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Chapter 57 – The Avenger

Buddhist Yizhen said, “Last night, I had a meeting with Yan Qing Cheng, whenever I tried to bring up the matter regarding Wang Zi Feng and Liew Yue, she would skillfully divert the topic for some reason. She didn’t even give me a chance to explain.”

“Is that so.” Xiao Chen had some idea in mind, so he said, “It seems like she already knows, she didn’t want you to get caught up in between.”

“Maybe that is the case, but when we talk about you, she didn’t display any excessive hostility, she seemed very normal. Right now, we can’t be sure if she is planning to make her move against you or not, everything is very subtle.”

“Many thanks to brother Yizhen, I already know. The situation on the Dragon Island at the present time is very complicated, many things need to wait and see.”

Xiao Chen and Yizhen are not stupid either, many things need not to be said too openly.

There is a human figure swaying in a distant tree house, that is a member of the Dharma Alliance, someone is training in the forest. ⌈1

Buddhist Yichi seemed to have recalled something, and warned Xiao Chen, “You have to be careful, there is an alliance that wants to challenge you, they seem very crazy.”

“What alliance?” Xiao Chen had heard of this yesterday, but he didn’t ask which group of people.

“The Avenger.” ⌈2

“What? The Avenger?” Xiao Chen felt somewhat baffled, could they be seeking vengeance on him? He couldn’t help but ask, “Who is their founder?”

“He seems to be called Gu Luo, he is a one-armed man.” Buddhist Yichi said.

It really is him! When Xiao Chen heard of the alliance name, he already had a feeling that it might be Gu Luo. ⌈3

Last time, during the battle at the deathly swamp, Xiao Chen threw a sword to cut off one of Gu Luo’s arm just before he could escape. He suffered a heavy injury, yet he was able to survive in good health during the three days of big purge. Now he even established an alliance, called “The Avenger”, pointing their spears at him.

“May I ask if the two brothers here know how powerful the alliance is, do they have some incredible figure among them?”

Buddhist Yizhen who was at the side recollected the information from the back of his head, and said, “Founder Gu Luo, possess ability equivalent to Third Celestial Layer of Exuvia. But due to the lack of one arm, his actual ability might not be up to par. Other than that, Psychic Li Ling Feng, and Spell Master Carter, are experts at the Third Celestial Layer of Exuvia. As for the other seven, three of them are barely at the level of Exuvia, two of them are at the First Celestial Layer of Exuvia, and the other two is at the Second Celestial Layer of Exuvia.”

“Excluding Gu Luo, there are actually two experts at the Third Celestial Layer of Exuvia?” This is indeed a very powerful military strength. At the same time, Xiao Chen felt somewhat amazed, how could people be willing to work under him. Gu Luo is already handicapped, why would those two experts at the Third Celestial Layer be willing to join the alliance he founded. And if Gu Luo wants to seek vengeance, those people have no reason to get involved.

Yizhen laughed and said, “The Avenger is a temporary alliance, Psychic Li Ling Feng come from the treant’s valley, Spell Master Carter come from the Nature Alliance established by Yaluo De. After these two withdraw from their former alliance, they temporarily joined The Avenger.”

Everything is very easy to understand, The Avenger is founded with Xiao Chen as their target. Those two experts were transferred over there.

Xiao Chen started to ponder seriously, he is already at the Fifth Celestial Layer of Exuvia now, would he be able to go berserk for once? If he can get rid of a single alliance in one move, his influence will inevitably increase rapidly. If he wants to establish an alliance in the future, he will definitely attract a group of true expert! This way, he will finally possess a powerful military force.

“What are you thinking, are you going to take the risks?” It seems like Buddhist Yizhen could see what he was thinking.

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“I really want to give it a try, a battle to establish my might, otherwise people would always come make trouble for me.” Xiao Chen explained in this way, even though he has the intention of establishing an alliance in his heart, he didn’t want to reveal it now.

“You are going to be facing ten experts at once, this is too risky, you have the rights to refuse!” Buddhist Yichi also discouraged him.

“No, I will take my chance!” Xiao Chen has made up his mind.

The Avenger and Xiao Chen shall fight!

Xiao Chen will challenge an alliance single-handedly!

The news spread at lightning speed, this news gave rise to a maelström of chaos, it attracted the attention of all the practitioners in this area. A lot of alliances from the distant place also rushed over here at high-speed after receiving the news.

After all, this is really too astonishing, to rely on the strength of a single person to challenge an alliance, if it is not because he is confident in his own strength, then he is an arrogant lunatic. The startling news quickly spread to numerous alliances, it is impossible for anyone on this Dragon Island to not remember the name of Xiao Chen.

Gu Luo finally appeared, he only has one left arm remaining, his complexion is somewhat pale, his gaze is much gloomier than before, his expression is incomparably cold. There are nine people following behind him, two people among them are clearly different from the rest. They seemed to despise Gu Luo, those who knows the inside story can easily guess, those two are precisely the Psychic Li Ling Feng, and the Spell Master Carter. They hail from the Treant’s Valley and Nature Alliance respectively, they are the temporary member of The Avenger.

Soon after, Xiao Chen also appeared, he didn’t seem nervous the slightest bit. Under the attentive gaze of numerous experts, he walked in front of Gu Luo and the rest as if he was taking a stroll in the garden.

At present, the majority of the people on the Dragon Island are youngster around the age of twenty. There are no lack of beautiful woman among them, there are even a few with peerless talent, and devastatingly beautiful. Right now, there are at least twenty alliances that arrived at the designated spot. There are no less than two hundred people, almost one-third of the entire population on the Dragon Island have arrived. There are even more people making their way over here.

“So he is Xiao Chen?”

“I heard of his name frequently!”

“This is that Dragon Island celebrity?”

“I finally meet this madman!”

“This guy is really a lunatic, he actually dares to challenge an alliance single-handedly!”

“Tall and heroic, he looks quite handsome.”

“Stop gawking at him!”

Everyone was discussing spiritedly, regardless of male or female practitioners, everyone focused their gaze on Xiao Chen, and made all kind of comments regarding him.

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The battle with Chaos last time, there were only hundreds of people on the scene. And this time there are two hundred plus people before it even begin, and it finally break through three hundred people in the end. The reason why several hundreds of other people did not show up is because they are either too far away from here, didn’t hear the news yet, or they didn’t have enough time.

“Hmph!” Gu Luo snorted coldly, his eyes were filled with undisguised resentment.

Xiao Chen is very calm, and said, “Don’t think of yourself as the victim, you should be very clear, it was you who forced my hand first. When you go the wrong way, and make an error, you have to pay the price!”


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