Chapter 213 – A Man’s Pride

The black metal engravings and golden halberd sealed in Xiao Chen’s hands actually had intelligence, the voice came from them.

“Do you want to take revenge? I will bestow you the power to sweep everything before you.”

“In the presence of absolute power, be it true virtues or dark desires, they will be crushed as easily as a crystal glass. Everything in this world is but an illusion. Everything is like a dream in the presence of unyielding power. Nothing can last for eternity. Do you wish to follow your heart’s desires and move unhindered in the world? I can give you everything.”

“As long as you have power, you can do as you please and dominate everything.”

The two devils were enticing him. There was a hint of dark power reverberating unceasingly in Xiao Chen’s heart. They wanted to lead Xiao Chen towards the sea of desires one step at a time.

Xiao Chen listened quietly and after a really long time later, he finally said, “Since you guys possessed great magical power and are omnipotent, why do you need to make a deal with me.”

Hearing this question, the two devils remained silent. Only after a while did they finally say;

“The most difficult level to surpass in this world is yourself.”

“I got trapped by myself, that’s why I am making a deal with you.”

After staying silent for awhile, he asked, “What kind of price should I pay?”

“Since you share the same life as the sacred tree, and could control the rainbow-colored radiance within, I only need you to offer me that power.”

“Offer that rainbow-colored divine radiance to me, that power is not as formidable as you imagined. I can help you slaughter all the demigod level enemies.”

“What could a mere demigod amount to, they are nothing more than a weak little ant in front of me. Even killing Immortalis level experts is as easy as slicing pie.”

The two devils actually started to quarrel. They wanted the rainbow-colored divine radiance in the sacred tree.

“I can’t accept your condition!” Xiao Chen no longer uttered a single word. He immediately unfolded the Undying Wings and gradually vanished in the darkness.

There was no need to doubt the black metal engravings and golden halberd’s power, but Xiao Chen was unable to accept their condition. It was extremely possible that Keke might be hiding within the rainbow-colored sacred tree. If he offered the rainbow-colored divine radiance within to them, god knows if something bad might happen. Xiao Chen was unable to bear this kind of outcome.

“Don’t tell me you are going to retreat like this? Are you not going to take revenge for the little critter anymore?”

“A manly man wouldn’t retreat just like this. Once angered, he should slaughter the god and bath in their blood. To stay alive with this weighing you down, are you still a man?”

Xiao Chen didn’t pay attention to them any longer. He originally thought smelting two divine artifacts into his body would be a great opportunity. Only now he knew that he had attracted two greedy devils.


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All of a sudden, Xiao Chen felt as if he had entered a land of fantasy. The endless mountains pierced through the skies, the boundless land was completely desolate, not a soul to be seen. The white clouds lingered on the sky and a few temples stood high in the clouds.

In that instant, Xiao Chen soared high above the clouds. The golden divine halberd and the jet-black metal engravings appeared in front of him and flew towards two watchtowers respectively.

“I don’t want to make a deal with you.”

Xiao Chen did not panic. He stood calmly in the sky as he looked at the majestic temples.

At present, the jet-black metal engravings was as big as a lofty mountain. It was floating in the sky and gave people a huge pressure like that of the vast, torrential ocean. The shadow it cast down from the sky was so heavy, so huge. It was emitting a dense and thick black light. At the same time, overflowing black fog was lingering in the surroundings.

On the other side, the golden divine halberd was like a huge mountain that had been thrust into the heavenly dome. It was just as big and one couldn’t see its other end. It was floating perfectly straight on top of the temple. The golden divine radiance made the palace below it bright and glorious. That place was so dazzling, as if millions and millions of starlight had converged.

“Are you worried that by offering the rainbow-colored divine radiance to us, the little critter’s chance at resurrection would be nulled? Your little critter is already dead in the truest sense. No matter how much you try, it will be useless. Rather than that, why not just make a deal with us and take revenge for it. Let its soul rest in peace.”

“Everything is very fair. If you wish to gain something, you must pay for it first.”

The loud rumbling sound reverberated from above the Ninth Heaven. The two ancient divine artifacts were like giants from ancient times, mighty and astounding.

After grieving, Xiao Chen was incomparably calm even when facing such a change of events. He remained silent for a good while before he said, “Just where did you guys come from?” ⌈1

“Are you in doubt of our strength?”

The divine weapon was as big as huge mountain. The voice it let out was ear-splitting.

