful family that I cannot let a single one of you get away.”

The bodyguard immediately understood Xiao Chen’s intention. Since they already made their moves, it was impossible to turn back anymore. The most effective method to silence them was to kill them all.

“Kill!” The bodyguard rushed over again without a hint of fear.

But that was clearly a futile effort. There was no chance for someone at the Exuvia Sixth Celestial Layer to win against an expert at the peak of Exuvia Eighth Celestial Layer.

Xiao Chen was like flickering light and passing shadows. With the palm blade in front, his entire body almost seemed transparent. Transforming into an unstoppable divine blade, he dashed forward in a straight line.

His speed was really too fast. What’s more, with the bodyguard’s own speed, it resulted with a “pfff” as blood gushed forth. The bodyguard was actually chopped in half. His upper body and lower body fell at opposite sides.

Xiao Chen directly bore through his body. With the divine radiance protecting his body, he did not get encroached by the blood. With such speed and power, if he was seen by his peers, they would certainly be shocked.

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With his speed not decreasing, Xiao Chen unfolded the Undying Divine Wings and flew towards the sky. ⌈2

It was a very funny scene, by the time he caught up, he found that the two female Psychics were already trapped in the sky by a ball of light. It was actually Keke who just returned after finding some spiritual items. It found them running away from the party so it undertook the task to capture them.

And Kadiva had actually used a scroll to fly high into the sky, and flee towards the Celestial City.

Xiao Chen sneered. With the Undying Divine Wing as his trump card, how could he let Kadiva escape? Increasing his speed to the limit, he quickly caught up to Kadiva.

“Where do you think you are going?”

Hearing the lofty sound behind him, Kadiva turned his head around to take a look. He was so scared that his soul had literally left his body. Xiao Chen spread out a pair of divine wing while emitting killing intent. He was already not more than three meters behind Kadiva.

He never thought that Xiao Chen could actually fly, this kind of martial artist was really too terrifying. At this moment, he no longer had an arrogant look in his face. There was only fear.


His terrified expression continued to spread. Kadiva detested himself very much at this moment. If he was not that arrogant just now, perhaps they could’ve avoided this terrifying situation.

He recalled what the elders in the family had warned him; “Don’t rashly make an enemy out of practitioners outside of Celestial City. The foundation of the family is only at Celestial City, the outside world is still not something we can control.”

“Don’t kill me!”

“Give me a reason.”

Looking at Xiao Chen’s ice-cold expression, Kadiva’s body shuddered. Even the flying scroll that was carrying him started to sway.

“I come from the Reagan family. If you kill me, you will be in huge trouble.”

“There will be more trouble if I don’t kill you!”

Without any more superfluous words, Xiao Chen made his move. A chilly divine light flashed through and blood splashed everywhere. Kadiva’s head flew out. ⌈3

The scroll that was carrying the headless corpse fell towards the ground diagonally.

Xiao Chen flew back the way he came.

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He hinted for Keke to release one of the Psychics. Xiao Chen wanted to try if he could catch up to a Psychic with the Undying Divine Wings. That charming girl let out a screech and made a run for it while sticking close to the forest. She witnessed everything just now, she was already extremely scared of Xiao Chen. Right now, she only wished she could return to the Celestial City as soon as possible.

Xiao Chen obviously wouldn’t give her such an opportunity. He unfolded the Undying Divine Wings, increased his speed to the limit, and caught up to the female Psychic in almost an instant. At this moment, Xiao Chen did not show any kindness; blood splashed everywhere, the pretty female Psychic was also chopped in half. Her corpse fell in the mountain woods.

Xiao Chen was very satisfied with the Undying Divine Wings. This was practically the Psychics and Spell Master’s nemesis. He believed this would definitely become their worst nightmare.

A clean sweep; three female Psychics, one bodyguard, and Kadiva, all of them were exterminated. Xiao Chen had a mood swing. He didn’t think he was ruthless, because it was justified self-defense, it was all for survival.

Because he had killed these people, Xiao Chen did not feel anxious on his journey. Only until half a month later did they slow down their pace. After that, in another five more days, they finally left the south desolate region. The Celestial City was already in sight.


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