Chapter 53 – Fierce Battle

“Wait a moment!” After receiving the news, Yaluo De finally arrived before the start of the battle. Behind him are the members of the Nature Alliance which Yaluo De and Chaos established. Yaluo De had a really ugly expression, he didn’t want something unexpected to happen to Chaos, so he shouted loudly, “Someone else wanted to fight with Xiao Chen first!”

Among the hundreds of practitioners on the scene, many of them sneered at Yaluo De. Some people remain indifferent, since it is a matter of no concern to them, they are fine as long as they can see a worthy life and death battle.

Chaos’ complexion turned pale, even though he knew Yaluo De was worried about him, he was still very angry. He felt extremely shameful in front of so many audience.

“There is someone else who wants to challenge me, what do you think Chaos? If you want to challenge me in a two vs one battle, I can even let him work together with you to battle me.” Xiao Chen knew it was impossible for Chaos to consent. However, with Yaluo De’s signal, a Spell Master flew out from the Nature Alliance. He accepted Xiao Chen’s proposal, and said loudly to the audience, “Good, since Xiao Chen had already agreed, then I will also challenge him.”

This is simply too shameless, they are too thick-skinned! Xiao Chen never thought, Yaluo De would incite someone to do this. They have completely threw away all their faces.

As the founder of the Nature Alliance, Yaluo De represented his own alliance to take the initiative to approve the battle. And the second to approve was the alliance from treant’s valley, Zhao Lin Er had also just arrived a moment ago. The third to express their approval was an alliance called “Fluttering Cloud”, the founder is a beautiful girl called Limeow. Xiao Chen don’t remember ever offending this kind of woman before. But after seeing that she is standing not far away from Yaluo De, he immediately understood, the two alliance seemed to come from the same branch.

Many people were sneering at them, this is really too excessive. Chaos let out a snarl, he faced the Spell Master flying towards him, and shouted, “Step down! If you dare to disturb the battle between me and Xiao Chen, I will tear you apart first!”

The golden-haired Spell Master was called Damian, he was unnerved, and his face turned pale. Originally, when he wanted to rush over to lend Chaos a helping hand, he was already ridiculed by others. And now he even got reprimanded by Chaos, his complexion changed right away. He tucked his sleeves angrily and left the arena.

“I swear in my name, if anyone dare to disturb our battle, I will not let you go until either of us is dead!” The deep and low beastly howl resounded within the woods, it was overflowing with fiendish aura.

Yaluo De felt helpless, Damian the golden-haired Spell Master’s complexion turned pale, the little incident before the battle ended like this.

Chaos let out a huge roar that shook the forest trees, he appear extremely brutal, green ominous glint gradually emitted from his pair of eyes, without wasting any more time on superfluous words, his three meter tall demonic body emitted a tyrannical aura. A full head of long brownish-yellow hair danced about hysterically, he appears incomparably ferocious.

Two huge monsters, approximately ten meter tall, were completely made up of divine radiance. They released a fiendish aura that would even shake the soul, the monsters are now floating behind Chaos. One is an energy-converted green divine wolf, the other one is an energy-converted yellow tiger, from their huge figures emitted waves of faintly discernible snarl that make people nervous. They make Chaos appear very frightening.

The vicious beasts are protecting him! Chaos seemed like the king of the beasts, a divine radiance lingered all around his body. He bellowed hysterically and dashed towards Xiao Chen, his pair of huge claws almost tore the space apart, the greenish-yellow dazzling radiance caused a distortion in space.

Xiao Chen was also as imposing as Chaos, his entire person resembled a huge mountain, he emitted an incomparably imposing and powerful aura. His entire body was shrouded in brilliant rays, the searing divine flame throbbed, he took a single step forward, and the earth trembled along with his footsteps.

A merciless blow, Xiao Chen released a bright divine radiance from his two hands over and over again, they are like divine blades that covered the entire sky. There are practically no opening in between the dazzling radiance. The nearby space is completely submerged by the dazzling radiance.

Within the terrifying energy radiance, one can vaguely see a divine radiance. It constantly clashed with the two vicious beasts, a terrifying aura spread over the entire mountain ridge.

Numerous alliance members are outside of the arena, a lot of people immediately turned pale after watching the battle.

Even the earth already started to tremble, the forest tree swayed hysterically, the dead leaves fluttered about in the air, the area in the vicinity is overflowing with powerful energy from the aftermath. The two people in the arena are moving like lightning within the dazzling radiance. They left one after another afterimages in the glaring radiance. They are exchanging blows after blows at lightning speed.

All kinds of exquisite killing techniques would be unveiled in a flash, the fight has exceeded the visual reaction of most of the people. This is a life and death confrontation between two experts!

Divine radiance, afterimages, demonic claws, beast soul, divine blade…… every time they intersected, a terrifying energy would spread all over the direction! The surrounding forest trees fell one after another, even if it was just the aftermath of the battle, those tall ancient trees were also unable to withstand it. The branches and withered leaves filled the sky, the wood shavings danced in the air like the snowflakes.

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The two individuals emitted dazzling radiance from their entire body, it was like a raging divine flame. As a result of their extreme speed, their movement in the arena seemed like one after another lightning brandishing wildly.

“Roar……” Chaos bellowed in rage, he jumped high into the sky, and swooped down like a Northern Goshawk1⌋. Xiao Chen jumped after him and had his right arm grabbed firmly by Chaos. Just when Chaos wanted to turn his body around, he found that Xiao Chen was like an insurmountable mountain, he was not able to make Xiao Chen move the slightest bit. On the contrary, Xiao Chen twisted his wrist and grabbed Chaos’ left wrist, he turned his back to Chaos and violently throw his three meter tall body.

Divine radiance rushed forth, Chaos continuously knocked down eleven ancient trees before he fell among the broken branches and withered leaves. He dashed forward one more time while bellowing in rage. Only, he knew that he is no match for Xiao Chen, recalling the crushing defeat from last time, his self-confidence was swayed.

Xiao Chen soared into the sky one more time, he continuously sweep across both of his legs in the sky. The dazzling radiance fly towards Chaos, he used both arms to defend. Withstanding the attacks that weighed as much as ten thousand catties.


Chaos was swept away by Xiao Chen who was in midair. A dazzling radiance burst out, destroying a wide expanse of forest trees.

All the audience here are the heroes of the new generation, but after looking at this match, the color of their faces couldn’t help but change.

“Roar……” Chaos bellowed in rage, but as soon as he stood up, his left arm was grabbed by Xiao Chen who got over here with lightning speed, and was tossed into the sky. After that, Xiao Chen rotated his right leg high up in the sky, and firmly smashed Chaos towards the ground.

Soon after, he left another afterimage in the sky. His two legs firmly locked onto Chaos’ chest, if that attack didn’t miss the target, his body will inevitably burst open. Chaos could feel an unprecedented fear, the battle last time already left a shadow in his heart, and to suffer another crushing defeat this time, he had lost all his drive. He hastily rolled his body in order to survive.

Xiao Chen’s two legs stamped firmly on the ground, the earth trembled violently. One after another terrifying huge cracks appeared on the ground, the cracks extended over a long distant.


Xiao Chen stamped one more time, with a bone snapping noise, Chaos’ two legs were snapped off. A miserable shriek rang out in the forest, Xiao Chen swept his right foot with sudden force, kicking Chaos into the midair. A glorious radiance lingered all over his body, Xiao Chen soared into the sky and grabbed Chaos’ arms with his two hands. He snapped off Chaos’ arms with two brittle cracking sound.


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