The jet-black metal engravings seemed to be immersed in an old memory, its voice contained an indescribable confidence, “A really long time ago, I had smashed Laozi’s previous generations into meat paste, and made it difficult for him to meet up with their souls for eight hundred years. Say, am I strong or what?”

The golden halberd was the same, it was immersed in an old memory and let out a world-shaking rumbling sound soon after, “I… had once nailed Buddha’s previous generation on the Heavenlink Mountain for 7,749 days. Killing him after draining his blood.”

Even if he had just experienced a grievable event, Xiao Chen was still shocked. Just what kind of existences were these two divine artifacts… their origins were really a little too great. Just what kind of desperate war took place in that distant past?

“You guys are definitely powerful, but the one who defeated the both of you is even more so.” Xiao Chen refused again, and said, “I told you, I will not make a deal with you.”

Since it already became like this, he already realized that the two divine artifacts who followed them from the dragon island was only for the sacred tree. However, since they had once concealed themselves within the sacred tree, and were unable to reap any benefits, they wanted to seek help from him.

“Then let’s change the conditions…”

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The jet-black metal engravings let out a rumbling sound, and said, “Let’s trade with hundred years of your life. I will grant you power for half of the night.”

“Trading half of my life span for half a day of glory. This could be said to be the most extravagant way to burn my life force!” Xiao Chen exclaimed.

The golden halberd also started to talk, “This is a very fair deal. In half of the night, you can do many things.”

“The life expectancy of an ordinary man is eighty years. Exuvia realm practitioner can live up to one hundred and sixty years. Historia level expert can live up to two hundred and forty years. Pay us hundred years of your life respectively. Minus the twenty one year you have spent, you will have nineteen years remaining.”

“You guys are too greedy. Since you are omnipotent, why not go gather it yourself.” Xiao Chen felt that these two divine artifacts were really like devils.

“If possible, we wouldn’t make this request of you. Everything in this world is equivalent to an ant in our eyes. There’s no need to show mercy.” The golden halberd’s voice reverberated in the sky.

“If I have the strength, I will definitely smelt these two scrap metals.” What divine artifacts, Xiao Chen felt that these two were more like evil weapons.

The black fog lingered around the jet-black metal engravings. It emitted a boundless pressure, and said, “Whether you accept the deal or not is up to you, we will not force you.”

The golden halberd followed up, “If you are confident in yourself, the remaining nineteen years is more than enough. Break through the Zephyrus realm within nineteen years, and your lifespan will increase.”

Xiao Chen remained silent for a while. Then he promised without any hesitation, “I am willing to accept this deal.”

He naturally had the confidence to break into the Zephyrus realm within nineteen years. However, the main reason that compelled Xiao Chen to make the deal was the pride of a man. If he ran away just like this, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself. If he ran away, he could obtain a new life, and he could slowly take revenge. However, the opportunity had now presented itself in front of him, if he ran away from this, he couldn’t be considered a man anymore.

Seeing that he had agreed without the slightest hesitation, the two vicious weapons seemed to have reconciled.

“Actually, you could have just used the rainbow-colored sacred tree to make the deal. It is about to separate from your body in just a short while anyway.”

“Using the sacred tree to make the deal is out of the question!” Xiao Chen resolutely refused.

“You should think about this properly, two hundred years of lifespan is a heavy price to pay for anyone concerned! The path of asceticism is an arduous path. Lifespan is not something you should spend as you wish. Even if you can break into the Zephyrus realm within nineteen years, you will head towards the even more challenging Nirvana realm and Immortalis realm. You will then be even weaker compared to others. You will be pressed for time.”

“Is it worth it for an already deceased little critter?”

“Of course!” Xiao Chen only let out this two words. Although he seemed to be very calm, he was feeling extremely sad. The little critter was willing to give up its life for him, how could he not be willing to give up a mere two hundred years?

“Incomprehensible.” The two vicious weapons let out a rumbling noise.

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“Because I am a man!” Xiao Chen said firmly, “Please begin the trade!”

“Alright. Before that, I just have a little reminder. With two hundred years of your lifespan, it is impossible to grant you too much power. It is just enough to take revenge and to preserve your life, but it is far from enough to dye the Celestial City with blood.”

“I am not a killing machine, I don’t need to dye the Celestial City with blood, I only need to eliminate a few enemies.”

“Alright, begin the trade, let your life force burn. Concentrate your power into the palms…”

The radiance of life shone in the sky. One after another, the radiance rushed towards Xiao Chen’s palms and made this space incomparably dazzling. It couldn’t be any more beautiful than the flower of life blooming. By burning his own life force, the holy radiance illuminated the entire night sky and made the stars in the sky to lose their splendor.

