Chapter 142 – Too excessive

This was bound to be a chaotic night. The snow-white little Keke and Tenax moved swiftly in the shadows without making any sound. They were a bizarre race to begin with and their inherent intelligence allowed them to completely avoid danger.

The Moonflower Castle was vast and filled with one hall after another. All kinds of beauties gathered at this place, it was truly the paradise every men yearned for. An alluring fragrance lingered in the vast halls.

However, the two little beasts were not interested in these. They relied on their instinct to keep forging ahead, because the question asked by Yan Qingcheng when she was still conscious was clearly transmitted to their sharp ears. They wanted to find the Dragon King that was hidden in the Moonflower Castle.

But the halls and gardens of the imperial castle-like establishment were really too big. They spent a really long time inspecting every nook and corner, but they were still unable to pinpoint their target. They could only feel it vaguely.


Under the peaceful night, within the Intoxicating House, Yan Qingcheng seemed to be sleep talking. Right now, she was entangled with Xiao Chen and their position was very dubious.

The others were also in a drunken state. Only the fragrance of flowers lingered in the main hall. It was very quiet.

In the latter of the night, the two little beasts found an underground labyrinth. They could feel the breath of a Dragon King coming from the underground labyrinth with their sharp spiritual sense. And just at this time, a few shadows rushed over from ten big gardens. The two little beasts discovered the men coming and decided to withdraw quietly.

Only after they saw the few men enter the underground labyrinth in succession did they follow suit. However, because of the gloomy beast roar that was transmitted from the underground labyrinth, they quickly ran back to the Intoxicating House like startled rabbits.

The Moonflower Castle was no longer peaceful. On this very night, at the deepest parts of the halls, a few dozens of human figures swayed on the ground and in the sky. But the disturbance only lasted for a moment, it was easy to imagine the formidable power of the Moonflower Castle.

The morning sun shone upon the world. The sunlight shone through the crystal glass of the Moonflower hall, and was reflected by the mirrors within the hall. It made the radiance of the rising sun sprinkle over every corner of the hall.

Yan Qingcheng woke up feeling hazy, she could feel that she was embracing a hug pillow, but something felt off; Why was there body temperature? She was clearly still muddle-headed. After dazing for two seconds, she slowly opened her pair of charming eyes. In that instant, she almost let out a shriek.

She actually slept in Xiao Chen’s embrace for one night. This scene could almost drive one crazy. For a proud woman like her, it was practically impossible to imagine. But she was still an uncommon woman to the end. She was able to remain calm and unmoving in this situation. After a careful observation, she found that Xiao Chen was still soundly asleep.

She felt ashamed and resentful as she pulled her slender hand out of Xiao Chen’s cloth. After that, she lifted her lily-white right palm. She really wanted to slap him and completely dispose of this guy who always suppressed her. She had suffered so many humiliations and grievances because of this man.

However, she felt powerless in the end and dropped her arm. Obliterate Demon Absolute God had already started, the other party was her vessel. If something happened to him, she would meet the same fate. Right now, their fates were interlinked, for better or for worst.

Yan Qingcheng was extremely angry as she separated herself from Xiao Chen, but she didn’t dare to make any drastic movements. If the other person involved was roused from his sleep, it would be even more awkward.

However, the big hand that extended slightly into her cloth caused her to grind her silver teeth. A shadow hung over her beautiful face. Although the hand wasn’t touching her body at this moment, god knows if she was safe the entire night.

“This pig head, he slept like a log!” Yan Qingcheng expended a great deal of effort to push over the thigh that was over her body. But just at this time, Xiao Chen also seemed to have woken up. It looked like he was stretching, both of his arms were extended.

She didn’t have enough time to move that big hand away from her cloth. And now she discovered to her astonishment, that big hand had actually……

“Kya……!” Yan Qingcheng let out a cry.

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She kicked Xiao Chen away at once, then she jumped up like a startled rabbit. Although her posture was extremely elegant, her beautiful face looked exhausted.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes in a daze. Yan Qingcheng’s glare looked like it could kill. After stretching his arms for a bit, Xiao Chen said in a daze, “I am aching all over, feels like a Tyrannical Dragon was lying on top of me the entire night.”

Yan Qingcheng was extremely angry, she could literally flip out at any moment now.

“You… *******!”

However, Xiao Chen’s next words caused her to lose her will to be angry. She wished she could just run away immediately.

“Just now I had a strange dream; I caught a big white rabbit……” Xiao Chen looked at his right hand and said to himself strangely, “It felt soft and tender……”

“This immoral man should just go to hell!” Yan Qingcheng’s long hair flowed down like a waterfall. It was jet-black and bright. But her face was already bright red like she had one drink too much. Her pair of eyes were watery, and she actually acted the same as a normal girl when she was angry. She held on to her plump chest firmly, as if she was afraid to be attacked.