Xiao Chen was standing in the sky just outside of the Celestial City. The glaring rays of light illuminated all ten directions and allowed many practitioners in the Celestial City to feel it in the first moments. The demigod level experts took action instantly and charge towards that piece of sky.

Within the full bloom of the holy radiance, Xiao Chen’s black hair quickly dried up. The color changed from pitch-black to white. In the end, it changed to snow-white. In only but an instant, his hair was already as white as the snow.

Although his skin didn’t become wrinkled, it was not as glossy as it was in the past. Although his steel-like body was standing perfectly straight, there were traces of old age appearing on his body.

White hair like the snow, his appearance remained unchanged, but that sharp glint in his eyes had become much dimmer. He looked much older and haggard compared to before.

He didn’t feel dispirited, depressed, nor regret. All the more was the unswerving determination. Once the trade was completed, Xiao Chen stood in the sky, facing the wind, and looked at the five demigods who rushed over indifferently.

The tiger woman sneered, “One night and your hair already turns white. It’s useless even if you rush. Xiao Chen, you will definitely die here tonight.” Although that’s what she said, she had a lingering doubt. If Xiao Chen dared to wait for them to besiege him calmly, he definitely had something to rely on. The old woman attacked ruthlessly with words, “To age prematurely, even if we don’t kill you, you also don’t have much longer to live anyway.”

The tiger servant also said gloomily, “Heh-heh… you aged, you are already half crippled. The path of asceticism no longer fits you. Allow me to send you to the Western Paradise by myself!”

Xiao Chen spoke very calmly, “My aspiration did not die, my heart did not wither, the spirit did not vanquish! This is the greatest transformation in my lifetime. What deteriorated is only my appearance, what has been born is a true practitioner. Today, I vow to exterminate the five of you!”

Leaving behind afterimages, the five demigods sealed off five directions in the sky as they closed in on Xiao Chen simultaneously.

Five blazing divine radiances charged toward Xiao Chen at the same time. It was impossible for the five demigods to go easy on him, all of them went for the kill.

The dim light in Xiao Chen’s eyes instantly glowed. The dragon’s divine ability swept past the ten directions. As the rainbow-colored radiance was launched, the divine light coming from five directions were destroyed.

The five demigods practically couldn’t believe it. Xiao Chen was actually not affected in their domain, and his attack power was this formidable.


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The voices of the five people were in sync. They executed their divine abilities respectively and attacked Xiao Chen.

The tiger woman launched three External Incarnations to attack Xiao Chen. Each of them looked just as fierce as the old woman. The accumulated energy was capable of shaking the very atmosphere.

The tiger servant used the “Ancient Transformation” divine ability. His body was originally humanoid, but due to their ancestor being a Saint White Tiger, they had the blood of the White Tiger flowing in their veins. He had successfully transformed into the true body of the White Tiger. In this moment, he actually transformed into a seven to eight meter long White Tiger. He faced the sky and let out a long roar, it sounded just like the sudden clap of thunder that fell from the Ninth Heaven. The roar shook the vast sky as he charged towards Xiao Chen while slicing through the air.

One demigod from the Fair family was killed. Thus, the three from the Fair family loathed Xiao Chen even more. One of them transformed into a black fog and blended into the night sky. Giving rise to a torrential gale, he tried to engulf Xiao Chen. The other demigod grew in size. He actually became fifteen meters tall giant. The “Guardian Deity” was a powerful divine ability. A big hand slapped towards Xiao Chen with unstoppable force. The last one used Swordification. It was as if there were hundreds and thousands of divine swords criss-crossing in the sky. They formed into wall of swords and attacked Xiao Chen in multiple waves.

The five demigods did not hold anything back as they attacked. The extreme force alarmed every practitioner in the Celestial City. Many people were climbing over tall buildings to survey the night sky from an elevated position.

Recalling the little critter, who had already escaped to the Southern Wasteland, but died in Celestial City for the sake of rescuing him, Xiao Chen let out a world-shaking roar like a wounded beast, “AHHHHHH!!!”

With white hair like snow, and a gaze that contained his unswerving determination, a golden halberd immediately appeared in his hand. Immediately, the murderous aura spread through the sky. Many flowers on the ground instantly withered, and many people in the Celestial City could feel a chill run down their spine.

“Bring it on!” Xiao Chen waved the golden halberd. His eyes emitted two glints of light as his white hair danced hysterically. He was like a death god as he rushed over with the divine halberd.

There was an exceptional fencer in the past, it was said that his sword-qi could reach up to thirty thousand feet long, and one sword could shake the Ninth Heaven. That was, after all, just a legend.

However, the Xiao Chen at present seemed like he really possessed that kind of atmosphere. The divine halberd released a murderous aura that pierced through the vast sky. Nothing could stop the golden light emitted by the divine halberd, it couldn’t be stopped!

The halberd in Xiao Chen’s hands swept across all directions!

One out of three of the External Incarnations of the tiger woman was instantly chopped in half. The huge tiger transformed from the tiger servant let out a desperate roar. One of its huge ears was cut off, fresh blood sprinkled everywhere as the sky was dyed red.

The one among the Fair family who transformed into the black fog lost one of his arms, his real body revealed itself as he fell back in a sorry state. A wide expanse of blood sprinkled in the sky. The one who transformed into waves of swords revealed their true body after dozens of longswords were crushed in the sky. More than ten bloody holes appeared all over his body, blood gushing out non-stop, as he retreated in distress. And the man who transformed into the giant was the quickest among them all. He distanced himself for more than a hundred meters, but there was already a terrifying wound on his chest. The blood sprinkled all over vast sky.

Xiao Chen swept the golden divine halberd across the ten directions. It instantly drove the demigods who besieged him away. However, he didn’t stop here and continued his assault towards the one closest to him; the demigod from Fair family capable of transforming into waves of swords.The sharp divine halberd flickered with a cold light, and the murderous aura made the sky as cold as the severe winter.

“Infinite Sword Wave!” He shouted loudly, hundreds of swords appeared and rushed towards Xiao Chen. That area was instantly submerged by waves of swords.

However, it was also in that very instant when Xiao Chen raised the divine halberd; the golden flame burst out as a glass shattering sound was transmitted through the sky. The thousands of sword-qi were instantly destroyed.

The demigod from the Fair family turned pale with fright. Their faces were extremely pale as they fell back in a panic. However, Xiao Chen wouldn’t give them this chance. With a wave of his Undying Wings, he rushed over with lightning speed.

With a gaze as cold as the Asura, he waved the golden divine halberd in his hands. One head flew in a parabola while gushing out blood. The blood directly gushed towards the sky as the corpse fell towards the ground.

In a split second, Xiao Chen beheaded a demigod with an ominous halberd in hand!

Blood-soaked and wild. Xiao Chen let out a long howl of grief. Recalling Keke’s death, it was hard for him to suppress that killing intent in his heart.

Without stopping, Xiao Chen rushed towards the most hateful tiger duo.

The tiger woman’s External Incarnations charged toward Xian Chen from the left and right respectively. They gave rise to two chaotic energy storms, as if two huge waves were rolling over and over.

Xiao Chen was hardly fearful as he rushed forward in a straight line. With a flash of black light in his left hand, huge metal engravings appeared in his hand. He faced the two Incarnations and smashed them with the metal engravings.

A crushing sound echoed in the sky. The energy waves surged up violently as two of the Incarnations were crushed on the spot. The tiger woman coughed out blood as she retreated in defeat.

Xiao Chen’s eyes were emitting cold glints as he rushed towards the huge White Tiger blocking his path. With a vertical slash of the divine halberd in his hand, a streak of golden light swept across all directions.

A wave of the halberd caused the wind to dance!

The White Tiger was practically unable to withstand this attack. After changing back to his humanoid form, he wanted to run away from the battlefield, but how could Xiao Chen give him the chance to escape. His body transformed into a startling streak of light as he chased at high speed.

The cold blade of the halberd illuminated the sky. At the same time, it also illuminated the pale face of the tiger servant. He shuddered as he turned around to attack Xiao Chen with nothing held back.

Xiao Chen was cold-hearted and had a heart of steel. His handsome face didn’t show the slightest change, and his eyes were flickering with ice-cold glints as he thrust the divine halberd in his hand.


The blood splashed everywhere. The golden divine halberd instantly pierced the tiger servant as fresh blood dyed the chilly sky red.

“AHHHHHH!” Xiao Chen looked up to the sky as he let out a shout. His white hair danced hysterically as he continued to rush forward with the tiger servant still stuck on the halberd.

Ahead of them was the Celestial City, there were many lofty buildings in front. Xiao Chen used the golden divine halberd to carry the tiger servant and crash into a tall building, then crash from within to the outside. Keke’s death had made him thirst for blood.

The fresh blood flowed along the pole of the halberd, but Xiao Chen was indifferent to it.


  1. As in their origin. 

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