“What does it matter to you if I caught a rabbit in my dream?!” Xiao Chen was still looking at his right hand, seemingly reflecting on the aftertaste.

“Drop dead!” Yan Qingcheng felt ashamed and resentful as she threw a fruit on the jade table towards Xiao Chen. After that, she turned her slender body around and ran out of the Intoxicating House like a gust. Her voice transmitted from far away, “Xiao Chen, you just wait. As long as you are still in Celestial City, this lady right here isn’t done with you yet!”

“Hahaha……” Seeing Yan Qingcheng run away in a sorry figure, Xiao Chen roused himself from his dazed state. His expression was incomparably sharp, he was obviously wide awake as he laughed at the top of his lung.

Just at this time, Carmina and Lyria also woke up in succession. They revealed a faint smile, but it seemed a little ambiguous.

The fatty broke away from the girls at his side and crawled up. He was at a complete loss and said in a daze, “This is such a great loss, we actually got drunk and slept for the night here. This is not good, lady Lyria, lady Carmina, this is really a great loss. We actually didn’t enter the chamber.”

The lucid and elegant Lyria, the lovely and sexy Carmina; they only smiled and said at the same time, “You can’t blame us for this. It was you who got yourself drunk.”

The color of the day had already brightened up. After freshening up for a bit, Xiao Chen and the fatty left the Intoxicating House.

In the rose garden, the fragrance of flowers permeated the air, the birdsongs were pleasant to listen to. The pavilions and the bridge over the running water appeared exceptionally harmonious under the morning sun.

“Lord Zhuge, please come visit Moonflower Castle again.”

“Brother Xiao, we will definitely meet again.”

From the Intoxicating House, the pleasant voice of the beautiful Carmina and the classy Lyria could be heard.

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On the most bustling street of Celestial City, there was a stream of people even early in the morning. This place was always like this; the daytime had the daytime’s activities, the nighttime had the nighttime’s passion.

“Brother Xiao, just where did that little girl who dressed up as a man come from? She actually got all of us drunk. It is such a pity!” The fatty was still feeling very regretful for not entering the chamber. He was extremely angry as he said, “Wait till I get a promotion, I will definitely live there everyday. So much so that the legendary empress might even come to see me. Wuu~ Wuu~ It was all that little girl’s fault, but she was so beautiful to the point where it seemed sinful. Is there anything between the two of you?”

Listening to the fatty’s chattering, Xiao Chen really wanted to laugh out loud. However, he couldn’t really bring himself to laugh, because he saw Yan Qingcheng again. She was clenching her teeth and glaring at him on the other side of the street.

“Wait a moment, I will be back soon.” Xiao Chen walked over there and looked at Yan Qingcheng, whose beauty was enough to make the sun lose its splendor. Then he asked, “Are you waiting for me?”

“Pooh! You immoral guy, who would wait for you!” Although she was still in men’s clothes, she was just as beautiful. Yan Qingcheng’s cheeks were flushed as she said angrily, “The patriarch’s message; If you encounter any danger in the Celestial City, just tell them you are the Vindex of the Undying Sect.” She was very dissatisfied with the patriarch’s decision, and said with annoyance, “The patriarch is really too much, I really don’t know why he treats you like this. I seriously want to punch you in the face.”

Xiao Chen laughed heartily, he really liked seeing Yan Qingcheng depressed like this.

“Just you wait, I will make you pay sooner or later!” Yan Qingcheng cast an angry glance at Xiao Chen, then she disappeared at the corner of the street as soon as she turned around.

“Brother Xiao, I have some urgent business. I will come and find you tonight.” The fatty waved his hand across the street. He shouted towards Xiao Chen, “You stay at that tavern, make sure you don’t change location.” Soon after, he hurriedly left with an underling.

Xiao Chen brought the two little beasts along and leisurely walked on this bustling street. Looking at the stream of people come and go, he kept pondering in his heart: “I expect not long in the future, the Celestial City will go through a turbulent time. With the Dragon Kings and Sacred Beasts gathered here, the experts will also gather here accordingly.” He had a premonition that the clouds would inevitably gather from all directions.

After having their breakfast, Xiao Chen and company entered a marketplace filled with thunderous roars of beasts. There was a vast crowd at that place, that was a free market where they could buy and sell warbeasts.

It was really too noisy, this place was incomparably rowdy. At places where a big crowd gathered, there was a huge cage with an exotic giant creature within.

“Ceh, those people are too old-fashioned.” A handsome blond was walking side by side with a blue-haired girl. A few attendants were following behind them.

Xiao Chen was not far away from them. He could hear their conversation clearly.

“How could a really good warbeast be locked in a cage? The more powerful the giant creatures, the harder it is to lock them up. So what if they are ten meters long, it is merely to scare those who don’t know the ropes.” The voice of the blond guy seemed to be filled with disdain.

The blue-haired girl curled her lips resentfully, “Then why did you come here in the first place?”

The blond guy looked forward with his ocean blue eyes, and said, “Of course I’m here to dig for treasures. Let’s go to the place where they sell the cubs. Maybe we might get lucky and find some high quality warbeasts. Those sellers might not know the warbeasts’ quality. In the past ten years, two people were able to buy a young sacred beast here.”

“Really? How can that be?” The beautiful blue-haired girl blinked her big eyes. She was brimming with surprise and was not entirely convinced. ⌈1

“Cousin, you just arrived at the Celestial City and don’t understand the circumstances, but that was the truth. The south desolate region is different from the other places. This place is surrounded by thousand miles of primitive forest, with many exotic beasts roaming around. This place is one of the best locations to look for warbeasts. A lot of mountain people made a living by catching wild beasts. They would spend all year round looking for exotic beasts in the mountains and sell it in the town. Of course, it is impossible for them to catch the powerful exotic beasts, but they have their own methods. They can frequently find some young intellectual beasts. And if they are lucky, they might even find some rare cub. Maybe you might find it hard to believe, the young sacred beasts I told you about earlier were picked up by the mountain people in the great mountain. They didn’t know the value and sold it as ordinary cubs here at the Celestial City. If it was seen by those who knew the ropes, they would have undoubtedly found a great treasure among the pile of cheaply-priced old books.”

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“Ceh, ten years and only two little sacred beasts were found. You also want to come across this kind of lucky stroke?” Although the blue-haired girl was excited and looking forward to it, she still had to deliver the last blow.

“I didn’t say I wanted to try my luck and dig out some sacred beasts. One can only come across such things in the right place at the right time. However, it is true that we can frequently find some pretty powerful young intellectual beasts here.”

Xiao Chen secretly nodded his head when he heard these. This place was indeed a good place for a treasure hunt. Since there was no special event around the proximity, he brought the two little beasts and casually followed the two of them towards the area where they bought and sold cubs.

The standards at this place were clearly much higher. There were no metal cages, nor beast roars. On the contrary, there were a lot of small crystal houses. There were all kinds of little animals at this place, some of them were only as big as the palm, and some hadn’t even opened their eyes yet.

Goodness gracious!

Xiao Chen felt a little speechless. It seemed like the warbeast industry was really completely standardized. Even the cubs were carefully selected for quality. Xiao Chen found that, after he arrived at this place, many people were sizing up Tenax and Keke beside him.

“Let’s go and see if we can find some treasure.” Xiao Chen smiled and whispered to the two little beasts, “I will be counting on your insight today.”

“Come and see, it’s a young Aurarius Wolf!” A one foot long golden little fox with an ominous glint in its blue eyes was locked in a small crystal house. And its owner was trying to peddle it.

“The ancient and exotic Alba Rhinoceros, come get it while it’s still young.” To the side, in a small crystal house, there was a white rhinoceros about one meter long. Its body was almost transparent and flickering with specks of radiance from head to toe. It was also being peddled.

“Tricollus ⌈2⌋, the intellectual species that knows how to use magic……” Next was a little lion with golden fur, its entire body was sparkling as if it was made out of gold. Its three heads were exactly the same, fierce and extraordinary. Its body length was no more than fifty meters long, and its owner was also trying to peddle it.

Xiao Chen could already tell, those little beasts were very uncommon. It seemed like they were sealed by some kind of power. Otherwise their owner wouldn’t even think of putting them in the small crystal houses. Anyone could tell these little beasts were very powerful at first glance. That’s why so many people were surrounding them. Of course, the price was naturally sky-high.

Xiao Chen took a deep breath after taking a quick look. He definitely couldn’t afford it at all, that was indeed a sky-high price!

The starting price was actually a hundred thousand gold coins!

All of a sudden, Keke started to run. It ran forward without even looking back. The stream of people there was sparse in comparison.

When Xiao Chen caught up, he found that Keke was currently flipping over a little tortoise with white shell. The little tortoise was about the size of a fist. It was rolling all over the blanket that was spread on the ground. ⌈3

Seeing that the little tortoise was not put in a small crystal house, Xiao Chen immediately rushed over there and shouted, “Boss, how much is the tortoise, I’m buying it!” ⌈4


  1. Silva: I have a bad feeling about these two… 
  2. Silva: Tricollus (Cat), Cerberus (Dog)… heh heh… what fitting name… 
  3. Silva: Yep…. first it was Keke, the white little hamster tiger, and then the tough little dragon. Next is the phoenix… and now a tortoise… it’s definitely about the four legendary beasts! 
  4. Silva: I hope nothing bad happens. Somehow, I get this funny feeling that blond guy just now would also want to buy this tortoise and then… TROUBLE ABOUNDS! 

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